Wow three days in a row

Good afternoon, my friends.  Looks like we have a few nice days ahead of us here in beautiful Adel, IA.  Today being the first, well actually yesterday it was supposed to storm but didn’t so it turned into a really nice day too.  Next stormy day is supposed to be Tuesday.  Gotta get a few more storms in before the end of April I guess.   It’s all good, the non-lockdown in Iowa still keeps going on and since Illinois extended their lockdown till June 1 (So I heard, not verified), Iowa will probably keep our non-lockdown till then too.

As it stands, I should be going to Mayo during the 2nd wave of the Corona Virus.  Unless all the states except Nevada (specifically Las Vegas) keep their stay at home orders in place till June.  Anyway, Mayo is normally a giant petri dish of various contagions, why would one more make much of a difference?  Well, yeah, most of those initial contagions were not fatal and the one more is very fatal.  Heh, I wonder if I can push off my bone marrow biopsy till July or August?  Maybe the Corona Virus will be much lesser by then.  A boy can dream.

We didn’t play Dungeons and Dragons last night on the Gang Gaming Server.  I got to feeling not well around 3pm, guess my system didn’t like something I ate or something, but by 5:30 I was very miserable.  Good news is cancer has given me a whole pharmacy of go to meds.  So I popped a few pills around 5:30 and a few more around 7 and by 8 or so I was feeling much better and today I feel good so far.  Just feel bad that I cancelled on the Gang Dungeons and Dragons players with little to no notice.  The joys of when your DM is a cancer patient, crap happens I guess.  Next week for sure.

Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, my Twilight Cleric is ready to roll for Jason’s one shot tomorrow night.  I have only played 1 session with Jason as DM, and that was many moons ago.  So it will be like playing with a new (to me) DM.  So that’s cool.  I will get to get the feel of how Jason DMs before I start in his campaign next week.

I can’t wait to start in Jason’s DnD campaign next Sunday.  I figured out how  much damage that Takao Yoshida (my battlemaster fighter archer dude) can do in round 1 of a combat, yeah, quite a bit. He is going to be fun to play.  Anyhow, Cori has decided she doesn’t want to just kill my character anymore, she wants to find out how useful he is instead.  Maybe I will survive my session 1 after all.  It was weird talking to Cori, Jason swore me to secrecy about my backstory and into piece, so the conversation was very round the subjecty.  The whole party will find out about Takao next Sunday night.

Tuesday night’s Dungeons and Dragons game is set to go off without a hitch.  Last weeks went really well.  I don’t see this week’s being any different.  So, assuming I don’t get sick or feel like crap again Tuesday should be fun.  I really think that everyone is enjoying the game so far.  Yeah, I decided that tombs of Maloon was too restrictive, so its just been rebranded as Maloon.  That opens up just about anything, making my life easier.  And that is all I really want is any easy DM life.

Overall, I still feel really good.  Dealing with a lot of fatigue though. Sleeping 14 or so hours a day.  But able to function fairly well on less than that when I have to.  But then I nap when I am done with whatever I had to do.  So I still end up sleeping 14 or so hours every day.  Fatigue was the #1 listed side effect of the chemo though, so it is of no surprise that I am dealing with it.

You may have noticed I have been posting a lot of First 2 Eleven videos lately.  I really like this band.  They do a LOT of covers and some original stuff.  I like pretty much all of it.  They are out of Pennsylvania, so they are just another band that I will never get to see live.  Heh, the list goes on.

For a harder edge, I found Iron Cross on YouTube.  I don’t have any desire to see them live, partly because they are out of Romania and partly because my heavier tastes are pickyish.  So I don’t like some of the stuff they have covered.  It’s all good though, rock on Iron Cross.

Todays video brings back memories and the album will be purchased in mp3s from Amazon by me soon.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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