I wasn’t going to post a blog today

Well, we tried to play my Dungeons and Dragons campaign Maloon tonight.  Technical difficulties beyond anyone’s control put a stop to it after an hour.  Most annoying, but hey, it happens.  I think Derek figured out what the problem was for him and Jet (they are married, so sharing a connection) and hopefully it will be resolved for next week.  I sure hope so, we left at the start of a very interesting battle.  The creature they are facing has a chance to just KILL a character.  Instant death.  Yes, the character gets a savings throw, but still it is a nasty game mechanic.  It’ll be interesting to see if they can whittle it down before it kills anyone outright.  So, like I said I hope that problems are resolved for next week.

However, next week I have chemo, and for some weird reason, on day 2 of chemo I feel sick.  Not on Day 1 or Day 3, just Day 2 which is Tuesday but not every day 2.  So its a crap shoot as to whether we play next Tuesday or not… it all depends on how I feel at 6pm on Tuesday evening.

I am in the process of reinstalling World of Warcraft on my computer.  I’m not completely sure why though.  Part of me wants to play with my friends.  Part of me wants nothing to do with the game.  I just don’t know at this point if I am gonna resub or not, but I am putting it on my machine just in case I do.  Knowing me I will probably end up paying for a month and logging in twice and then saying I hate this.  Oh well, we shall see, maybe my friends and my wife will help me grind rep which is what you do at high level.  Quash, my warrior is level 111 which I think means he is ready for the current stuff.  But I just don’t know.

I still think Dr. Alkhateeb is wrong about my skin going soft and not really dry just being a change in the weather.  I have lived with dry skin all my life and its less dry than ever before when Spring hit.  And I think it is a sure sign that my transplant is failing.  However, we will find out over the next couple blood tests.  It will be quite obvious who is right and who is wrong really fast.  I do hope he is right and I am wrong, but hey, I have been thru this before.

OK, for those of you who know me, you know I have a large head.  Big nose, strong chin (albeit double), well, masks just don’t fit right.  So every medical person I see tells me that I am wearing my mask wrong and then I have to show them that I am wearing my mask the best I can wear it.  Yes, I have looked for larger masks, they just don’t make any bigger.  So, I get to go thru this at least until it is safe to go out without a mask, and who knows when this Covid-19 pandemic will end.

Jason’s Sunday Dungeons and Dragons Eberron campaign is going to happen Saturday night instead this week.  So, the character who was named Professor, who is now named Mit Haustieren, will make his in game debut on Saturday night.  Him and his Steel St. Bernard named Rufus, and his owl named Osiris will make a grand entrance.   Mit riding Rufus with Osiris on his shoulder.   Yup, quite the show if you ask me.  Cori has decided she likes this guy more than Takao, so she won’t just kill him.  lol.  But I am happy with what I have chosen to play and am not going to switch again.  Mit Haustieren the Battle Smith on the lookout for magic item recipes cuz at level 10 it gets easy for me to make them and I am starting at level 9.  Cori has agreed, sort of, to help me find recipes and I guess that means the rare items too.  It’s cool, whatever help I can get to advance the group is way cool with me.  So, I am looking forward to this Saturday.

And finally, I believe that Cori has decided to run a Dungeons and Dragons module on Wednesday nights at some point in the future.  That’ll be fun.  She did a bang up job the one night I got to play with her as Dungeon Master.  And from what the others said, she did a great job the other 2 nights.  I told her the only way you get better as a Dungeon Master is to just do it.  And since everyone who will be playing is a friend of hers, she shouldn’t worry about harsh criticism.  It’ll all be good.

I wasn’t going to write a blog today, but somehow I topped 800 words.  So, I guess I did have something to say today.  So, its mostly about Dungeons and Dragons, well that is back to being the biggest thing in my life that is not alive.  And seriously, I lead an exceptionally boring life beyond Dungeon and Dragons and medical stuff.

Oh yeah, Teresa informed me that Mediacom is bringing people back to their offices on May 11th.  I say BOO to that, I like having her here.  I’ll miss her terribly when she goes back.  I’ll be back to the even more exceptionally boring life.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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