After the DnD talk it get serious

As I write this blog entry this morning, I realize I am awake too early again.  Not 2 or 3am early, but 5:45am on a Saturday BAH.  I woke up and I was unable to fall back asleep right away.  So, I got on my laptop, caught up with Facebook, and decided to write this blog entry as the sun comes up.

In 35 hours and 41 minutes Mit will make his in-game debut in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragong Eberron campaign. I am so excited about this campaign.  Cori and Dave #1 have both raved about how good it is.  Now I will get to really see Jason in his glory, running his baby. 35 hours and 37 minutes but who is counting.  I have rarely been as excited as I am about a character I made for a game as I am about Mit Hausteinen.  And I have rarely been as excited about joining an ongoing campaign.  I have traditionally preferred to start at the beginning of campaigns, but it’s all good here.  I get to play D&D with 2 of my good friends Cori and Dave #1 and it is being run by a good friend, Jason.  How could I not being excited about this.

I feel better than I have the last few days (so far).  I did absolutely nothing yesterday but rest and eat and drink.  So more than likely it was dehydration that made me feel like crap.  Or I was just warn out from the week and it was my body telling me to relax the hard way.  I did feel miserable.

Again, last night I cancelled running my Dungeons and Dragons one shot for the Gang Server.  I feel really bad about that, cancelling two weeks in a row.  Maybe, I should just tell them I won’t be able to run anything on Friday nights cuz by then I am exhausted from the week.  Yeah, it is lame, but I do have cancer and a limited supply of energy.  And my body holds its own little revolution when I try to over do it.  So yeah, I can play on Friday nights (I think) but I can’t run a game.  I’ll let Jet and Derek know later today so maybe they can get another game ready for next Friday.

This realization of my limitations makes me rethink my Sunday afternoon campaign that I was going to try to start in mid-June.  If something doesn’t change, I probably won’t have enough energy to run a 2nd campaign.  And I don’t want to start something and then have to cancel it because I can’t do it.  I won’t say it is not going to happen, but it looks unlikely at this point.  Mid-June is away aways, so things might change.

It has come to my attention that some people don’t know what type of cancer I have.  That is understandable, some of my readers came in late and others may have missed me talking about it.  So, I will go over it again now.

I have what is called Myleoodysplastic Syndrome. which is cancer of the bone marrow.  The stuff that makes your blood.  My chromosomes are out of whack and my blood cells are just not quite being made correctly.  I did have a PT53 mutation, but that supposedly went away so I won’t get into that.

MDS eventually turns into Acute Myleod Leukemia (AML) only since I was treated for AML before, when this AML comes back it will be chemo resistant and in all likelihood, I will die rather quickly.  Doctor Alkhateeb at Mayo Clinic in Rochester is trying his heart out to make this not happen any time soon.

I would still be getting Donor Lymphocite Infusions (DLI) which is where they load me up with white cells from my stem cell donor, but he developed a circulatory problem in the mean time and can’t donate anymore anything.

So, we resorted to chemo again, on Monday I start round 6 (I believe).  I hate chemo, I really do, I would rather try just about anything other than chemo, but I’m getting chemo.  Sorry, I don’t recall what poison they are pumping into me, but it’s not bad really.  The only side-effect I seem to have is fatigue.  I like to sleep a lot anyway.  The chemo seems to be working, we will find out for sure on May 28th.

Sometime in the unknown future (could be soon, could be much later) the chemo will stop working and I will be forced to get a 2nd transplant.  Now, the 2nd transplant is NOT as horrible as the first.  No huge catheter, just some normal chemos to knock my bone marrow into submission.  Then they hope the new stem cells are stronger than my old stem cells.  And maybe I get to live a few more months or even possibly years.

If the 2nd transplant fails we are even more into uncharted territory.  I have no clue (and neither does Dr. Alkhateeb) as to how to treat me then.  I’ll probably just curl up and die then.  OH, we’ll throw some more DLIs from the 2nd donor and pump more chemo into me, but at that point its going to be too little too late I think.  There is no such thing as a 3rd transplant.

Sorry to end this on a big downer.  I will try to find some happy music to lighten the mood.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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