stuff occurs

Sitting here in the chemo place, waiting for my chemo to come from the other office.  The chemo mixing machine at this office is broke.  So, we wait, just like we did yesterday.  At least this time I remembered to bring my computer.  So I can write this blog, catch up on Facebook, read Twitter, and so forth.  Something to do.

I posted the heads up about my Still Not Dead party on the Gang Facebook page.  I am so hoping that things will be back to semi-normalcy by August 8th.  I’m sure it will.  Just need Indiana to life the gathering of 10 mandate cuz my party drew almost 40 last time.  Beyond that everything but alcohol for those who drink it will be supplied.  The main courses will be Teresa’s lasagna and Gas Station Chicken.  Then all the sides will come from someplace, I don’t know cuz Mom just moved.  It’ll all be good, I promise.

I’m dealing with majorly wicked Fatigue.  Sleeping 14-16 hours a day total.  Would probably be asleep now if I wasn’t here, and btw, my chemo showed up while I was typing the paragraph before this, so I really didn’t have to wait.  Should be out of here by 3:30, home by 4, asleep by 4:30.  lol.  I am so wiped out.

I precancelled my Dungeons and Dragons game tonight because I was tired and I knew I’d be too tired to run the game without napping right now.  So we shall resume next week.  All my players are being cool about everything, most of them are off to raid in World of Warcraft together tonight, so it’s all good.

Jason and I had a discussion about Mit’s pets.  I personally still disagree with the decision but I am going along with it cuz Teresa sided with Jason.  So, instead of always getting me two pets to attack at the same time, I have a ring with 5 charges that lets them  attack at same time and it recharges after a long rest.  So 5 dual attacks every 8 hours. I still think since Osiris’ damage is so minimal that it shouldn’t matter.  Oh well, I just want to play and losing one little disagreement is no biggie.

Oh, I am putting this here for me.  The chemo I am on is Dacogen.  3 days every 4 weeks.  Will probably be going to 5 days every 4 weeks after I get my bone marrow biopsy results around June 3rd or so.

Speaking of the beginning of June, my brother’s summer party as far as I know has been cancelled.  I will doubled check with him, but I believe that was the last thing he said about it.  I wouldn’t have been able to make it anyway.  So, for me its not the biggest deal.  I sorry for my brother though, he really enjoys his summer party.

They gave me a composine cuz I got super nauseous all the sudden.  A really ugly pill. I seriously hope it helps.  I dont want to feel sick on the ride home.

I got 20 minutes left before this thing chirps that I am done and I think I am out of things to say.  This is a way short blog entry.  Revenge of the 5th I guess.



Oh yeah, stop reading now if you haven’t see Rise of the Skywalker.










Rise of the Palpatine was a good movie, er I mean Skywalker.  I was down with the whole movie with a few minor issues.  The Leia scenes were creepy, knowing they were cuts from here and there.  And the ewoks at the end were there for a cheap pop.  Boo, Disney.  Beyond those two issues, it was a really good movie.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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