We ARE going to Mayo on the 28th

Locke & Key turned out to be a really good series.  I thank my friend, Jason, for suggesting it to me.  We are just about to watch the season finale and I am actually bummed that this is the end (for now).  I have already read about Season 2, so I am all happy about that.  If you haven’t seen this series or are on the fence about watching it, do yourself a favor and watch it.  Whoever came up with the whole concept was brilliant.

Tomorrow is mother’s day.  I hope, since we all are pretty much still in lockdown, that everyone (Including me) remembers to at least call their moms.  I thought I was going to be really smart this year and ordered my mom’s gift 3 weeks ago… but it got lost while shipping and now the new order won’t get there until Tuesday.  BOO.  Oh well, my mom knows I did order it forever ago and it wasn’t my fault.

more after Locke & Key is over.

OMG, the ending of Locke & Key was great.  No spoilers, it is a must watch.

Tomorrow night’s Dungeon and Dragons Eberron game is gonna be great.  Still not sure of any plans I have for Mit.  Watch the sailors, see how they move and such, so I won’t have to roll for sea sickness again.  Work on the plans I got for the portable canon, which actually my character would have little to no interest in.  Yes, he is a Battle Smith, but there is also an Artillerist, which would be more into canons and such.  But hey, I got the plan that is 50% done, perhaps I can get it closer to finished.  Beyond that, I am not sure what else I am going to do to further my character.  Furthering a character beyond combat hasn’t been in my wheelhouse for a long time.  I guess I should ponder this more thoroughly in the next 23 hours.  Jason is making me think, something very few DMs have made me do.

Having not played Dungeons and Dragons all week felt weird.  I really did miss running my game on Tuesday night.  But I was legitimately asleep during the first 2 hours of when the game was supposed to be running.  This fatigue or sleep cycle sucks.  Anyhow, gonna play on Sunday night and run on Tuesday night.  Funny, I am not prepared for Sunday by I am prepared for Tuesday.  Yup weird how things work out sometimes.  But in reality, I have been ready for this coming Tuesday’s game since before I started playing on Sunday nights.

I have the bad feeling that Dr. Alkhateeb will say that, “having a party on August 8th is not a very good idea.”  And that will be the end of my Still Not Dead Yet party.  He won’t say a flat out No, he’ll just get the no point across in a very diplomatic way.  Teresa is very much against the idea of me having the party so soon, but the latest I would want to have it is the beginning of September, but that won’t make much difference Corona Virus way.  So, the whole party happening in 2020 is in Dr. Alkhateeb’s hands.  I promised I would let everyone know as soon as I do.

I hate being non-visibly ill.  You can’t tell I have cancer by looking at me.  Even my GvHD has gotten so much better, people who know me know I have always had dry skin, but it’s mild now.  I guess not showing I am sick is probably a good thing.  I can (once this lockdown is really over) go into places and not be stared at, at least not for being sick.

Oh yeah, my friend Laura is making me an extra-large homemade mask.  Having problems getting masks that fit has plagued me since transplant time.  They just don’t fit from covering my nose to coming below my chin.  Even the “Large” ones at Mayo are too small.  So Laura went online to find out what was required for federal and AMA approved face masks.  She said, no problem and that she even had some of the filter material.  So score.  I offered to pay her but she said No, it was a gift to me and she said she would get it to me before my Mayo appointment on the 28th.  I have some of the coolest friends.

I talked to Teresa about my hesitation to going to Mayo this month, she said “tough, we’re going”.  Man, do I love this woman.  No discussion, no debate, just we’re going.  So, unless Mayo calls to reschedule again (which is highly unlikely) I am going to Mayo on the 28th.  Stress levels about this trip are high.  I pray to all the gods that neither of us will get Covid-19 on this trip.

So, this brings me to the end of this blog entry.  I have things to do for tomorrow.  I now have 22 hours to come up with character advancement for Mit.  It’s all good, I will come up with something I’m sure.

Peace, folks.  Have a good Saturday night and Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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