I didn’t mean for this blog to be so long

Today was a day of dealing with insurance companies and Mayo billing.  Seems that 6000+ dollars of DLI charges were not paid by my insurance when they should have been.  Big oof to us.  Coming up with 6000 spare dollars to pay said bill would have been rough (not impossible, just rough).  Anyhow, I called the insurance company and sat on hold for about 45 minutes total, man was their hold music awful.  The nice lady said that they received part of the pre-authorization but not all of the pre-authorization so the claim was denied.  OUCH.  However, she and I talked for a bit and since pre-authorization was started, they will probably pay it.  Last I heard was it was on its way to the adjuster to be taken care of… SCORE.

Step two was calling Mayo’s billing department to fix a insurance issue for the tooth extraction I had on the Day from Hell last October.  They weren’t billing the correct insurance and are not accepting Delta Dental anymore.  Some more hold music was involved.  Found out  that the tooth pull was when they were accepting Delta Dental, so she submitted it but its been 15 days over 6 months so it MIGHT be a problem.  SIGH.  But it was 800+ dollars so it doesn’t hurt to try to get insurance to take care of it.  Will know if its to be paid in a couple of days.

Last evening we played in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron campaign.  I retired Mit, I loved the concept but the play was blah.  It might have just been me.  And we introduced Heiliker Krieger (H).  It spent the first hour and a half playing a character I was going to retire, and the second hour and a half just spinning my wheels with H cuz he was new to the party and the party was wrapping up a lot of long loose ends.  Next week, H will get to shine some I think, we are going in search of one of the big bads in a really nasty area.  We won’t find him next week, but we should find some stuff to kill and that is what H excels at.  Should get fun.

We (Teresa and I) did nothing special for my 2nd Anniversary.  I forgot to ask for anything ahead of time even though I talked about it a lot.  And Teresa didn’t think to do anything special.  So tonight, she is making me chili, one of my favorite meals.  Teresa took my recipe for chili and fixed it.  Mine was good, but hers is fantastic.  So even though she doesn’t like my chili, she makes it for me and then has something else for dinner.  I love her cooking.

I am still not sure what I am doing for tomorrow nights Dungeons and Dragons Maloon campaign.  I have a couple of ideas, but nothing that sounds that good.   Sometimes it is hard to come up with good ideas as a DM.  what I had started with quickly changed and now it kind of has a more open concept.  But hey, I am a decent DM, I will come up with something entertaining in the next 24 hours.  I always seem to.

I have decided that I am going to run a second Dungeons and Dragons campaign starting in June if my biopsy results are good.  Not sure what its gonna be about yet or any details on it.  Not even sure what day of the week I am gonna run it.  I was thinking of running it on Sundays from noon to three central time.  But that would have me running a 3 hourish game till 3 and then from 6 to 9 I would be playing.  Heh, that doesn’t sound too bad now that I put it in writing. A 3ish hour break between would work I think.  I might start with a couple one-shots to make sure I can do it energy wise.  I have a while to figure this out, at least a month.

Tomorrow I have to call the pharmacy, then call my shrink, then call Chris (my PA) and get some stuff straightened out.  Confusions about who is prescribing what.  Teresa wrote to Dr. Alkhateeb asking if I was gonna be on Acyclovir and/or Penicillin for the rest of my life or not.  And if so, should Chris or Dr. Wehbe be prescribing them.  It’s just a big mess.  And I have to call my shrink after I call the pharmacy to find out if my shrink has been prescribing Nimodipine like I thought he was or if he hasn’t then he needs to.  UGH.  Tomorrow is going to be yucky on the phone as well.

I ordered a miniature of H from Heroforge.  It was a wee bit expensive, but I really liked it so I went for it.  My friend Dave said he would paint the miniature for me.  Really cool but not hard for this miniature, its an orc in full plate mail armor with a bastard sword and a shield.  But I have seen what Dave can do, so I will let him paint H.  Heroforge said 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and then a few days to get to Dave.  I should have a painted H in a month or so.

Heh, I didnt think I had much to say today and am about to hit 900 words.  OK, so obviously I did have something to share.  So, now I am off to find a video.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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