Poor Mojo

Today has been a weird day.  I woke up at 6:30 when Teresa woke up.  Had some orange and cream gummi bears (my normal routine) and then went back to bed after taking my 7am pills.  I woke again for my 9am pill then promptly went back to sleep till 10:30.  I got up for lunch, yes, I eat lunch between 10:30 and 11 usually now.  I decided of Apple Jacks for lunch.  So, I ate a bowl of cereal for lunch, something I have done hundreds of times, only to end up feeling weird and wobbly about a half hour later.  I googled my symptoms and came up with “reactive hypoglycemia”.  Where your body doesn’t process the intake of sugar and leaves you feeling like crap.  Yep, so I took my crappy feeling self and went back to sleep.  And slept from 11:30 to 1pmish.  I woke feeling crappy still so I ate a second lunch of leftover chili and that seems to have taken the crappy feeling and wobbliness away.  So lesson learned, no cereal on an totally empty stomach (at least according to the Mayo website).  I feel much better now.  They also said this can be caused by your blood pressure medicine needing to be adjusted.  Hmm, something to add to Dr. Alkhateeb’s list of questions next Thursday.

I remembered I had calls to make today.  I started with the pharmacy who was very helpful.  They agreed to call my Shrink and get the Nimodipine prescription transferred to him, something I am sure already happened on Dr. Eastin’s end.  Anyway that part of the medicine problem is fixed.  Now the acyclovir is a whole different issue,   Teresa messaged Dr. Alkhateeb asking if I still needed to be on acyclovir and penicillin.  Don’t want to hassle with transferring those prescriptions to Chris if I don’t have to.  Mayo’s response was they didn’t think I had all my vaccines and when I do I can come off those 2 meds.  Well, I went thru all the very painful “baby” shots, and she said I was done.  So, I think I got all my vaccinations.  Anyhow, I wrote back to Mayo stating I got those vaccinations and get my flu shot annually, is there any vaccination I missed.  Waiting for their response now.

Tonight we play in my Dungeons and Dragons Maloon campaign.  I have come up with a decent story for tonight, I think.  Should be fun even if the storyline is weak.  I used to be a better DM, chemo and cancer has taken so much from me.  Now I think of myself as a good DM, I used to be a great DM.  Since I have been steadily not being a great DM since I started back to playing after the first chemo/cancer issues in 2015, I assume that was the catalyst.  Now here it is 5 years later, I am still lacking that something that makes a DM great.  Playing in Jason’s game just makes me feel like that much lesser of a DM.  Jason is a great DM, has all his stuff together.  I will continue to run Maloon at least until the lockdown is completely lifted for all my players, when those that work have to go back to work.  And I will probably be running a Sunday afternoon game too come mid-June, I think I have promised a few people that this game will happen, so it has going to happen more than likely.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting on Cori to get her one shots ready.  Or her campaign.  She has such a good handle on DMing, just no confidence in her abilities.  It’s just a matter of time before she occupies Wednesday nights with her games.  I am looking forward to playing in them.

And also, while waiting for Cori, I have been trolling reddit/r/lfg and the dndbeyond forums looking for a game.  I’m not having much of any luck thru those.  I don’t interview well over text but I will keep trying.  Maybe I can find a Monday or Thursday game to play in.  Looking for a game that isnt on roll/20, that is purely theater of the mind.  There are quite a few of them that get listed but I am always a day late and there are 20 responses, then I blow the text interview thing.  Also my age is an issue as I have mentioned here before.  Maybe I will find a game to be in before too long has past.

Mojo has to go to the Vet today and then Thursday.  Today because he might not make it to Thursday.  He has at least 1 bad tooth, probably more than 1 actually.  And I think 1 or more have gotten abscessed.  The swelling on one side is bad enough to make his eye bulge.  It looks real bad.  Dr. Beeman, the Vet, is squeezing Mojo in around 3:30 to give him antibiotics and pain killers cuz Mojo is in bad shape.  On Thursday  is his appointment to have his teeth done.  Chihuahuas are notorious for having bad teeth, except Pucky.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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