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Day 2 using the new block editor on WordPress, its not wysiwyg so things aren’t exactly how they appear on the screen (thus my ____ between thoughts yesterday were too long, at least on my 15 laptop monitor). I hate that it doesn’t have a word counter. But I guess I will just type until I run out of thoughts to type about. That is what I normally did anyway and ended up normally between 600 and 800 words, occasionally up to 1000+, depending on if I had a lot to say or not.


It is 6 days till Mayo day. 6 days till I have my (gonna call it) 18th bone marrow biopsy. What a pain in the hip. But I get to see the nice people of Mayo in their masks while I am wearing mine. Mayo requires everyone except the Vice President to wear a mask right now. I hope no one was surprised when one of his aides came down with Covid-19. Oh well, yeah, I’ve had a lot of bone marrow biopsies in the last 5+ years. I tried to find the record for most bone marrow biopsies on a living person, google failed me. I bet its 50some, get blood/marrow cancer and they really liked to drill your hip.


We play in jubal’s one (maybe 2) shot tonight. As far as I know he has only DMed a Dungeons and Dragons one shot one other time, so this might just be fun. It is my bad week and I am very fatigued today, so I am hoping I can make it thru the game. I want to support my friend. I want to play a bugbear assassin, even if it is a one shot. So, shortly I will take a nap and hope I have energy for tonight.


Mojo, after having 5 teeth removed yesterday is doing well today. Doesn’t even seem to be in much pain. He has been following Teresa around all day and is right now napping in the dog bed next to her while she works. But if she gets up, he gets up. It’s cute that he loves her so much. I am pretty sure he loves me too, but not like he loves mommy.


Speaking of mothers. My mom and brother are now unsure of when they are coming to visit. I tried to explain my weird schedule to my mom. Every other week starting the week after chemo. So, since chemo is the 1st, 2nd,and 3rd of June, the week of the 8th of June is good, as is the week of the 22nd. It’s not rocket science, but it is confusing over the phone. I hope when mom reads this it makes more sense. But then again she was thinking of flying in for Thanksgiving. Which I haven’t set down with a calendar to figure out what kinda week that is for me. Oh well, I can fake a few days for her.


Hey, we got 2400 dollars from the federal government for the stimulus thingy. That couldn’t have come at a better time. Yeah, we had an oops with the routing number of our bank (whats on the checks is wrong) so we didnt get it months ago like everyone else, but its still cool to have gotten it.


Oh, a few days ago I received the Welcome Crate from Loot Crate. In it was quite a few neat little things and then a Japanese Pacman shirt which I totally geeked out about. I wonder when my first Gamer Crate is going to show up? Anyhow, I decided to only do 3 months of the Gamer Crate cuz I don’t have anywhere to put these neat little things really. So they will clutter up somewhere in my little portion of the bedroom and Teresa will complain about them. Ah such is life. Teresa did say that the box looked cool though


I found CHILL the role playing game Version 3 on the Drive-thru.rpg site. I have such great memories of playing CHILL with my friend Dave (yet, another Dave in my life) and his friends. So, next month’s Jeff’s money is partly going to grab CHILL and reading it from cover to cover and then hopefully find people who are willing to play it. It’s a horror rpg where you play normal people who work for an anti-monster government agency. It was a lot of fun back in 1986ish. I hope Version 3 holds up in 2020. I have the feeling it will.


Today, although exceptionally tired, I don’t feel bad. So why was my mind focused on the fact the I am gonna die sooner as opposed to later? It’s not a good thing to dwell on, leads to depression and I don’t want to be depressed about this, I just want to live while I can. This Covid-19 business has made it harder to live life, I miss going out to lunch with my friend Drew. Teresa won’t let me go out except for medical things and I don’t blame her. No sense in me dying to Covid-19 when I am dying of cancer anyway. Why would we hurry up my death? BLAH, enough of that talk.


I wanted to help a kickstart campaign and get a book of 700 magic items for Dungeons and Dragons. That would be very useful, but it is out of England and won’t be shipped till December. And the book with shipping would be around 55 bucks. OUCH. I will just start making my own homebrew stuff on dndbeyond. Screw waiting till December.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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