August 7 2021 planning ahead

It is Saturday, all day long. I slept in this morning till 7am when Alexa chimed it was time to take my morning pill. But it also means its time to feed the dogs and take them outside, then bring them back in and give them a treat. I did that and then I took my pill. Then I caught up with Facebook and now at 7:30am I am writing a blog entry on this crappy block editor and I hope I have enough to say.


Last night we played in jubal’s one-shot, which will be a 2 shot and at the rate we are going might be a 3 shot. Dungeons and Dragons can be like that. We totally went off jubal’s carefully laid out plan and he had to improvise about 2 hours and 45 minutes of game play. For being basically a new DM, he did a really good job. I am looking forward to resuming our journey in 2 weeks.


Tomorrow nights is Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game. We should be headed into the mournlands. But we won’t find the guy we are searching for right away. Jason will prolong the hunt over several intense session. At least that is what I would do and he is a better DM than I am. So he will do it better than I would and I LIKE IT. My paladin, H, is ready to do some damage. And to paint some religious graffiti on some walls, or maybe he is trying to draw the gods attention to the mournlands.


Today, hopefully, will be a day of serious rest. A nap is in order for after I finish this blog entry. I need to get some extra rest for tomorrow nights game since I didn’t rest on Friday night like I normally do. Fatigue is a royal pain in the butt. And that I have tons of. I’m usually good Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and totally wipe out/recovering the rest of the week. Its a semi-pathetic existence, but hey, I’m still alive. That is something.


And this was my bad week. I have 3 good weeks and 1 bad week on this chemo. The bad week I just don’t feel good during. My blood stats drop a bit. And it just bad all around. The other 3 weeks I feel good. Really I do. Those weeks, if I didn’t have cancer I’d almost swear I wasn’t sick. Yes, I feel that good.


The Corona Virus took away a lot from me. The unknown limited time I have left. Seriously being stuck in my house while I could be out doing something really sucks. And even now that things are opening, Teresa has put down the law that I am only to go out for doctor things. I don’t blame her or I am not upset at her for making me stay in, I don’t want the Corona Virus… the asthmatic cancer patient would be doomed in a likelihood. So here I sit.


I want to have my STILL NOT DEAD party on August 8th, but I doubt its going to happen. Dr. Alkhateeb will advise against it, and Teresa will just say no. Then later is the fall it will probably be the 2nd wave of the Corona Virus so I won’t be able to have it in September or October. November is Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving. So, in all likelihood I won’t be having a party this year. That is a bummer. That means I have to live thru 2021 so I can have the REALLY STILL NOT DEAD party then. So, mark you calendars, its August 7th, 2021, that is my REALLY STILL NOT DEAD party. I’ll be there, will you?


I probably won’t be making Thanksgivingfest again this year. Probably never again for that matter. My health is that crappy really. I would hate to have a problem while I was at a Gang members house. Then there is the whole getting there thing. I don’t think I can drive that far anymore. I could possibly fly to Indy again, but that puts me back to the problem of my health. We shall see.


Now I am bummed, so I am cutting this off. I will find a video. All will be ok.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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