Possibly the end of theater of the mind

It has occurred to me, kind of like a slap in the face, that Theater of the Mind Dungeons and Dragons is a dying thing. With Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds out there, its become painfully obvious that Virtual Table Tops are what people want now. I have ads on dndbeyond and the Greater Des Moines Dice & Dragons meetup group and have gotten a whole 3 responses in 24 hours. 1 has joined us, he talked to me and sensed my excitement about TotM gaming. 1 asked about it and then just didn’t respond. And the 3rd is a complete Dungeons and Dragons Newbie, so will probably run when they find out what theater of the mind is. Session 0 is in 12 days, I hope I can find 1 more person who can see the joy and freedom that is Theater of the Mind.


Despite the problems I am having finding a 5th person to play, my Thursday night Dungeons and Dragons campaign prep is coming along nicely. I have a firm idea of what the characters are going to be doing on the greater scale, its all plotted out. Oh the title of the campaign is Chronicles of the Lost, I will be referring to it as the Chronicles game. I am going to try something different with this campaign than I normally do. I really hope the players like it, its going to be a lot more work on my part.


Maloon is on hiatus again this week due to anxiety on my part. We will be resuming of June 9th with another installment. Luckily all my players for that one are personal friends, so they understood when I had to take 2 weeks off for health crap.


I spent 2 days in painful hell from the biopsy site. Today it finally feels better. Just a dull ache instead of a 6-7 pain. I have never had a biopsy site feel so painful before, I figure he poked thru a nerve or something. It’s all good though, biopsy is done and everyone is expecting good results.


Speaking of results, I should have June 2nd or 3rd. You know, the middle of next week. We are expecting everything to be clean because my blood numbers are so good. ALMOST normal Hemoglobin and normal white blood count and platelets. Yeah buddy, I am doing really good right now. I found out from Dr. Alkhateeb that the odds of surviving 2 years after transplant with my type of mds is only about 10%, not the 17.1% I had thought previously. So wow to that, its surreal beating the odds like this.


Ho hum, another Publisher’s Clearing House prize day and another day they didn’t knock on my door or ring my doorbell. Oh well, I am too close to dead to enjoy being rich anyway. But I will keep entering and maybe, just maybe one day before I do die, they will knock on my door with a big check and a real check. While I am not holding my breath for that day, I am concentrating on staying alive and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Monday I start my 7th round of this chemo. Dr. Alkhateeb has decided NOT to make me go to 5 days and I am happy about that. Since I am doing so well on 60% of the normal dose why dink with it. I talked with him, when I reach 1 year on chemo, I have his permission to ask to try to live off of chemo and we will see what happens. I will forever and always be on blood tests every other week. So coming off chemo will be watched very carefully. And if something went wrong, it’d be caught and back on chemo I would go. But the dream is to live a normalish life again, even for a little while.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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