Still no chromosomal results

They say that no news is good news. I say bull. No news causes anxiety. Anyhow, as of 7:35am on Juned 3rd, I still haven’t gotten my chromosomal study results yet. Hopefully they will come sometime today. Today marks 5 work days since the biopsy, so it should be done. I am very anxious about it even though I am sure it’s gonna say clear. If it’s not in today, it will almost definitely be tomorrow.


Today is my brother’s 52nd Birthday. Happy Birthday, bro. I didn’t get you anything cuz it would just be another thing you’d have to move. But know I am thinking about you and sending all good thoughts about you getting this job.


I did it, I got rid of the player who was driving me crazy(er). I liked him as a person, just he did not see the vision I had for the upcoming Chronicles of the Lost Dungeons and Dragons campaign. And he had way to much creativity than I had patience. Frustration level was high. And I don’t need any extra frustration in my life. Thank you Cori, for your words and for listening to me. Teresa thanks you too, cuz now I am not going on about him to her either.

So now, the party consists of: Cori, Danny, other Dave, Kayla, Scott, and Craig. I have known Cori for 30+ years, Danny and Dave for a few year, but the other 3 are brand new to me. However, these all seem like mellow people, well Cori is a bit chaotic at times, but still mellower than it would/could have been. I am happy with this group. I think we are gonna rock together.

Speaking of Chronicles. Session 0 is tomorrow night. I am optimistically excited about this session 0. No gaming will take place. It will just be getting to know a little about each other, get some more details about how things are gonna be run, talk about and make characters, and give out a little homework. Session 0 is to set up for Session 1 on the 18th. Session 1 is when the game starts.


Today is the last chemo day of Cycle 7. Last day I have to go out in the heat. It’s all good though, I get to take my laptop and work on things while I get chemo. Yesterday, I actually talked with someone who was not a nurse. I am normally anti-social there. Oh well, this cycle is almost over.

Tomorrow I have an 8:20am appointment with Dr. Wehbe. He said he wanted to talk with me about my biopsy results, may have to reschedule though if the chromosomal results don’t come in. We shall see.


Friday afternoon around 4, I am Facetiming with my friend Jennifer from the Region. I have know Jennifer for a long long time. We will chat about how unreasonable that I can’t have my Still Not Dead party. We will talk about a lot of things. It’ll be fun.


Friday night is the “conclusion” of Jubal’s Dungeons and Dragons game on the Gang Gaming Server. The “conclusion” is in quotes cuz things are going slow. It’s his only 2nd time DMing so it’s to be expected. It’s all good. If we don’t finish this week, there is always next week.


Saturday is a day of REST. I have zero plans for Saturday and that is how I like it. I’ll spend the day sleeping, chatting with Teresa, playing with Pucky and Mojo and doing a little Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Yes, I am planning on taking Saturday very easy.


Sunday evening is the return of Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron campaign. Yes, we are almost ready to head to the mournlands. Just need to make a few stops on the way out of town so to speak. With the barbarians departure, H will be taking the protectors role. A role he does not want. He is a stone cold Holy Warrior. He is designed to kill bad things. But alas, he will do what is necessary and play protector instead of killer. It’s all good.


Monday is another day of rest for the most part. I have to go over my notes for Maloon on Tuesday. But beyond that I have zero planned for Monday.


Tuesday night is the return of my Dungeons and Dragons Maloon campaign. I have missed running it the last 2 weeks, but anxiety has been mentally crippling. I just wan my results. Anyhow, I digress, Maloon will be going places they never thought they would go and doing such wonderful things. It will be fun.


Cori has said that her one-shot is a work in progress, that it will be ready shortly after Adam finishes his game on the Gang Gaming Server. She wants to level 10s, kinda a brave move for a novice DM. But I support it fully. Hey, you got to learn somewhere and sometime. So, I look forward to playing in Cori’s one-shot. It’s all good.


Yes, I know I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. Listed out here it looks like more than it is. But its all good. D&D gives me something to do besides sit here doing nothing. It causes my chemo brain to actually try to function. It is good for me to be running and playing D&D. It keeps my mind off my cancer, 3 hours at a time.


That is my week coming up. Looking forward specifically, for Session 0 of Chronicles and for jubal’s game. Not that I am not looking forward to the other games. Chronicles cuz I am an old dog trying new tricks and so far its working, and jubal’s game cuz he is trying so hard and doing a good job.


Well, I would be amiss if I didn’t give a health update. My biopsy site is still a little tender, but it feels better every day. Anxiety is still high and will be until I get those stupid chromosomal results. Allergies are bad, even though I am taking some allergy pill (I don’t remember the name, but it’s supposed to be better than Zyrtec) every night my nose just won’t stop running. My knees are ok, I wouldn’t say they were good, but ok. My back only hurts if I sit up, so I try to avoid that. Beyond those things, I feel great. fatigued/tired beyond recognition most of the time, but I feel great physically. Mentally too, been pretty balanced lately. So that is a good thing.


OK, that is enough, for yesterday’s short one, today’s is extra long. Heh. Video inbound.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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