Tried to sleep in FAILURE

It’s Saturday morning and 9am and this is already the second time I have been awake. First time was 6am when I got up to feed the dogs, do to not particular reason I was up till around 7. I slept from 7 to 8:30 and awoke again, so I had breakfast and caught up on Facebook, then I decided I’d write this blog entry. I did have dreams of sleeping in today, guess the joke was on me. I’ll just take a nap later.


Last night we played in Adam’s Dungeons and Dragons game. It was fun. I got beat on, but survived. Our healer per se really sucks at his job though. But its alright, I didn’t die. We got to the main story, and first there were locks to be picked, no problem for me there, then we had to get thru a locked and barred door, locks again no problem. Bars required tricking the guy inside to lift. He then attacked us, of course. He was subdued by the bard’s hypnotic somethingorother. Then I got beat on by two animated suits of armor. The regular hits didn’t hurt much, but the Crit in the middle did. So, after said fight I was at half hit points and the healer healed me for 5. DOH. Anyhow, we ended up calling the night early cuz Adam had to be up at 6ish for work today. It was a good game, Adam did a good job for his 3rd time DMing. You could tell he is still nervous. But it’s all good, it’s D&D.


I don’t have anything medical next week. Nothing. Feels weird, but a good weird.


My brother Jim found another job to apply for, this time it is in Indianapolis. I want him to get this job. I want them to offer him this job with the pay he wants. He says he could the job easy peasy. I want them to stay in the midwest, it’s where Jim feels best and it would still technically be close enough for my mom to see Ruby every now and then. Just a 3 hour drive, instead of Colorado which would be a 14+ hour drive.

Now for my selfish reasons I want him to get this job instead of Colorado. A bunch of my friends live in and around Indy. It would be great for Jim and mom to live there, so I can do the 2 birds with one stone thing. Visit mom and Jim and then visit my friends. Yup, it would be too cool.


Tomorrow night, we resume Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game. He made other Dave a higher rank than me. For some reason I find this disturbing. But not enough to complain about it. It’s all good. H is still the toughest character of the bunch.


Monday I will prepare for Tuesday’s game.


Next Dungeons and Dragons game is Maloon on Tuesday. We didn’t play for 2 weeks cuz I was dealing with no thought anxiety. Brain wasn’t functioning very well. So we resume on Tuesday. It will be fun. Ah, its old friends getting together virtually to play some D&D, yeah buddy.


I have nothing concrete planned for Wednesday. I will probably spend it getting prepared for Thursday night.


Since everyone has their character made, and everyone will have gotten me their homework. We are set to start my Dungeons and Dragons campaign Chronicles of the Lost on Thursday. This is my first campaign that I am doing this way, well maybe not firsts, but its been a long time. I have a huge encompassing main storyline, the finding of the Lost, and then side quests to actually find each of the Lost. Plus miscellaneous stuff that is gonna happen along the way. It should be jolly old fun. On Thursday, they will find out what the lost are. You will find out on Friday.


Then Friday is the conclusion of Adam’s one (read 3) shot. But Adam has said he wants to run a mini-campaign on Friday nights. Sounds good, except Cori has a one (read 2 or 3) shot that she is working on. So, if Cori gets done preparing then we will start her adventure after Adam finishes next week. Somewhere in there I will also be asking to run Chill cuz the book is on its way. It’s all good, we will figure this out.


Then next Saturday will be another day that I don’t sleep in on. So, as you can see, I have Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday off of gaming. I am not actively looking for a new game. I think that 4 nights a week is enough. But if I find one more theater of the mind game for one of the nights I have off, I might just jump on it. So, I am casually looking for another game, but I’m always looking. Doesn’t mean I am gonna bite, just like to have the option of another game.


it’s almost 10 now, Teresa and the dogs are still asleep. I really wish I was still asleep too. But I have gotten some stuff accomplished this morning. So I guess it’s all good. I can (and will) take a nap later. So having quiet isn’t a bad thing.


You all have a nice day. I’m gonna go find a video to share. Yeah, I am done with this blog entry today.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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