Last night and the week ahead

Ah, last night, Maloon officially ended. I know I had been toying with the idea for a while, well I spent like 3 hours today thinking about just it and came to the conclusion it was time to pull the plug. Thank you Cori, Dave, Jet, Derek, Jubal and Jason for making the last night fun. And special thanks to Cori for ending the night by trying to blow up the rest of the party, only to get her character killed…. her character sheet now reads (Dead) Hope, which made me laugh.

I ask for a few weeks off to come up with a new campaign cuz right now I am drawing a complete blank on ideas. So, I am gonna have to brainstorm sometime to come up with some good ideas and hopefully come up with one as good as Chronicles should be. My Tuesday nights are gonna be empty for a few weeks and I am gonna bug Teresa for ideas too. She being the voracious reader came up with a good portion of Chronicles, so maybe lightning will strike twice.


Other than that, yesterday wasn’t much of a day. I slept, I napped, I ate too much. I napped again. Then I had dinner. Then we played Dungeons and Dragons Maloon until it died. Really not much of a day besides the game, which was a blow off cuz I announced the end of the campaign before the game started.


Today promises to be much of the same. Wednesdays tend to not be busy for me. I have a package coming which will be 3 of the Chill Books I ordered (I think), but the main Book is lost in transit and the company I ordered from won’t do anything about it until July 5th. Boo. I can hope that UPS finds it (not likely) or they realize it never left their building (more than not likely). So, I get to sit around till July 7th at the earliest before I get my Chill book. Blah


The Chronicles of the Lost Dungeons and Dragons campaign starts first session tomorrow night. There will be a report of how that went on Friday.


We should finish jubal’s one shot night three on Friday. I am enjoying it except I can’t buy a heal from our “healer”. jubal is doing a fine job. He has expressed interest in a longer campaign of sorts, but Cori has a one shot (2 or 3 nights) that she is working on that will take place before jubal gets to take over Friday night for a while. Cori is a good DM, jubal is a good DM, jet is a good DM, I don’t DM on Friday nights, but I will GM Chill if I ever get the book. Maybe we can fit it in between jubal’s campaign episodes. Who knows. I just want to run it.


As I stated yesterday, I will be seeing Chris (the PA) tomorrow about my dizziness and passing out. I hope to get this resolved as soon as possible.


Friday during the day will probably be my EKG that Chris will order. That won’t be too bad. Except if I have to drive downtown for it, then it will suck.


Saturday is another down day. Nothing really happens on Saturday for me. I might use Saturday to start brainstorming ideas for Tuesday night or worked on Lost 3 of Chronicles since I figure they will finish lost 1 and 2 tomorrow night. (Can not wait to be able to say what is lost here, but at least 1 of my players reads me blog and I don’t want to spoil anything). Beyond those items, Saturday promises to be just another dead day.


Sunday, however, brings us to another day in the mournlands in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game. When we left, the party was pretty beat up. Luna the defacto leader of the mess was down to like 7 health and I think maybe the healer is out of heals. If so, I will heal her for 55 which is all I can do. That should get us out of the spooky forest and onto some real land. Then we can take a long rest and get our spells and stuff back and be healed to full.


Which will bring us back to another dull day called Monday. If my EKG isnt Friday it will probably be on Monday. Anyway you cut it though, Mondays are boring for me usually. However, I will have more time to think about Tuesday night and plan for next Thursday. But this is a long time away.


Speaking of a long time away, my brother and mother are coming the 23rd now. They have a package arriving on the 22nd. That is if my brother doesn’t get the job offer in Colorado and then have to make the trip to Colorado that week instead. It’s all good, I have actually been cleared to travel to family between chemo rounds. So if he ends up in Colorado, he can fly me out for a few days after they get settled.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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