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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in Adel, Iowa. It’s 67 Degrees outside at the moment and supposed to get up to 83. According to KCCI weather, it’s supposed to be mostly sunny. I can handle this weather, another beautiful day in Central Iowa.


Last night we finally finished jubal’s Dungeon and Dragons One shot, the took three or four weeks (I forget, it was a long time)and it went and hour and a half later last night. As I said before, he is a new DM and he is apt to make a few mistakes. I told him I wanted to talk to him sometime to give him some advice which might make him NOT have the same mistake again. Especially if he is gonna run a longer mini campaign for us on Friday nights (eventually, that is the plan). But it was a fun adventure, KillinTime, my Bugbear Rogue almost die as almost did Sparklebutt the 4th, Cori’s Centaur Fighter. But Syl, Jet’s bard, saved us both. Woot. But even though the 2 melee fighters went down, we still won the day. So it was all good except I didn’t get to eat the bad guy.


I have come up with a whole whopping 2 ideas for a them for Tuesday night so far, well 3 including the one Teresa came up with. Teresa suggested I come up with Diablo I monsters in Dungeons and Dragons and slowly work the players thru “Level” before facing the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG for short). Unfortunately, not all the Diablo monsters transferred over, and some that did were just the wrong level, so can’t do a Diablo I campaign. It would have been screwy anyway.

I thought of stealing Blizzards Wrath of the Lich King concept. Lots and lots of undead, ending with a powerful Lich as the BBEG. The only problem there is that killing undead week after week would get BORING. So I threw that idea out too.

The 3rd idea, I am still toying with. So, I can’t share it here, but I do not think it’s going to work either.

Blah, I need to think of something fun like Chronicles is going to be. This is tough, I think Chronicles might be my crowning idea and everything else will pale in comparison. I hope this is not the case. I hope I have at least one more really good idea within the next 2 weeks.


Oh yeah, I promised that I would tell you all about what the Lost are on Friday and I didn’t. Sorry. So anyhow, the Lost are magical orbs the fit into a throne that was found in a mostly forgotten basement of the big church. The players have a wand which points them towards the next closest orb but doesn’t tell them how far or anything else. So they just have to go to where the wand points them and deal with whatever they find there. They found 2 of the 12 on the first night, one they bought from a merchant and the other they took for the Red Dragon Wyrmling. Now my Chronicles of the Lost players won’t have it so easy. These are gonna be tough to get. Looking forward to Thursday night when the Chronicles of the Lost campaign has Session 2.


With my brother getting the job in Colorado, Jim and mom are stopping on their way to Colorado to find an apartment. They will be here tomorrow and stay for a couple days, then they will proceed to Colorado. Then on their way back, they are stopping again just for a night. This is all moving so fast for how slow it moved for him getting the job. He has to report to work on July 6th. So they actually have plenty of time to move. Congratz again, bro.


Cori is running a one maybe two maybe three shot starting maybe next Friday or the Friday after. She wants to do level 10s. I have made several characters for her one-shot I will probably pick which one I want to play at the last moment. Right now its between Truth, A Lionman Barbarian Zelaot, Blasty McBoomBoom, a Evocation Wizard, or Otto the Barbarian Battlerager. and there are a couple more in contention, but those are the three in the lead so to speak.


Jason’s Eberron game is tomorrow night. I am hoping my brother and mother don’t arrive during the middle of it. Before or after would be fine. But during it would be difficult for me. Mom said I can play “your game” while they are here and they will just read. Both mom and Jim are voracious readers so I don’t feel too bad about playing my game for 3 hours. Anyhow, Jason’s game has gotten real good and I don’t want to muck up the flow of the game. So mom, when you read this before 6pm or after 9pm arrival please. Thanks.


Well, I have come to the end of another blog entry. Again it was mostly about D&D, but that is because that is what I mostly do. Remember folks, I write this blog for me and share it with you, so it will contain what I have to say and nothing more (except a video). Speaking of video here is todays….

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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