It is Wednesday all day long

Good morning folks. It promises to be another hot and sunny day here in Adel. Not ridiculously hot like tomorrow is supposed to be, but hot enough in its own right. We are 4 days from the official start of summer and already getting summer temperatures. Since AML in 2015, I haven’t been able to control my internal body temperature, so when I get hot I get ridiculously hot and when I get cold, I get freezing cold. I think I prefer the ridiculously hot. But actually I don’t like either extreme.


It is Wednesday all day long. Wednesday is normally a pretty dead day for me. Been having a lot of those lately, need to find another game, a computer game to keep me occupied during my time off from Dungeons and Dragons. It seems to be the time of twitch games, I suck at twitch games. Give me another Elder Scrolls game, that would make me happy. Unfortunately, Bethesda doesn’t plan on releasing another Elder Scrolls for another year or so. However, they do plan to release some space game soon that I am gonna check out.


Tomorrow during the morning I go see Kristel, Dr. Wehbe’s nurse. I was told originally it was a Dr. Wehbe visit, but I saw him just a week or so ago and they like to switch off every time, so it is Kristel’s turn. Anyhow, I got labs and a Kristel visit starting at 9:20. I hope to be back asleep by 10:30. Since they reopened the close office, I can do that.


Tomorrow night is Session 2 of Chronicles of the Lost, my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I am 95% ready. The other 5% I finish up right before session. No, I do not have another Red Dragon Whelpling set for them. However, I do have a variety of stuff ready to go. It’s going to start with lots of Role Play. I kind of shorted them on RP last week, so this week I am gonna make up for that some. I’m not the best at RP, but what I lack in skill, I make up in enthusiasm. It’s gonna be fun.


Also I think its Thursday when my mom and brother are coming back to actually visit for a few days. They literally drove to Colorado just to find an apartment. Then they are driving back this way. I would’ve flown, it is too long of a drive imo. But to each their own. if they had flown they wouldn’t get to visit us. So I am happy they drove.


Friday we will not be playing Cori’s oneish shot. Friday we will not be playing anything on the Gang Gaming Server. No one, including myself, has anything prepared. Cori was working hard on her adventure but she just doesn’t have time to get it done. It happens. No shame on that. It’s a bummer though, I wanted to play on Friday. Heh.


Saturday is when mom and Jim are leaving, they have packing to do AGAIN. At lest they didnt completely unpack from the first move. So, they are staying for roughly 2 days her and then heading home. It’s all good. Even when they didn’t have to get home quickly they used to only stay for 3 days.


Beyond that Saturday is another one of my dead days. I will probably prepare next week Thursday’s game. I have started preparing earlier for my games. Gives me more time to think about just how things are gonna boil down. Saturday is a good day to prepare too, cuz if I don’t get done for some reason on Saturday I have Sunday during the day to finish.


Sunday night, hopefully, will be Jason’s Eberron campaign. That is if Jason is feeling up to it. We didn’t play last week, I really hope we get to play this week. Sunday night last week was so boring it almost was painful. I had forgotten how boring Sunday nights could be. Anyhow, hoping to play this Sunday, got a lot to do and a short time left. Then it’ll be on to Spelljammer on Sunday nights.


I don’t play any games on Monday either. Usually I use Monday day to decompress for Sunday nights game. And then spend the rest of the day preparing stuff for Tuesday and Thursday. Yup, I am running 2 campaigns again starting next Tuesday. And the Tuesday game requires a lot of brain work on my behalf. But its all in the name of fun.


Tuesday night is Session 1 of Feise San Eaglais, my new campaign. Yes, I killed Maloon like 2 weeks ago. And yes, I am jumping into this new campaign quickly. But I THINK I know what I am doing. The party sort of demanded I run something on Tuesday nights, so I am running something on Tuesday nights, its gonna be a blast. And I convinced Larry to join us. So we will have a player from the Atlantic time zone and the Pacific time zone, Way Cool Junior.


I will once again point out that without gaming my life would be exceptionally boring. With D&D my life is just boring. I’m happy though. And I am fairly healthy at this time. So, it’s all good, really it is. Would be better if I had something to fill the gaps between D&D games, but I’m not really a tv watcher anymore. I just want a game to play on my laptop. Oh well, I lived with this boredom for a long time, a few more months won’t kill me.


That is my upcoming week. I write the week summaries on Wednesday because its the calm before the storm so to speak. Anyhow, I am out of here for now. You all have the best day you possibly can.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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