what is better than storms and DnD?

Storms is the word today. Friday is supposed to have a lot of storming going on today, it started promptly at midnight last night, with a roll of thunder. The storms came with a “cold” front, the high today is only supposed to 78 which is a far cry from the 89 we had yesterday. I tell ya, its a nice change from hot, Hot, HOTTER we have been having even if we have to put up with some rain and thunder.


My mom and brother found an apartment in Longmont, Colorado. It took them a couple days, but they ended up in one about 10 minutes from Jim’s work. So that is cool. And they stayed in their wanted price range, which is also cool. They get the keys July 29th, which means in 10 days they will officially be living in Colorado. Weird how the world turns, I would have never placed either of them in Colorado. But hey, Colorado, you better be good to my family.


Speaking of my mom and brother, they are stopping here on their way back today. They should be in around 7pm. Again they are only staying the night because they have to be back in the Region by Sunday. It’s ok, I will get to spend a little time with them.


Tonight we play my Chronicles of the Lost Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We were supposed to play last night but one of our players had something family related come up and we had to reschedule. It’s all good, we have tonight to play, which is lucky cuz I don’t normally have Friday nights empty, but this one I do. Anyhow, tonight is going to start with quite a bit of roleplaying, something terrible has happened in the city and for one character their life is going to change. Then its back to lost orb hunting. They have 10 more to find. Which sounds like a lot but really isn’t, or maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot and is. Or a bit of both.

One of the players might have too much of a family life to continue to play with us. Do to familial obligations he has missed 2 out of 3 sessions, which is not how to impress new people you are playing with. I agree that family comes first. So I am not mad, I am befuddle as to what to do. I’m not ready to kick him from the game, I’m not ready to tell him to make a choice, I don’t want to even mention this to him yet (luckily he doesn’t read this blog), It’s just that it is bugging me. Maybe things will get better and I won’t have to worry about this.


I un-nerfed the Big Boss for my Tuesday night Feise San Eaglais Dungeons and Dragons campaign. If its a TPK blame Jason, he’s the one who convinced me they could do it. I am still doubtful. But hey, it’ll be fun and that is what is important. If all the characters die, we get a good laugh. It would be my second unintentional TPK of my DMing career. So, we will see on Tuesday if it ever gets here.


I got my first Gaming Loot Crate, it came in a Loot Crate Box and another Box. Basically it was a t-shirt and a handful of junk in the Loot Crate Box and in the other box was a Fallout 76 mascot boy cushion head. I love t-shirts, but the rest of everything is truly junk. And I do not think the contents reached the 60 bucks that they say is the minimal value per box. Oh well, I was unimpressed with Box 1, got 2 more boxes coming, we’ll see if either of those impress me. Doubtful at this point.


OK, I have said that staying home for Covid-19 didn’t bother me, well, now it is starting to get to me. I really want to go out and see people again. But being immuno-compromised it is still not an option. Blah, I didn’t think I needed interaction with people, but dang I was wrong. I actually miss people, people I know, strangers, just people. The Corona Virus had put a huge cramp in my social life. Some day there will be a vaccine and a month after that is out, I plan to go do something people related. Don’t know what yet, but something.


I’m hungry and I am tired. I think tired is going to win. Fatigue always wins. So with this video I bid you good day.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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