Feise San Eaglias starts tonight

Hey everybody it’s Tuesday June 23rd. Summer is here but the heat is not, so it’s another partly cloudy day with temperatures staying in the high 70s. In other words, it’s a beautiful day in Adel now that the rain has stopped. Since I try not to have to go outside, I can’t comment on the humidity though, but with temps so low humidity is probably not bad either. June as a whole hasn’t been bad heatwise, but July is about to be here and July is supposed to get HOT.


Yesterday I whined about boring Mondays and it turned into something non-boring. With Craig gone on Thursday night I decided to find a new player to fill his role. Rho (which is the name he choses to be called) survived my cuts and has joined us. I must’ve talked to 15 other people who I shot down for one reason or the other. Most popular reason they were under 18, and I won’t play with people under 18 for legal reasons. My games sometimes get more adult. So, I spent literal hours fielding requests to join my game. Turned my boring Monday into an interesting Monday.


Tonight is the first night of the Feise San Eaglias Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I do not know if my plan will work like it does in my head. It may suck totally, it may literally be not fun. This might just be me fretting about nothing though. It sounds fun in my head. The premise is the Mages guild needs stuff for various reasons and doesn’t have time to fetch them themselves. So the party is hired to go fetch these things. Pretty simple concept. Most of the stuff is simple, but then there are some items they will have to fight to get. So they should know roughly what they will be fighting at almost all the time, which takes some of the surprise out of it. But it also gives them more opportunity to plan and plot. So, I hope the trade off works. It will be interesting if nothing else.


Other than that, this morning will be breakfast and then a nap. When I wake I will start writing out my adventure for tonight’s game. Yes, I still write all my notes out by hand on paper. I’m so old school. LOL. Anyhow, considering the amount of stuff I have prepared in dndbeyond, it’s probably gonna take an hour or so to get that stuff transferred to paper. And I may spend some time making lists without the monsters in them, just to have them ready to just plug in the monsters when the party needs a new list. I have 2 lists completed now, so I figure that each list should take longer than 1 session, so I may have 3 sessions done. So it should be all good.


I’m thinking of firing up Skyrim: Special Edition again. Why? Cuz I am bored quite often and it’s a good diversion. I still haven’t gotten like 8 achievements including killing a level 80 Legendary Dragon. My high level is still 50something. Skyrim might be able to keep me entertained in between D&D stuff. If not Skyrim: Special Edition then Civ 4 Warlords, tried and true fall back. Anyhow, I got this great gaming laptop and I don’t use for much more than WordPress, Facebook, and Discord. Shame to waste it and I havent found any new game which fills the void.


I have chemo next week, I am hoping not to feel sick after said chemo which happens occasionally, usually on day 2 which is Tuesday which is a game night. Heh, I got Zofran and it should take care of me if I do get nauseous. I should be fine.


Yes, I am feeling pretty good so far this week. Last week was my bad week. Yeah, its weird that I am not feeling bad while I get the chemo really. But 2 weeks later my blood stats drop and I feel like crap for a week. Then my blood stats climb back up and everything is fine. Just strikes me as odd.


With that, I am out of here (well after I find a video). I hope you all are still staying safe and staying healthy. Corona virus is starting it’s second wave, so please follow all them guidelines social distancing, masks, and washing hands. I don’t want any of my friends getting sick. So let me go grab a video and I will shup about what you already know.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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