Maybe it’s not all about me

Well, Hello Monday morning. It’s not a normal Monday for me, I got chemo this afternoon. However, instead of the stormy weather we have been having, we have the HOT and MUGGY crap that I really hate. And of course, I made my appointments this week for some of the hotness and mugginess times of the day. No, I wasn’t thinking when I made these appointments.


Like I said, chemo is today, tomorrow and Wednesday. From 2pm to around 4pm, but I usually get there around 1:30pm and am out by 3:30ish. Yep, its 2 hours a day for 3 days every 4 weeks until the November 16, 17 and 18th, those will be my last for a while, I hope a long while. But I talked with both of my docs and they both said I can go back on the chemo literally the minute that my stats start to drop. So, it’s all good.


Tomorrow is Publisher’s Clearing House award day for 5000 dollars a week for life and if you die it goes to the life of you beneficiary. Not that I am gonna win, but I like to think I have as much of a chance as anyone. Would really like to win the million dollars plus the 5k a week. But hey, I’d be bouncing off the walls if I ever won anything from PCH. Been loyal for 16 years, you’d think they’d kick me a bone. Anyhow, I will whine more about this tomorrow.


One of Teresa’s co-workers is quitting or maybe has quit by now. Anyhow, Teresa got slammed with a bunch of his projects and then given unrealistic dates for when they are supposed to be completed. Since the guy leaving left no documentation or even rough notes, her boss recorded the meeting where he handed things over, she then put the recorded meeting on a drive that Teresa could not reach. DOH. And this huge project he barely touched is due in November. Even Teresa doubts she has the ability to get it done by then, even if she didn’t have her work and the majority of his other stuff to do..


I think I found a place for my local STILL NOT DEAD party. Harmony House on Riverside is a place I know. I have been there a couple times when it was the Park Place Catering Building. Anyhow, it is plenty big enough and has plenty of parking… probably too big for my little party but hey, rather too much room than too crowded. Plus most everyone coming from locally knows exactly where it is. If my math is correct it will cost me 750 dollars for the day/night. Which for around here isn’t a bad price.— As far as catering goes, I am leaning towards Machine Shed, not because I particularly want their food, but their prices seem to be the most reasonable. I was gonna do it at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, but they add 22% to every order, which made them price prohibited. I have not concreted my decision on the Machine Shed, but I do like Machine Shed’s food, and I have plenty of time to think on this.


Teresa has found a new musical to listen to. Don’t know the name of it, but the lead male’s voice drives me crazy. I know he is supposedly a teenager, but I have met a few teenagers in my time and their voices were not nearly so whinely irritating. My problem here is once Teresa finds a new musical to listen to she plays it again and again. So I have heard this guy’s voice 100 times already and will probably hear it 200 more times before she gets over it. Won’t say anything to Teresa though, she is enjoying it very much.


So last night we played in Jason’s Eberron D&D campaign. It started out pretty normal, then we came across the land covered in glass. We had no choice as to if we were gonna cross the glass but how we were gonna cross the glass. A fabricate spell and a phantom steed spell got us most of the way across. The fabricate spell made a sled and the phantom steed pulled it. When we tried it a second time the glass broke and 2 of us fell down holes where we ended up fighting a big ugly skull thing and a few phase spiders. Overall we kicked their butts, with Luna and Vakri taking the most damage. After we beat these monsters and licked out wounds, Vakri made us all able to fly and we flew out of the glass and then made our way to solid ground. We made a way to the city of Making (I didn’t name it) and we ran into a bunch of glass people. One of which grabbed Vakri’s arm, which surprised all of us. Vakri mentally connected to her and we found out a little about what happened and found out this glass girl was from Luna’s family. Then the glass girl offered to help us get into Merrix’s lab. Woot. That is where we ended for the night/week. We had fun and that is what is important.


It’s almost 7:30am. I think I am gonna go back to bed.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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