Summer in Iowa Hot and Muggy

Good morning folks, today is Tuesday, June 30th, 2020. OK, I have been checking every day for something I could really appreciate happened in history and went nah to all of them until today, in 1938 Superman made his debut on June 30th in Action Comics #1. Sure other stuff happened, but this one I can proudly stand behind.

However, today supposed to end up being just hot and muggy. That is the theme of the rest of the summer here, hot and muggy. The next break from just hot and muggy is storms predicted next week Tuesday and Wednesday (Subject to not happen). Other wise we get temps in the upper 80s with humidity ranging around 94% or worse. Yuck. I’m glad Teresa doesn’t let me leave the house except for medical things, it’s brutal out there, I will just hide in our Air Conditioned Home as much as possible.


I have definitely found a place to hold my local STILL NOT DEAD party on May 22, 2021. I got a email from the lady running the Harmony House on Riverside, and she has reserved that date for me. Now, if someone comes along with money wanting that date, the of course would get it instead of me. My money will be coming after the first of July. I am really gonna do this party. I want to throw this party, and if I only use my money, Teresa will not complain much. I will, of course, ask her if its ok before I spend any money. But I know she will say “It’s your money, if that is how you want to spend it. Do I have to go?” Really, that her having or not having to go will be her biggest concern. I would not force her to go, I would like her to go of course, but I understand she is a major league introvert, so I wouldn’t force her to go.

Food for said party is still up in the air. I have to talk to a few other caterers. However, I am seriously considering the Machine Shed, good food at a decent price. And as sad as this sounds, quality of food is secondary to price. Yup, I said price is going to determine who I choose to for food. But I really do like the Machine Shed’s food in general. You would think that caterers would be easy to find, but seriously it is not as easy as it should be. I would literally have the url for my catering company something like (not a real website) or (also not a real website). Something easily found by google. Cuz when I google, I get crap for caterers in the Des Moines area. I used to have a great caterer, but she retired and became a Party Boat Captain. Maybe there aren’t many independent caterers left. Oh well.


Chemo yesterday was ok. The nurse missed on my easy stick vein and had to poke me a second time. But beyond that and my email going nuts. It was fine.

Chemo today I am expecting more of the same. Except, hopefully, the nurse will get the IV in on the first try. And while I am at chemo, they are gonna attempt to fix my email problems, and boy do I have problems. Problems enough that I am considering changing my email address to something else and leaving Mediacom mail behind. I need, well need is a big word, want reliable email service and I am not getting that now. ~~ I went ahead and created a new email account I am going to start using that everywhere.


So, assuming I do not get feeling ill on day 2 of chemo, we will be playing Feise session 2 tonight. They did finish most of the killing part of the list, now they have the running around part of List 1 to finish, which might take the whole 3 hours to complete. But I do have List 2 ready just in case. I have list 3, 4 and 5 ready except monsters. I worked ahead on the weird stuff, plugging totally random monsters in is easy.


I absolutely hate allergy season. My poor nose is going nuts right now. It’s bad enough I am allergic to our dogs, but I allergic to everything blooming and smelling in the air. I am taking Allegra every night and I am still miserable. Got to ask Chris (the PA) if its cool to take 2 Allegra a day. I used to do that with Zyrtec when I lived in the desert. So maybe I can do it with Allegra now.


Speaking of living in the desert. Larry, a friend from my exile years, still lives there in Ridgecrest, California. They had a 5.8 earthquake several miles away. It shook a little. Larry posted they had an earthquake on the Discord channel and everyone was “are you ok” and I was like “It shakes all the time there.” Larry then went on to say he didn’t notice it because he was moving furniture at the time. LOL, that is earthquakes in Ridgecrest. Busy doing something and you don’t notice. But if it hits closer and registers around 6 you sure would notice it.


I have 38 days left to renew my driver’s license. I have decided I am not going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to do this. I am going to the HyVee (grocery store) down the road and use their DMV kiosk. It is supposed to be easy and quick and I won’t have to deal with a crabby DMV person. Win Win Win. I got my real ID when I got my current license so that in no problem. Just have to get up the energy and go. I will before 38 days is up.


Yesterday I did not nap in the morning, and dozed for about 15 minutes in the evening after dinner. I do not know what was up with that, I am a master of taking a nap. I occasionally have nap fails, but 3 in one day, unheard of. Hopefully it was just a weird day and I will get to nap after I finish this blog entry and eat something for breakfast, might skip breakfast though, I am awful tired.


Going to try to go back to sleep. A resleep nap cuz I havent been up for an hour yet. Let me go grab a video.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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