Yes, Life is good

It is Wednesday, July 1st, 2020. Yes, the year is half over. Thank the gods for the small things. This morning we are starting out with storms, Curtis (the weather guy) said there would be a storm in the early hours. I guess he got one right, bound to happen at some point. The high today is to be around 85 and humidity is supposed to be stupid. So another miserable day outside. And it supposed to get worse before it gets better.


Nothing going on today except for my last day of chemo. I got sick off of chemo and Taco Bell last night. Will not make that mistake again. Chemo makes me nauseous on it’s own sometimes, Taco Bell has a hit or miss history with me (read that me as almost everyone). Well, the combo of the two just beat me up and sent me to the bathroom in a rapid way. I took a Zofran which settled my stomach, but did nothing for me scurrying to the bathroom.


My getting sick last night caused the Feise San Aeglais game got called half way thru. They did get all of the rest of the list #1 items, including the white kitten and the hags claw. Note to self: Make the encounters tougher. The party just tore thru everything I have put them against. It’s my fault, I knew I was making them too weak when I put them on paper. I don’t know why I didn’t change them before I released the list. List #2 went out tonight and I meant to change werewolves off the list, but I totally forgot. I don’t want the party to have to commit murder. So, between now and next week I have to come up with something else. No problem.


I still haven’t received an invoice from the lady in charge of the Harmony House on Riverside. If I don’t have it by 5pm today, I will fire off another email to her. But I discovered something cool, being an Adel resident gives me 20% off the booking. So, my 1100 quote should be 880, much better. That is assuming she sends me an invoice so I can give her a deposit.


Tomorrow night I hope I will feel better, I really want to be able to actually play Chronicles. orb #5 is going to be the hardest one they have had to get so far. #5 will take more than 1 possibly more than 2 weeks for them to get. I put a lot of work into #5. Just say I am putting the dungeon back into Dungeons and Dragons.


Yesterday I finally got thru to Dr. Eastin’s office. My appointment did conflict with my next chemo days, so we moved it a week sooner. I had remembered the day correctly so its a good thing I called to reschedule. But Dr. Eastin’s office is still not open to patients, so I will be doing another video chat with him. I guess they worked things out with insurance.


OK, I forgot the rant about Publisher’s Clearing House yesterday on Prize Day, so I will do a mini-rant now. I have entered the big drawings ever day since 2004 (except when I was too sick from cancer or chemo). I have bought a lot of their over priced junk, to keep my Presidential Preferred Status. But with those things, I still haven’t won a penny from them. You’d think odds would be in my favor to win something, even 100 dollars would be sweet. But no, loyal Jeff get squat. But o evil PCH, yo have me and I will continue to enter every day in the off chance, that persistence pays off.


Mom and Jim are packing their stuff into a 26′ long UHaul truck today, with a small army of volunteers to help them out. Because tomorrow is moving day. Tomorrow the mini convoy will make the 14+ hour trip from Chesterton, Indiana to Longmont, Colorado. Long ride. But he has to get moved soon cuz he starts work on the 6th, running out of time. I sure hope he likes this new job and everything works out ok for him. And I hope they both like Colorado life, I’m sure its different that Region Life. He’s already been informed that he has a Chicago accent. lol Chicago doesn’t have an accent, we speak right, the rest of the world has accents.


Life is goodly right now. Especially since I was supposed to be dead 2 years ago and no doctor can tell me why I am still not only alive, but thriving. Yeah, I am on chemo for 5 more cycles, but what happens when I come of chemo. Do I live a normal life or do I get sick again and have to start chemo all over again, or both. I’m actually betting on both, that initially I will live a normal life but then things will fall apart and I will be back on chemo for the rest of my life (However long that may be). When I reach 3 years, I will be in the less that 2% survivability bracket according to Dr. Alkhateeb. We are already in uncharted territory, 3 years was just a pipe dream, but I am gonna make it. Heh. I am gonna stomp thru the 3 year barrier and start looking at 4 and 5. And I owe in all to love of a good woman, good thoughts and prayers, and a lucky doctor (that was gonna be modern medicine, but the chemo I am on was developed 50 years ago), and a whole lot of luck myself.


OK, I am done, I have babbled enough for this morning. Much love sent out to the people still reading my blog. I know I say I write it for me, but it is nice to know there are people who care enough to read my daily (almost daily) story.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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