Happy 10th Birthday Pucky

Well, once again, there will be lots of Fireworks for Pucky’s Birthday. It’s amazing how many people spend their money to light up the sky for our eldest dog’s birthday and this year is extra special because he turns 10 this year. Seriously though, Happy Independence Day, Happy 4th of July. Happy day of more people blowing off parts of their hands or causing blindness or some such than any other day of the year. So I want to start off my blog by hoping that my friends partake of safe and sane firework handling and no one I know gets hurt. And for my Canadian friends, Happy Saturday.


Although fireworks have been popping off semi-regularly for the last week or so. Tonight will be the night that Pucky and especially Mojo will go the most nuts cuz of the bangs and pops. Mojo really loves to bark along to the bangs and pops, and Pucky has taken to barking along to Mojo’s barking.


Up at 4am with a terrible back spasm. Luckily I have a bottle of Flexeril next to me bed. Give it about a half hour to work and I should be back to sleep. Fell back asleep around 4:30, back awake at 6:10 back screaming in pain. Don’t know what I did, but I did a good job at screwing up my back.


Teresa and I sat down together to watch Hamilton, I didn’t make it past the first song before I bailed. Not a huge fan of musicals in general. Don’t much care about a footnote in American History. And hate rap. Nothing for me to see there, so move along I did. I did accidently come back in too early and ended up watching the last 20 minutes. I won’t say I hated it, but I was glad when it was over.


So, instead I spent a couple hours in her Lady Lair. She volunteered to go, but since she had her popcorn and candy and drink all set up, it just made sense that she got to stay in the bedroom with the nicer TV. I am perfectly content here in her Lady Lair.


Last night I put a nail into the coffin for the local STILL NOT DEAD party. Yeah, there are people I know, but not a lot of localish people I would want to party with. So I am going to fire off an email tomorrow releasing my hold on May 22 at the Harmony House on Riverside. Glad I hadn’t paid them yet. I’m going to go back to the idea of inviting out my 20 or so friends to dinner someplace on the 22nd of May, 2021, Dutch Treat of course. Only cost us dinner for ourselves. Yeah, that just seems like the smarter plan.


The STILL NOT DEAD Party on August 7th, 2021 in Indiana is going to happen, I just don’t know where at this time. However, I haven’t really started looking yet as it is a long way away, a really long way away. Food is covered for this event though, Teresa has said she will make enough of her incredible lasagna to feed the masses. That means that wherever we go to have said party must have a cooking area close.


Last night we were supposed to start Cori’s one-shot on the Gang Gaming Server. However, with me being sickish still and Cori not being completely ready, it has been postponed one more week.


I don’t know what is wrong with me, but we are adding a second Allegra in the morning to hopefully cut off the allergy problems I am having. Hopefully it won’t make me even more sleepy during the day. It is possible, that all my symptoms are tied to allergies. And as soon as the Allegra I take at night wears off, I am doomed. So, there is a chance that I will be feeling better in a few days, if I am conscious long enough to enjoy it. I started the added Allegra this morning, I don’t feel any more tired than I do any morning. Let’s see how I am this evening.


Ok, HyVee put a switch on our frozen pizza and gave us Lotsa Mozzarella, instead of Screaming Pepperoni. We went into having the Lotsa Mozzarella Pepperoni pizza with an open mind and hungry guts. Have to say first and foremost, they do live up to the name Lotsa Mozzarella, it had a lot of cheese on it. The pepperoni was sort of bland, but the sauce was good. And most importantly the crust was really nice. Overall we gave it a not bad review, with special props for the crust. Teresa is hoping she can find Lots Mozzarella Ham and Pineapple, I told her that is doubtful. But it would be an excellent pizza for sure.


I thought I have been drinking enough water, I’ve been working really hard at drinking water enough. But apparently I am not drinking enough water cuz my creatinine level was considerably high on my last test. Which elevates my liver tests, which are what gave Dr. Alkhateeb the idea that my liver might have GvHD too. No, I don’t have GvHD of the liver, I have really hard time drinking enough water and I am not sure what to do about it. I really thought I was doing good, but apparently I wasn’t.


I tried several times to play Civ4 Warlords yesterday and last night and just wasn’t able to get into it. I also loaded Skyrim: Special Edition a few times last night, but couldn’t bring myself to hit the play button. I am so burned out on those 2 games specifically. They have been with me for years, but it is time to find something else. Problem is nothing else available looks remotely like something I would enjoy playing. I spent 2 hour going thru Steam’s summer sale and found zero of interest. Still waiting for a release date of Bethesda’s space rpg, that is the one I am hoping to see sooner and opposed to later.


Well, I have babbled long enough on this Holiday. I will go find some unrelated video to share with ya.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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