Minor surgery next month

It is Tuesday, January 13, 2020. It’s supposed to thunderstorm this evening, but as of this morning, it looks like a nice day. It’s going to be a little cooler than yesterday by a few degrees. Might be a good day to go get my driver’s license renewed, before the storms appear, but who am I kidding I will probably push it off another week or so.


I got 7 our of 8 games I wanted at Gen Con Online. Then I went and found one more to fill the spot of the game I didn’t get in. So I am at 8 games in 4 days, right where I wanted to be. 3 of the games are being run by the same person, I really do hope I like her, I am assuming she is a her because her name is Cat. It looks like 2 games on Discord and 6 games on Zoom. Still need to learn how to connect to a Zoom meeting, I know it can’t be rocket science, just need to play around a bit on it and figure it out.


I also got word back from Dr. Alkhateeb’s team, they are hooking me up with a foot surgeon the week after my birthday. Hopefully it won’t require a multiple visit and I can have the surgery right away, but it’s Mayo and they LOVE to run tests. I know they have to do X-rays or maybe they will send me orders and have me get the X-rays done here and shipped to them. Anyhow, hopefully I will get rid of this plantar fasciitis soon on the greater scale of things. Now I am just waiting for a scheduler to call. They are thinking the week after my birthday which is going to be the week that my blood stats are down. Oh well.


Today during the day, I have to work on the plot twist I have for Feise San Eaglais that I was supposed to do yesterday, that I didn’t because I napped twice during the early hours, and then there was dinner and spending time with Teresa. The plot change happens next week, if Jason is feeling up to playing next week. I know he won’t be up for talking much, but having the type of surgery he is having this Thursday, he might not be able to play on Tuesday, seriously, I wouldn’t.

But tonight we play Feise San Eaglais (yeah, I have been spelling it wrong the last several days). The start of list #2, well the revised list #2. Had to revise it for 2 reasons, 1 I had werewolf skins on it, werewolves turn human when they die and 2 it was too easy. Now its a little harder, and the wolves have been replaced by Hill Giants. So, its all good. List 3 is virtually done if the fighting on list 2 doesn’t keep them out of the city long enough. I will finish list 3 today, just in case.


Tomorrow is boring Wednesday. Cori says she might run the Icewind Dale once it comes out and that will make Wednesday not boring anymore. She reads this blog and sees me comment about her campaign often, I hope she knows I am just teasing her and I know she will be ready when she is ready and I am not trying to pressure her in the slightest bit.


Thursday day is boring too. I’d use it to get ready for Chronicles of the Lost, but I was ready last week when Rhogar bailed a the last minute. So a quick review of my notes and another look at my map and I should be good to go. But that’ll take 5 minutes or so. lol. The rest of the day is for nothing… I really need a hobby. I do have labs and an appointment with Kristel in the afternoon. But waiting in the lobby is boring too.


Thursday night is Chronicles of the Lost. The end of the Boss battle and retrieval of orb #5. And the start of the hunt for orb #6, which will lead them into their first dungeon. A short dungeon actually, only 13 rooms I believe. I could look real quick, but I feeling lazy. Anyhow, the dungeon is to introduce Kayla to the Dungeon in Dungeons and Dragons. All the rest of the players, I am sure have done dungeons before. This is also a test to see how Filett plays with the group. I think he’ll fit in well.


Then Friday night is night 2 of Cori’s Oneish shot. Hopefully she did make a few changes to the difficulty. And Derek’s character is now a paladin, so that’s a good thing too. Not saying there was anything wrong, just saying that it needed some tweaking. And we all needed better rolls. Hopefully there won’t be technical difficulties again and we’ll be able to start on time this week.


That takes us to the weekend, which is going to be exceptionally boring since we don’t have a game on Sunday. So Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will all be BORING. I really do need a hobby. Bethesda’s expected launch date of Starfield is sometime in 2021. Bleh. No other game has caught my eye. I am not a twitch gamer due to tendonitis in both hands. So that rules out a lot of games. The same problem with my hands keeps me from painting miniatures (which I would love to be able to do). I just don’t know what else I can do to occupy my time, basically when I am not doing something D&D related (or other rpg) I am bored. That is my problem. Not cancer, Not bipolar, Not plantar fasciitis, Not bad knees, etc… That all I can deal with, It’s boredom that is getting to me. I might try reading again, but I read real slow and I like books over kindle. But maybe, just maybe I can get back into reading again. I might just give it a try.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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