this is really the July 14th blog

OK, today is Tuesday, July, 14th, 2020. You all found out that occasionally I write my daily blog the night before (thus the extra blog entry yesterday). I did not mean to post it yesterday, I meant to save it, but by force of habit I posted in, then I decided to go ahead and share it cuz it contained some info in it, that I might just forget to post again. So, to be totally transparent here, I did write a second blog entry yesterday (screwed up the date) and posted it without thinking.

The weather outside is beautiful 87 degrees and the sun is just shining away. Another beautiful day here in Central Iowa. The next few days are supposed to be cooler yet, but also stormy. Of course I have to go out on Thursday, but hey it’s all good.


I did not sleep last night, well, I might have gotten about 2 hours total the whole night, I have no clue what is up with that. I was tired. But I couldn’t fall asleep. So, I didn’t get any real sleep till 8am when I slept till 10:30 and then 11am to 12:50. Might go for one more nap before I am done. I haven’t done a non-intentional all nighter in a long time. But I stayed in bed hoping to fall asleep as I watched time go by on the clock.


I did start reading again last night. Don’t know if its in any way related to my not sleeping. But I don’t think I was thinking about what I am reading, so I think its coincidence. The book I started with is Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. I am now on chapter 6 and I am enjoying it considerably. Amazon has it for free for the Kindle, so I am reading that version. I have a used paperback version on the way too. I still prefer to read from a real BOOK then on the Kindle. Anyhow, Dave B, made the recommendation of this book, and I hope it spawns more reading on my part. I don’t know if this will work, but I am enjoying this book so far.


I just found out that the Imaging and Consultation appointments for my plantar’s fasciitis happen September 23rd. So, the surgery itself will happen some time after that date. I guess I can live with the pain for another 2 months+. That date is not concrete yet though, they have no emailed me to tell me I have appointments. Until I get an email to that effect, things can change. By September 23rd I will be deep in depression or taking something for it. Let’s hop Dr. Eastin really can stop the SAD and I can go up there without feeling like I want to die.

September 23rd is a Wednesday, which means it won’t interfere with pre-scheduled gaming. Which is cool. I forgot to look at times, hang on. Time wise, first appointment isn’t till 10:50am. That means we leave the house around 6:30am. Much better than 4am departures that we have had to do for the BMT people. But I am bummed that they want to do a consultation X days before the actual surgery. I just want to be able to walk barefoot again without multiple body parts hurting, specifically my right heel. Heh, I will get to wear Converse All Stars again, have to order me a pair for when my foot gets fixed.


Oh no, I just checked my chemo schedule, the 23rd of September is a chemo day. Chemo>foot doc. Already have to reschedule and I haven’t got the schedule officially yet. But this will cause a problem. Well, I will just have to contact the scheduler once I get official notice of the appointment and get the appointment moved a day. Hopefully they will be accommodating and moving the date will not be a problem.


I’m not going to repeat all the gaming info I posted in my second post yesterday. If you think you missed something important, read my other post.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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