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It is Friday, July 17, 2020 and its HOT and MUGGY outside. Now we have the typical July day in Central Iowa. We got 2 days of this and then the temps are back down in the 80s. Heh, weird summer.


I wasn’t going to write a blog today, but I came up with stuff to say, so here goes.


Lootcrate Gaming is stupid. They send stupid stuff that is probably worth 60 bucks but I have no use for anything but the t-shirts (always appreciate nice t-shirts). The Welcome Crate was better then either of the Gaming Crates I got. I did geek out to the Japanese Pac-man t-shirt. But everything else I have gotten from them has been weird geeky. So I cancelled my subscription. I should have listened to Shannon. Anyhow, I got 1 more month to go, we will see if August’s gaming loot is any better.


Teresa did not order me book 2 or book 3 in the Monster Hunter International series from Amazon. And I didn’t order book 3 from Amazon. But somehow book 3 got on my kindle, and I got emailed a receipt for book 3 from Amazon. I ordered and then got refunded for book 2 and 3, because Teresa got all of the MHI books from somewhere else cheaper than Amazon.


I got my new red Converse All Stars as an early birthday present for me. They are actually a really early present for me for getting my plantar’s fasciitis fixed, hopefully in September. I used to love to wear All Stars, spent most of my high school life in All Stars. I got 20% off of them as a new customer at, so I didn’t overpay for them. They are very red, and I plan to wear them till they fall off my feet. My brother has black ones that are real cool too.


I am trying to read the new Dresden book, but I am on chapter 8 and I am not liking it so far. That makes me sad. I want to enjoy this book like I have enjoyed every other Dresden book. I’m going to keep slogging thru the pages and hope that once some action starts it gets better. I have faith in Jim Butcher.


Teresa is listening to Monster Hunter International book 1. She is about 1/2 way thru. She says she is enjoying it. I hope she does enjoy it so we can talk about it some. I really don’t like audiobooks. I would prefer to read the book. But she does both. Audiobooks when she is working or when we are going to Mayo. And then she reads on her kindle every day. She read 300 books last year, that is insane. We probably listened to like 20 together, and she probably listened to 50 more.


My knees are totally messed up. Lots and lots of pain. I misplaced one of my knee braces, well actually I misplaced them both but Teresa found one of them. So my right knee gets braced, while my left knee just hurts. The brace helps a little but I really need a Cortisone shot in both knees. I wonder, since I am in remission, if I can do a couple steroid shots? I might just be messaging Dr. Alkhateeb when I get done here to find out if I can do steroids. I would like my right knee feeling good when I get my heel fixed, so I am not limping anyway.


I ordered a new Kindle Paperwhite, it will be here Sunday. It will be nice when I wake up before Teresa, I will be able to read without using my little led spotlight. It works, but its barbaric to use. Very annoying. So anyhow, the Paperwhite has twice as much memory as the kindle I am using now. So I can hold a lot of books. That makes me happy. Teresa won’t let me buy book books anymore, she says I have to get them on the kindle. OK, I will be happy now.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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