Going to the ER if fever spikes tonight

Welcome to August 7th, 2020. The weather guy says feels like is 91 with 70% humidity. Teresa said it’s not that bad. I say I don’t want to go outside, so it doesn’t really matter. It is yucky compared to the last several days and nothing anyone says will make me believe otherwise.


I fully expected to receive my stuff from AARP yesterday or today and it still hasn’t arrived. Mom signed me up last Monday I believe, so maybe it will be here on Monday. I am just curious as to what propaganda they send with their welcome kit. Mom said that they are also sending a trunk cooler for when you buy frozen stuff at the Grocery Store. So at least something useful will come out of AARP.


I should have went to the ER last night, but I didn’t want to end up being admitted to the hospital on my birthday. So, tonight we are going to watch my temperature climb and see where it ends up. We have been killing it with Tylenol at 101.3, but now every doc has said to stop using Tylenol and let the fever climb till it stops on it’s own, with orders to head to the ER if it breaks 101.5. Which I am sure will happen tonight. So tonight, around 10pm we will be heading to the ER in all likelihood.


I feel achy all day long but don’t run a fever. Then, come evening the fever sets in and keeps climbing and climbing. It sucks, I feel bad all day, the feel out of it all evening. Even with taking the Tylenol, I still was out of it for hours every night for most of the last 12 or so. I had 2 good days in the middle of this mess. Those were the days I posted how great I felt and what a good mood I was in. I’m still in a decent mood, I just feel like crap.


A year from today will be my first STILL NOT DEAD YET party. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but Covid-19 happened and my doc said no more than 10 people gathered in one place and all of them better be wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Not good for a party. So, I got to live at least 1 more year to host my STILL NOT DEAD YET party next year.


Oh, the steak dinner last night was good (my baked potato got over cooked on the way home). The steak was cooked perfectly, the bread was nicely made, the French dressing was wonderful on the salad. It was a wonderful birthday meal. And it would make for a wonderful regular meal as soon as Teresa wants to haul all the way out there again.


Did some more research on my knee problems. Calcium build ups are common and there isn’t jack they can do about it. The shots work temporarily (like 2 months tops), your best bet is to just live with the pain. Yay rah. Pain I can’t do anything about for the rest of my life.


At least on September 8th, I will be going to see an orthopedic surgeon at Mayo about getting my Plantar Fasciitis taken care of. That WILL be one less pain I have to worry about for the rest of my life. Still will walk funny cuz of my knees, but it won’t hurt my heel anymore.


If I end up in the hospital, I won’t be playing in Jason’s Eberron Dungeons and Dragons game. Also, if I am running a serious fever I won’t be playing this Sunday. I want to play, I want to finish this campaign, but if I am still this sick, I just won’t be up for it. I hope everyone understands.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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