The day after the Derecho

Welcome to Tuesday August 11, 2020, also being referred to clean up from the Derecho yesterday. A. At least its not hot and B. It’s not raining either. So all the cities and municipalities have their troopers out clearing tree debris off of the roads and making the Des Moines area passable again. There are still some 100,000 people in the greater Des Moines area without power as of the noon news.


We didn’t realize how dangerous the Derecho was until after it was over and the news was reporting on it. 2x4s through walls. 100+Year old trees just blown down. Luckily not many injuries or deaths have been reported. But the damage is going to be remarkable. Houses were crushed, roof ripped right off, cars munched by falling tree limbs. We didn’t realize that it was gusting over 100mph, we didn’t think to go to cover, we each stood in the window watching the rain blow sideways and didn’t think. Oh well, we are safe and our dogs are safe, and it appears that everyone I care about is safe as well. Could have been a lot worse.


Like I said yesterday, I tried to sleep through most it. And I think I did. I remember the start of the rain, thinking it was going to be a big storm, and then waking up an hour later when the power went out, thinking this was a big storm. Afterward, I record this as the 3rd scariest storm I have lived thru. Yeah, pretty sure its #3.


Currently, I am freezing. I know it’s 74degrees in this house, but I am freezing. I went at borrowed Teresa’s shawl thingy to warm my upper half while I type this blog. It is working on everything except my fingers. They are practically numb, but at least I do not have the shivers anymore. Which reminds me, I need to check my temperature, cuz I was shivering. I’ll go do that when I am done writing this.


Teresa pointed out that I am very pale today. Like white. My next blood test isn’t until the 20th. I hope I have some color by then. Heh, I hope I don’t end up in the ER getting blood before then. That would suck beyond recognition. But Dr. Wehbe said, when the chemo stops working, things will move fast. I’m not saying the chemo stopped working either. Just that is a possibility, the other realistic possibility is I was sick so long that it just takes time for my system to recover from whatever I had.


Before I have labs and see Dr. Wehbe, I have a video appointment with Dr. Eastin on the 18th. It seems there was some confusion. I thought he wrote me 2 weeks of Lexapro for the slight depression I was in. I took it for 2 weeks, felt better in 1 week got sick as a dog for a while, but my mood never got bad. Refill time came up at the pharmacy and lo-and-behold they had a month, with 3 refills waiting for me. Hmmmmm, I don’t need it right now, but having them available is a good thing cuz August is flying by and nasty September is soon to follow. SAD hits like a ton of bricks. It doesn’t ease in with a gee, I am feeling down. It SLAM I am down. Lexapro works fairly quick for me, so I assume he meant for me to stay on it, but we don’t assume anything. So, I will talk to him on the 18th.


I have labs at 8:40am on August 20th, and see Dr. Wehbe shortly thereafter, Teresa and I have some questions for him. Especially if my labs haven’t improved. And even more so if they are worse. I am not ready to die, heh. Not going to die, may end up getting blood though. Which is a bad thing in this case. It would mean my chemo has stopped working. I don’t want for my chemo to have stopped working. I like this chemo. The only side effect it has had is making me fatigued. I am the king of fatigue. Napping is my favorite pastime. Anyhow, we find out everything on the 20th. And if its bad news, its off to Mayo sooner as opposed to later to get something new going, Like I said, I am not ready to die yet.


After the Wehbe appointment I have a dentist appointment. Dr. Matta’s office is all of about 3-5 minutes away, depending on if I hit the light. I have an hour to get 20 minutes, so we should be all good. I was gonna try to move this appointment but Teresa wouldn’t let me. So, I will go and sit in my car until they call me in for my appointment. That is how they are handling Covid and a really small office.


I hope to be running my D&D games on the 18th and the 20th. It has been long enough. Time to monkey wrench Feise and Dungeon Crawl with Chronicles. Seriously, I want to get back to these games, but this week fatigue from Chemo and fatigue from just getting over being sick. I have been napping at 6pm. So, hopefully next week we’ll be good.


My knees are killing me, and there is minimal humidity. So much for that theory. I still don’t want the shots. I will just baby my knees for a bit and hope they feel better soon.


I guess I have written enough for today. Don’t want to bore anyone to death.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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