Dodged Big Bullet

Another Hot and Muggy day, makes me glad I got my running done early today. The high for August 25th, 2020 will be 15 or more degrees higher than the average temp. It got ridiculous today.


I finally met Megan the PA after years and years of going to Adel MercyOne. She was befuddled by my case, but super nice. Dumping a cancer patient on a PA is a scary thing for the PA. But all I really wanted was a CBC and a refill on my pain meds, both of which I got with no problems, she through in a check of my thyroid and off I went. My hemoglobin was exactly where it was supposed to be, my white blood count was down to 3.0 which is somewhat concerning, and my platelets jumped up to 107. Go Figure.


White waiting to be called back to the back at Adel MercyOne, Teresa forwarded me an email from Dr. Wehbe in regards to my bone marrow biopsy. I am not on the short route to dying. It is not Chemo Resistant AML (to everyone’s surprise). It is believed that my graft failed. Which I believe means I need a new transplant, no sweat. Just another roll on the GvHD wheel of bad reactions. But let me tell you, this is so much better than the short course to death. I am very happy about this news.


Teresa sent another 2 pager message to Mayo today. Basically asking what is up? And did you know that Jeff goes mental when people are supposed to call when they say they are going to call. Grrr. We got a call last Friday promising Dr. Alkhateeb calls to us and Dr. Wehbe on Monday. Neither happened. I was a little pissed. So Teresa let me know that not knowing what is going on makes my mental state go wonky. So, while Teresa was writing page 2, a nurse from Mayo called with information of sorts. Mostly stuff we figured out. Dr. Alkhateeb was waiting for the results of the bone marrow biopsy, as were we all. A simple call to tell me that on Monday would have made me happy. Anyhow, Dr. Alkhateeb is going to try to video call in during my appointment on Thursday with Dr. Wehbe. So both of my doctor’s can be on the same page. That will be nice. Supposedly Dr. Alkhateeb called Dr. Wehbe today to set that up. Way cool.


So, anyhow, I have do details about anything yet. Should have some on Thursday maybe. I know that Dr. Alkhateeb wants us to make a trip up to Mayo to talk. ARGH. We’ll do it if we have to, but we aren’t going to enjoy it. 8+ hours in the car to have a conversation we could have on the phone or by video conference. We are going to try to get out of making said unnecessary trip, I get checked out by Dr. Wehbe or his nurse once a month, it should be all good enough.


But again for those of you who may of got confused up above. I am not dying yet. Just gonna probably disappear for a few months again and come back with a new set of bone marrow. Yeah, it’s good news.


Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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