December 1st good and bad

Welcome to the December 1st blog entry by yours truly, Hectic. Today was both cold and nice, as well as painful (I will explain later). Ya know something 42 degrees without wind isn’t that cold, but my morning started out at 18 degrees, 18 is cold when your unable to control you own body temp. OH well, it was a busyish day for Teresa and I.

The day started at 7:00am, to get a shower and get to the infusion lab at the hospital by 8. With having to check in for the new month it took me till exactly 8am but that is what my phone said when I was sat in the chair. 1 bag of blood was on the order for today, after getting platelets and 1 bag of blood yesterday. There was some confusion from the carry over orders going to a new month. So it took a little longer than expected to actually get the blood. But I got it, and 3 hours later we were out the door.

I was confused about what day it is all day today. I thought for sure it was Wednesday. Anyhow, I got to go spit in a cut to be tested for covid again. 8 more moths of covid screening and I will be done with the potamidine process that I am getting tested for.

We then had Jersey Mike’s subs (specifically their philly cheese steaks) for lunch. Yes, if you ever come visit and are looking for a good (not great, but really good) philly steak, would be happy to take ya. there. It was a good filliing lunch.

After lunch we had an appointment with the people selling the electric wheelchair and the Physical Therapist company who had to check me over, making sure I wasn’t running a scam to get an expensive wheelchair. Anyhow, I took his demo model of the wheelchair for a quick spin… Hectic like. Then he left and Haley the PT person took over, she asked some questions and then had me do some measuring exercises which hurt like mad. 4 pain pill 4 tylenol day. But anyhow, she said that she approves, and will get the paperwork to the first guy asap. S0, there is an outside changed of having my chair before the end of the year. Insurance reasons. It’s gonna be red and it looks sharp. I forget the full model name but it was something spider. Way way cool Junior.

Then we came home and I failed napping 101 even though I was dead tired. The pain had set in, and I was/am pretty miserable. But I guess its for a good cause. Me.

So, no nap meant playing Skyrim: Special Edition for several hours. But the character I am enjoying the most just hit a bug and is stuck. So, I may have to remake her tomorrow, which indently a day off for me. And avoid the glitch. Yeah, she is only level 6, no biggie to redo.

In other significant NEWS….. Somehow I rated a home health nurse. So, we will meet Shannon on Friday. Heh. Never thought I would have a nurse come to me. Alrighty, it seems a little weird, so it must be all good.

The electric wheelchair guy said that the electric wheelchair is mainly for home use. Especially since we do not have a ramp. Once my chair gets to the house, that’s it. So he suggested a transport non-electric chair. I am just going to order a normal wheelchair from Amazon. It turns out I still have decent arm strength and I hope to not lose that too. So, we will have me buzzing around the house with the electric, and Teresa will be pushing me along OR I will be self propelling on the standard. It’s just that I can’t stand or walk very well. And these devices are to keep me from falling.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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