A brief glance back and a brief glamce forward

Today was January 7th, 2021. I have no clue about the weather except it was some degree of cold and I chose not to hobble out into the cold.. Anyhow things have been happening and I haven’t blogged about them…. I am such a slacker.

OK, gonna do this somewhat backwards chronologically starting with today and then things getting confuse in my head and just spilling out in any order.

This afternoon, we met with an admission person (forgot her name, sorry) from the weirdest hospice place. To paraphrase her, “we just try to make your end of life and comfortable as possible.” Including but not limiting to, infusions, meds. massage, and a lot of other stuff. All at a reasonable price. 5 days of CNA and 2 days of home nurse. Yeah, a guy could get used to this life, too bad you have to be dying to get said life.

This morning we had a home nurse visit. Might very well be the last nurse visit by Shanon if the home health agency gets the show on the road and get us signed up and assigned a permanent home nurse. We really like Shanon, so she is gonna be a hard act for any home nurse to follow.

We were supposed to meet with three people from the hospice on Tuesday but ended up having to cancel due to having to get platelets. Blood was the Friday before that (I think).

Speaking of hemoglobin (blood), I am currently at 7.4, we are taking a chance not getting a blood infusion tomorrow and waiting till Monday. Brave or stupid, you make the call.

Yesterday I watched more political crap and right wing violence to last somewhat of a lifetime. All Trump had to do was show up where the violence was happening and tell his supporters to pack up and go home. That would have been the manly thing to do and would have stopped a lot of damage and a lot of loss of America n Pride.

At least Trump had promised a peaceful transfer of power. I will truly believe it when I see it.

Teresa bought Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Between World of Warcraft and Jedi she has kept her free time full. She had promised to teach me the Witcher III game, but I guess I fall behind priority in certain areas.

Mom is coming to visit again, this time she is staying for 2 weeks. She will be here from January 16 to January 30th. She has never before stayed anywhere near that long. (longest before was 4 days I think)

Oh, I am still playing Skyrim: Special Edition and a little Civ IV Warlords (very little).I still like Skyrim even though it gets monotonous, Skyrim will probably be my go to game until I die.

So, life has been wheelchairs, walkers, and joint braces. Very slow movement. But hey, I have fell once. Started with my knees, moved to my ankles and has just recently moved to my hips. I can actually feel the hardening occurring (that’s probably in my head).

And finally I have to include a special thank you to Cathy and Chuck Klasek for the ingredients for the Macho Combo Burrito from Del Tac0. We made 5 tacos out of what you sent. It not only finished off my bucket list, it brought back some serious memories from when Teresa and I got together.

Author: Jeff Campbell

I am 50 year old guy, who beat blood cancer but is getting his butt kicked by bone marrow cancer. At this point it appears I am dying. Married and in love with the most wonderful woman in the world (27 years). She has stood by me thru a lot of crap and I love her so.

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