Welcome to Fall 2017.

Welcome Fall, let’s not make my mood crash and avoid the Seasonal Affective Disorder crap I go thru every year.  It’s September 22, the first day of Fall and it was 92 degrees outside today.  They say that the seasons come when they want to here in Iowa, I tend to believe that whole heartedly.  It is supposed to cool down on Monday or Tuesday along with a storm or two.  Just a few anomalous days of ridiculous heat and humidity to make us appreciate the cooler days when they come.

Mom made it home safely, about 12 hours after she left our house.   She got to the airport too early, had a 2 1/2 hour wait there, boarded the plane, plane had a problem, so they deboarded the plane.  She waited another 2 hours or for them to fix the problem.  She finally got to Chicago only to miss the bus home by less than a minute.  Had to wait another hour for the next bus home.  Then on the way home, she and my brother stopped for dinner.  Anyhow, she finally got home around 10pm after leaving our home around 10am.  LONG day for her.

I am back to missing my mom terribly.  She means so much to me.   I am so lucky to have her as my mother.   I will see her again around Thanksgiving, not too far away.  And she has plans to come visit again in February.  So it’s all good.  I talk to her on the phone a lot, 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes every day, some days several times those days.  Wish she hung out on Facebook, then I could just chat with her, but she plays on POGO and that is about all she does on the computer.

Another Thursday passed and another missed leukemia chat.  DOH.  Got to catching up with the Orville, only to realize that I missed chat.  I had EVERY INTENTION of logging in, but dammit, I forgot until 2 minutes after it was over.  Here’s to hoping that  next week I will remember to log in.

I came off my blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was 76/44 at the last cancer doc appointment.  I feel a lot more energized now.  I probably should check my blood pressure and see where it is now, but heh, laziness prevails, I’ll just assume it’s normal and go about my day.

I called to get an appointment with my Shrink, running out of meds, not a good thing.  I see him on Friday, October 13th.  I still haven’t made contact with my Therapist though, supposedly I can’t see my Shrink without seeing my Therapist first.  But I have been going to the same place so long, they let me bend the rules a bit.  I guess on Monday I will message her and see when she can see me, I am sure it will be before the 13th.

I blew off physical therapy yesterday.  I just didn’t feel up to it moodwise.  I am still going thru some depression because of the pain, but it is getting better.  I can feel the changes happening.  So maybe physical therapy is working.  I am sitting up now writing this and not feeling any pain where he is treating,  pain in the neck and shoulders yes, but the mid and lower back feel good.  This is gonna be a LONG road to travel.

My wife works too much.  She is too dedicated to her job.  Yup, they don’t pay her enough for the crap she does for them.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her job and doesn’t mind putting in the long hours.  I am the one with the problem.  I see her put in a 9 hour day (eating lunch at her desk working, not taking any breaks) and then doing a maintenance that night from 10pm to 2 or 3am, the getting up and doing it again the next day.  Come the weekend, she is exhausted.  The problem is that she is the only one who can do certain parts of what needs to be done, there is no one else to do these things.  Talk about job security, be the only one who knows how to fix 2 of the major systems that the company runs on.  It behooves them to treat her well, headhunters court her daily.  Facebook has made her an offer at 10% above her current salary.  She doesn’t want to leave where she is.  She loves what she does and doesn’t want to start over somewhere else.  I can see that.  I just wish the job was 8 to 5 and that was it.  Oh well, I can wish, but unless she changes her mind about switching employers, she is there for the long haul.  She’ll probably retire from there in 20+ years.

Next week I am gonna start the process to get rid of the white car.  It is long since DEAD.  Just been occupying space in our garage for a couple years.  Not drivable, not even currently tagged.  Stuff is piled on top of it.  Anyhow, we can not find the title for it anywhere.  So I have to go down to the DMV and pay 65 bucks for a title trace, which take a couple weeks.  Once we get clean title, I get to contact the Teen Services place, who pays Cash for Cars running or not.   Well, this one is definitely NOT.  I hope they bring a tow truck.  Need to get this done before winter hits cuz I don’t want to have our neighbor have to snow blow around Teresa’s car again.  Yes, we live in a townhome and share a driveway.  Our neighbor, very nicely, blows the snow off the whole driveway and doesn’t charge us anything for it.    He’s a real nice guy.


That’s a picture of the Adel (Dallas County) Courthouse.  It was built in 1848 and still in use today.  The light post out in front of the courthouse is also a Pokegym, so it is often busy around there.

It’s Thursday, right?

Well, mom just left to go to the airport to head home.  I am already missing her.  The visit was really nice.  I love my mom.  She is the greatest.  I do wish that she and my brother lived closer than 6+ hour drive away.  Yeah, I know its an hour flight, but that costs a bunch and money is well, money is what it is.  Anyhow, I know my mom doesn’t read my blog, but just in case she decides to….  Thanks for the visit, MOM.  We love you.

Got the results of my cat scan.  I have 3 gall stones of various sizes, which are doing much of nothing.  So, since they aren’t causing any problems, don’t worry about them until/unless they do.  OK.  I have 1 kidney stone, a little tiny 1mm (yes, 1 millimeter) kidney stone, which should eventually pass on its own.  Chris, my PA, offered to set up a kidney specialist appointment for me to see if they would recommend anything, I said nah, so I get pain every now and then, no biggie.  Certainly isn’t worth a copay to find out there is nothing to be done.

Wife’s car is in the shop, she is gonna take mine to go to work (if she goes in today, so far she has been working from home), which leaves me car-less.  Wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but today I have Physical Therapy at 3.  I should call and cancel.  But there is a small chance that her car will be fixed before then.   All that is wrong with it is the passenger side rear tire has a slow leak.  Not rocket science.

I’ve been having nightmares lately, I rarely have nightmares.  Not scary ones, but highly disturbing ones.  I think the pain is causing them… or maybe the flexeril I am taking to keep the muscles from freaking out.   Anyhow, disturbing is the correct word, I wake up thinking the most obscure thoughts and have trouble falling back asleep.  I will be happy when my back is “fixed” and I don’t have to take meds or deal with pain anymore.  Ha Ha Ha, a boy can dream, right?

I still haven’t been able to win a game of Mutant Football League (except the first when the other team had to forfeit for too many dead players).  I have scored in every game, but my defense sucks and whichever team I am playing against scores many more points.  It’s not getting frustrating yet, I am learning, I am getting better.

I am already back to CIV 4 Warlords.  Yeah, I didn’t get burned out for very long.  Still trying to beat the game in conquest mode.  I can get to 8 or 9 enemies defeated, but the last 1 or 2 are just annoyingly impossible.  UGH.  I don’t want to resort to NUKES, but that might be the only way.

I tried to play Skyrim some last night, but still suffering from Skyrim burnout.  So, I won’t be playing that for a while.  It’s ok, I will get back into it sooner or later.  I have no worries about that.  In the mean time I have MFL and Civ4 Warlords to keep me busy.

It wouldn’t be a Hectic.blog post if I didn’t mention my back.  I have found the times to take my flexeril which keep my back from hurting the most.  Yeah, the morning one knocks me back out for an hour or two, but for no pain its very worth it.  And the evening one just helps me fall asleep and lets me sleep thru the night.  I haven’t touched a pain pill in several days.  Woo Hoo.

I still haven’t written a letter to my old doctor letting her know that I am seeing a new medical provider.  I really should do that.  I got labs coming up in October and I don’t want to be called by her office when I am getting them done somewhere else.  Besides she did right by me, she is the one who discovered my leukemia.  However, it was definitely time to move on.

Teresa has this dream of putting heated floors throughout the living area.  I thought she was just talking about it, dreaming.  Nope, she is saving money specifically for that and wanting me to save my disability money too for the cause.  Personally, I think we need a new washer and dryer first, but since I don’t do the laundry and I do walk on the floors, my vote only 1/2 counts.  So, some time in the nearish future, we will have heated floors and no carpet.  I can live with that.

I think I have given up bipolar chats.  It’s always the same stuff every time I log in.  Same trolls, same whiners, same oblivious people.  It’s not that I am any better than these people, it’s just that I am tired of it, and have been for a while.  So, I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon.

Now, leukemia chat is a different story.  As long as they don’t start talking about how successful they are even though they have/had leukemia.  I am good.  I just always seem to forget it’s Thursday and miss the chats.  Really bad about that.  I know today is Thursday, but by this evening, I will probably forget AGAIN.

I took my morning flexeril a little late so I wouldn’t be so sleepy when my mom was getting ready to leave, you know, so I could spend a little extra time with her.  Anyhow, the sleepiness is hitting me now.  So, I am gonna split.  You all have a great day (whichever day you end up reading this).



Luckiest Man Alive

Mom being here is going great.  We went to HuHot on Thursday night.  HuHot is always a good dinner and being with my wife and my mother is wonderful.  Friday night we stayed in and had this potato/sausage/cheese stuff that my wife makes.  Tonight, mom took us to the Machine Shed.  The company I am with is great.  They both really enjoyed their dinners.  I had flavorless mac and cheese, big disappointment.   But hanging with the 2 greatest women in the world makes it all worth while.  I love my wife, I love my mom, and I am so happy that they get along so well.

I am doing the stretches that the physical therapist gave me.  Doing them according to his instructions.  Not hurting while I am doing them.  But a half-hour or so after I am done, I am in a lot of pain.  As of day 3 of doing the stretches, I don’t seem to be going anywhere with them.  I see my physical therapist again on Monday.  Should be an interesting conversation.  But like I have said, I am giving this a go.  Really trying PT this time.  I hope this works.

My back is still thrashed.  Even Teresa has given up trying to get me to use my desk, at least right now.  So I am playing everything on my laptop right now.   It’s all good.  My new laptop has a more powerful processor and a similar video card to what my Desktop has.  Translation, with the exception on not seeing things on a 34″ monitor, it’s pretty much just as good playing games on my laptop.

With my back being thrashed, I can’t sit out in the living room with mom very much.  I feel kind of bad about that.  But I do go out and visit when I feel up to it.  And Teresa has really stepped up and is sitting chatting with my mom a bunch.  I wish I could go out there and join them, but after sitting for 2 hours at dinner, I just don’t have it in me to sit any more right now.  I know that mom understands, she is cool.

Mutant Football League is FUN.  I got good in practice, so I decided to try a game.  Every time I made a 1st down, I got a stupid penalty called on me.  EVERY TIME.  I wonder if this is a glitch or something I am doing wrong?  I had 3 touch downs called back for penalties.  But I did win the first game I played, by surviving longer than the other team.  Wow, it was wild, the field we were trying to play on was super deadly.  There was 8 yards of offense for the whole game.  lol.  Then I went to play another game and that is when the penalties started.  Really frustrating.  Gonna try another team and see if it was just the team I was playing or something else.  But even with the penalties, I was having fun playing.

I am not liking Rocket League very much.  Car soccer is just not my thing.  But it looks really pretty.

Still taking a break from Skyrim.  I think I burned out on the game for a while.  I know it’s there when I want to go back.  And I will go back, I have no question about that.  Civ4 Warlords is still my go to game.  That and screwing around with MFL.  Talk about 2 very different games.   MFL is a wild, intense, hands on game… while Civ4 is a turn based, mellow, casual game.   But hey, I am having fun with both.  So screw it, I will play what I like when I like and no one can say anything bad about it.

We finally got around to making an appointment for Pucky and Mojo to have their teeth cleaned.  Their teeth are not bad by any means, but it is time for a professional job on them.  Plus they both have teeth that have to be extracted.  It’s gonna cost us a minor fortune, but we love out fur babies and this is needed.

It’s the middle of September,  Thanksgivingfest is 2 months away and Sam and Shel who are hosting this year haven’t let me know if it would be ok to bring Pucky and Mojo to their house.  I asked originally in July or so.  I bet Sam forgot to ask Shel and thus the reason no one has gotten back to me.  They were so good last year at John’s house.  No accidents whatsoever.  But I would never assume it was ok to bring them.  So I guess I will get ahold of Sam and ask again.  Or maybe go straight to Shel.  One way or the other, I will know in a couple days.  Yup, I won’t put it off, or forget

Looking forward to seeing the Gang again at Thanksgivingfest.   It’s a tradition that I look forward to every year.  It’s the only chance I have to see the Gang every year.  And now that Teresa has taken to coming with me.  It’s doubly good.  I don’t miss her terribly and I still get to see my friends.

And the lunch with Andi and Shawn the day after Thansgivingfest is looked forward to as well.   Shawn is NOT going to cancel on me again.   Even if he has the bubonic plague from his kidlings, he has to come.  Andi has only cancelled on me once, and that was because it fell on her brother’s 40th birthday.  Anyhow, it’s always great to see the two of them.  And one year Tommy met up with us.  Brian said he might want to drive down to join us this year.  But Brian barely spoke to me last time I was in the Region, I don’t know if he is mad at me or if that just happened cuz it happened.  Oh well, no matter who shows up, it’s always a nice lunch.

Oh, my mother-in-law has decided that she can’t come to visit right now.  So, D&D might resume much sooner than I originally announced.  No promise to that at this point, but things are definitely looking that way.   I will be installing Mumble on my laptop, and getting things ready to run here on the laptop as opposed to the desktop cuz I can’t sit in my chair for 2+ hours.  It’ll be fine.   I actually have more room here in bed that I do at my desk.  Go figure.  I will let you all know as soon as its been decided.

Oh, for those keeping tabs, my platelets, white blood cells, and hemoglobin were all down yet again.  Biggest concern being the platelets.  I barely had a little cut on my thumb and it bled for 6 hours, not gushing but oozing blood for 6 HOURS.   This sucks, I am scared of where this appears to be heading.  I don’t want to go back to the infusion center.

And finally, I have an x-ray scheduled Monday morning.  Then a Cat Scan Tuesday morning.  All to find out IF I have a kidney stone or something else wrong with my right kidney.  A little scared about this too.  Especially scared at what can be causing the pain if it is NOT a kidney stone.  But hey, it’s me, and I am weird.  What does not kill me only makes me wish it did, sometimes.

Peace, Love, and Gummi Bears.


What a couple of days…

Oh what a couple of days………………..

Yesterday, I saw my new PA.  His name is Chris.  We chatted for a bit and I wowed him some with my medical history.  Barely got into it, so I figure I will wow him a lot more in the near future.  We discussed my possible kidney stone.  I did the whole pee in a cup thing and am waiting on the results call.  I hope he is going to call my cell phone and not the home phone cuz nothing is attached to the home phone number.   Anyhow, when he tapped my kidney area, I jumped.  We talked a whole lot about kidney stones and how the treatment plan goes.  Just waiting to hear from him now.

This morning was the nurse visit at my Cancer Doc’s office.  Got to visit with yet another nurse, who confirmed with us that there is nothing else to do to try to fix my falling blood numbers.  Platelets were back down to 39, WBD was 2.6, and Hemoglobin was 12.1, all down from where they were a month ago which was down from where they were a month before that.  Kind of disheartening to know there is nothing to do if they keep falling, until they fall far enough to warrant some action.  Teresa’s theory is that the marrow that used to be producing cancer cells stopped working all together and the good marrow is overtaxed.  As good of theory as any I have hear.  The problem is besides me being a bleeder, I also have like minimal ability to fight infections.  SUCKAGE.

This afternoon I went to my first physical therapy appointment with Todd.  Two new stretches and 20 minutes on a tens machine.  The stretches are pretty basic, I can do them, and I plan do them like he suggested.  I have nothing to say about the tens machine, it was 20 minutes of sitting there reading Facebook on my phone.   Todd seemed like a nice enough guy.  He asked pertinent questions and got to the point fairly quickly.  I liked that, more time to do stuff, less talk about it.  I have 2 appointments with him next week.  I will happily go, even though……

My mom is here to visit.  YAY.  I do not get to see her enough.  She came to visit for a whole week.  She is going to take us out to dinner two nights, once to HuHot and once to Famous Daves.  Beyond that we have nothing planned.  Teresa and I are not one to plan in advance.  Oh well.

The problem is I can’t sit out in the living room with my mom.  I can’t sit comfortably for any length of time right now.  Therapy today just made it worse it seems.  5 minutes sitting out there was all I could handle.  I did hook up her computer for her, so she has POGO to play.

Today was an eventful day for me for packages.  I got a new CD from Publisher’s Clearing House.  Another 70s music CD.  I like 70s music.

I also got my stuff from Amazon Prime Pantry.  Big heavy box.  Eventually tonight I will get around to unpacking it.

And finally I got my gizmos from Steam.  A game controller, and a thingy which puts my Steam game on the TV.  The controller was a necessity to play Rocket League and Mutant League Football Beta.

Mutant League Football is something I LOVED back on the Sega in its day.  I would play for hours on end.  Well, it seems they have updated the crap out of it and added a whole lot to it.  Release date is some time in October.  Right now is closed beta.  But open beta starts next week.  I haven’t hook up the controller yet or fired up the game, but I hope it’s as cool as the videos show it to be.

I’m hurting pretty bad right now and I haven’t even done my stretches yet.   No fair and no fun.  I really wish that my pain doc would have given me something beyond Flexeril to deal with my back hurting.  But I understand there is a huge push not to prescribe opiates, and he wants me to give physical therapy a real go.  So, that is what I am doing.  Giving physical therapy a go.  The prednisone trial just threw a wrench into getting physical therapy started weeks go so I would be better now.  Grrr.

Well, my pee in a cup test came back normal.  No blood to be found.  Chris has decided to go ahead with a CAT Scan to make sure I do or don’t have a kidney stone (You guys are getting a real time report on this).  I don’t know when this will happen yet, but hey, it’s all good I guess.  At least they are ordering it at the close Mercy Hospital, so we don’t have to drive all the way down town to the main Mercy Hospital.   Good thing we have good insurance cuz my life would be costing us a minor fortune right now.



So, I slept thru most of today

The title says it, I slept from 12:30am-6:30am, 6:40am-9:40am, 10am-11:30am, noon-4pmish.  Then finally forced myself to get up.  Seems that all the lack of sleep from the prednisone escapade finally caught up with me and I SLEPT.  I know your body needs to recharge after a prolonged period for lack of sleep, seems today was my day.   Mentally more aware of what is going on, physically I hurt a lot.

I hurt, therefore I am.  Where I got the epidural shot in the shoulder a month ago is hurting again already 😦  The rest of my back is hurting too.  And for something new and exciting my left side hurts (probably worse than the rest of it).  I have no idea why my left side hurts, but sitting triggers it too.  I wonder if my back problems are causing the side issues too.  Anyhow, I HURT.

I keep forgetting to call the physical therapist to get started on physical therapy.  Well, that’s not totally accurate, I remember, just too late in the day to call.   Perhaps tomorrow, I put a notice in my phone to remind me.

In 4 days, we will have had Pucky for exactly 7 years.  Pucky is technically an elderly dog according to the Veterinarian.  He gets around pretty good for an old dog.   Chases 2 year younger Mojo around the house.  Pucky is such a good dog, he likes to go out in and lay in the sun on the porch.  There is a tiny sliver of sun that comes thru and hits the deck and he has claimed it as his.  More power to him.

Mojo, on the other hand, poos and pees wherever he feels like, occasionally hitting a puppy pad, but mostly the kitchen, living room and bathroom floors for poo, pee is kinda random but he doesn’t like to pee on tile or linoleum.

This all comes from us not getting him until 16 weeks instead of 8.   He would be as well trained as Pucky had we gotten ahold of him during those 8 weeks.   But alas, it wasn’t meant to be and Mojo is a very affectionate Chihuahua once he accepts you.  Until he accepts you, it’s stand off, growl and occasionally bark.

Neither of our Chihuahuas are barkers really (though both will bark if deemed necessary), but Mojo does like to bark at people walking by on the street.  So during the day when I am trying to nap or concentrate on a game or anything, he gets locked in the bedroom with me away from the windows that face the street.   Then he only barks at the doorbell (like a good dog) or if the mail lady makes too much noise.

I downloaded Diablo III to my laptop tonight.   I occasionally still like to play it, so having it on here makes sense.  I also downloaded/installed Rocket League.  I got that free when I bought this laptop, not normally a game I would try, but I am all for checking out free games.  Who knows I might find something I enjoy playing even as a rare occurrence.

I am intentionally NOT installing any MMORPGs on my laptop.  I am currently not enjoying any of them, so why waste disk space?  Some day I might go back to WoW or ESO, but for now, I am enjoying playing solo games.  Civ4 is my current game of choice.  Skyrim is still probably the best game I have played in a long time, but I kinda burned myself out on it.  2500+ hours since Dec 26, most of them in the last 2 months.

Hmmm, I wonder if my car will start.  It hasn’t been started in like a month.   Yeah, not good.   Tomorrow I will go try to start it, even though I have no where to go.  If it starts I will let it idle there for a few hours, if it doesn’t, when Teresa gets home, we will jump start it.  Seriously I got no where to go.  I am becoming a homebody again.  Not a good thing.

Teresa says she is gonna make me go out this weekend.  We will probably end up at Texas Roadhouse for steak and cheesy fries.  Then we might go to a movie, but having to sit for 2 hours for a movie might be pain than I want to deal with.  Plus an hour sitting for food.  3 hours plus sitting for the drive out there and back, so 4 hours of sitting in 1 shot.  I don’t think I can do it right now.

I’ve been having memory dreams of stuff the DID NOT HAPPEN.  But these dreams feel so real when they are going on, and all the players are people from my past.   It’s weird.  I wouldn’t call them nightmares but the do always wake me up.   Not good dreams either, but not necessarily bad either.  But disturbing enough to wake me from deep sleep.

I am impatiently counting the days until my mom visits.  Like I have said many times before, I really miss her.  I wish she lived closer than 6+ hours by car.  Yeah, it’s only a hour flight, but that is expensive.  Driving is so much cheaper and if I can Teresa to go with me, I get to relax in the car while she drives.  She does not allow me to drive if she in the car, she says I am not a bad driver, I just cause her anxiety when I drive.  I can say the same thing about her driving.   But since I am ambivalent about driving, let her drive I say.

The severity of my cough has lessened for some reason.  Nothing in my life changed.  Just stopped coughing so hard for so long.  Not complaining, just observing.   Probably lessened cuz my cancer doc is referring me to a pulmonologists.  That’s my luck, bad bad bad, then when I see a specialist I am fine.

Also my pain doc will want me to get an MRI of my shoulder.  That will be fine, as long as I double up on clonazepam before going in.  No, not anxious, just my head shakes from the lithium I took 3 years ago.  It shakes whenever I am supposed to hold still.  Sucks.




Last Friday was mast last dose of prednisone and Monday night into Tuesday I slept 6 +2 +2 hours.  Yay for a quick turn around off of no sleep to sleeping like a hibernating bear again.  Feels so good to not have that stupid med in my system anymore; I am not extra grumpy, I am not zombie tired, and I am NOT eating like 3 people who are starving to death at a buffet bar.

My back pain has come back with a vengeance though.  Steroids block pain really well.  Take away the steroid and the problem still exists.  I meant to call the physical therapy place today (Tuesday) but brain farted it.  I’ll be extra attentive to doing it tomorrow.

But I live, live to fight another day so to speak.  This is good.  I happen to like life, even if it has overall been crappy towards me.  Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia until I was 30.  Then things went downhill healthwise from there.  lol.  Bipolar diagnoses, stomach problems which required major surgery.  Leukemia for  my wife’s birthday.   9 months in and out of the hospital for that.  Now my platelets are screwed down in the high 30/low 40s range.  Supposed to be 150.  Heh.

I love my wife, she treats me so well.  Better than I treat myself, that is for sure.  If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have been dead several times over already.  Just want to say to everyone, I LOVE MY WIFE.  Nothing is gonna make that change.  She has been thru the worst of it, and she has stayed by my side.   That makes her a keeper. Definitely a keeper.

New laptop works great for Civ 4 Warlords, but not so good for Skyrim.   Skyrim only sees to intel 630 mobile video card in the system and not the NVIDIA video card.   It’s not a problem with my laptop, it’s a problem with Skyrim.  Where Civ 4 says, you have a video card, good we will run our game on it.  Skyrim goes out and detects the video card and tries to match up what it thinks is best.   A little annoying if you ask me.  Maybe Skyrim isn’t meant to be played on a laptop.

Mom is still coming to visit as far as I know.  I should call her to find out the dates and times (she hadn’t bought the tickets yet when we last spoke), and also find out what the doctor said about the pain she has when eating.  Now that I would find highly annoying and aggravating.  Anyhow, it’s gonna be great seeing her again.

Pucky lost his loose front tooth.  Still has another loose one on the right side.  We only know about that one cuz the vet checked his mouth last time I was in there with Mojo (I take Pucky along for moral support).  Turned out that Mojo and Pucky have the same loose tooth on the side.  We are going to have the vet clean their teeth real good and remove the aforementioned loose teeth the don’t seem to want to just fall out.  The procedure is a little expensive, considering the have to drug them unconscious, I guess it’s not that bad.   But Vet bills have added up over the years.   Between Pucky’s back knees having to have surgery (both of them), to Mojo’s seemingly constant ear infections.  The total keeps going up and up.  But we would pay anything to keep Pucky  and Mojo in the best of health.

CPAP Machine is getting annoying, the thing the holds the mask on your head (I forget the technical name) has stretched almost to the point of unused in 2 months.  Tonight I am going to bed without the CPAP machine.  I am not going to die from sleep apnea, I am gonna die of old age.

OMG, it’s tomorrow already?!?!?!?!  Where did today go?  Oh yeah, I slept a good chunk of it away.  But still, yes, I am tired, but not sleepy tired.  Maybe after I finish this blog post I’ll play a little more CIv 4.  Teresa is asleep next to me, so as long as I don’t have sound on, she will sleep thru it.  Oh yeah, the keyboard on my laptop doesn’t have the clicky sound that a lot of keyboards do.  That is a really nice feature in my opinion.  The glowing red logo on the case is a bit much though in my opinion, but even it’s not totally obnoxious.

Teresa made a playlist for Alexa to play called Sleepytime.  It’s very relaxing.  Normally knocks me out, but I am NOT sleepy, tired yes, sleepy no.  I am laying on a heating pad making my back feel wonderfulish for a while.   Heat helps it, cold does not.  Go figure.  But the point is I don’t want to fall asleep on the heating pad, just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

That was weird, the window in which I am typing this shrunk for about 6 seconds, then spread back out.  Probably my fault.

Chronic cough is back with a vengeance.  Almost nightly I am taking cough medicine,  Will take some before I go to sleep tonight, that is for sure.  I am coughing a minor storm.  I don’t know how she sleeps thru it.   But her soft snore continues on even after I have a major coughing fit.  Maybe she has just trained herself to ignore me while she sleeps.   Funny, I can’t do that, I have problems falling asleep without her soft snore.   Not that I can’t fall asleep, just it takes that much longer to do so.

Oh, by the way, I am digging the weather we are having up here in Iowa.  high of 71 on Tuesday.  I think its supposed to maybe eek out an 80 tomorrow.   Fall can come early.  I won’t mind.

Well, I have been writing this for an hour, I think I have run out of things to say.  I hope all you readers are having a wonderful life.  And if not, at least a passable one, eh.

Out with the old…

The old laptop has been replaced.  Not sure what I am gonna do with it.  It still does word processing and business stuff really well, just doesn’t and never has ran games well.   I am writing this blog post on my shiny new laptop.  It plays Civ4 like a champ.   Tomorrow, if I get some sleep tonight (HA HA), I will fire up Skyrim and give a dragon fight or two a go.  I really like this new laptop, its a Republic of Gamers Game Notebook Strix.  I am slowly transferring all my hardware over to ROG hardware, I really like the stuff they put their tag on.

Sleep has been elusive for the last couple weeks.  Stupid prednisone side effect.  My meds knock me out ok, but I am awake after 2 or maybe 3 hours.  Wide awake all day until my meds hit again at night.   So I am doing 21-22 hour days for over a week.  Makes for one tired, grumpy guy.  Hopefully when I come off the prednisone on Friday, I will be able to sleep on Sunday maybe.  I don’t know how long prednisone stays in the system…  With my luck, it’ll take a week to get out of my system and I won’t sleep even when not taking it.  Eventually my system will just shut down and I will SLEEP the sleep of the dead for like 36 hours.   I used to have really bad insomnia issues, I remember doing these kind of things and then crashing for a couple days.  Hopefully I come off prednisone and my body goes back to normal quickly.

Wife is worried that since I have a gaming laptop now, I will spend all my time in bed again.   I spent less than 5 hours in bed playing tonight, will she was home.   Beyond that all day I was on my desktop gaming system with the 34″ dual monitor setup.  I still prefer to game on that than this laptop and it’s 15″ monitor.  This laptop is primarily for when I go out of town, so my games can travel with me.  Or when Teresa is sitting in bed playing on her ipad, I will break out the laptop and spend time with her.  Otherwise, its gaming desktop all the way.

Can’t wait for mom to visit.  I really do not get to see her enough.  Now I will get a whole week with her, without the distractions of the Region.   Even though she thinks Des Moines is the single most boring place on the earth, I hope we can find some stuff to do together.  I’ll make her drive everywhere.   I don’t care to drive much anymore.

I had a twinge of back pain today.  I am on the minimum dosage of prednisone now, so the pains might be coming back.  That’ll mean physical therapy starting for me.  I don’t want to do physical therapy (AGAIN) but my pain doc won’t give me anything for the pain in the lower and mid back, so I will give physical therapy a real try this time.  I have never went into physical therapy for my back with the thought in my head that it should work.  This time, I am going in with the hope and thought that it is going to do what it is intended to do and strengthen my back so I am not in pain all the time.  I may add acupuncture to the back cocktail if physical therapy works.  Double the treatment Eastern Medical practice and Western physical therapy.  Best of both work perhaps?

Been too tired of late to play Skyrim.  Skyrim requires thought to a certain extent, and my mind is a terrible fuzzy wasteland right now.  So instead I have been playing Civ 4 Warlords.  I own multiple copies and all the DLC of Civ 5, couldn’t stand it.  Civ 6 looks interesting but I am not into how they changed combat.   It’s all right I guess, but I like Civ 4, build big stack of badness, go squash little stack of meekness, take city, laugh hard, rinse, repeat as necessary.

OK, I have talked about Music Choice on here before.  I discovered a new channel (new to me), the y2k channel.   They play 2000-2011 music.  The stuff I listened to on the radio cuz there was no classic rock station or because it offended Teresa less.  The dogs stepped on the remote and put it on one day and I didn’t even notice it was something different until a couple hours later.  It’s cool.

I am new to this blog stuff, I don’t know how often I am supposed to publish.  I went thru a phase where I published multiple a day or at least one a day, but that was when things were going on for me.  Now that I have accepted that I am to do much of nothing short of gaming for the rest of my life, there just isn’t a whole lot to say.  There is only so much you guys would want to hear about my low blood numbers and no hope of them improving.  Lots of stress there, but nothing about it has changed since the last 2 times I mentioned it.  Back pain going on was cool, now its coming back, not cool.  So forth and so on, lots of the SSDD for me, so I tend to save a bunch for a big post.

D&D will resume after my mom comes to visit and maybe after my mother-in-law’s visit.  Anyway, it is looking like the first week of October.  Yeah, long break again.   Sorry folks but it is how my life has went, severe depression, then anger, rage and general foul moodiness, the it will be too much pain to sit for 2 hours straight, then company staying at our house that I need/wamt to be attentive to.  D&D will resume just in time for my fall Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Yup, sucks to be waiting on me.  Sorry, so very sorry.

Oh, it is 10pm, time to take my nightly meds, sleep comes in a couple hours.   Then I will sleep for a couple hours, then I will be up playing some game or the other.   I am drag-ass tired, been this way for a while now, hope is in sight, just have to reach out for it.