I found out it was a 3 day weekend yesterday.  Tells you how much I pay attention to things going on in the world.  Seems that Canada has Family Day on the same day as we have President’s day.  So hello to my Canadian readers, I hope you have a good 3 day weekend as well as hello to my American readers, hoping your 3 day weekends are good too.

Being as its a 3 day weekend, the paperwork that arrived at my insurance on Friday won’t be in the system until Tuesday.  That kinda sucks as its going to put everything off an extra day or maybe even an extra weekend.  In case you haven’t noticed I am starting to get impatient about this whole transplant thing and just want to get things moving.

Last night Teresa and I went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate our 26th anniversary of our first date, which was Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t go out on Valentine’s Day, cuz 1. It’s Valentine’s Day and 2. We were both really tired.  So we chose last night to go out.  It was nice, except they overcooked Teresa’s steak twice and undercooked mine.  But hey, we don’t go out for nice dinners very often and it was nice to get out.  So the company made up for the miscooked meat.  I love my wife, and I love that we have been together officially for 26 years.

I misread what Dr. Alkateeb wrote about the dentist.  I am now going to see the dentist on Tuesday.  Scraping and cavity filling… YAY RAH

I rejoined wireclub cuz I missed the few friends I had there.  If you chat on http://www.wireclub.com you can find me under the user name ClothinglyChallenged.  My little blurb says, Dance Naked let the whole world see your smile 🙂   Wireclub is a free huge chat site.  A little bit of everything is available to chat about.

Teresa is not handing the whole cancer/transplant thing very well I’m afraid.  She isn’t sleeping well and she is having nightmares when she does sleep.  Makes for a tired and somewhat grumpy wife.  She is writing a blog now, but it’s not for people consumption.  I hope that helps.  I think she is going to back on clonazepam real soon so she can disconnect and sleep.  Clonazepam is good for that.  She’ll get a doctor to prescribe her some, so she won’t be taking mine.  No worries about that.  Please, no one that reads this tell her that I told anyone about this, this is her issue that I wish I could help.

Having cancer again sucks.  No question about that.  I wish it wasn’t so.  I am just glad that it was found early enough for something to be done about it.  Dr. A said that if we didn’t deal with it soon it would morph into chemo-resistant leukemia and I would be dead in 4 to 6 months after that.  So the transplant will happen way before any morphing takes place.  The sooner the better in my opinion.  I’m ready to go tomorrow, but I understand everything in due time.

The lady who informed me that my brother is not able to be my donor mentioned casually that there were 3 matches in the donor database.  Hopefully 1 of those will be a perfect match.  Yeah, I will still have a greater chance for Graph vs Host Disease than if it’s been my brother, but at least I will have a 100% match which means less chance for outright rejection.

I got out all my Skyrim notes and the big book on Skyrim that I have, hooked up the speakers to my laptop to get good sound, got all prepared to play and meh, I don’t want to play right now.  Too blipping tired.  I slept on and off until 3pm, I shouldn’t be so tired.  Fatigue sucks.  Makes it where you can’t live your life.

Oh yeah, if anyone is looking to UP their credit score doing nothing really, open up a Fingerhut account.  They report good every month to all 3 credit reporting agencies if you don’t use it or if you use it per there terms.  They give you a credit line without looking at your current credit too.  So new or bad credit can get a credit line with no issues.  Just a friendly piece of knowledge I pass on to my readers.

WePay/GoFundMe was able to deposit into our Credit Union Account, so it’s all good now, we are getting the money donated to us.  It’s annoying that it wouldn’t go into the account we wanted it to, but hey, we are getting it now, so I guess it’s all good.

All messed up with some place to go

Well, I was wrong about the test that Mayo was going to send my brother.  Instead of mouth swabs (which are brain dead easy, do it yourself) they want 8 (count them) 8 vials of blood.  Then they want those vials of blood sent back in dry ice.  Yeah, sure, the average person knows where to get dry ice, don’t they?  Well, turns out there is a place not to far from my brother’s house that sells dry ice.  So he has to get the dry ice then go some place that will take blood for him.  Get the blood in the tubes, get the tubes in the dry ice, and then get it all in a box and ship it to Mayo.  Oy, it probably would have been quicker (and easier) for him to drive up to Mayo and give them the blood directly.  Oh well, I think it’s getting done today.  So we should know if he is a match Monday or Tuesday.

Also I was wrong, the number I posted for the bone marrow donors program was for related people only.  https://bethematch.org/ is the national registry site.  I would encourage any of you younger folks who are interested in being a donor, contact the people at that site and they will get you hooked up.

I felt like crap the last 2 days, all the symptoms of the flu except a fever.  I haven’t ran a fever.  Which I have to say is a good thing.  Fevers over 101 = hospitalization, even now being that I am 2+ years out from leukemia.  I don’t want to go to the hospital until I go for transplant time.

If I didn’t know that Dr. Alhkateeb wanted to do the transplant in a month or so, I wouldn’t know there was going to be a transplant.  Haven’t heard or read a single peep from the team since Dr. A sent me the message that I needed to take Vitamin B6.  That was a week and a half ago.

My mood is good.  I’m very positive about this whole situation.  Yeah, I have cancer, but it’s blood cancer so until I get sick sick, I won’t even notice I got it really.  My platelets are back up where they want to be (between 65-90, still lower than normal, but not scary anymore).  Besides feeling fluish, I am doing good.  Just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

Part of me though, is a little nervous now.  There is a small chance that my body will reject the new stem cells.  And if this happens, I die.   Simple as that.  A little sobering too.  The rest of the possibilities of mishap are nothing compared to that.  I mean Chronic Graph Vs Host Disease would suck, but death would suck a lot more.  I know the odds are way small of death, but it is a real possibility.

Resumed slowly getting ready for the 110+ days we will be in Rochester.  My mind still hasn’t gotten totally around it.  Just seems like so long.  14+ weeks.  Still sounds really long.  And that 100 days after the transplant are not written in stone, if I am not doing good it will be longer.  Inversely if I am doing real good, it could be shorter.  But 10 days for transplant is solid.  And 100 days is average.  But at the rate we are going, its may end up 5 days for testing 10 days for transplant and 100 days for recovery, all mushed together.

I resumed playing Skyrim last night.  My guy is now level 21, has the CHAOS enchant, and a pet dog.  Kicking butt, not bothering to take names.  He is just about to find out the Kodlak is dead, and be forced to go kill all the rest of the Silver Hand and recover the pieces of Wulfrad.  Yeah, this means nothing to most of you, but for you that do know what I am talking about, it normally happens around level 9 or 10, I am doing it at level 21.  It’s all good, doesn’t matter what order you do things in, just get it done.

I have no clue when we are going to take Pucky and Mojo to my mom’s house.  I really feel that once things start we aren’t gonna be able to get away to drop them off.  We literally might be at Mayo on Friday, drive home Friday evening, drive to my mom’s with the dogs on Saturday, drive back to Mayo Sunday night for Monday things.   UGH, I don’t want to have to do that.  But that might just happen.

The dogs are going to miserable wherever they end up.  At it looks like they are eventually going to end up with my mother-in-law.  Mojo will howl and Pucky is gonna whine a bit.  Poor guys.  They don’t know what’s going on, they won’t understand.

I’m gonna call and cancel my shrink appointment for tomorrow.  I have plenty of meds and I just don’t feel like driving in the snow storm.

Oh yeah, we are supposed to have a snow storm tonight thru tomorrow afternoon.  I am so ready for winter to move on.  Would be nice to have 50+ degree weather and rain instead of the 14 degree weather and snowstorm.   But its not quite spring yet, so we live with what we get.

Written during a slight sugar high.

Tomorrow starts round 2 at Mayo Clinic.  Blood test at 4 and a different blood test at 4:40.  Weird that they couldn’t do them at the same time, but hey, I’m just a patient, so who I am to think it’s weird?  Then we have an early morning on Wednesday.  And 3 appointments on Wednesday, the transplant team, the social worker, and then Dr. Shin (the doctor I didn’t like at first, but do like now).  The transplant team is the ones who decide if I am to stay there for longer then 1 night.  I really only feel like being there 1 night, but it’s all good.  If they want me there longer, I will stay longer.  It’s all for the goal of having working bone marrow again.

Went and had a blood test today and they determined my platelets are 39.  I think there was a mistake made.  I have fairly wicked petechial bruising.   Petechial Bruising happens normally when your platelets are below 20.  It’s not the first time that I have had a strange platelet number and then the next one is vastly different and much lower.  I guess we will know tomorrow or probably Wednesday rather.  I don’t really want to have to get an infusion while at Mayo, but if I have to I have to.

I will start packing here in a couple hours.  Right now I am debating between playing Skyrim or taking a nap.  I am thinking Skyrim right now cuz I just ate 3 donuts and am feeling a slight sugar high, so I doubt I could nap right away.  Packing for a week, that means breaking out the big suitcase.

Tomorrow morning the dogs go to the Vet/Boarding place.  They both need some vet stuff, so we just said do it to them while they are there being boarded.  Then we don’t have to worry about it when we get back.  Mojo is gonna howl while neither of us are around to comfort him.  This is gonna be traumatizing for him I think.  Pucky is so easy going, the vet techs all love him.  He will be fine, but poor Mojo, he doesn’t like not being with Teresa or myself.

We are set to leave at 11am to get up there around 3.  Giving us a lunch break during the drive.  Like I said, I have labs at 4, so getting there at 3 will give us a chance to get checked into the hotel and walk to the blood draw place.  If you have never been to Rochester, there is a sprawling underground walkway connecting hotels, restaurants, medical places, and shopping.  It’s all well lit, patrolled, and climate controlled.  It’s nice.  So we check in around 3, get settles a bit,  and then hot foot it over to the Hilton building and check in to get blood drawn… twice.

Was worried that the hospital was far away.  We checked that map and it’s actually closer than Mayo Clinic is.   So, since Mayo Clinic was only a 10 minute walk, I am guessing the hospital is less than 5.  But I will be there early for every appointment, it’s just how I like to be.

Like I said earlier, the transplant team is going to decide if I stay a week or just a night.  Teresa is all set to stay a night, but she is unsure about staying longer.  I may be alone up there for a few days.  No big deal.  If I end up being alone I will move into a cheaper room and go about my days as dictated by the transplant team.   Then Teresa would come and pick me up when they are done with me (for now).

My mom wants to be there “the whole time” I am hospitalized getting chemo.  I am not sure I want her there all that time.  I love my mom dearly.  Just when I am getting chemo and dealing with all that entails, I would rather it be just Teresa.  Besides, Teresa plans to stay with me (sleeping in a chair or such).  Mom would have to get a hotel room and rooms in Rochester go from kinda expensive to OMG expensive.  Rochester adds a 17% tax on hotel rooms too.  So, I am not sure my mom can afford to bet there “the whole time:”  But I am not gonna tell her NO if she wants to come.

OK, enough talking about Mayo.

My brother has some plan to make a lot of money he says.  I don’t know what he is doing.  But he built a computer he calls the Beast.   It’s supposed to be a mining rig for cryptocurrency of some kind.  I haven’t followed too close as I have health issues to occupy my time and mind.  But I really hope it works for him as he thinks it will.  Someone in our family need a big break.

A bit about Skyrim.  I mentioned a few weeks back that I had a character I was gonna play to level 50.  Well, that character didn’t last.  I have new hope for the one I am playing now.  A redguard, warrior/mage.  She is a real monster now.  Has a max enchanted scimitar with CHAOS enchant.  This give a 50% change on every hit to do an extra 50 points of Fire, Frost, and/or Shock damage.  So she basically hits for base 35 points and can count of at least 50 but up to 150 bonus points of damage.   She is one shoting most things, occasionally has to hit twice the tougher guys.  I am having fun with her.

By the way, if you are playing Skyrim and want to get the CHAOS enchantment.  It’s on Solsteim, go to the farm due south of Raven Rock, save the Captain from the 3  Ash Spawns.  Loot the spawns and you get a  declaration of war for a 200 year old Imperial officer at a nearby fort.  Show the note to the captain and agree to go to the fort.  At the fort, fight a lot of Ashe Spawns.  Eventually find your way to fight the big bad guy and a bunch of ash spawns.  The Big Bad Officer guy drops a Champions Cudgel.  The Cudgel has the CHAOS enchant on it.   Take it back to a enchanting place, and proceed to disenchant the cudgel and then cast it on your weapon of choice.   WARNING.  The battle with the BIG BADDY is really tough.  But this enchant is VERY worth it.


It’s all Good, just ask me

My mood got better and better as the day progressed yesterday.  Today I am in a great and optimistic mood.  Yeah, I still have issues, but they are under control and I am a survivor, so screw it, live and love life.  That being said, my petechial bruising is showing more and more so next platelet infusion is probably Thursday or Friday.  I can handle that I think.

So, my every other Friday Night DM wants me to come up with an idea for my super item.  Can’t be a weapon.  Something fitting for a Ranger.  I am really at a loss right now.  I have no idea, I’m pretty sure he has no idea.  Together we are stumped.  Funny thing is, I don’t have to come up with an idea, he does.  lol.

I woke up at 6 this morning, after going to bed at midnightish.  6 hours is NOT enough sleep for this guy, I like 8.  So, I went back to sleep at 9ish and slept until 11ish.  Yep, got my 8.  Sometime in the near future, I plan to clean my cpap and start using it again.  Just gonna be a project cleaning it and I am not up to doing any projects.  (hey, at least I’m honest with myself)

Been playing a lot of Skyrim again.  Finally have a character who is progressing well that I barely cheated for.  She is level 20 now, so that is where the fun stuff begins.  Yes, I made another female character.  Lilly is no more.  Jess exists now.  She is a Breton Warrior that can Oh Yeah, summon some things to help.  She dual wields and uses a bow and wears Heavy Armor.  Yeah, she is tiny (Breton are small and female Breton are tiny) but she has been some serious buttocks.  She may actually be my get to level 50 character.  Heh, I’ve thought that before.  Oh well, I am really enjoying myself, best Christmas present I’ve gotten in the last couple years and I bought it for myself.

Some time in the nearish future I am gonna play my Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Board Game.  I got that for Christmas this year.  Just haven’t cleared a table off to set it up.  Probably gonna clear off the puzzle table and play there, makes more sense than trying to clear off the kitchen table.

Heh, the puzzle table.  Ya see, way back when Teresa and I first got together.  We did a really cool dragon puzzle together, 1000 pieces, really difficult cuz one scale looked like the next.  We glued that to a board and proceeded to leave that in Ridgecrest when we moved to Iowa.  I don’t know what happened to it after we left, but it never made it to us. Anyhow, that was 25 years ago.  Flash forward to current times.  We bought 2 puzzles, 1000 pieces, really difficult Disney Puzzles.  We made the border of 1 of them.  And so it has set for about 6 months.  Occupying the puzzle table.  I think it was supposed to be my table to do things with.  As it came from my office.  But now its holding puzzle boxes and puzzle pieces, pieces we are probably never going to put together.   I doubt Teresa will mind if I take the puzzle stuff off the table (carefully) and play my game.  I will broach the subject with her when she isn’t working on her day off.

Teresa has made Pucky and Mojo a bed next to her chair at her computer that is probably more comfortable then our bed.  The dogs sure prefer it.  It’s made of a monitor box, an old cloth suitcase, a fuzzy blanket, a heating pad, and a couple of pillows.  They get on there and just lay there for hours.  Sometimes even when no one is at their computers.  Ah well, the dogs are only a little spoiled.

Does the title of a blog post mean more than the content?  My 2 biggest blog posts (most visited) were What a Pain in the… a while back and then Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting.  Just yesterday.  These 2 posts were written in the same style, but the same person, containing basically the same material.  I like to think that at least someone finds my blog posts interesting strictly on the material, but I really think that catchy titles attract more readers.  Either that or more readers are ghouls wanting to read about my back pain or me being depressed.  I just don’t know what draws readers to read certain blogs over others.  I have no clue how many blog entries that WordPress gets a day, I know something has to happen to make the posts stand out when there are so many choices of blogs to read.  Anyhow, I will continue to write this blog.  I will title my posts however I see fit.  If more people read them cuz of a cool title, then so be it.

Btw, for anyone who cares, my back in general is feeling pretty good, still have some problems with pain here and there, and I got a slow process going on with my pain doc.  I may be in some pain forever.  Heh, I guess that is part of getting older.

Just another Monday, nothing manic about it.

Today I went and got a cat scan of my brain.  Having low platelets and a headache for 13 days triggered some alarms.  And better safe than sorry, off I went to have my cat scan.  It too about 10 times longer in registration than the test took.  lol.  Yeah, the registration ladies were slammed, the waiting room was practically standing room only.  Busiest I have ever seen them.  But I waited my turn, almost took another Jeff’s turn but that was only a little screw up on their part.  My turn was 2 people later.  heh.  Anyhow, I got registered and plopped my butt back down in the seats and waited for my cat scan.  The other Jeff went before me, he was in there for about 4 minutes, I was then called and was in there for even less I think.  Heh, I will take a cat scan over an MRI any day.

I also let my therapist go.  I didn’t want a huge fight over Mayo.  See her husband had AML shortly after I did.  He went to Mayo and they treated him like he pooped gold according to her.  Well, I have been very vocal about how Mayo treated me, so needless to say, it would have been awkward for me to be bashing Mayo to her while she holds them in such high regard.   I still think I need therapy, but I don’t think I can continue with my current (now ex) therapist.

The rest of the day, all of the morning and into the afternoon, I relaxed and did nothing.  OK, not nothing, but nothing truly constructive.  I didn’t even play any Skyrim or anything.  I just laid in bed like a lump.  It was a very fine way to spend most of a Monday.  But I am glad I had to go out, it was 43 degrees today, beautiful for winter in Iowa.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd session of my D&D game.  I believe I am ready for it.  If not, I will get ready tomorrow during the day.  I like which direction the party chose to go.  It should be a fun and interesting time, and have our first taste of mumble combat (which is always a mess for first time mumble players of which we have 3).  It’s all good.  We will have some laughs and they will get some treasure and they will be quasi-low level heroes.   Works for me.

This Friday should be session 3 of the Friday Night game.  First two sessions were a lot of fun, I don’t forsee there being any difference in this session.  The DM has decided that he is gonna give us items which grow in power as we level.  Cool, I like that idea.  Too much work for me to track so I probably wont be stealing it.

Pucky and Mojo got into Teresa’s candy stash and proceeded to mow down a lot of chocolate.  They seem ok, but a little sluggish.  We will watch them closely.  The biggest thing that has happened any other time they have gotten into chocolate is diarrhea and you’d be surprised the amount 2 Chihuahuas can put out.

I feel good.  That has been iffy in recent times, but I feel good now, right this minute.  And you know what?  I’ll take that.  I Feel Good.

Yesterday, I started a female wood elf character in Skyrim, named her Lilly.  The only reason I made a female character is their is a perma-buff you can get in the game which gives you major plusses vs boss type enemies of the opposite sex.  Since 95% of the boss type enemies are male.  I decided to play a female.  And it’s totally funny that they (Bethesda, the company who made the game) changed the way people talk to a female vs a male.  The male computer characters are all nicer.  lol.  Lilly is only level 12 right now, doesn’t have that perma-buff yet.  But is cruising along nicely.

Tomorrow I think I am going to drive up to Grimes to see Quality Marble & Tile to get a price quote on getting tile put all over our main floor.  Teresa originally wanted heated tile but that turned out to be cost prohibited.  Now she just wants tile everywhere.  I got her to agree to throw rugs over said tile, she agreed “as long as they are washable”.  I can agree with that.

Wednesday I am going to lunch with Drew the business furniture guy I have mentioned several times.  We do lunch every now and then, taking turns who is buying.  Well, he thinks he is buying this time, got news for him, he gave us a really expensive chair, I am buying his lunch this time and next time and maybe the time after that.

And Thursday I see my Cancer Doc, Dr. Wehbe.  I have about a zillion questions for him now that my platelets have tanked and I have started platelet infusions.  Teresa has a bunch of questions for him to.  After all, this is gonna be our life for the rest of my life, however long that happens to be.

Music for the masses………

They liked it, they really liked it.

It’s Day 13 of my headache.  Teresa thinks it’s migraines.  I think it’s stress.  I am finally going to see a doctor tomorrow.  I sent an email to my cancer doc’s nurse asking if it could be related to low platelets.  Doc said he didn’t think so, but wants to run an MRI of my brain.  I said NO to that.  I have had too many MRI scans done of my head in my life.  Plus since the lithium fiasco of a few years ago, I can’t hold my head still if I have to.  I shake.  So, in order to get an MRI of my brain, I have to dope myself up with 3 clonazepam which will effectively knock me out.   He wants to rule out cancer or tumor in my head.  I don’t want to know if I have either of those, really I don’t.  So no MRI right now.  Lets give the regular doc a chance to stop them and if she fails, we will revisit the MRI route.

In better news, my D&D game was a rousing success.  The players all said they have a great time and I had a great time too.  It’s all I could ask for.  It was 2 hours of laughing and playing sleuth to 2 puzzles and getting their proverbial butts kicked by the 3rd.  LOL. It was fun.  And remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  And luckily, no one got hurt as there was no combat and no one cared.  Hey, I got a role playing liking party.  OMG, I have missed those.  Most parties want hack and slash.  WOOT, I can still run 2 hours with no combat and keep the party entertained, I am happy.

I am playing Skyrim again finally.  I am playing it with the volume turned way down and subtitles.  Stupid headache.  Anyhow it’s the best game I have ever played.  So much to do.   If you remotely like RPGs, either paper or on the computer.  Skyrim is definitely worth getting.  It’s a couple years old, you can get it super cheap and I have somewhere near 2000 hours invested in it since I got it last Christmas.  LOL.  It’s a really good game.

I have also played some Civ4 Warlords lately.  It’s a game that I believe has really stood up well over time.  Not as complex as 6, or as stupid as 5.  Civ4 Warlords was simple compared to the complexity of it’s following games.  I own 5 and 6 but my love is Civ4 Warlords.  I like being Augustus Cesar and building a bunch of cities off the bat, his leadership traits make it possible to not lose too much research quickly.  Research is key to winning in my opinion.

Pucky and especially Mojo are not liking winter.  They liked being able to go out on their own.  Now the dog door was taken out and they are stuck inside like me.  It’s just too cold for Chihuahuas right now.  It’s supposed to warm up later in a week or so, maybe the dogs will get their door back for a few days.

I’m not liking winter very much either.  I don’t like the cold any more than I like the hot of summer.  Still have zero ability to control my internal temperature.  If I get cold, I am cold for a very long time.  Luckily, I have a big coat that can keep me warm enough down to like -60 Fahrenheit.  And even luckierly it still fits.  LOL.  I have put on weight but I guess not in my gut, weird.

Teresa wants heated tile throughout the main floor of the house.  I have a friend in the tile business, when I told her how big of an area Teresa wanted done, she flipped.  Said it would cost probably around 25,000 dollars low end.  I chocked on that.  In maybe 20 years we can afford that.  So instead Teresa now wants to know just how much is it to tile the whole floor.  Now I am not a big fan of tiling every room.  Gonna be interesting the discussion we have about this when the reality of the project comes to pass.  I happen to like carpet.

I seem to have lost most of my WordPress readers.  I got 1 new one, but overall the tracker thing says all my readers are coming from Facebook.  Not that it’s a bad thing, just wondering what changed so the WP Readers stopped being interested.  Oh well, I write these for me, so for me they will be.  And because it’s my blog…….

of Gaming, Health, Cold, and more.

Last night’s D&D Game was great.  The group really started to work together.  We managed to figure out the main bad guys and what they are up to and we made some pretty impressive monster kills, including 2 wyvern (not at the same time as we are only level 4).  Danny does a excellent job as DM, his experience DMing really shows.  He kept the game flowing and combat actually went smoothly.  Everyone was on point with their characters.  It was a totally enjoyable 2 1/2 hours.

My game starts on Tuesday, I have posted so much information for my players on the Facebook group.  People (including me) are excited.  I hope I can match the level of excitement with game play.  The first quest is a little weird, so I am hoping it works, cuz if it doesn’t it’s gonna suck.  But hey, this is only my 3rd campaign in 5e and only like my 10th session in 5e total.  I just want my players to have fun.

The headache I mentioned on the 26th as 6 days old, is now 10 days old.  And its getting worse, Tylenol is not working for very long.  I am 1/2 tempted to go to Urgent Care tomorrow.  I checked they are going to be open from 9am to 4pm tomorrow.  It just sucks that med head hurts so much.  I’m sure it’s just stress, but I don’t know how to get rid of this stress.  This headache came on right after getting back from Mayo, so it is the stress knowing that there in nothing that can be done about my other problem which will not be mentioned.  But as it is, I need something stronger than Tylenol.

I miss my mom.  It was wonderful spending a week with her, but now she is back in the Region and I am stuck here in Iowa.  6 1/2 hour drive.  Might as well be 20 hour drive right now.  Winter sucks, I am not gonna try to drive to see her and I can’t really afford a flight either.  So, the next time I get to see her is the end of May beginning of June.  June 3rd is my brother’s 50th Birthday.  Quite the big deal.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Oh, I did order my medical alert bracelet with Low Platelets on it.  The nice ones are so expensive, just didn’t seem right.  I paid just under 50 dollars for mine.  It’s a black silicone band, with a silver bar on it with the information lazered on to it.  It looks cool.  It should be here on the 12th.  I ordered it cuz I felt it was important enough information to share with a 1st responder should I ever need a 1st responder (accident).  I guess it will also inform other medical personnel as well.  Low platelets is a serious issue, I get cut bad somehow, I will bleed out quickly, it’s not pleasant to think about, but it’s my reality now.  Heh, I guess I mentioned my stressor here.

You know what the worse part of Low Platelets is right now.  It’s the fatigue that accompanies it.  I am sleeping 12-16 hours a day right now.  Taking 3 or 4 naps during the day.  It’s truly terrible.

It’s -3 Fahrenheit right now, supposed to get down to -12 tonight.  Darn right cold if you ask me.  It’s supposed to be colder tomorrow, with like a high of -5 down to -20.  Yeah, welcome to winter.  Happy New Year and all that.  Have I mentioned I want to move?  I want to move where the average yearly temperature is 65.  And most of the houses don’t have air conditioners cuz they don’t really need them.  Bet you can’t guess where I am thinking of.

I got the Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Board Game for Christmas.  It looks really cool cuz I got the deluxe edition, so all the miniatures are painted.  I really want to play it, it supposedly only takes an hour to play it.  And it lets you play it solo, or with 2-5 players.  Which is cool.  I just want to play it when my head isn’t hurting so bad.  I want to enjoy it, and this headache is running rampant over everything.  The headache will go away, eventually.  And then I will play the game.

Remember back a few months ago, I told you we got some puzzles to do together.  Well, we spent 1 night doing the borders, then just kinda stopped.  I don’t know if we will ever get back into it.  Kinda stupid of us to spend 50 bucks on puzzles and not do them.   Teresa says it’s my fault, I don’t see how it is.  Oh well, maybe some day we will get back at them.

Thinking I am gonna chill out to Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits (which is definitely missing some great tracks) and try to play some computer game.  Maybe even Skyrim heh.  I know I have some readers who are feeling the cold with me.  And I know I have some readers who live on the bottom side of the world digging summer right now.  Whatever the weather you got, I hope you are staying comfortable.

I was gonna put the Let it Snow video on here, but even I can’t be that cruel, even with the headache.  So instead you get this

Yeah, I played Madness yesterday.  But this is a much better video/song.  So here ya go.  PEACE.