Another day, more coughing

New day, same sickness.  I cough, therefore I am.  I think I am getting better though, as long as I don’t get up.  Getting up makes me super dizzy.  Even when I get up slow.  This is my biggest complaint about this illness, dizziness sucks.  But the cough is sounding better and the nose isn’t running quite as much, so I should be better by Monday, I hope I am better by Monday.

Teresa at times seems to be feeling better but at other times she seems to be worse.  I don’t know if I trust these doctors you can see online.  But the doctor did get her amoxicillin and that is what a real in your face doctor would have probably given her.  So I shouldn’t complain about him.  I just hope she gets better soon, I hate seeing her suffer like this.

I feel bad about cancelling Friday night D&D last night.  I think my players are more than ready to end this story arc.  And no, the current one didn’t suck, it’s just I think the next piece of the campaign is a little cooler cuz I know more about balancing fights/party.

I got a new project in the works.  I can’t talk much about it yet.  But I am pretty excited right now.  Get me off my butt and out into the real world again.  That will make me happier and make my therapist happier too.  And it might make me a little money to boot.  But until it is a little more than thoughtware, I am not gonna say any more.

It just dawned on me that Light the Night is next weekend. They still need a lot of volunteers.  I hope the local LLS chapter gets the people they need to fill the volunteer roles so they don’t have to cover stuff themselves.  Oh yeah, I have the link to my page if you want to donate to the Light the Night walk & the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   It’s nice that WordPress sees that as a url and makes it clickable.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

I am sure I made the right choice decided NOT to go to school in the Spring.  Especially if this winter is going to be as bad as they are predicting.  Yeah, every year they say it’s going to be bad, but after last years non-winter, I think this year we are due for a doozy.  We shall see in a couple months.

Pucky and Mojo have completely recovered from their teeth cleaning.  Mojo’s mouth was puffy til late last night, but he had 5 teeth extracted, and if you had 5 teeth extracted all at once, you’d be puffy for a few days too.  But now they are playing and chewing on things and eating dry food and generally back to normal.  No more vet visits til December when Mojo’s shots are due.

Got our furnace fixed yesterday.  Took the repair guy less than 1/2 hour to fix it.  Somehow water got into a tube that is not supposed to have water in it.  He was confused, I felt like crap so I didn’t offer any theory and still don’t have a theory as to how that happened.  But he found the problem and boom it was blowing hot air.  NICE.  He only charged us for 1/2 hour service call too.  So doubly NICE.

I haven’t played any computer games for longer than 5 minutes in the last 3 days.  I must really be feeling rotten cuz that is so unlike me.  Lack of attention span.  Even these blog posts are taking me a LONG time to write cuz I keep getting distracted.  LOL.  Yesterday’s took me over 2 1/2 hours.   This one, at least, is gonna be done in about 45 minutes I think.

I did go to play Mutant Football League today and for some reason the game wouldn’t see my controller.  The computer did, but the game didn’t.  I have no clue how to fix it.  It’s obviously not the controller or the computer, so its something with the game.  I’ll try it again tomorrow and if it doesn’t work I will appeal to the beta board.

It seems the Publisher’s Clearing House did not have a winner match this time for 1000 dollars a day.  They sent me like 4 things stating this fact.  I have no clue when they are gonna draw it again or even if they are gonna draw it again.  But heh, I could use 1000 dollars a day.  Even if after the government got done I would only 570ish.  It would still be nice.  But what has really piqued my interest is the December giveaway, 2.6 million upfront and 5k a week for life.  Yeah, I could be happy with that kind of money and income even after the government takes their share.  I will never win, but a boy can dream, right?

The first puzzle arrived today, neither of us felt like working on it.  So the box is sitting on the table, basically untouched.  Well, wait, I think Teresa looked at the box when she was passing by it.  But beyond that, I touched it getting it out of the bigger box it was in, Teresa touched it when passing by, and the rest of the time it just sat there.  Maybe I’ll break into it tomorrow if I am feeling better.

I still have a lot to talk to Teresa about, and she still isn’t healthy enough for me to talk about everything I want to talk about with her.  She actually took a 1/2 hour nap at 8:45pm tonight.  1.  She never takes naps 2.  She never nods off and 3.  She never naps that late at night if she does nap.  She is still very sick in my opinion and hardly getting better.

Well folks, it’s late.  I am late taking my meds.  So I will leave you with a video again… which one will it be?

I feel bad and its not Teresa’s fault

I do feel crappy today.  However, I don’t think I am gonna get this as bad as Teresa has/had it.  My voice is toast.  I have a pretty wicked sounding cough.  But I am not running a fever.  I am not all congested.  As a matter of fact, I may have something completely different than what Teresa has.  Heh, who knows.  I just figure I will feel crappy for the weekend and be ok by Monday.  That is normally how illnesses go in this house, I feel crappy for a few days, Teresa sits on her death bed for a week.  I guess that is good because right now my immune system is compromised.

editor note:  Teresa did not get me sick.

Way back when, Teresa and I did a big puzzle together, had a lot of fun doing it too.  Teresa had decided she wanted to do an adult lego kit build, but those are really expensive.  I convinced her to buy a couple puzzles.  We ended up getting a 1500 piece Disney Stained Art one, and a 1000 piece Disney characters one.  We have a table in our bedroom which will be perfect to do puzzles on.  I am looking forward to doing these puzzles with my wife.  I love spending that kind of time with her.

I made it to Leukemia chat last night.  Stayed for a little over an hour (it runs for 2).  It was a good chat.  Because it’s so specialized and you have to fill out a big form to get to it, we don’t have trolls.  And even whiners (not that anyone last night was a whiner) at least whine on topic.  I look forward to next week.

I signed up to volunteer to work the survivor’s tent at the Light the Night event this year. I really try to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in any way I can.  I hope that the LLS is getting to more of the people who can use them.  I didn’t know about the LLS until AFTER I was out of treatment.  Heh.  Not when I had questions and doc was tip toeing around the answers.  Anyhow, the LLS is a great organization which really tries.  Anyhow, Light the Night is their big fund raiser for the year.  I am accepting donations for the Light the Night walk.  I don’t have the page to send you to yet.  But I have the app on my phone.  So if you are interested in donating, leave a comment here or msg me on Facebook, and I’ll be glad to help you out.

I have decided NOT to try school again.  Firstly, I don’t want to have the argument with Teresa and Secondly, I have screwed up too many times, I don’t want to do it again.  So, I am not gonna do it.  I think I could do it in a real semester, but I don’t want to go into debt to see if I can or can’t.  So no school for me.

Because I have a little voice and a sore throat tonight, Friday night D&D has been postponed 1 week, possibly 2 weeks if 3 of the players aren’t available next week.  I want to finish this story arc so bad… but fate keeps pushing it off.  Most disappointing.  But we will get this done and move on to the next story arc which is cooler than this one.  And hopefully we will be able to do it straight thru or close to it.

I love Zyrtec.  Fall is normally terrible to my allergies, but I have been pretty much allergy issue free so far.  1 pill a day and no runny nose or itchy eyes.  That’s a good trade in my opinion. If I take it too early it makes me sleepy, so it gets taken with all my other 10pm meds.  I take too many pills at 10pm, but Zyrtec is one I am not willing to give up.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgivingfest.  My friends who go to that I only get to see once a year, which in my opinion is not often enough.  But it’s all we can do.  I live too far away and direct flights are just too damn expensive.  So, once a year is what we get.  And I like to make the most of it.  The only other time they all get together is Superbowl and football is so not my thing.  So, I don’t make any effort to see them then.  If I made a trip to Indy any other time, I would only get to see a few of them.   Sometimes I just wish I lived closer to them.

I’m alone and it’s weird

It is quiet and lonely in the house this morning.  The dogs are at the vets, Teresa is at work, I am here, possibly for the first time ever, totally alone in my house (we have always had pets since we moved here).  It’s a weird feeling, I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  I don’t think being this alone is good for me.  Weird stuff is running thru my brain.

Teresa’s car needed a jump this morning.  We jumped it, I let it sit for an hour, even took it for a little drive around a couple blocks.  Teresa took my car to work.  After the hour, I turned the car off and it started right up.  I am like cool.  I shut it off again, then went inside for a while.  Did I mention it’s 43 degrees and raining fairly hard?  I went back out 20 minutes later.  Tried to start it, DEAD again.  Luckily we live only a few blocks from the place that fixes our cars and they are cool people.  Called them up and they sent a guy over with a jump pack to jump the car.   We jumped it real quick and then I drove it over to the repair place.  They then gave me a ride home after telling me they will check everything and give me a call with a price.  What a morning.  I am waiting now for said call.  Alone, in my home, having weird thoughts.

My lunch that was tomorrow, got moved to Thursday, but then I was reminded that I have a cancer blood check appointment on Thursday, so that rules Thursday out.  Friday is shrink appointment, so that rules Friday out, so we are now having lunch some time next week.  LOL, it’s ok, he is a good friend, we will get together.  It’s his turn to buy lunch anyway.

We actually turned the heat on last night (and its gonna probably stay on).  Cold and wet is most of the forecast ahead for the next week.  Thank the gods that the furnace didn’t have trouble again when we turned it on.  It’s all good when it works, but a couple times over the last several years the furnace has had problems with a little gizmo inside it.  Same part every time.  Heh.  The repair place for furnaces sends the same tech out every time and he had actually not charged us labor for the last time, he just walked in with the little gizmo and swapped it out and walked out like 3 minutes later.  It’s almost ridiculous.

The dogs were really nervous when we dropped them off this morning.  They always get nervous over visits to the vet.  But when the vet tech picked them off to take them to the back, they both got super nervous.  I don’t think Mojo has ever been taken back, and the last 2 times Pucky went to the back, he had knee surgery.  This time they are just having their teeth deep cleaned.  But that does take putting them under, so I’m a little nervous for them.  By now, they are probably done and in recovery.  Won’t know how it went til later this afternoon.  But for now, no news is good news.

The high-level D&D game starts back tomorrow night.  I posted what the Paladin detected as his last action last time.  The reactions have been humorous.  Undead to the right, Devils to the left, Vampire in the middle.  LOL, if they play it right, it’ll be a challenge but not impossible.  If they screw around, there will be a total party kill before they get to the final guys.  I nerfed every encounter a little bit, so they should be able to handle this.

The low-level D&D game starts back on Friday night.  This will be the final adventure of the story arc that actually started like 4 months ago.  It might even be delayed another week due to the player whose character is the main focus of the finale might have to give his daughter a birthday party thing on Friday night.  I really should ask him if that is the case so we can announce that the game will be postponed 1 week.  I don’t want to run this final part without him actually playing his character as his character has a significant role in this set of encounters.

Flexeril is still keeping my back feeling pretty good.  But I can’t seem to do any stretches without a lot of pain.  My physical therapist said that’s not good, so he told me to stop going to him.  So, I called my pain doctors office to get on the list to try to get a sooner appointment, right now I am set to see him December 22nd.  DOH.  Anyhow, I am now on the list, that’s good.  Plus they called me in a refill on my Flexeril, I don’t know if I am gonna be on it forever, but for now, it’s good to have a supply.  And the grumpy lady who answers the phone at the pain doc’s office was actually pleasant with me, I made her laugh, I’m good at that.

Blood check is Thursday morning.  I’m not looking forward to my platelets (and rest of blood levels) going down more.  I feel nervous enough about where the platelets are, I don’t need added stress about them going down more.  And like I mentioned before, no one but me is noticing the other stats are going down a little bit each month, not as noticeably as the platelets, but still it is happening.

Teresa just Skyped me that she is coming home in an hour or so and finishing the day from home.  Can’t say how happy I am that she is going to be here sooner as opposed to later.  She is still sick, she shouldn’t have went to work in the first place.  I’m sure that the workers around her are making her leave.  I’m not afraid of her germs, heck I’ve lived thru all of Teresa’s illnesses over the years and only got 1 worse than her, most I have somehow magically evaded them all, only feeling bad for a day or so compared to her 4 or 5 days of being SICK.

Gonna mention this here.  I am toying with the idea of trying school one more time.  Starting in the Spring.  January actually.  I filled out the FAFSA.  I have figured out a schedule.  I know I can’t do online in the summer.  But I think I could do in person during a real semester.  I still have to talk to Teresa about it, so PLEASE no one mention this to her.  I will bring it up when she is feeling better.  This is very much in the kicking around the idea stage.   I think I could do a real semester.  Not sure.  But dammit, I think I am gonna try.

The return of mumble D&D

The game is going to resume as of June 16th.  The same players as before and maybe 1 more friend from the place I chat now.  I put the game on hiatus a long time ago, now it’s going to resume.  I’m happy that it’s resuming.

I am listening to the recordings of the 2 games we ran before the hiatus.  Well, I started the first one.  It’s almost 3 hours.  Long sessions.  I will listen to them both so I have the hang of what was happening.  For some reason I think I remember we actually had a 3rd session but no recording of it I guess.

My voice sounds crappy on recording.  Everyone else sounds normal.  Heh, I guess everyone hates the sound of their recorded voice.  But I really think these sessions were fun and we will have fun with future sessions.

My decision not to go to school has set really well with me.  Not gonna lie, I was bummed I couldn’t do it, but hey I can’t do it so move along  Jeff.

Vacation is in 3 days and I really need it.  I am very much looking forward to seeing my mom and brother and other people in the Region.  I miss my family and miss my friends.  It will be good to be there for a week.

I wish I had a car while on vacation cuz I would potentially make the trip down to Indy to see my friends down there too.

Had a pair of misunderstandings in chat over the last couple of days.  Caused a big blow up between Ant and I.  Luckily we handled it like adults and all is well now.  We added a few new hosts to cover while I am on vacation.

I love the chat, I love the chatroom, I love the people, I just want it to be a success.


I give up

OK, I give up.  School is not for me.  I totally had a freakout meltdown today when I looked at the syllabi for my classes that started today.  It thru me into a serious depression.  I just can’t do school.  It is definitely not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t.

So basically all these months of talking about it was just that talk.  I am very sorry for wasting your time.

In good news, we bought a big thick mattress pad for our new bed.  Now maybe I will get a good night’s sleep.  Or a night’s sleep without waking up with a huge backache.

In chat news, there was a big dust up last night.  We lost one moderator and Ant, the guy in charge, said she would get her moderatorship back over his dead body.  It wasn’t pleasant.  We almost lost the other moderator too.  Which would have left  just me and Ant, not good.  Luckily she decided to stay.  And we have found a replacement moderator for the one we lost too, she is from Belgium but you wouldn’t know that English wasn’t her first language.  We are still looking for a couple more mods cuz right now I am doing like 12+ hour days and I would like a break.

Vacation plans to go to the Region are still on.  Will be there on the 31st, but since I am flying out at 6:05am I will not be in any shape to see people until I get a good nap in.  I will be there for my brother’s party on the 3rd.  Then I will be leaving on the 7th.  It’ll be so good to see my mom and brother again and to see my Region based friends.

Not going to school means Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving are back on.  I am happy about that.  So, whoever is hosting Thanksgivingfest, we are coming this year after all.  Bruce and Cori, I hope the bed is still available, if not let us know, we can afford a hotel if it comes down to it.

Teresa will be cooking for Thanksgiving proper at Ruby’s house.  Ruby asked her last year and Teresa said yes, so now Teresa will be able to keep that promise.

So, this is way cool.  I still would have rather done school (no offense to anyone aforementioned) but these 2 events make for a very happy replacement.

My therapist is gonna be upset at me for deciding not to do school.  She was all excited for me. I probably should text her and let her know it was a bust.

Tomorrow I go to the school to return my books so my financial aid account will go back to zero.  Would hate to drop everything and still owe them money.

I still plan on going on Weight Watchers when I get back from the Region.  Gym plans have changed since I don’t want to pay and drive to Ankeny.  There is a small gym here in town with all the required stuff and personal trainers I can hire.  OK, its not that small (according to their website) and it’s an Anytime Fitness with a 4.8 star rating.  I personally can afford the 36.99 a month to be a member.  And if that one doesn’t work for me, there is a Lifetime Fitness HUGE gym just down the road a piece.  One way or the other, I will be going on a diet/exercise regime to lose 35ish pounds starting sometime mid-June.


Anxiety and Tuesday

Classes start on Tuesday and I am feeling absolutely sick with anxiety.  I am still getting the headache, plus now a touch of nausea.  Anxiety sucks the life out of a person.  I’m glad I am only gonna go thru a few more days of this as once the classes start I should be fine.

The chat room that I am a moderator for is behaving oddly.  During the day it’s being busy then dying out in the evening.  Well at least for Friday and Saturday night.  Tonight I asked someone to leave so I could leave and just shut down the room for the night.  So confusing, I am used to chat rooms getting busier in the evenings even on the weekends.  But since this one is on wireclub, I guess it behaves differently.  Oh well, I am not gonna waste more hours sitting there while no one comes in.

I have made some new friends from the chat room.  Always have room for friends.  These aren’t just acquaintances, they are becoming real friends of mine.  Yeah, we will probably never meet in person, but its all good, I have more people I can talk to about anything.  It’s just cool.

Got a couple good pics of the doggies that I am gonna post.  Love our fur babies.

Yes, we are in bed.  And yes, that is my big monitor right next to the bed.  And yes, I need to shave.


5 Days and counting

Yup.  5 Days until classes start, but  I have already done homework for one of the classes.  My Digital Marketing Professor sent and email asking us to set up a WordPress site.  Um, this is a WordPress site, he then when on the specify he wanted a new one even if you had one.  It’s all good, I ran off to ehosts and bought a cheap hosting package and set up WordPress per his instructions.   So, now I have 2 blogs, this one and then one for Digital Marketing.   This will still be my main one, so no worries, my babble will still be easily accessed how you are accessing it now.

Head is pounding now.  I am sure its Anxiety now.  I hate having this anxiety disorder.  The anxiety can become debilitating.  It’s not that bad now, but my head hurts.

Ant’s new chat room continues to be busy.  Not super-busy, but busy.  It’s at the size now we are talking hosting topic chats.  We also had no choice but to add 2 new moderators, cuz Ant and I can’t be there all the time.  We really need a couple more, specifically from Europe and Asia.

The chat is going really well.  I am making new online friends.  Turns out that I am really good moderator and the people like me, they really really like me.  I have had several people tell me that I am the reason they came back to the chat and became a chat regular.  Cool cool.

I am looking forward to my trip to see my mom and brother at the end of the month.  I don’t get to see them nearly enough, even though they are only 6ish hours away.  So I really enjoy getting to spend a week with them.

Jim’s party looks like it is going to be smaller this year.  Don’t know why, just happening that way.  But it looks like more of my friends are going to be there, which is way cool for me.

I have asked several people to watch for me to start sounding manic once school officially gets underway.  It is a real concern.  I hope that if my writing starts to sound more manicy that you will let me know too.