Aint nothing but a good time

Cough is mostly gone.  I feel a lot better.  Advair, Ventolin, and Cough Medicine did the trick.  I am hoping that I feel better next week while my Mom is here.  Which reminds me, I need to call her to find out what time she is coming tomorrow.  She will be here about 1 o’clock.

Today was day 1 without Tacrolimus.  Not a big deal to anyone but me.   But its a big step towards the future.  It was supposed to be a month from today that I had my bone marrow biopsy, but instead it’ll be February 3rd.   Not happy about that, but it is what it is.  Will have results from the biopsy by the end of February.  Those results are life or death results.  So I am a little anxious about this biopsy.

With the game today at 11am, I didn’t sleep in.   I did end up taking a nap.  More, I got the chills so I crawled under the covers.  Then I fell asleep once I got warm.  I napped for about an hour or so.  I don’t know why I got the chills today, it didn’t feel so cold when I woke up.  Hope it was a random anomaly (the chills, not the nap).

The game today was fun.  It was a continuation of last week’s game.  Last week the party took out 2 rooms full of Drow this week the snuck past a bunch of Slaad only to run into a Death Slaad.  And the noise of killing it attracted the Slaad they had snuck past.  Danny(who showed this week) did a good job of injuring the first Slaad in line.  Turns out he forgot that he was able to ignore fire resistance.  So he should have been doing double the damage I was recording.  DOH.  I forgot too, but it wasn’t my job to remember.  Anyhow, they killed the 5 Red Slaad in the front without much problem.  The Blue and Green ones being somewhat smarter ran away to regroup (and warn the rest of the complex they are in).  A Drow named H8 is waiting for the party in the last room.

With mom coming tomorrow, there is no game on Tuesday.  Then Christmas and New Years are on Tuesdays.  So we will be back playing in 3 weeks.

I scrapped the sorcerer.  Yeah, I just couldn’t bring myself to play a caster.  I am now playing a Brass Dragonborn Oathbreaker Paladin.  Yeah, he’s evil.  So not this Thursday, but next Thursday my Pally will be all that.  Danny says he should fit right in.

Got 5 for my Sunday night game.  We discussed things and came to the conclusion that we were gonna play as a level 15 elite monster killer squad.  Need a 6th person.  Danny is gonna be on the job to find us a 6th person.  I don’t know where Danny finds his people, but he normally does a good job at finding them.  So I am not worried about it.

I think Cori is gonna be plenty ready to run her game after the holidays.  Once her other issue calms down and she has a chance to breathe, then she’ll get to going on her campaign.  I got a golden dragonborn vengeance paladin for that game.  He’s good.  Her campaign might end up being the most fun.

I told Danny I can’t play in his late night Friday game.  Just too late for me.  Last Saturday morning I fell asleep around 4am and still woke up around 11am.  I felt horrible for days after.  I think I over stressed myself.   So, if anyone knows a game on Friday night that has an opening, I am all for it.  Theater of the mind, roll20, I don’t care.

So, as it will stand January 13th, I will DM twice on Sunday, Monday off, Tuesday night, Cori’s game on Wednesday, Danny’s friend’s campaign Thursday, nothing Friday, nothing Saturday.  Would like to pick up a Friday game, but those seem difficult to find.  Maybe I will just keep Friday off too.  Who knows?

Typed mostly between coughs

I feel good except for this damned cough.  Coughing all thru the show Teresa was trying to watch.  Cough cough cough.  I did my Advair this morning, shouldn’t be coughing already.  Considering breaking into the cough medicine to see if I can calm this down.  Sitting up didn’t help much.  I am running out of options.

I took my last tacrolimus today.  Tomorrow I start life without a immuno-suppressant. I am happy and a little scared.  Happy to be on my own so to speak.  Scared that GvHD might go apeshit all over.  But we gotta do what we gotta do.  And finally coming of tac is a good thing in my progress.  And in a week I come off Cresemba.  Slowly coming off the expensive meds.

I did not and will not nap today.  I slept in instead.  Slept about 12-13 hours total.  Felt good to sleep.  Yeah, that is really all I do in  life besides D&D, but sometime it just feels better than other times.

Danny is killing his Thursday night game, Indiza will be no more.  He is killing the game cuz his friend (I forget his name) is gonna run a Thursday night game.  This is the DM who thinks he deserves to be paid.  So I get to experience a “GOOD” DM for free.  We’ll see if he is anything special.  Oh yeah, I’m gonna be invited to play in this game on Thursday.  Letting Danny and I play together for the first time.  Always been one of us DMing.  Gonna be a blast I think.  I’m playing a half elf Wild Sorcerer.  Gonna be fun rolling on the wild effects table.  LOL

I don’t normally play casters of any kind.  So this Sorcerer is gonna be a totally new thing to me.  He’s got good spells that I have had to deal with as a DM.  And he’s got no armor, big whopping AC13.  He has 11 spells total.  So, look out, here comes (heh, I forgot my sorcerer’s name).

I thought I had 6 players lined up for Sunday night, but when it came down to committing to the game 2 said they couldn’t.  That’s a bummer.  So I asked another one who claimed wife agro (a viable excuse).  I’m running out of people who play to ask.  So I appealed to my 4 players to help me find 2 more, Danny might look for them, but the other guys I doubt will.  It’s ok either way.  If we run with 4 or 5 or 6 it’ll be interesting if not outright fun.  The game starts January 13th.

Sunday afternoon is all set.  Just got to make sure I am awake for it tomorrow.  They found the secret door, they know what is behind the secret door, and they are rightfully scared of what is beyond the secret door.  Makes for interesting game play.  The 6 of them will have their work cut out for them.

Tuesday night is hiatus until January 8th.

Cori is dealing with other things and hasn’t had time to work on her campaign.  These other things are much more important, so it’s totally understandable.  Hoping she gets things back to normalish so her campaign can start after the new year.  But whenever it does start, I’ll be there.

Yesterday I named my blog entry “The waiting is the hardest part”.  Referring to my waiting til the end of February for the results of the biopsy I am having on Feb 6th. Well, it turns out I have named another entry the same thing, and it was about school which never happened and will never happen.  This blog which turned out to be about everything in my life, started as a bunch of rants about school.  You can scroll to the very beginning and see if you’d like.

I’m thankful that Danny cancelled last night’s game.  I was so fricking tired by 10pm I was in bed asleep.  Would not have made it to 1 or 2am.   Yeah, I am gonna have to bail on that one, it’s jus too late for me.  Yadd will have to live to smash another day.

I took 2 puffs of Ventolin and 5ml of Cough Medicine, my cough is virtually gone.  Thank the gods for modern medicine.

The waiting is the hardest part

I feel human again, and ridiculously tired, but not sick in the least bit.  Yes, it got worse last night, but not like it had been getting, and I figure this will get a lesser degree of worse tonight.  It’s a wicked circle, feel better during the day feel worse at night.  I started taking my Advair again twice a day again.  That might be why I feel so good today.  Stupid asthma.  Asthma and SAD, one combination from Hell.

Tomorrow is the last day of Tacrolimus.  Woot.  And in a week I come off another med.  Dropping meds every time I see the doc.  Reason enough to see the doc.

Another nap without Mojo waking me up with barking.

Last night I felt kinda lost without Danny’s game to occupy time.  So I spent time on Facebook and reopened my Twitter account.  Still don’t know if I even like Twitter very much, but if anyone wants to follow me, my twitter name is BLZebob.  I follow a bunch of obligatory wrestlers and musicians, a couple comedians.  I haven’t posted anything yet cuz I really have nothing to say to the twitterverse.

Tonight will be more of the same without Danny’s game.  Sitting around doing much of nothing.  Trying to find things to do to occupy time.  I guess I could work on my Sunday Night game concept.

Yes, I have definitely decided that I am gonna run a Sunday night game.  I already have 6 players lined up.  I haven’t spoken to them about it, but I plan on starting the 2nd Sunday of January, the 13th I believe.  Run from 7:30 – 10:30pm eastern time (so James can be in bed by 11).  I haven’t decided on level or where they are starting on what is the situation.  I got a little time.

And right now, here is how I picked the people to ask.  Pretty much randomly.  Oh so and so is on, I’ll ask him while I am thinking about it.  I did not mean to leave anyone out who wanted to play, but I’m afraid I probably did.

Sunday during the day is set for the next several sessions.  I got the map and the key to what is in each room, and the npc made.  It’s all good.  They’ll be tripping around there for a few weeks.

Tuesday night D&D is on hiatus until January 8th.

Still keeping Wenesday open for Cori’s game.

So, still have Saturday and Monday off.  My free time to do as I please.  Which usually means playing around on Facebook and occasionally playing MTG Arena.  I spend time with Teresa too, but I do that even on days we game.

Some Saturday, Teresa and I will drive up to Ankeny and have dinner with Drew and Bridget at Fong’s Pizzeria.  It’s destined to happen, just don’t know when.

Mom arrives Monday and is staying til Friday.   Longer than her last visit but still short.  It’s gonna be nice to see her.  Don’t get to see her enough.

Then Jim and mom are coming mid January and staying for 5 days.  That’ll be cool.  I only get to talk to my brother thru Facebook chat mostly.  I’ll get to see him for 5ish days where he doesn’t have to think about work.

Yesterday Facebook wasn’t updating my group chats, rebooting my computer resolved that.  Fixing a PC Error 101:  Reboot the machine.

I have to wait til mid-end of February to get the results of the bone marrow biopsy they are doing on the 6th, 2 to 3 weeks after the biopsy I get the results.  The delay is because they are checking deeper than a standard bone marrow which takes 2 or 3 days.  Anyhow, the waiting is gonna kill me.

Various things going on

I feel a lot better today actually, I think my fever broke while I took a short nap and now I feel ready to go.  We shall see how it goes this evening before I declare myself better.  It always gets worse in the evening.

I still messed up today, thought it was Friday, took Friday’s pills instead of Thursdays.  DOH.  I hate being unemployable.  Hate it.  I would love to have a job, then I am pretty sure I could keep track of the days.  Didn’t have this problem before the transplant.  Now I got this problem.

I managed to nap today without Mojo barking and waking me up.  Mojo barks at everything around here, cars driving by, people walking by, imaginary things.  So, getting to sleep for a little over an hour in the middle of the day felt wonderful.

Danny ended up listening to my advice and cancelled Thursday (today) and Friday’s (tomorrow) games.  Which means I have plenty of time and nothing to do (again).  He needed this break, on top of everything else, he is moving tomorrow.

I decided to run a game on Sunday nights after the holidays.  I invite Danny to play in it, as he is a friend.  I then see on Discord that he wants to start a game on Sunday nights right away and is looking for players.  That’s kinda sleazy.  He knows I claimed Sunday night.  Yet here he is plotting a Sunday night game.   I want to call him on it, but not while he is not feeling well.

I got 4 of my 6 players lined up for a Sunday night game, if I count Danny.  I haven’t decided level or where they are gonna start or anything.  I got a month to figure that out I guess.  Gonna invite Chris as #5.  That leaves 1 spot open, I thought I had a player, but he couldn’t do Sunday nights.  I’ll find someone.

Facebook is screwing up my group chats.  Not giving me all the chatting going on.  Weird. My phone is getting it all, but not my laptop.  I think when I finish this I will reboot my laptop.

Hmmm, I could do a one shot with a DM who thinks he’s good enough to get paid to DM.  Says, I have never played with a good DM.  HA.  I just find it offensive that a person would ask to be paid to DM.  Seriously, talk about an ego issue.

It’s Teresa’s night off from cooking.  We are having Panda Express.  Most of the time I really like their orange chicken.  Sometimes it comes gross, but most of the time it is really good.  She normally goes to Panda Express after her trip to Walmart, so every other week or so.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.  But it’s all good

Update confusion error no more Pucky and D&D

I feel a little better today.  Well, I don’t feel like Hell anymore.  More like crap.  I don’t know if I have a cold or it’s just asthma.  I hadn’t had asthma issues for 20 years only to have them after my transplant.  Heck, it could be both for all I know, I really should go to see Chris (PA-C) but I am too lazy to get up and go.  And I don’t want to find out I am really sick.

My days are all mixed up. I thought today was Thursday.  All cuz I didn’t run a D&D game on Tuesday night.  Nothing bad happens with me thinking its Thursday except that I thought I missed my 10am medicine.  DOH.  It’s Wednesday, all day long.  I know this cuz Alexa told me when I got confused.  I get day confused a lot, stupid chemo brain.

Yesterday I credited the Blood Hunter to Mike Mercer, well his name is Matt Mercer.  I knew that, but sometimes my fingers just type whatever they feel like.  Matt Mercer is the DM for Critical Role.  Mike Mercer was a professional football player in the 60s.

Saturday is my last day of Tacrolimus, the med that has been keeping the new stem cells in check.  So when it gets out of my system, the new stem cells get to go wild.  Hopefully, they recognize the remaining bad parts of my bone marrow and destroy them and they rebuild as good parts.  We think this might already be happening, but I think that is just wishful thinking.

Pucky is back to normal today.  He was up running around with Mojo this morning and is now sounds asleep next to the vent on my laptop.  lol.  He likes the heat.

Danny’s brother hooked him up with his meds, so Danny appears to be doing better.  So Thursday and Friday games are on.  And the situation for Thursday and Friday I already went over a few days ago.

Danny, however, started a game on Monday nights and didn’t tell me.  The bastard.  Just kidding, I don’t want to play on Monday nights right now.  So it’s all good.   Would have been nice if he had told me about it.  Now he is running 3 games during the week, and after the new year, so will I, I decided to go ahead with Sunday night.  It’s not that much more work.

Danny did offer to add me to Monday night, but he already has 8 playing.  Oy, combat would take forever.  I’ll pass.

Tuesday night game is on hiatus until January 8th.  Sunday game is only taking December 23rd off as far as I know.

I think I might have 6 people lined up for my Sunday evening game already.  But I am not officially recruiting for it until after the new year.  Then I will ask the remaining 5 people I want to play on Sunday night.  And if I can’t get all 5 of those, off the reddit lfg where I have recruited before and done well overall.

So, after the holidays are over.  I will be running 2 games on Sunday.  Have Monday off. Running a game Tuesday evening. Wednesday playing in Cori’s game.  Thursday Danny’s game #1.  Friday night late Danny game #2. And finally off on Saturday.  I think that’s a good schedule, run 3 play in 3.  I can handle that.

The Friday night game might run too late for me.  It took me 3 days to recover from the first one.  The second one is this Friday, we shall see.  I really want to play Yadd.  Yadd smash.  But personal health comes first.  And my body is used to going to bed around 10pm and then throwing a 2am at it.  UGH, no wonder I felt like crap for 2 days, no wonder I am sick now.  I overdid it.

If I quit late night Friday night, I might try to find a Friday night game somewhere else, one that starts and finishes a bit earlier.

stuff besides D&D and some D&D talk

I made up more sleep today.  Slept about 12 hours plus a 1 hour nap.  I did feel like total hell.  I feel a bit better now.  I don’t want people to worry about me.  I got a cold again I think.

I cancelled tonight’s game cuz I am feeling so rotten.  I feel bad about killing the game right before we are gonna take 3 weeks off.  But this way the who done it mystery won’t be broken up by 3 weeks.  Its a multi-week adventure and we will start it on January 8th.

I made my character for Cori’s campaign in dndbeyond.  Khanyisa is a Golden Dragonborn Paladin of Vengence.  He is out to smite evil wherever it may be.  dndbeyond is cooler than I thought it’d be.  Making a complete character is even faster than I could do it the old way.  It’s like 30 clicks and type in a name to make a character.  Twitch and Wizards did a real good job at setting that up.

I made like 6 characters before settling on Khan.  Khan happened to be the first character I made.  I was gonna make him a Copper Dragonborn so he could spit acid, but I decided the resistance to fire of being Golden was too much to pass up, yes, he can breathe fire at enemies.

2nd choice was a Variant Human Blood Hunter.  Blood Hunters are not an official class, Mike Mercer designed it for Critical Role.  It’s really a cool concept.  Wasn’t sure if Cori would let it go.  Probably she would, but I liked Khan better.

I’m hoping Danny cancels Thursday and Friday.  He’s in a bad way with his bipolar and can’t get to the new doctor (new insurance) until next week.   He has enough stress without having to run multiple games between now and then.   If I was him I would cancel (players would understand) and just chill.  But he wants to run them, so I will be there.

Pucky went to vet to get his teeth cleaned today.   He got home around 10:30am and was groggy until around 3pm.  He is his normal cheery self now, begging for treats.  Mojo goes sometime soon, Teresa handles those appointments.

Saturday is one of my 2 official days off.  Monday being the other.  Those 2 days  I will try to keep open for sanity breaks.  There is such thing as too much active D&D.  Yup.  I am sure of it.  By active D&D I mean DMing or Playing.  Not plotting and thinking.  So I can plan out adventures on Saturday and Monday but not play or DM.  I already told ya that 2 games are all I can DM.  Tuesday and Sunday are those days.   My slightly manic mind was thinking of adding a Sunday evening game too.  I don’t know.   Would be a 3rd game, but on a DMing day.  I’ll think about it.

Teresa is making breaded fried turkey breasts for dinner again.  Before you go what? allow me to try to explain.  Turkey breast beaten flat.  Cut up into reasonable size pieces. Then they are dipped in egg.  Then finally in pulverized turkey stove top stuffing.  They comes out crisp and delicious.  I love that Teresa has taken to cooking again.  She goes thru cycles of fast food, then cooking.  I’m all for her cooking.

Damn, talking about it has made me hungry.   We are still probably a half hour from getting to eat.  Oh well, I’ll sneak some candy here in a few minutes and be fine.

sleep finally D&D Airpods G930s and my biopsy

I finally made up sleep for last week (specifically Friday into Saturday).  I slept for most of 17 hours last night/today.  Apparently my body needed it, cuz I couldn’t stay awake.  It’s not like I have anything overly pressing to do today, so sleeping a lot was ok.  I just hope I can sleep tonight now.  But I’ll take an extra melatonin before trying to fall asleep just in case.

Danny had a very good excuse for missing Sunday’s game, so my anger quickly dissipated.  Still I told him if he misses next week, I will have to replace him.  Can’t hold a spot even for friend, its not fair to the other players.  The other issue which came up yesterday evening was possibly moving the game from 11-2central time to 7-10central.  Everyone was for it or didn’t care except Tim, his Monday at work starts at 4am and he is 2 hours ahead of central time (on an island).  So we’ll keep it in the morning.

I think my Tuesday night characters are high enough to figure out who killed Stormhammer.  That is what tomorrow’s adventure is going to start.  I threw out the old hook, this is a much better hook.  Just make a few changes and ta da the adventure is ready for level 6s.

Wednesday is still a day off, at least until after the new year.  Then it will be filled with Cori’s game.  I still haven’t decided what I want to play.  I know a lot of what I don’t want to be.  But what I want to be is still being elusive.  Part of it is she hasn’t chosen levels yet, so don’t know what level we will be which helps me decide what I want to be.  She hasn’t decided anything for the game as far as I know.  It’s ok, she has a month.

I covered Thursday and Friday gaming yesterday.

I don’t want to run any more games.  2 is my factual limit.  If I try to run more than 2 the games get confused in my head.  I would like to find a Sunday evening game to play in.  I could play in as many D&D games as fits my schedule.  Unless I make the same character for multiple games, my mind shouldn’t get the confused.  Chemo-brain not a gamers friend.

I got my Airpods working on my main computer, they sound incredible, but unfortunately voice thru them is scratchy and hard to understand.   So, I won’t be using them to chat with on my main computer.  Which makes me considering returning them and getting a different brand of earphones.  I will talk with Teresa about it tonight.

My old headset, Logitech G930, still works beautifully, so for most chatting I will probably still use those.  I have had them for years, even have a back up headset for when this one finally dies as does all electronics.

In between D&D I have been hanging out on YouTube watching music videos and hearing about comic book related stuff.  Gotta keep my mind busy cuz otherwise I get thinking about that stupid bone marrow biopsy scheduled in February.  I hate that it’s so far away.  It’s only the most important biopsy I will have ever had.  Just when I think about it I get too anxious.  So I’m gonna stop talking about it.