Too cold, too tired. Going back to bed.

It’s cold and gonna get colder over the weekend.  So glad I do not have to go out in this.  You know it’s bad when the high is predicted to be -3.  And the wind will be a blowing, with windchills expected to be around -30 at times.  I feel sorry for those who have to go out in it. I’ll just stay inside where it’s nice and warm.

My headache is still going strong, went and saw one of my cancer doc’s nurse yesterday, told her I have had a headache for 6 days and she just blew it off.  I am hoping it goes away soon.

My game is still on for next Tuesday.  I am ready and I think my players are ready.  So, we are gonna have some fun.

I was wrong, the Friday night game is going to happen tonight.  Heh, good thing I didn’t go make plans.  The DM announced over chat the we ARE playing tonight at 7:30est.  Which prompted our island friend to go… “What is eastern time”.  lol

Still waiting for Teresa to be ready to watch the end of The Last Airbender.  All the sudden, she isn’t wanting to watch it.  She is doing everything else, but not watching the last couple disks.   Weird.

Teresa and I decided that we need a real vacation.  Assuming I am gonna get healthy enough, or accept that I am where I am enough AND assuming Teresa can get the days off.  Teresa and I will be going on a cruise.  Not just any cruise, but the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s “We Will Rock You” cruise.

The first time I suggested cruise to Teresa, she shot it down hard.  In her defense, she was sick when I asked her.  So when we started talking vacation she said she wanted someplace she could just sit and veg and admire the view.  Cruises were not even on my radar.  So I found places in Cancun and Punta Cana.  Then she discovered that they have such a thing as Musical Theatre themed cruises.  And boom, there I was looking for those specific cruises.  I found them, they go to the Bahamas.  So we will be going to the Bahamas when we go.

This cruise is actually going to be much cheaper than the one my mom and I were going to take to Alaska and I really am not sure why.

But yay, we will finally have to get passports.  I know I could have gotten one whenever but now I have to and that is what is important here.

OK, I am gonna cut this blog post short.  Fatigue is happening and my bed is just a few steps away.  NAP TIME.  But first, A Video…

Of Black Friday and Medical Crap

We shopped on Black Friday but we didn’t leave our house.  All the presents were downloads from either the Playstation store or Steam.  So, needless to say, Teresa and I have already given each other our gifts.  Well, she got what she wanted, I got what I wanted.  And she does have a Nintendo Switch on the way (she ordered that before we left to come home, no clue when it’s supposed to arrive).  It’s all good getting the brunt of Christmas done early.  The only other 2 people I buy for are my brother and mother, and they both wanted gift cards from Amazon (well that is what mom wants, I am just assuming brother will be cool with a gift card).  I always find something cool for my brother for his birthday in June.  So, basically I got 2 gift cards to go and I am DONE Christmas shopping.

In case you didn’t know, Christmas is a holiday I choose not to celebrate.  I am no longer Bah Humbug, but I am still not going to put up a tree or decorate or go around telling everyone “Merry Christmas”.  I just don’t dig this holiday.  I give gifts to 3 people, because I love them and they celebrate and expect gifts, and it’s not worth the fight.

While at my brother and mother’s house, I broke Mojo’s food bowl.  Didn’t mean to, it was at the foot on the bed and I rolled over and stretched knocking it off to the tile floor.  It was a total break.  So Teresa took Pucky and Mojo to Petsmart today (right now) to get Mojo a new bowl and probably some more stuff for them for Christmas.  I probably should have went to keep her from going nuts, but people at this time of year are not my thing.  So I stayed home.  —  She is picking up Applebee’s on the way home.

The D&D game I am joining is supposed to start this coming Friday, but none of us can figure out how to add our characters to roll20.  Something about needing the game masters permission, and our game masters is as clueless about it as the rest of us are.  I guess we have a few days to figure it out, but I hate waiting to last minute to get anything done, and entering our characters in for the first time is going to take a while I am sure.

I ordered an IPhone 8+ which should be here tomorrow.  It is to replace my overly flakey IPhone 7+.  I could have got the X, but I didn’t want to pay 20 bucks more a month to Sprint.  Instead the 8+ is only a dollar forty seven more.  Here’s to hoping that the 8+ is less of a pita than the 7+ has been.  The 8+ is not a Christmas present, it’s just a necessity thing before I utterly destroy my 7+ in frustration.

I miss my mom and brother pretty bad.  Like I have said before in this blog, it’s worse right after I see them.  Mom said she is going to try to come in February.  And then both of them are supposed to come at the end of March beginning of April for Teresa’s birthday (April 1st) and our 25th Anniversary (April 2nd).  I think if they are coming at the end of March, mom will call of her visit in February.  I will see them when I see them I guess.  All I know for absolute sure, is that I am going to be there on June 3rd (don’t have arriving and leaving dates yet) for my brother’s 50th birthday.  He only has one of those, so I have to be there for it.  And then again I will be there next November from the weekend before Thanksgiving til Thanksgiving.  Beyond that, nothing is certain as far as travel to see my family or my family coming to see me.

My mood is as weird as the weather here has been.  One minute I am deeply down and the next I am in a great mood.  I hate Ultradian cycling (ultra-rapid mood changes).  I’m not sleeping well cuz of my back (which I will get to in a minute).  That helps contribute to my weird moods.  The trip back to the Region and then coming back home could be contributing to my weird moods.  A lot of things going on could be contributing to my weird moods.  I just want to settle into a mood and stick with it for a while.

My back is really truly fubar now.  I sleep on my side.  I can only sleep for about 6 hours without pain.  I get up take a Flexeril, wait and hour and then try to go back to sleep.  Been doing this for a month or so now.  Really is a pita.  If I could sleep on my back again (haven’t been able to do such yet) I probably could sleep longer.  Anyhow, every morning I wake up in pain, and that sucks.  Then if I sit in my chair for 2 hours while the Flexeril gets a good grip, my back will hurt more because of that.  So I have taken to standing around, sometimes eating breakfast while I stand but mostly just standing around.  So, I sit for 1 hour or so, then stand for 1 hour or so, then go back to bed for a couple hours.  I don’t make any appointments in the morning cuz I am hurting too much.  It just sucks.

Dr Wehbe, my oncologist, is ordering another bone marrow biopsy.   I find out when it is tomorrow.  Then when I get those results, I will contact Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota.  They have the top rated Hematology department in the US.  So I figure I will give them a shot at figuring out why my platelets are low and fixing said issue.  Dr Wehbe has tried everything I have found online to try, so time to go to the blood experts.   Gonna suck going up there in the winter.  But I gotta get better so I can stop being afraid

Heh, I haven’t been able to get the hang of fighting multiple Urog in Middle Earth:Shadow of Mordor.  It seems that every time I get past a group for 4 or more, I run into another group of 4 or more than kicks my butt.  I suppose it just takes practice and dying a lot to get better, but dang its frustrating right now.  I suppose I have to give it more than a day and a half but still.  It’s more frustrating that Teresa kicks serious butt in her game Horizons: Zero Dawn and I am still on training wheels in mine.

And Vacation goes on

Woke up too early this morning.  Not ridiculously early, just 7:30am.  Way too early to wake up while on vacation.  However, I was awake to chat with my brother a bit when he got home from work, so that was cool.  Anyhow, now at 9:40 I am tired again.  But my friend Rodney is coming to pick me up for lunch at 11:30, so napping would only be for maybe an hour and that just isn’t worth it.  I will be fine.  Just nap after lunch, yeah, that’s a plan.  Don’t know where we are going for lunch, kinda making Rodney decide… it’s his town, he’s driving, he picks (I reserve veto rights).

Jenny was gonna stop by after school today, but I don’t think that is happening now.  She hit a deer on her way to school (she’s a teacher) and wiped out the grill on her car.  So she gets to play with insurance and repair places today, I’d say fun fun but it’s not.

My copy on Xananthar’s Guide to Everything is arriving today.  I had amazon ship it to my mom’s place, so I will have it in my mitts when the mail runs.  Unfortunately, the mail doesn’t run til 2:30-3 o’clock here.  At home the mail has already ran.  Anyhow, this book should be cool.  A lot of new classes, new magic items, and random new stuff for D&D 5e.  This book needed to come out now.  Too much referring to Unearthed Arcana, which is online.  Now it’s in a BOOK, which makes it more tangible.  So cool.  I will have it this afternoon.

Vacation is going pretty well.  Zoomed here.  Zoomed down to Thanksgivingfest, which was a blast.  Zoomed back up here.  Chilled yesterday.  Gonna hang out with a great friend this afternoon while my wife and mother go shopping.  Have no clue what tomorrow brings, but Thursday is turkey day and then Zoom back home.  Yes, the plan is to head back to Adel on Thanksgiving eve.  Teresa did that last year and said the roads were empty.  So it’s all good.

I already know who is hosting Thanksgivingfest next year.  Cori told me it would be her and Bruce’s turn unless someone else stepped up.  Coolness, get down there on Friday and not have to travel anywhere else, then leave Sunday after Lunch with Andi and Shawn (if it happens) or earlier on Sunday (if it doesn’t).  Anyway, Cori and Bruce have a huge house which can easily fit all of us.

The guy who wrote the interactive D&D character sheets that I have been using for quite a while has been told by Wizards of the Coast to stop due to Copyright infringement. So the last one I got will literally be the last one he makes.  Stupid.  He was infringing anything, he was just making it easier to make characters for their stupid game.  He gave all credit where it was needed, basically it was a tribute to D&D and Wizards of the Coast and WotC squashed him.  So, there will be no updates to his sheet to include Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and that annoys me.  Oh well, I guess good little things often get squished by corporate giants.

OK, let’s address my mood.  It’s after Thanksgivingfest, the high point of my mood for the Fall.  Now I am rapidly degrading back down to where I was before I started on this trip.  Depressed.  It hit last night and is dragging into today.  I will put on a happy face for my mom and for anyone else I see until we get back to Iowa.  Then I can be what I am and no one will worry about me (except Teresa).  You wanna know something SAD sucks worse than Bipolar, I have meds that keep the bipolar in check but NOTHING helps with the Depression associated with SAD, just gotta muddle thru until the depression goes away.  Like February.

Well, I have read several weather predictions for winter in Iowa this year.  Some say it’s gonna be like last year.  Very little snow, really not that cold.  Others are saying it’s going to be horrible.  Lots of snow, and COLD.  I hope for the little snow.  But I am thinking we are due for a bad winter.  Either way, I probably won’t go out much this winter, why should it be different than any other winter when I wasn’t trying to work?  I’ll sit around the house, play computer games, read some (If my brain every kicks back into reading mode), dream of winning Publishers Clearing House, basically do a bunch of nothing.  Bunch of nothing has been the main cry of my life since I was declared disabled back in 2003.  Yeah, I have made some attempts at school and attempts at working.  Failed those, I guess I really am disabled.  I think now, in late 2017, I have completely accepted the disability call and am just gonna chill as much as possible for the rest of my life.

Speaking of “rest of my life”.  When I saw my oncologist last week, my platelets were still at 30.  And he still had no clue why.  He is going to run another bone marrow biopsy and then I am heading to Mayo Clinic.  Yup, gonna let the big guys have a crack and solving my platelet issue (or my returned leukemia if the bone marrow biopsy is bad).  It’s not that I think the doctors in Iowa are bad, just Mayo Clinic is rated in the top 3 (number 1 overall,  number 3 for hematology and oncology) in the nation.  And it’s closer to us than coming here.   So yeah, my oncologist will write a letter to Mayo and boom I will start the process.  I’m scared.  I just want the best chance of getting better, I think Mayo is just that.

Well, it’s post 10:30, I need to start getting ready.  So let me go quick grab a video to sign off by.

Yeah, Cori is gonna hate this.  But hey, it’s not her blog.

D&D, Bone Marrow, and getting out of here

Heya, some of you might notice the new banner.  I replaced the Gnolls with Yuan-ti.  Yuan-ti are to be my new arch enemies in the new D&D game I will be playing in starting the week after Thanksgiving.  I am really looking forward to playing this game. Danny really is putting a lot of work into it.  My Ranger’s backstory fits in perfectly with what Danny has compiled, so it’s all good.  Can’t wait to get started.

Went to see Dr Wehbe (my cancer doc) today, platelets have stalled out at 30.  Supposed to be 150 to 450.  He has no clue as to why my platelets are so low.  He is going to order yet another bone marrow biopsy after I get back from vacation.  I really don’t think it’s leukemia again.  I don’t know what to think it is.  Just sucks having platelets so low.  Anyhow, he is all for us going to Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota and having them take a run at fixing my platelet problem.  When I mentioned Mayo Clinic, he was all for it, he is really the befuddled.

Therapy yesterday went fairly well.  We talked mostly about what is bothering me the most, which is my platelet issue.  My therapist’s husband got AML shortly after I went into remission.  So she has more of a clue as to what I am going thru than your average therapist would have.

We are leaving for the Region in a couple hours.  It’ll be good to get the heck out of here and forget my problems for a week.  OK, I won’t forget them, just won’t be sitting at home thinking about them.  Portage, specifically, has changed so much, but somehow it still feels like going home.  And getting to see mom and Jim are just bonus.

Thanksgivingfest (one word, not two like some people write it), is Saturday.  Cakes are all set to be picked up between 10:30 and 11.  The party itself will go from noon to midnight or so.  With food being served at 1 o’clock and munching happening all the rest of the time.  I know I have said it before, but I look forward to Thanksgivingfest every year.  It’s my only chance to see the Gang every year.  Now not all of the Gang show up, but enough to make it feel good to hang out with your best friends who are family.

Lunch the day after has been cancelled.  Much to the bummer.  Shawn and Andi are both going out of town.  It’s all good, it’ll give me a chance to get back to the Region at a reasonable hour.  So, I will only be in the Indy area Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.  That is fine.  Gives me more time with mom and Jim in the Region.

Taking 2 laptops, maybe 3 with us.  I am taking 2 myself and I believe Teresa is taking her old work mac laptop.  She might have to work tonight after we get to the Region.  That would SUCK.  She really needs a vacation more than I do.   She works way too hard and way too much.  She needs to get away from her phone and just chill for a while.  I worry about her.

My new laptop is going so we can play WoW.  My old laptop is going so I can check Facebook and play Civ4 Warlords while Teresa plays WoW.  My old laptop will go with me down to Fishers (Indy) so I can show Cori the cook little program I use to make characters for D&D.  My old laptop still works, just takes 10-15 minutes to boot.

I guess I need to finish packing and help with all the other stuff we have to get ready to go.  Us going somewhere for a week is a big production.  Bigger than it should be, especially with Teresa taking a bunch of cooking stuff since “she is cooking Thanksgiving”.  We are gonna jam a lot into our little Dart.

I don’t have a title for this one

Is it possible to excited and depressed at the same time?  Well, that is what I am right now.   Excited about the things happening this weekend and next week.  Depressed because of fricking fall.  The good news is that I will be able to fake it til its real and be in a good mood for this weekend.  Yes, I won’t be depressed for Thanksgivingfest or Sunday Lunch.  I won’t be depressed while in the Region or having Thanksgiving.   The bad news is, I normally crash into a bigger depression after I get back.   Heh, at least no one except Teresa sees that.

The cakes are ordered.  Set to be picked up between 10:30am and 11am on Saturday morning on our way to Sam and Shel’s.  So glad that Taylor’s Bakery is on the way.  Things do work out from time to time.

I really wish that Teresa was able to come with me to Thanksgivingfest, but Mojo would go nuts and howl and cry and poop in places where he isn’t supposed to if we left him just with mom and Jim.  So Teresa will be staying at my brother/mother’s house and I will be going down to Indianapolis.  It’s a good thing that my wife and my mother get along so well, it would be a nightmare if it was any other way.

Thinking of cancelling experience gain on Ughughkill.  That way I can literally do EVERY quest in Draenor.  Oh, this is WoW talk in case you didn’t know.  As is stands right now, he is level 96 and can see every quest still in Frostfire, Gorgrond, Talador, and the Spires.  If he were to try to do all those quests he would hit level 100 which I am trying to avoid at this time.  Stopping experience only costs 10 gold to stop it and 10 gold to resume it.  Ugh has plenty of gold, so that’s not an issue.   Teresa pointed out that nothing forces me to go on to Legion at 100 and I can continue on in Draenor until I am out of quests with all xp shrunk for back content when I hit 100.  Heh, I just don’t know.  Right now, Ugh is just sitting in his garrison sending followers on missions while I am trying to decide.  LOL,  Ughughkill is being a pacifist atm.   But that was after over a year of sitting in Orgrimmar doing nothing,

I started a new warlock on Thrall, his name is Haphaizo.  I already forget what language it was, but it roughly translates to Killing It.   Demonology Warlocks can do a lot of damage, especially later in levels.  But even early I should be top 2 dps in dungeons if not top dps.  It’s all good, I just decided I like warlocks after all.  So different than my warrior fall back.  I have so many warriors, so so so many warriors.  I need to play something besides warriors from time to time.  Keeps wow interesting for longer.

Shawn just told me via Facebook that he can’t make lunch on Sunday.   Shawn cancelled yet again.   Good excuse though, his parents just moved to North Cakalaky (Carolina) and he and his family are leaving on Saturday to go visit.  I understand.  It’s all good.  His kids need to see his grandparents.  He also said that 2018 he will make lunch.  We shall see.

Hopefully I will hear from Andi today, and she won’t cancel on me.  It’ll be good to see her again.  She has quite possibly been my friend for the longest time.  All my other friends come from High School or Ball State or later in life.  She is one of the few who I knew from pre-high school.  Heh.  Damn, we have know each other a long time.

Funny thing happened this weekend.  I surprised Teresa by telling her we were leaving this Thursday.  She honestly thought there was one more week.  She had bought a lot of food to cook for dinners this week and had made plans to do an overnight maintenance on Thursday.  Doh, kinda hard to work when we are on vacation, I mean technically she could do the work, but that would completely suck and I am not going to let her anyway.

Oh yeah, this is a note to myself.  I have therapy on Wednesday at 2:15 and Dr Wehbe on Thursday at 11am.  OK, those are in my head now.  Sorry to interject that here, but it helps me remember so ignore if you will.

Oh what a pain in the… (revisited)

So much back pain, and no appointment until almost Christmas at my pain doctor’s office.  They have me on the will call if something opens up, but with the holidays coming everyone in pain is looking for relief, myself included.  The shot in the neck he gave me in August has totally warn off.  The rest of the back is still totally thrashed.  I can force myself to sit, but sitting is what causes my back to flare up.  Can’t stand all the time, can’t always be sprawled in bed either.  Doesn’t just kinda sucks, it totally sucks.

Yup, I am definitely driving down to Thanksgivingfest and lunch the day after.  Would love to fly, but 1. too costly and 2. the times don’t work for me.  So, I will drive the 3 1/2 – 4 hours down to Fishers Indiana, home of Bruce and Cori.  It may take me 6 to 7 hours as I plan to take a lot of breaks to just stretch my back.  But I am gonna make it.  I will just catch a ride with Bruce and Cori over to Sam’s house for actual Tfest on Saturday.  Then Sunday I will leave right after lunch with Shawn and Andi and anyone else they bring along or show’s up.  Again, it’s 3 1/2 – 4 hours with minimal stops, I don’t think my back will hold up for minimal stops, so think lots of stops.  But I am gonna do this.

My mood is going up and down.  It seems I want to be happy while SAD is bringing me down.  Rapid Cycling is the result.  World of Warcraft is being a great diversion.  Waiting for Teresa to say she is ready to play our characters that have already started together into Legion.  I think she wants to, but she doesn’t want to disturb me while I am already playing other characters.  Guess I will have to let her know I’ll drop the other character’s to level Pugno on the horde side, and Quash on the Alliance side.  Either one would make me happy.

I started characters on the Dalaran server as a diversion, but I am enjoying the guilds I have joined.  Well, I have 3 horde characters, 2 guilded who are leaving their guild tomorrow, and I have 6 alliance characters. 3 guilded to different guilds, 1 hunter who I using as a guild sig monkey, and a warlock I just started tonight who is unguilded at this point.  Of the 3 guilds that my 3 alliance are in, I have no idea which I like better.  The first one, my fury warrior was given 3 2500gp bags as then treated real nice by everyone.  My Pally joined a family feeling guild, which I totally love.  My Rogue joined a guild which seems to have welcomed me with open arms.  I really need to pick one.  I just don’t know at this time.

I haven’t even though of playing another game since getting back into WoW.  World of Warcraft is kind totally controlling.  I would say I am addicted, but I can quit at any time and not look back.  I do not have an addictive personality.  I am just a guy having fun with the game most of the time.  Yeah, having 9 characters doing the same stuff at basically the same time is kinda mind numbing, but maybe just maybe I need some mind numbing right now.  I did name my warrior HATE is Lithuanian when I was in a particularly down mood.  The rest of them have cool names.

I see my shrink next Friday and we are gonna discuss SAD again.  The lights don’t do jack for me.  For some people they are a miracle cure for SAD, for others, they are a really bright light source.  I fall into the really bright light source crowd.

I am gonna start walking again, hopefully starting tomorrow if I don’t come up with some lame excuse.  Exercise of the body is supposed to help again SAD too.  So my form of exercise is dedicated walking.  I got out of the habit a few months ago and now I am ready to get back to it.

Teresa bought Pucky and Mojo Chihuahua Stairs for the bed.  There is no more hearing Mojo scratch cuz he can’t time the jump to the next make shift stairs.  The funny thing is, these stairs can stand 200 pounds but they are billed as Chihuahua stairs.  That’s a lot of Chihuahuas.


Happy Tuesday.

Happy Nevada Day peoples. Although they celebrated on the 27th, Nevada became a state on October 31st.  From Wikipedia:

Nevada Day commemorates the admission of the state of Nevada into the union on October 31, 1864. The first known observance of Nevada Day (originally known as “Admission Day”) was by the Pacific Coast Pioneer society during the 1870s. It was not until 1933 that the state legislature designated October 31 as Nevada Day and a great celebration.

Stupid trivia that I have picked up over the years.

For the rest of us, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, or as Iowa wants to call it.  Happy Beggar’s Night.  May you eat all the candy you want without getting sick or fat.  May the ghosts and goblins of the neighborhood not pull any horrible tricks on you.  Remember, FULL SIZE candy bars get you remembered for being cool.  And pencils and pennys are just a cheap ass cop out.  Kids want CANDY, simple as that.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is the malady of the day and the last week, and will be next week and on for a while.  I am in a serious funk.  Teresa asked me to go to one of my favorite restaurants and I turned her down.  Yes, you read that right.  Teresa wanted to go out on a work night, to one of my favorite restaurants, and I said No.  Oy, I hate SAD.  Every year it hits me, and every year I swear next year will be different.  It’s crazy I say, just cuz the season has turned gloomy, my mood matches it.

Still the only game I am playing is World of Warcraft.  The first character I got the full set of legendary weapons for is Pugno, who is now level 102.  Pugno is my 2nd most favorite character.  He is an Orc Warrior, prefers Fury, but can do Arms and Protection just as well.

My favorite character is Terminate.  He is a Level 95 Dwarven Warrior who has been around since December 2004, a month after launch.  I just haven’t gotten around to leveling him to 100+ because I have been focusing on lower level characters.

Like I have said here before, I really like playing the first 15-20 levels of a character.  So, I have 10 new characters on the Stormrage server who are levels 15-26.  I suppose I am going to have to level at least some of them, can’t just keep doing the same levels over and over.

Thanksgivingfest is 18 days away (19 if you count today, which I probably should).  Teresa finally got the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off between Tfest and Thanksgiving.  So we can actually do this trip.  I am gonna ask her this morning to try to get the Friday before Tfest off, so we can leave early Friday.  So I can drive to Fishers, Indiana from my mom’s house Friday afternoon.—Ignore that, she got it off already, she is so good to me.

So, I will be driving down to Bruce and Cori’s Friday during the daylight hours.  And not have to drive at night or get up ridiculously early on Saturday.  Way cool.  I can take my time, stop and walk around often to save my back.  Yeah, this is good.

So, I (we) am only going to available in the Region for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.  So if any of my friends from the Region actually read this and want to get together on one of those days or evenings, please let me know.  Time is kinda short this visit, so I would like to get everyone in who wants to see us.

I told Teresa I would try to get up, get a shower, get dressed and go out for dinner tonight.  3 out of 4 of those things are a challenge, really 4 out of 4.  But as she pointed out, I do feel better once I am out, at least for a little while. It’s just the getting to the point of going out that is the problem.  But I resolved to try, that is all I can do.

My project that I was talking about has fallen flat.  Along with my desire to do it.  Seasonal Affective Disorder kills another idea.  Oh, I found out that October 31st was the day I quit Iowa Realty too.  Was my career as a real estate agent doomed by SAD too?  Could be, who knows?

Luckiest Man Alive part 2

I was up at 5am for the second time in two days for no real reason.  I haven’t been sleeping well.  I don’t know if I have another problem or if its just because I broke my fan and am not used to sleeping without a breeze blowing on my head.  Either way, I am tired, very tired, but can’t seem to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a shot.  Kind of annoying.

My soul has definitely been sucked back into playing World of Warcraft.  Logging in quite a few hours every day but not really doing much.  The same routine I was in before I quit.  Had a funny, cool, amazing thing happen yesterday…  A Tauren guy, which I didn’t know, comes up to me and asks me if I had 10k or more gold on Pugno, my highest level character.  I responded no, I have less than 5k actually (the truth).  He then proceeds to hand me 150,000 gold, saying he is quitting WoW and I looked needy.  I was shocked.  I quickly friended him, just in case he was coming back and wanted his money back.  But he gave me the gold, logged out, and deleted the character all in about 20seconds.  It was a weird but way cool thing for him to do.

So, I took the money and spend 50k on the Vial of the Sands which lets you turn into a dragon that can carry someone else.  And 20k on a Mammoth which has a trader and a repair guy riding on it.  The remaining 80k is being saved for I don’t know what yet.  Those 2 items I swore if I ever had the money, I would get and since I had the gold, I did it.

I’m still a little on the sick side.  Still got a bit of a cough, and my throat is still sore and my voice is all wonky because of the sore throat.   I am sure it’s going away.  But yuck , this has been well hell of a cold.  The Zpack knocked most of the nastiness away, but the aforementioned issues still exist.

My mood is all over the place.  Gotta love being bipolar and having Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  When I am just sitting around doing much of nothing I get horribly depressed.  When I get lonely, which I do here in the house with just the dogs, I get horribly depressed.  But Teresa has this knack of being able to pull me out of the funk.  When we play games together or work on the puzzle together or just sit and talk… I feel better.  Then it cycles back down when she leaves again.  If she were ever to leave permanently (which won’t ever happen) I probably wouldn’t survive the first Fall.  Really, Teresa keeps me going thru these months.

Didn’t play D&D at all last week cuz I was still sick.  Still haven’t finished the story arc for the low level campaign, things are just hanging there.  But in the high level campaign, we stopped at a good stopping point.  It’s just I want to run the games, and my players want to play, just things keep happening to keep that for coming to fruition.  Hopefully, next week we will play again.  I have til Wednesday to get my voice back to full strength.

Thanksgivingfest is 3 weeks away.  It has been determined that I am driving down to Bruce and Cori’s.  I do not know if it will be Friday night or early Saturday morning.  That is to be determined still.  I don’t want to drive that far on my own, but gotta do what I gotta do.  Simple as that.

Teresa still hasn’t asked for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week between Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving.  She says it doesn’t matter if she asks now or 2 weeks from now.  I think she is wrong and that giving her boss the heads up in advance would be better all around.  Ah well, its Teresa’s schedule, let her handle it the way she wants I guess.

I am very much looking forward to Thanksgivingfest.  This tradition dates back like 25 years (more?)  It started after I left Ball State and before the Gang collectively graduated or didn’t graduate.  Getting as much of the Gang back together as we can every year is special and being part of the Gang, even though I was only in their lives for a semester, is pretty damn cool.  This group of people is family to me.  I’m lucky to have them as friends.

I start anticipating Thanksgivingfest in June.  (although when I used to fly there, I bought my tickets as early as February) I start asking about the invites in August, usually get them in September.  It’s a shame that there so few people who can  really  host all of us.  Bruce and Cori,  Sam and Shel, Jon, and April.  I don’t think I missed anyone.  Our house is big enough to host, but no one wants to come to Iowa to have Thanksgivingfest, I really can’t see why.

Thanksgivingfest/Thanksgiving gets me out of my funk for a week and a half our so.  So beyond having great food, being with great people, and having lots of fun.   I also get a break from the glum.  So, damn straight, I am gonna make both events.

Bobby Pickett was one weird dude.

And Panda Express for the win.

Still feeling sick, even after the second doctor I talked to gave me a Zpack.  The good news is the cough has lessened, the bad news is that it hasn’t gone away.  I still feel like crap.  However, at this point, it might be my allergies acting up cuz the wind is just howling outside and has been since yesterday.   Who knows, I might feel better tomorrow, but right now, I just feel like lying in bed and doing much of nothing.

Taking a break from every other game except WoW.  Yeah, yeah, I know, I have complained about WoW before.  But Teresa has agreed to level a character with me.  She chose a Drenai Marksman Hunter, I gave her choices a Dwarven Fury Warrior, a Human Demonology Warlock, an Elven Arms Warrior, a Gnome Frost Wizard, and finally after several tries not to overlevel one, I got a Worgen Feral Druid, all of which are level 15.  Now, I happen to love the lower levels and could make characters from 1 to 20 over and over and be happy.  So making all these for her to choose from was fun.  Tonight, maybe, we will actually run some dungeons together.  That would be fun.

Thanksgivingfest is coming up quickly.  I still, at this point, do not know how I am getting down to Bruce and Cori’s.  Need to decide that sooner as opposed to later.  If I am gonna fly, I need to book that now before the prices go up too ridiculously.  I hope I don’t have to drive but I am pretty sure that is what Teresa is expecting me to do.  UGH.  Driving 3+ hours with my back is gonna hurt.  Oh well, if I have to drive, I have to drive.  Anyway it takes to get down there.  It’s all good.

Teresa has a problem, she doesn’t think she is gonna be able to get the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving off.  That causes problems for both of us, heck everyone who is expecting us at Thanksgiving.  If we have to come back Sunday after Thanksgivingfest and skip Thanksgiving with my family, it has to be.  I just who it doesn’t have to be.

Pucky snuck out the hallway garage door while I was occupied.  He got caught in the garage.  He almost missed food in the bedroom, something he never misses.  Teresa noticed him missing as she put away groceries.  I thought he was just camped out on the couch.  When Teresa opened the door, Pucky ran in like he was on fire.  Just because he was shut away from us for 10ish minutes.  Good thing it wasn’t Mojo, Mojo would have totally freaked out, but then again we would have heard him out there whereas Pucky was silent.

My brother bought me a pistol about a year ago, I bought 1100 rounds of ammo thinking I’d really get into shooting.  Problem is, I know you have to clean your guns after you shoot them and I don’t have a fricking clue how to clean a gun.  We set out to teach me in June, but it was just too damn hot when I was there.  So we didn’t go shooting then, so no guns to clean.  Come November, depending on the weather, we might go shooting while Teresa and I are there.  But for some reason, I am expecting it to be entirely too cold.  Not having a way to regulate my internal body temperature sucks.  When I start to get hot, I get too hot, when I start to get cold, I get too cold.  Bah, I just want to learn to shoot and clean my gun.

It’ll be good to see my mom and Jim again.  Yeah, I saw mom a month or so ago, but I haven’t seen my brother since June.  I wish I could see my brother more often.  But he is on some mission to make money.  It’s all good, if I could work and had the company say I could work all the overtime I wanted and encouraged me to do just that, I would so take advantage of that.  So, I get to see my brother when I get to see my brother.  Maybe he will not work a couple nights we are there and I will get to see my brother a little more, which would be a good thing.

Teresa brought me Panda Express for dinner.  Now, those of you who live near a Panda Express are going “SO”, well we don’t really.  It’s a good 20 minutes out of the way on Teresa’s way home from work and a good 20-30 minutes from here.  However, it’s just across the street from Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart started doing the pull up grocery shopping thing.  So, when she went to Wal-Mart to pick up groceries, she snagged us some Orange Chicken and Beef with Broccoli from Panda Express.  Yup, for me it’s a win.  Funny thing was she suggested it before I was gonna ask for it today.  It was meant to be today.


A message and a bunch of babble

I will.
If all the men who’ve heard women report sexual assault, harassment, objectification, and being made to feel uncomfortable by any unwanted sexual advance, were to commit to interrupting that behavior, not allow it to happen, and not minimize women’s concerns about these issues wrote “I will” as a status, we might give people reassurance that there are men who are allies and will be agents for change.

The above was stolen from a friend on Facebook.  It’s a real man’s answer to “me too”.  I copy/pasted it on Facebook and I posted it here.  I got no time for a cretin who doesn’t know how to treat a lady right and all the time and sympathy for a lady who has been treated wrong.  Simple as that.

D&D tonight went really well even with me being sick.  Had a few problems with simple addition and subtraction cuz my mind shut down, but I managed.  The party is doing really well with the 4 of them.  A Paladin, a Sorcerer, a Cleric, and a Fighter/Thief.  A Ranger was supposed to join them, but he keeps working over in the real world.  They thought they were about finished with the adventure, but they came to a dead end now they get to backtrack and go the other way.  Funny thing they caught on to, either way they would have went would have ended in a dead end.  I wanted them to do both sides of the place.  So next week they will be off to clear out a bunch (A LOT) of undead.  Will be most fun for everyone.  Especially for me 🙂

Day 5 of being sick (I think).  Still coughing, still choking, still short of breath.  Sinuses aren’t bad, so that’s a good thing. Have only ran low fevers.  Which makes me achey and cranky.  But most of the time my temperature has stayed in the normal range.  So, I guess it could be a lot worse.

I told my mom about my project and she thinks it’s a good idea.  She thinks I can do it without a problem.  I think I can to.  But I still can’t tell you all what it is until I run it by Teresa and see what she thinks.  It’s a good, solid idea.  So it’s really 50/50 as to which way she is gonna take it.  Let’s hope it is the “good” 50 and she says ok.  I will ask her about it this weekend, when I should be feeling a bit better.

Disneyworld may be postponed a year.  Teresa wants to put in heated tile here at the house first.  I’m ok with that, I guess.  I will benefit from the heated tile more than she will, so hey I’m not gonna balk.  Heated tile is gonna run us a pretty penny though, cuz we wanted thru all over the main floor, which is 1200ish feet square.  But if heated tile is what Teresa wants, heated tile is what Teresa gets.  Disneyworld will still be there next winter.

I have a friend here that used to do general catering, but got burned out.  She cut catering down to just weddings and went to work at a tile place.  Apparently doing fairly well at it.  But now if I want her catering I have to know someone getting married locally.  Guess I won’t be getting any of the Chicken Alfredo anymore 😦

I’m back to playing WoW with my wife.  I really got back cuz I want to pet battle, but it seems silly not to level to 110 with at least 1 character and I chose Pugno my warrior to be that 1 character.  Pugno has been thru a lot, it’s appropriate that he will go on.  I hadn’t played a MMO for several months, it was weird last night playing with some people.  But it feels right playing WoW with Teresa.

After I get back here from our little Thanksgiving vacation, I will be looking actively for a D&D game to PLAY in.  I love DMing, really I do.  And I like to think I am pretty good at it.  But sometimes it’s good to be the one acting in the play, not directing it.  I am afraid I am going to have to use roll20 though.  I don’t care for roll20, but I can see it’s usefulness for people who can’t or don’t want to play in the mind’s theater.  So, I will try to find a live 3d game here in the Des Moines area, or I will find one online probably thru roll20.  Either way, I am going to play in a game starting in December.  Yup, that is what I plan to do.

I’m not sure when the Friday night D&D game is going to resume.  We were supposed to start last Friday, but I had no voice, then this Friday, but 3 of the 6 of the players are gonna be away, so next Friday, the 27th maybe.  I have had more than enough time to prepare for the end of this story arc, I keep adding to it and taking stuff away.  I have to get this done before my head explodes.  The 27th, yes, we will rock the end of the current story arc then transition into the NEXT Stage.   Yup Yup, Next stuff is really cool I think.  My peeps are gonna have some fun.  That is part of my life goals, help people have fun.

Hmmm, Cori didn’t like my Punk music.  She said the Chicago was her mom’s music.  I won’t post rap, but I doubt she’s into rap.  I won’t post country, cuz I can barely stomach country.  I know what I will post now…Cori probably won’t like this either.