All that and a new MacBook Air too (maybe)

The Mumble D&D resumed well enough.  Only 1 character almost died.  Why?  Because the party did that thing that DMs hate and always turns out bed.  The party split up.  Luckily, the part of the party that went traipsing off could do enough damage and still get a healing spell off to save the almost dead character.  The 3 (no “Healer”) went off and randomly ran into a Wight and a few Zombies.  Not a big deal really, but for 3 instead of 6 it was a good fight.  Perhaps they learned not to split up in the future.  Perhaps not.  Time will tell.

We got a late start do to hardware failure.  And then things just never got moving so there was only the 1 fight the entire time.  But I think they might have caught on to what they are supposed to be doing.  And hopefully next week things will be smoother and we won’t have technical difficulties.  Did remember that I forgot to set my brother’s mumble up to be key activated to talk, gonna have to walk him thru setting that up.  My brother will be joining the Mumble D&D group next week.

Ibuprofen has been a godsend.  Doc said 600mg 3x day.  I was taking 600mg 4x a day and I hardly had any pain at all after the first day.  Today I went back to 3x a day and I have some pain.  So I will be going back to 4x a day regardless of what the doctor said.  I checked with Dr. Google and he said 2400mg is max daily.  So I am gonna do the 2400mg a day until the 29th and then hopefully not have to take it anymore for a few months.  I am very much looking forward to the trigger point injections and getting rid of this pain for a few months.  Back pain sucks.

Due to the back pain I still haven’t made my way over to the gym.  No surprise there.  I still plan on joining once I am able to.  And I am slowly making my way thru the frozen foods in the basement, then I will go on Weight Watchers.  I have already started working on portion sizes, and I am eating more times a day, these are things which need to be done to lose weight.  According to my doc’s scale, since I started working on portion sizes and eat more times, I have already lost some weight.  At high point I was 235 pounds, day before yesterday I was 220, now a lot of that way clothing difference.  Jeans and a thick sweatshirt vs shorts and a t-shirt.  But some of that had to be lost weight.  Gonna buy a scale for the house once I get serious about losing weight, I want to track it, and I want to lose back down to 200 pounds.  I will need to buy new clothes, but that is ok, Teresa won’t mind much.

I hope to not be in pain when I go see the dentist on Wednesday.  They are just gonna pull an old crown and get a mold for a new one and temp crown me.  Should by a no-brainer, quick in and out and then on my way.  I have 2 crowns that I got in Vegas that need to be replaced.  They, of course, are side by side.  One or both of them were misplaced, and they both gotta go according to every dentist I have seen since Vegas.  Finally 18 years or so later, I am going to get this done.  There should be no blood, and should be quick.

In 1 year and 2 months, my Mom and I will be in Seattle in a fancy hotel getting ready for a cruise on the ms Eurodam to the Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.  Yup, way cool.  So happy that Mom decided to go with me.  If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be going at all.  I wouldn’t be planning a vacation at all.  Next summer would be the same as always.  Sit at home doing nothing.  So next August will definitely be something to remember.  I am happy about this.

We may be buying Teresa a new MacBook laptop for work.  Her work has decided they are going to take away her old one.  And she feels she needs one.  It’s all good, we can afford one for her.  I just think it’s stupid they are taking her old one away when it works and is making her job easier.  But they “don’t support macs” so all the macs have to go.  BAH.




Got back to Des Moines a little after 11.  Got to leave the airport at 11:24.  Got home shortly after midnight.  1st flight I was next to a guy who didn’t speak English, no chatting there.  2nd flight was next to a lawyer who spent the whole time with his nose in his phone reading an email article so not chatting there either.  So, the flights were fairly quick and exceptionally boring.

The buckle on my belt sets off the machines at the airport.  On the way there, it was a quick pat down along the back of my belt.  On the way back, the guy checked front back sides, all around, including checking the package to make sure I didn’t have anything extra hidden there.  But heh, I got thru it, so it’s all good.  But for the record I don’t plan on flying into Midway again unless Delta makes a direct flight from Des Moines (which is highly unlikely to happen).  I had my 2nd rudest treatment by an airline person ever by a southwest baggage check lady.  Bad enough I am tempted to write southwest a bitchfest letter.  The worst still goes to the collective bunch at United.

Had Leukemia chat tonight.  The regular moderator was absent, the replacement moderator is an old friend.  Either she has notes or one hell of a memory.  But she remembered all sorts of things about the chatters that I had totally forgotten.  But all the moderators of Leukemia chat are great.

Made the reservation for the room the day before the cruise next August.  It’s all about getting a much pre-secured as possible.  So I don’t have to worry about it later.  I would book our flights too, but airlines don’t release the info for flights til 11 months before.  So, I can’t book the flights til September, which is also about when I will get current excursion information.  Holland America gives a slight discount if you book your excursions before the cruise.  So, that is the plan.  Have everything all ready and paid for so we can just get on the boat and go.

The doggies seemed to have missed me.  I haven’t been without at least one of them since I woke up today for more than 5 minutes.  I missed them too.  I love my Chihuahuas, they are such good doggies.

Some day I might make it to England and/or Scotland, but for now that dream is put on the backburner.  My back is just too thrashed to even consider riding on a bus for 14 days, let alone the long flights to and back.  I really do want to go.  Hopefully once I get myself together, I will get to the acupuncturist and start a real treatment plan.  That costs money though that is currently being diverted to paying for the cruise.  So, for now, back treatments happen when I hurt too much to think and not a real plan to permanently fix my problems.  Plus I am not sure I trust either acupuncturist that I have seen here to do the job right.  Oh well, I am gonna have to trust one I guess.  Probably little Chinese guy, cuz the White guy never once suggested herbs or anything else.

I’m gonna start back to Ant’s bipolar chat tomorrow.  Today was mostly spent asleep.

My car is sick again.  Most annoying.  Won’t back up.  Goes into reverse real fine, just the parking break is messed up.   So they will rebuild that again, charge us a small fortune, and it’ll make my 12 year old car good for a few more years, I hope.

I was right,  I have a couple pissed off players in my Mumble D&D game.  It was bound to happen and it was nothing personal.  Wizards just made that one expansion too powerful as a whole.  So I banned the expansion, the good news for the players should be that I am not using it against them either.

I had my first experience using the new stove tonight.  ooooooooooooooooooooooooo fancy.  Having a stove actually cook at the right temperature was a pleasant experience.  It has way too many buttons and features, but hey the price was right and it’s what Teresa wanted.  So, happy wife, happy life.

After my car gets fixed, I will be joining the gym I mentioned a few blog posts ago.  With the weather getting really hot and really humid here, I have no intention of walking there.  So, when my car gets fixed, I will go.  Don’t want to be wiped out before even getting to the gym.  As for the diet part, it’s being put off a little bit too, because I have a bunch of frozen stuff I need to eat that I don’t have points for.  But the diet is going to start sooner and opposed to later.

Thanks to my brother, I am discovering late 90s music for basically the first time.  After we moved to Iowa we got cable immediately and I listened to either 80s stuff or classic rock or alternative.  Music Choice 90s is exposing me to stuff I haven’t heard before.   I had written the 90s off as bad rap and other crap music.  Turns out there really was some nice music in the 90s.  Go figure.

It feels really great to be home, even though I am missing my mom and brother really bad right now.  Home is where I feel the most comfortable.  Home is where the love of my life is.  I just wish my mom and brother still lived close.  But then my brother wouldn’t have the job he has now and both he and mom would be pretty much miserable.  So the best I can do right now is go see them twice a year and hope that one or both of them come to visit here.

Jimmy turns 50 next year, mom actually thought I would miss that.  NOT A CHANCE.  Have to be there for the big 50 for my bro.  And I have to out due my gift to him for 49, which was a gargoyle toilet paper dispenser.  Hmmm, I got a little less than a year to come up with something EPIC.



Last night in the Region

You read that right, tonight is my last night in the Region until November.  I look back at this visit with an overall happiness.  I actually had a really good time overall.  I love spending time with my mom and brother.  Jimmy worked last night and works tonight, so I will say good bye to him when he leaves for work tonight as I won’t see him in all likelihood tomorrow.  Mom is taking me to the bus at 4:55pm to get me to the airport on time.  I almost for to do check-in for the airline, would be silly if I did.

Watching yet another Cubs game with my mom.  I still can care less about baseball but I think it makes mom happy for me to sit here with her.  It’s all good, I sit and enter these blog posts while she yells at the bad guys and cheers on the Cubs.

Well, today we decided that with my back, I couldn’t do 14 days sitting in a bus.  Nor could my mom’s knees handle doing stairs or steps.  So we have decided not to do England and Scotland next summer.  Instead we decided to take a cruise to Alaska on Holland America Line.  Already made our reservation, we will be sailing August 18, 2018. I know the lady at Holland America is paid to say this, but she said that we chose the best time of the year to take this trip.  I believe her somewhat though cuz Carnival and Princess were sold out for the same week.

My back is thrashed again.  Tomorrow’s plane trips are gonna be painful.  But I do have all sorts of info for my acupuncturist when I get back.  Armed with the info I now have, he should be able to fix me up good.

Congrats to my friend Drew and his wife Bridgette.  She is having their 2nd child on Friday.  I found out cuz I asked if Drew wanted to do lunch on Tuesday and he said that he couldn’t.  Understandable.

I really think I pissed off one if not two of my players from my Mumble D&D game.  I outlawed the Elemental Evil stuff cuz later stuff is over powered.  This is unintentionally taking away their normal attacking plan.  I said I was sorry, but I’m not gonna change my mind.  I am also thinking of removing the feat that the Ranger has, the dungeon delver feat is just too powerful.  But I think I will give it one more session and see if at 3rd level it doesn’t even out.

Cori just wants to smash things.  I can get behind that totally.

Looking forward to being home tomorrow night.  It’s been a nice visit, but there is no place like home.


Seattle to Glacier Bay and back to Seattle.  I would’ve posted a picture of the boat, but those are blocked from copying.  BLEH.




I grabbed my laptops plug while it was partially plugged in and zap.  My mom laughed.  It didn’t feel good.  Heh, I guess it is kinda funny since I didn’t get hurt.

Still enjoying my vacation here in the Region.  Sitting here now relaxing with mom watching another Cubs game while my brother is getting ready for work.  Well, I am relaxing and she is all keyed up for the game.  Like said yesterday, she is funny while she cheers the Cubs on.

Mom and I have a plan for next August.  We are hoping to go on a 14 day tour of England and Scotland thru  I already ran it by Teresa once and she said I could go, but I don’t know if she thought I was really serious.  And I asked her if she wanted to go and she said no.  So mom stepped in and said she’d go with me.  It sounds like a really fun trip and I am really looking forward to it.  Also I will get to meet Ant on Day 2 of the tour and Nun on Day 13 of the tour, both of which will be cool to actually meet.

My brother decided that his party will not be held in Ruby’s clubhouse next year.  He figures that that the camaraderie that exists in the backyard would be lost in the more formal setting of the clubhouse.  So back to the backyard next year.  I think backyard is a better idea, but I will still stay inside until the sun goes down.  So most of my brother’s friends will continue to think I am anti-social.  Oh yeah, he also decided to not start his party til 5pm instead of noonish, this is good too.

I’m almost ready to head home.  Got things to do, people to see, places to go all back home.  Plus I am really missing Teresa and the dogs.  I forget how much I miss her when I am gone from home, even more than I do when she is gone and I am home.  Skype is goodly, but its not the same as face to face.  In case you didn’t know, or you need a refresher, I really love my wife.

I think I am ready for the Mumble D&D game to resume.  I have stuff planned out for about 3 sessions.  I just hope I didn’t make all these encounters too tough for the party.  Cuz as much as they have chewed thru what I have laid out before them, I don’t want to just kill them outright.  Cori approved a CR6 encounter, we shall see if that is too tough.

I am thinking of changing a ruling I made for the first 3 sessions, this will probably make 2 of the players very unhappy.  But I think will remove something that is annoying me somewhat.  I probably wouldn’t mind 1 of them doing this, but 2 is 1 too many.  So, I might be removing the Elemental Evil add on spells from the game.  I have to think a little more on this though.