The best anniversary gift ever

The trip up to Mayo on Sunday might be interesting.  Snow and wind are in the forecast for the whole way.  A lot of snow, and a lot of wind.  Here’s to hoping the do not close the 35 cuz its the only way we know to get there.  Yes, Waze will be more than happy to point us in another direction to get there.  But it’d just be easier to just get there the way we know.

12 things happening on Monday, its run run run all day long.  I was wrong about the bone marrow biopsy, it’s actually on Tuesday with another test and a class.  Another social worker visit of some form starts Wednesday off, then a couple more tests.  Finally on Friday 3 appointments including 1 with my actual transplant doc, and 1 more test.  Then we have to be up there a week from Friday and then again on May 3rd.  Why they couldn’t make all these appointments on the same visit is beyond me.

Don’t know what the trip back looks like yet.  Hoping it’ll look better than the trip up there does.  But with Mother Nature forgetting to turn on Spring ya never know.

One of the appointments is with a dentist. So maybe, just maybe, I can get my tooth fixed.

Anxiety is way up.  I don’t want Bone Marrow Biopsy #9 and Spinal Tap #1 or any of these tests.  But I will muddle thru and everything will be ok.

I started writing my book again.  Going a bit slower this time.  7500 pages in 3 days isn’t slow, but its slower than 21 pages in 4.  I really like the story, I like the characters, I like it all.  Most of all I am having fun and that is the most important part I think.  I’ll tell you a bit about it in my next blog post.

Teresa did give me a new upgraded “nothing necklace”.  The old one was brass, this one is solid silver.  Just a simple ring on 2 strips of leather with a clasp.  Nothing special to anyone but me and her, but some people might get a kick out of seeing it.

We didn’t do anything for her birthday or our anniversary.  I am too fatigued to do much nowadays.  And on her birthday I hate a terrible stomach pain.  Oh well, we got to spend them together.  That is the important part.

A really short post, not even music tonight.  Teresa has went to sleep and I am going to join her.  Have a good one.  Good morning (now its 12:06am) and may the gods watch over you.


Apparently things start next Monday

Got a call from scheduling at Mayo.  Monday morning, bright and early, did I mention EARLY is when things start, I pick up my test schedule package and then meet my transplant coordinator (didn’t know I had a transplant coordinator, but it makes sense to have one).  After that I visit the dentist.  Then that afternoon my 9th Bone Marrow Biopsy.  Then I will be starving cuz I won’t have anything to eat after 7pm the night before.  This will be our first visit staying at the Gift-of-Life Transplant House (we were gonna try once before but Teresa had the flu).  A nice 4 night visit to get the feel of it.

Now I am having a little anxiety about this whole thing.  This transplant has become more real to me.  I guess it could be worse, they could say I was screwed and just gonna die.  At least the transplant gives me hope for some for of real life after it.

The 4 things I am most scared about for results of the transplant are:

  • Death, the obvious one.  It’s possible for the graph to totally be rejected and me to just die
  • Loss of who I am.  It’s possible to have a complete personality wipe, and a complete mind wipe.
  • Lungs Hardening.  Yeah, I was asthmatic as a kid, don’t want to go thru this crap again.
  • Blindness.  I am too old to learn brail.

Any of those things has a slight possibility of being an outcome of the transplant.  Scary stuff.  But in reality, the chance of any of those happening is very VERY slim.  Most likely I will have a little Graph vs Host Disease and then get on with life.

OK, enough about that.

I have finished reading a book on Dialog, a book on Plots and Structure, and finally a book of Characters and Point of View.  I feel much more educated on the art of writing.  I think I am ready to seriously tackle writing a book which is something I have wanted to do for years.

I started a book a week or so ago, got 21 pages down, but after reading 2 1/2 of those books, I realized that it was drek.  So I deleted what I wrote.  Now I am ready to start again.

Still bummed that I won’t be able to do Thanksgivingfest and the Thanksgiving  I had planned on doing this year.  I guess it is going to be me and Teresa and a turkey this year. Much like it was in our early years together.

Oh for those that haven’t heard, today is our 25th wedding anniversary.  25 years married and we are still happily together.

Another short blog.  Don’t have a lot to say right now.   Just wanting things to be done and over with if you get what I mean.

Well, things are finally gonna start moving

Finally spoke to Dr. Alkhateeb (yes, I called him, not overly impressed with his patient contact skills) about what is happening.  In the next week or so, I will be going to Mayo for pre-transplant testing.  Which includes, but is not limited to, yet another Bone Marrow Biopsy, a Spinal Tap, and various tests for kidney, liver, lungs and so forth.  Not looking forward to my 9th Bone Marrow Biopsy, he said there would be more after the transplant too.  I wonder what the record is?  Oh well, Spinal Tap is new to me, don’t know that I have ever had one, doesn’t sound enjoyable… maybe they’ll knock me out for it.  All my innards are good I think, so no worries there.  One way or the other the scheduling people should be calling to schedule all this stuff either still today or Monday. He said that insurance requires all the tests be done BEFORE giving final approval for the transplant (makes sense to me).  So let’s get the party started.

At least I get to spend Teresa’s birthday and our Anniversary with Teresa.  Things are getting started much slower than I figured they would, than Dr. Alkhateeb said they would.  But it’s all good, I get to be with my love on these special days.

I think we are going out to dinner on Sunday evening.  I think we are going out to dinner on Monday evening.  I guess that is the plan.  I figure Sunday evening will be packed wherever we go.  Monday will be busy, but not like Sunday.  I wonder where Teresa wants to go for her birthday?   And what should we do for our Anniversary?  Nothing like not planning until the last moment.

Stupid cough, need to talk to my Primary Care guy.   Yeah, this medicine is helping my blood pressure (from 150/105 to 120/85) but the cough is really annoying.  It’s not a bad cough, occasionally it knocks the wind out of me though.  Just a sucky cough.

At the rate things are going, I will be at the transplant house for my 100 days way past my birthday.  BOOOOOOOO for that.  I hate the thought of being laid up for my birthday.  The way Dr. Alkhateeb spoke, we might be looking May before the transplant which might very well put me in the transplant house til September.  YUCK.

This is gonna be a really short post.  I don’t have much to say, just a lot of thoughts in my head.

So Happy It’s Thursday

Still haven’t heard from Dr. Alkhateeb, he said he’d call me this week, wasn’t expecting to hear from him until Friday anyway.  This whole getting ready for a transplant has been a whole lot of waiting.  And I really hate waiting.  Anyhow, I am under the assumption that tomorrow (if) when he calls he will have all the steps laid out.  We got a lot to do before the transplant and it’d be nice to know when things are going to happen.  It will also be nice to know the status on my would be donors.  It’d be nice to know that one of them has agreed to be my donor and it is all set up.  Realistically Teresa and I are both in agreement that Dr. Alkhateeb probably still doesn’t know.  I hope we are wrong.  Anyhow, it’ll still be great to have things in motion.

I chose to cancel my water delivery service this delivery cycle.  I have the feeling that we aren’t going to be available to cancel it for the next service date.  Teresa thought I should keep it going, I just don’t want to have the hassle of having to remember it while all the transplant stuff potentially could be going on.

I am feeling pretty good except for the cough I got from my new blood pressure medicine.  Now I have the question, since the blood pressure medicine is working so well, do I just live with the cough?  Right now I decided yes.

Tonight we are making homemade pizza.  Pineapple Ham, Pepperoni, and Green Pepper. Teresa really knows how to make the pizza just perfectly.  Have I mentioned how wonderful it is being married to an excellent cook?

Thanks to my friend Caly I got a book called Dazzling Dialogue.  It’s a book that tells me everything I was doing wrong with my dialog I was writing.  And then it shows examples of how to do it right.  Right on, that is exactly what I needed.  And for 3.99 the kindle version works just fine.  I may just end up buying a few more of the author’s books on writing.  He has covered a lot of topics that I think would help me write a better book.  I got up to page 22 and then started reading the Dazzling Dialogue book and realized just how bad my writing was.  Other books might just be what I need.  Who knows.  But at 3.99 I can afford to buy a couple.

The fatigue is unreal.  I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 11am.  Then take a nap in the afternoon for 2 or 3 hours.  Then it repeats day after day.  It’s 12:47pm now and I am thinking a nap would be good right now.  When I am not sleeping, I am so drained that I can’t do much.  Frustrating.

I downloaded EVE Online again with hopes to play it.  I played it once before several years ago, I remember it to be kinda fun but difficult.  I think this time I will read the forums on how to get started and maybe it won’t be as hard.  EVE is a space game, you fly your ship around and do stuff.  It’s an MMO, but not an MMORPG, I have no interest in an MMORPG right now.  Still burned out after WoW.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, Teresa was invited into the Alpha of the next expansion but I don’t think she is gonna accept it.  We got too much going on right now to give an Alpha run a worthy go.  As a matter of fact, since she got the alpha invite I don’t think she has touched WoW.  She goes thru cycles where she plays every night and then doesn’t touch it for a  week or so.

Heh, REO Speedwagon is coming to Prairie Meadows Casino in October.  I was thinking it might be a nice night out after I have recovered.  I should be good for a few hours out by mid-October.  Well, I look at prices, 156 bucks for the floor seats.  I was floored alright, dang c’mon, REO is a great bad but they haven’t really been current for 20+ years.  It looks like I won’t be seeing REO Speedwagon in October.

Teresa wants to go to the movies on her Birthday.  Which happens to be Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day.  1.  I hate crowds.  The place is going to be packed.  2.  I don’t care to see Ready Player One.  The movie looks cableworthy. BUT 3.  I really love my wife and if she wants to go, we will go.  The other option is Red Boxing Star Wars the Last Jedi and staying in to watch that.  I am much more in support of that choice.  Either way, it’s all good, I’ll spend the day with the love of my life.  Her birthday present doesn’t get released until the 20th.

I never did find a dentist who could get me in while my platelets were up.  So while everyone is praying and sending good thoughts.  Please add a little addendum that my tooth doesn’t abscess when I have zero white blood cells.   Thanks in advance.

When I get back from Mayo, I may be looking for a new shrink.  I love Dr. Fialkov, but only having 1 day a month that I can see him is really inconvenient.  And having to call the secretary lady and hope she can get ahold of Dr. F if I need something is getting old.  So, I just might go in search of a new shrink.  I assume that while I am up at Mayo that they will keep the same meds going into me and I won’t have to see a shrink.

Yup, definitely going to take a nap.

Wrong again, but the food is good

Thinking that having unknown donors during the first week of looking was going to speed up the whole process was wrong.  The original 6 to 8 week estimate of when I was to get the transplant is now looking more like 10 to 12.  Which in turn means that I might end up in the transplant recovery house for my birthday in August.  DOH.  That would suck very much.  Worse though, there is practically no way I will be released to travel to Indiana by November, so there goes Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving with my family. Both of which I really want to do, and it’s a big bummer that in all likelihood I won’t be able to.  It’s just an issue of time after transplant and the physical ability to travel.

I am trying to find a localish dentist who can get me in to see them in the next few days, while my platelets are up.  I have a known cavity that needs to be taken of before I go in for my transplant.  The very last thing I would want is for a cavity to abscess when my white blood cell count will be zero.  Tomorrow I try my old dentist (they weren’t open today) and hope they can fit me in with one of the 3 of the dentists there.

Watching Brock “BORE ME TO TEARS” Lesnar beat up Roman Reigns again this week is kind of ridiculous.  So tired of seeing this when we all know that Brock is leaving the WWE after WrestleMania and Roman is going to walk out with the belt.   Yeah, Brock is a big boy and can fake (and legit) some damage, but do we have to see it every week?

Teresa’s birthday is Sunday, I know she is going to like what I am getting her for her birthday.  God of War for the PlayStation on the 20th.  Then our 25th anniversary is Monday.  I hope she likes what I got her.  Totally not on her list of things she has said she wanted, but I thought she might like it.  I also got her an aromatherapy diffuser which she knows about, she picked it out.  So at least 1 of the gifts is something she wants.

I thought when my mood improved I would be playing computer games again.  Well, I haven’t resumed playing much of anything lately.  I have been spending 2 hours a day entering all the things on PCHLotto.  I spend time on Facebook.  I am getting on Edwina’s Bipolar Chat more.  But mostly I am just sitting here doing much of nothing.

I did start writing my story that I talked about last time.  I have come to the conclusion that I can not write dialog very well.  The story parts I have written flow fairly well and you can follow the storyline along, but when people talk it sounds clunky and crappy when its read in my head.  Yes, I know I am my worse critic (as everyone is their own worse critic), but this dialog is really bad.

Oh, mood wise I am good.  Fatigue seems to have taken on a life of its own.  I am sleeping/napping a lot.  I know fatigue goes along with cancer, but dang it’s driving me crazy(er).

Teresa is making her beef chunks in gravy stuff tonight.  This is one of my favorite meals that she makes.  Put the beef chunks and gravy over white rice.  It’s pure bliss.  I’d share the recipe here if I knew it.  The gravy is that good.

Sometime this week I am supposed to find out “The Plan” for my transplant and recovery time.  It’ll be nice to finally know when exactly things are going to happen.  Until now, I have been just jumping when they say jump.  Well, now I will be able to say… on Thursday we have to be a Mayo for this…  on Friday this…  And so forth and so on.  It’ll be nice.

I’m hungry.  Dinner is ready in a few minutes.  I think I will go now.

Complete with Chili-Cheese Fries

My platelets tanked again, on Thursday they were at 11.  Chris, my PA, have a mini-freak out about this and called Dr. Wehbe’s office who, in turn, set me up to get platelets on Friday.  We arrived at the infusion center 10 minutes before the appointment time (cuz I knew I had to do the whole check-in procedure).  And we sat.  We sat out in the waiting area for a good 20 minutes before they called us back.  Finally got called back, got the IV hooked up, made some funny jokes, chatted with a few of the nurses who remember me from Leukemia Round 1.  And then I waited.  Turns out that the hospital was OUT of platelets.  It was finally 2 hours later when the nurse informed me that the platelets had arrived and off she went to get them.  Getting the platelets was nothing special except they were really cold going in.  45ish minutes later, I was out of there.  Hopefully this infusion is the last one I get until transplant time.

Dr. Wehbe’s office faxed Dr. Shin, Dr. Shin doesn’t want my information any more.  He called me and politely informed me that Dr. Alkhateeb is the one things need to be faxed to.  I had already had Chris fax the results of my CBC to Dr. A.  So the call was really unnecessary except to let me know to tell Dr. Wehbe’s office to only fax Dr. A and not Dr. Shin.

Next week I find out “THE PLAN” as far as the transplant goes.  Whether that means Monday or Friday or in between, I don’t know, just “next week”.   I am anxiously awaiting this plan.  We have things to add in between parts of the plan (like getting our dogs to my mom and brother).   This plan will give a more real feel to this whole procedure, until now, it’s just seemed like it could be happening to anyone, if that makes sense.

I have felt like crap since the platelets.  Might be coincidence, might be some weird reaction.  But feeling like crap wasn’t the goal.  My head is pounding on and off (Tylenol has helped this) and I have a general feeling of crapiness.  Can’t really identify anything as wrong, just don’t feel well.  Oh wait a minute, I started a new blood pressure med, and I always feel crappy after starting a new blood pressure med.  That is probably why I feel so rotten.  Just coincidence.

I still haven’t played my Train game.  Yeah, I keep saying I am gonna.  Just haven’t for one reason or the other.  Now I think I am going to save it to have something to do during recovery.  There are going to be many hours of just sitting around doing much of nothing.  100 days is a long time to fill with stuff.  A new game might just fill a good chunk of that.

I haven’t played Skyrim in a couple weeks.  I don’t really know why, just haven’t felt like it.  Lots of hours have been logged into Skyrim, so I don’t think I am gonna just get up and walk away from the game.

I’m thinking of trying to write a sci-fi/fantasy story.  I have what I think is a good idea in my head.  Been having dreams about this story.  Just have to get over my thing about writing dialog…. when I have written stories before, the dialog always sounds corny.  There is going to be a lot of dialog in the story I am gonna try to write.  So, either I fix it, or I let someone else in on my concept to help with the dialog.  Oh well, right now it’s just a jumble of an idea in my head.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow I will put something down and maybe make an outline.  I assume that is what authors do.

Teresa cooked 2 types of chili tonight.  I was going to cook 1 of them, the traditional Campbell chili, but she knew I wasn’t feeling well, so she made that.  Then the 2nd chili is like Del Taco’s.  Or at least what we remember Del Taco’s to be like.  Since we live 100s of miles from the nearest Del Taco we have to go by memory and not actual.  But tasting her chili brought back memories, and its gonna be delicious over crinkle fries and with nacho cheese.   Yep, we are gonna go there, Chili-Cheese Fries inspired by a craving for Del Taco.  Heh, it’s only been 15 years since we had Del Taco.  Now, those of you who read this who are lucky enough to have access to real Del Taco Chili-Cheese Fries, have some for us.

Now if she could only replicate Carl’s Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, we’d be very happy.  The Western Bacon Thickburgers that Hardee’s comes out with every so often just aren’t the same.


Feeling better, a lot of wrestling talk and I love my wife.

It only took my transplant doc 5 days and 3 messages from me to respond.  The response was pretty much exactly what I figured it was going to be.  I just needed to hear it from Dr A officially.  He confirmed that they are reaching out to the potential donors in hopes of getting 1 of them to say yes and be available.  He was a little behind on his information, Dr Shin has already said there would be no need for any extra treatment before the transplant, but that ok, Dr A probably forgot I had seen Shin between last Dr A and I spoke and now.  Dr A did say he would call me next week with the FINAL PLAN.  Then I will know how long it will be before the transplant and before I get done with recovery.  That is what I am really wanting to know, I want to know if I’ll be able to see Summer this year or will it be another Spring =====> Fall again, like 2015.

My mood has already improved considerably with just reading the message from Dr A.  I have went from deep down in the dumps to pretty happy.  I should be back to my normal happy self later tonight or tomorrow.  It’s amazing what a small thing like not hearing from my transplant doc for 5 days just thru me for a loop.

My good friend Drew invited me to lunch tomorrow.  He even let me choose the place.  I chose Applebees.  Which just happens to be one of my favorite chain restaurants.  I just love their Four Cheese Mac + Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders.  (yes, I cut and pasted the name cuz I always screw it up).  So, tomorrow will be good food with a good friend… can’t (and shouldn’t) ask for more than that.

And after I get done with lunch, I will finally play my new train game, Railway Empire.  I have started it several times, but have yet to actually play it cuz of my mood.  I haven’t played any game in the last 5 days.  My mood was that far down.

What the re-good mood means is less time on Facebook and staring blankly at the TV and more time playing games and having more fun.  As much fun as a guy who is technically dying can have.  Yeah, that was morbid, true, but morbid.

It’s great to hear that Bryan Danielson er Daniel Bryan is released to wrestle again.  And the end of Smackdown was pretty cool.  Him holding off Sami and Kevin for a while.  The German Suplex on Sami was sick.  And the beating that Daniel eventually took was just plain impressive for a guy just back.  Sorry to see the Sami and Kevin were fired, but Daniel will bring them back to feud with.  It’ll be Ring of Honor 10 years ago.  Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen and El Generico in the ring.  Ah, memories.

Heh, was trying to educate Teresa on who ROH stars are now.  When I see their old names for the most part the new name disappears from my head.  At least A J Styles is still A J Styles and the 3 above were easy for me.  But Tyler Black being Seth Rollins, and Prince Devitt being Finn Balor just completely slipped my mind (yes, I had to look them up).  I figure at least 50% of current WWE went thru ROH.  The other 50% coming from NXT (which is full of ex-ROH or ex-TNA now) and other independents.  It’s all good, I am happy when an independent wrestler can get a WWE contract.  Good on them.

In more wrestling news… Impact Wrestling is the most watched wrestling in the world… and it pretty much sucks.  I guess in the rest of the world it’s something, but here it’s stuck on POP TV, which is only carried by like 20% of the nation and it’s in low def.  Eek.  But anyhow, TNA does occasionally put on some good matches that are fun to watch, so if you like wrestling, and happen to have POP TV, then give Impact Wrestling a go.

I want to take a moment to remind everyone how much I love my wife.  She is everything to me.  I think I accidently saw a gift she was getting me (I looked over at her IPAD which I am known to do, so it was purely an accident).  I think she is getting me a new Nothing Necklace.  My old one disappeared some time 20+years ago, I think when we lived in Vegas (VEGAS SUCKS).  It really was nothing, just a metal circle dangling on a piece of negligee strap that I wore for about 10 years.  I am not sure she got it for me or was just looking at one, but if she got a new one for me, I am a happy man.  A lot of the really bad crap things (healthwise) that happened to me were after I lost my nothing necklace.  It would be so cool to have a new one.  I hope she did order it for me.  But shhhhh, don’t tell her I saw her looking at it.  I don’t want to ruin her surprise if she did order it for me.

I’m hungry, I am gonna go look for a snack.  Watch and listen to this….