It’s a Night, Oh yeah

Well, the battery was dead in Teresa’s car.  Not a big deal I guess.  Car repair place got the battery out and a new battery in with no issue.  Didn’t even lose the radio stations.  Heh, yeah, Tuesday was an expensive day but it could’ve been a heck of lot worse.

The dogs both came thru their teeth cleanings very well. Well, Mojo had a whole lot more dental work done than anyone would have been prepared for.  So he is still a little tender tonight.  But he and Pucky are eating their dry food without problem and eating hard rice cracker treats, so it’s all good.

Wednesday nights high-level D&D went off with 1 cancel, 1 no show, and 1 new guy.  So the adventure I made for 6 I had to nerf down to 4 people, but with exception of the very last fight, they handle things very well.  I was rolling ridiculously well for most of the night though, that didn’t help the party any.  I had one monster’s rolls have 3 critical hits out of 3 possible hits and I do criticals a little weird, it’s double everything.  So the player took 88 points of damage putting him DOWN.  Yeah, crits in my game are serious things.  But it goes both way, players can do crits just as well, all it takes is a natural 20.

I am ready for Friday nights D&D game too.  As long as the player who everything revolves around shows up.  lol.  If he doesn’t show up there will be no game.  Sad, I really screwed up on this one, but it has to be how it has to be.

My back has handled me sitting for over 3 hours thanks to Flexeril.  Now at 4 plus my back is really starting to hurt.  OK, know your limits.   This is good to know.  It’s almost time for my next Flexeril anyway, so I guess that this falls under it’s all good too.

Teresa stayed home from work today.  She has a bad migraine and is still coughing and hacking from her cold.  I am so lucky and so glad I didn’t catch it.  She really got a bad illness this time.

Well, Thanksgivingfest is a bit over a month away and I have no clue how I am getting from the Region to Indy on Friday night or Saturday early.  I don’t think I can drive 3 1/2 hours to Indy without ending up in a lot of pain.  I could fly but that is 202 dollars.  I just don’t know at this time.  I guess I got a bit of time to figure this out.

I bought myself a record player.   Well it play records, cds, tapes, Bluetooth devices, AM/FM radio and some other stuff.  I got to listen to the Fools – World Dance Party for the first time in over 27 years.  Heh, it is probably my favorite album of all time.  I am so glad that my old record player which didn’t actually play records fell and broke.  Teresa would have had a fit at me for buying a new one if that old one hadn’t broke.  The wood case of the record player clashes with the wood of my office furniture, but heh, the one that did match was 10 more bucks and I would be damned if I was gonna pay 10 bucks more for it just to match.

The Fools-World Dance Party album introduced me to the songs “Life Sucks and Then You Die” and “World Dance Party”.  I linked the World Dance Party video here a week or so ago.  Today I will link a video for Life Sucks and Then You Die, it’s funny and totally inappropriate.

I have a blood check tomorrow that I am very not looking forward to.  It’s silly that I have to go pay a 50 dollar copay every month just to see my blood numbers drop again and again.  But not by much.  So down my numbers go and every month its the same thing down a little more.  Going every 4 months would make more sense to me.  It would show much more of a change.   It’s not like anyone is going to do anything until my platelets get down below 10.  It’s in the mid-high 30s now.  Bah, I just like to bitch about copays, sorry.

Friday morning I have a shrink appointment.  I really need to see him.  Especially if I am going to go to school in the Spring.  Remember, I ask that no one mention school to Teresa.  When I was going to go to school he prescribed a 2nd klonnie, which I couldn’t take cuz it knocks me out better than anything.  Boom, 4 hours of sleep guaranteed no matter when I take it.  The one I take at night helps me go to sleep and is not as wicked as Ambien.

I think I am hungry.  I think I am gonna go.  Let me grab that “Life Sucks and Then You Die” video for you all….

I’m alone and it’s weird

It is quiet and lonely in the house this morning.  The dogs are at the vets, Teresa is at work, I am here, possibly for the first time ever, totally alone in my house (we have always had pets since we moved here).  It’s a weird feeling, I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  I don’t think being this alone is good for me.  Weird stuff is running thru my brain.

Teresa’s car needed a jump this morning.  We jumped it, I let it sit for an hour, even took it for a little drive around a couple blocks.  Teresa took my car to work.  After the hour, I turned the car off and it started right up.  I am like cool.  I shut it off again, then went inside for a while.  Did I mention it’s 43 degrees and raining fairly hard?  I went back out 20 minutes later.  Tried to start it, DEAD again.  Luckily we live only a few blocks from the place that fixes our cars and they are cool people.  Called them up and they sent a guy over with a jump pack to jump the car.   We jumped it real quick and then I drove it over to the repair place.  They then gave me a ride home after telling me they will check everything and give me a call with a price.  What a morning.  I am waiting now for said call.  Alone, in my home, having weird thoughts.

My lunch that was tomorrow, got moved to Thursday, but then I was reminded that I have a cancer blood check appointment on Thursday, so that rules Thursday out.  Friday is shrink appointment, so that rules Friday out, so we are now having lunch some time next week.  LOL, it’s ok, he is a good friend, we will get together.  It’s his turn to buy lunch anyway.

We actually turned the heat on last night (and its gonna probably stay on).  Cold and wet is most of the forecast ahead for the next week.  Thank the gods that the furnace didn’t have trouble again when we turned it on.  It’s all good when it works, but a couple times over the last several years the furnace has had problems with a little gizmo inside it.  Same part every time.  Heh.  The repair place for furnaces sends the same tech out every time and he had actually not charged us labor for the last time, he just walked in with the little gizmo and swapped it out and walked out like 3 minutes later.  It’s almost ridiculous.

The dogs were really nervous when we dropped them off this morning.  They always get nervous over visits to the vet.  But when the vet tech picked them off to take them to the back, they both got super nervous.  I don’t think Mojo has ever been taken back, and the last 2 times Pucky went to the back, he had knee surgery.  This time they are just having their teeth deep cleaned.  But that does take putting them under, so I’m a little nervous for them.  By now, they are probably done and in recovery.  Won’t know how it went til later this afternoon.  But for now, no news is good news.

The high-level D&D game starts back tomorrow night.  I posted what the Paladin detected as his last action last time.  The reactions have been humorous.  Undead to the right, Devils to the left, Vampire in the middle.  LOL, if they play it right, it’ll be a challenge but not impossible.  If they screw around, there will be a total party kill before they get to the final guys.  I nerfed every encounter a little bit, so they should be able to handle this.

The low-level D&D game starts back on Friday night.  This will be the final adventure of the story arc that actually started like 4 months ago.  It might even be delayed another week due to the player whose character is the main focus of the finale might have to give his daughter a birthday party thing on Friday night.  I really should ask him if that is the case so we can announce that the game will be postponed 1 week.  I don’t want to run this final part without him actually playing his character as his character has a significant role in this set of encounters.

Flexeril is still keeping my back feeling pretty good.  But I can’t seem to do any stretches without a lot of pain.  My physical therapist said that’s not good, so he told me to stop going to him.  So, I called my pain doctors office to get on the list to try to get a sooner appointment, right now I am set to see him December 22nd.  DOH.  Anyhow, I am now on the list, that’s good.  Plus they called me in a refill on my Flexeril, I don’t know if I am gonna be on it forever, but for now, it’s good to have a supply.  And the grumpy lady who answers the phone at the pain doc’s office was actually pleasant with me, I made her laugh, I’m good at that.

Blood check is Thursday morning.  I’m not looking forward to my platelets (and rest of blood levels) going down more.  I feel nervous enough about where the platelets are, I don’t need added stress about them going down more.  And like I mentioned before, no one but me is noticing the other stats are going down a little bit each month, not as noticeably as the platelets, but still it is happening.

Teresa just Skyped me that she is coming home in an hour or so and finishing the day from home.  Can’t say how happy I am that she is going to be here sooner as opposed to later.  She is still sick, she shouldn’t have went to work in the first place.  I’m sure that the workers around her are making her leave.  I’m not afraid of her germs, heck I’ve lived thru all of Teresa’s illnesses over the years and only got 1 worse than her, most I have somehow magically evaded them all, only feeling bad for a day or so compared to her 4 or 5 days of being SICK.

Gonna mention this here.  I am toying with the idea of trying school one more time.  Starting in the Spring.  January actually.  I filled out the FAFSA.  I have figured out a schedule.  I know I can’t do online in the summer.  But I think I could do in person during a real semester.  I still have to talk to Teresa about it, so PLEASE no one mention this to her.  I will bring it up when she is feeling better.  This is very much in the kicking around the idea stage.   I think I could do a real semester.  Not sure.  But dammit, I think I am gonna try.

I just don’t know

Heh, I say the invite page for Thanksgivingfest should be coming out and BOOM, it comes out same day.  Must be magic.  I was left off the invite list by Sam though.  Pure mistake, he included my wife.  Find that totally funny actually, remember my wife, forget me.  lol. Oh well, I got the invite eventually, now I don’t know if I am a yes or a maybe or a no.  Teresa is definitely a No.  Both where we are staying and tfest itself are no doggies allowed, so Teresa has decided to stay behind and take care of Pucky and Mojo.  This leaves me with options…  I can drive down on Saturday morning, I haven’t driven 3 1/2-4 hours in a long time.  I can fly down on Saturday morning, and fly back Sunday early evening for 207 dollars.  Or I can just not go and spend that weekend with my wife and my family.  I really, at this moment, do not know which choice I will make.  So I guess I am a maybe.

Added 1 more person to the Wednesday night high level D&D game.  One person backed out do to bad internet connection so we had an empty spot.  Took me about 20 minutes to find him and about 20 minutes to talk him into playing.  His character is made, magic items are assigned, everything is ready to go for him.  Heck, everything is ready to go for me too.  I actually got everything ready last night and finished it up today, for both Wednesday and Friday nights games.  Yeah, I am the man.

Teresa is still sick, she already called in sick for tomorrow.  She has no voice, a wicked cough that hurts her, a stuffed up head, having problems regulating her temperature.  She is Sick.

Somehow, I am still avoiding it.  Miracles do happen.  I can’t afford to get sick right now.  I just got the D&D games ready to go and scheduled with the peeps.  I have to call my pain doc’s office tomorrow.  Dogs have to go to the vet at 7:30 on Tuesday.  I got a lunch scheduled for Wednesday.  Thursday seems to be open right now.  And Friday day I have something scheduled I am forgetting.  I can not get sick.

I haven’t been able to talk to Teresa about Disneyworld since she got sick.   Her mind is not processing correctly.  So that is on hold

I haven’t spoken to her at all about getting away a couple days for our anniversary either, same reason and I am pretty sure she will say No.

Basically for the last 3 days, we haven’t spoken much.  For at least 1 day she was writing everything to me.  I feel so sorry for her.

Oh wow, its 11:30, I should be thinking about going to bed.  But I will finish this blog entry first.  Yeah, priorities.

I watched the Hell in a Cell PPV tonight.  The only truly memorable part is the very end.  I was spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  If you are a WWE fan and have the WWE Network, catch the replay, its long, but it was a decent PPV and the very end was worth watching.

OK, this one is gonna be short.  I am tired. So I give you a big Hawaiian singing Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Doomed, I say

Teresa has the flu (or something close enough to it) and I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet (planned for next week).  I still have a very weakened immune system, I am Doomed.  There is little to no chance of me NOT getting whatever she has.  Fever, sinus issues and general craptastic feeling.  If I had known it was gonna get this bad (last night she just felt bad but no fever) I would have either had her put on or I would have put on a mask.  BUT NO, I thought it was minor and blew it off.  She gets little sicknesses often from her work where everyone she works with has school age kids.  But every once in a while she comes home with a doozy.  I think this might just be one of those times.

We have been doing the Pokémon thing for the last couple of days.  We have even gotten into raiding, sort of.  lol.  If you count the 2 of us as a raid group.  Anyhow, it’s being a lot of fun driving around town, hitting pokestops and catching pokemon.  I am trying to get a couple of the games medals, 50 tiny rattata and 3 large magicarp. I have 15 tiny rats and 1 large magicarp as of now.  Not quite sure what makes a rattata tiny, cuz I have easily caught 50 rattata, maybe they have to be sub CR 50 or something silly like that.  Same goes for what makes  a magicarp large, I would guess CR over 100.  Anyhow, I will get those medals, make take me a few more years, but hey got little else to do.

We, at one point, held 3 gyms by ourselves and I held the 4th.   There are only 5 in Adel, so holding 4 is a big thing here.  Lost the one I was holding by myself yesterday and before I could go back and retake it, someone put a Dragonite in there and I have nothing at this point to fight said Dragonite effectively.  Then this afternoon someone took one of the gyms we held together.  I actually figured we would lose all 3, but some nice soul cam along and not only put his pokemon in to protect the gym, he also healed our pokemon.  And this was in 2 of the gyms.  That 3rd gym, the one we lost earlier today, we took back this evening.  Probably all good now, should be able to hold on til morning at least.  Maybe the mysterious healing guy will show up and heal our pokemon in the reclaimed gym.

I’m slacking on fixing the D&D stuff, I haven’t touched any of it since I last spoke of it here.  Today is pretty much done, and tomorrow is the TLC PPV which goes 4 hours or so in the evening.  I have Monday all day, Tuesday is taken during the day with the dogs getting their teeth cleaned, not that I am gonna wait there for it, but still, like I said before, I will be worried about them.  Wednesday is the high level game, I got the difficulty set way too high.  Like first room total party kill (TPK) difficult.  I guess when I get done here, I will find my stuff and start softening things up some.  I will set aside Thursday to fix the low level stuff.  Yeah, I got this.  Just need to stop with all the distractions and then do what needs to be done.

OK, it is October 7th and I haven’t seen the Facebook invite page to Thanksgivingfest yet.  Not calling anyone a slacker, but geeeeeeez, it’s like 6 weeks away, someone should have set out the invites by now.   Yeah, I know where it’s gonna be and yeah, I know who is hosting and all that.  But I look forward to the facebook invite with the cool picture and all that fluff.  Looking forward to posting that we are coming to Thanksgivingfest officially.  Oh well, maybe it will get posted next week.

I have already spoken to Andi and Shawn about lunch the day after Thanksgivingfest, and they have both said they will be there.  Shawn has bailed on us the last 2 times, I made him promise as long as he isn’t coughing up a lung or something like that.

Priorities, first we have Halloween.  We turn out all the lights in the house and basically ignore the trick or treaters.  Yeah, you’d think I, of all people, would really be into this holiday.  Alas, it has become too much hassle for us to give candy out to the 10 or so children who come down our street.  Our neighborhood is an older neighborhood, there are fancy new neighborhoods full for families that go all out for Halloween.  Kids should go there.  At least this year Trick or Treating is being held on Halloween itself, here in Adel, that is not always the case.

Then we have Thanksgiving.  Teresa is cooking the bird and the ham this year.  She had originally said she would cook it all, but time restraints prevail since we are going to my god-mother’s house to have Thanksgiving.  It’s not that we won’t be in town already, it’s just that it is too much of a hassle to do it all when it is not your kitchen.  You know what I mean.

Then there is Christmas.  I have mellowed considerably about this holiday.  I used to be all Bah Humbug, now I reply Merry Christmas if someone says it to me first.  I always send gifts to my mom and brother and get something for Teresa (well, usually it’s Amazon gift cards for everyone, then I don’t screw up).  Yeah, Christmas isn’t so bad.  The only problem I have now is that I am terribly horribly awfully allergic to Poinsettias, and almost every grocery store has a ton of them right as you walk in the door.  Yup, I don’t do much shopping from right before Thanksgiving to well after New Years.  I happen to like not having allergy attacks.

Have I mentioned here that I did not put on any weight while I was on Prednisone eating like a pig?  Well, the next 3 months = a lot of candy and food in general.  I don’t think I will be lucky twice, I will probably pack of a few pounds over the holiday season.  It is ok, the only one it matters to is me, Teresa loves me for me, no matter how much I weigh.  I just don’t like being much over 220.  Would LOVE to get down to 200 again, but I am of an age where what I want and what I have the energy to do to get don’t always equal out.

It’s 8:30pm, I am tired.  Like go to bed tired.  That is sad.  I have stuff I have to get done.  Plus I have to wait til 10:30 to take my Flexeril.  So, after I find a gif or a video for the end of this blog entry, I will dig out the D&D stuff and get started on it.  Yup, Yup, No more slacking on my part, I shall get done what needs to get done.

Of Pokémon and other things…

Went on a spontaneous date with my wife tonight.  We first set out to go to Red Lobster, but then changed our mind and went to the Texas Roadhouse in Johnston.  After dinner we went Pokémon hunting / Pokestop cruising thru our town.  I must say it was nice just getting out and having dinner and then getting some laughs in as we did the Pokething.  I would love to go out more often, but she often gets stuck at work late or is just too tired.  I understand totally.  But tonight was a great evening with the one I love.

Pokémon, the game on cell phones.  Yup we have played on and off since launch, but its been like a year since we touched the game.  Today I just fired it up on whim and caught a couple Pokémon.  When I was catching them tonight, Teresa decided she was going to start again.  So we decided together to cruise the Pokestops here in Adel.  She even got 1 new Pokémon out of the night.  My Vileplume ran away.  It happens.  Anyhow, again I point out that this was a lot of fun with the one that I love.

Texas Roadhouse is one of our go-to restaurants.  The service always rocks, the food is always great, and the whole atmosphere is fun.  Unfortunately, other places have Texas Roadhouses that aren’t up to that standard, so I can’t recommend the chain to everyone.  But if you are ever in the Johnston, Iowa area, and you want a excellent steak dinner, go to the Texas Roadhouse.  It’s right off the 80/35, easy to get to.

My physical therapist has decided that physical therapy isn’t working for me.  I tried to do the simple stretches yesterday and the day before and they caused pain in my back.  The stretches are NOT supposed to cause pain.   Therefore I was told that I shouldn’t be in physical therapy.  My ex-Physical therapist is going to send a letter to my pain doc to that effect.   So, on Monday or so I will call my pain doc’s office and try to get in sooner as opposed to later which is what my current scheduled appointment is.  Heh, I need more Flexeril anyway.

Been reworking some of the stuff I had set for the D&D campaigns that are resuming next week.  I really made adventure that the high level group is doing way too hard I think.  And the low level group has had it way too easy.  Now if I can middle ground both groups I’ll be doing good.  Taking difficulty away is so much easier than adding difficulty.  I have 6 days to get the high level stuff worked out and 8 days to get the low level stuff worked out.  No worries there, I don’t have jack other things to do, so prepping for D&D can actually be a priority.  lol.

I accidently took 2 Flexeril this morning, slept and slept and slept.  Well, my back didn’t hurt today.  So, other than sleeping til 2:30 in the afternoon, there were no really bad or odd effects.  Just have to be more careful about if I have or haven’t taken one in the morning.  I do not have this problem with the one at night as it gets taken with all the rest of my pills.

This coming April is our 25th Anniversary.  I wanted to throw a party and invite all our friends.  Teresa pointed out that she doesn’t have any friends.  I felt (feel) sorry for her.  Then I realized that she really doesn’t have anyone she can call up and make lunch plans with.  Anyone she can just hang out with.  Sure she has coworkers that she is kinda friendly with, but they aren’t friends as the only thing they have in common is work.  Ick, boring.

I, on the other hand, have a large handful of people I call friends.   People I could call up and any one of them would be happy to go to lunch or hang out with me.  No, I am not a social butterfly, but I got friends here in Iowa.  Then when you get out of Iowa, I have friends in lots of places.

So, if we threw a party for our 25th anniversary, it would just be my friends and our collective families.  That would be awkward for Teresa.  So we won’t be having a party.  I am still gonna pitch to her the idea of just getting away for a few days to the Hotel Pattee. It’s a fancy old time hotel in Perry, IA.  Just a short drive away.   It would be nice to just slip away and not worry about anything.

Disneyworld trip is solidifying.  A short trip in February of next year.  The aforementioned trip to Hotel Pattee, is a trip doing nothing specific.  Disneyworld is a serious undertaking.  We haven’t firmed up plans, but we want to hit Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.  But we are only going for 3 or maybe 4 days.  That will be a little more fast paced than either of us are used to.  Heh, way more walking than either of us are used to.  Maybe pick one or two for this trip and go back in a couple years to do the rest.  Don’t know, but I am pretty damn sure we are going.

Same old, same old story about my issues with Civ4 warlords.  Still can’t beat it on conquer mode without nukes.  Same story on Mutant Football League, haven’t won a game yet.  Same about Skyrim, still haven’t went back to it, but I did delete all my saved games (some 3000+ saved games), so I will be starting over when I do go back.

I am concerned about this coming Tuesday.  On Tuesday we take Pucky and Mojo to the Vet for deep teeth cleaning.  Pucky has had anesthesia twice before, so not so worried about him, but Mojo has never been put under and he is so small.  I am sure Dr Beeman knows what he is doing, I shouldn’t worry.  Just if anything were to happen to Pucky or Mojo, we would be devastated.


What a Wonderful World

As the United States preps for Halloween this month, we here in the Campbell household prep for Halloween candy splurge shopping the day after Halloween (this resembles the day after Valentine’s Day candy splurge shopping).  It’s a Hallowed tradition that goes back to our days in California. We would wait til the day after Halloween (and Valentine’s, same deal) and go to Wally World and just stack up on candies that were marked way down.  It’s a joyous time for us.

I was wrong about no more 80+ degree weather or rather the weather man was.  It is supposed to be 86 or so tomorrow and then 80 on Tuesday, then back to the mid-60s for the rest of the week.  I guess I can handle a couple more days in the 80s.  The rest of the week will be beautiful.

D&D games have been scheduled.  Wednesday the 11th and Friday the 13th are the days that we are resuming.  Only lost one player who wasn’t a player yet.  He said he has internet fail, a forgive explanation.  So, I have to rework some of what I had ready cuz I had counted him in when figuring out the size of the battles and experience and treasure rewards for each battle.  No biggie, I track all of it on computer… it’ll be look up a few things in the Dungeon Master’s Guide and then change a few things in the spreadsheet then look up some more in the Monster Manual and then change the number or type of monster that they have to fight or change the hit points to make them a tad easier to kill.  I want the stuff to be challenging to maintain interest but not a walk in the park.

I sat at my desk with minimal pain for 14 hours yesterday.  Apparently Physical Therapy and Flexeril do work.  I am only doing my stretches once a day though, so I think it’s more the Flexeril working on the muscles that freak out and cause me pain.  Whatever it is or whatever combination it is, it does appear to be working cuz just a few weeks ago I couldn’t sit there for 20 minutes without pain starting.  Today I only made about 10 hours before my back totally freaked out.  Thus I am typing this on my laptop while lounging in bed.

I have Physical Therapy on Monday and Wednesday this week.  I wonder if I still need him?  I mean I am living a pretty pain free (or at least minimal pain) existence for the most part with the stretches I am doing and the Flexeril.  I guess I will talk to him about it.  I can handle staying on Flexeril for the rest of my life.  And the stretches aren’t hard or very time consuming.  He said he only had 5 stretches to teach me, I have learned the 5.  The rest of the time I spent hooked to the TENS Unit machine (20ish minutes).  I can’t say that I feel much different before or after therapy.

I see my Mental Therapist on Wednesday morning.  I hope I am awake for it.  I have been working on taking my Flexeril at 12 and 12.  If I wait til noon to take it I don’t normally take a nap.  No Flexeril induced nap today and I took it at noon.  The midnightish one knocks me out, gives me weird dreams, but I get some serious sleep.  Between Flexeril and Clonazepam, I fall asleep a hell of a lot quicker than I used to.

Still haven’t beat Civ4 on Conquer mode without the use of nukes.  I think it might be the civilization leaders I like to play.  He gets his “Super Unit” really early, so the first 5 or 6 civilization I face, I chew thru.  Then I run into the “Super Unit” of the next couple and it takes a lot more resources to beat them.  This causes a bottle neck which lets the last nation build and build and build up their army to come and trounce my forces.  Then I get pissed and quit the game.  Things I have learned…  Don’t let the German’s get Panzers, they can go toe to toe with your Modern Armor and win half the time….  Of all the early “Super Units”, the Roman Praetorian is by far the best….  Japan has a really tough mid game, best to take them out early or wait until you have tanks and they don’t.

The reality is I didn’t start playing the Roman civilization because of the  Praetorian.  I chose them because Augustus Caesar has the best traits as a leader.   Choosing the best traits and then getting the best unit was just BONUS.

I’ll have to research other civs to see if there is a civ leader than has decent traits and a good mid or late super unit.  I am thinking Washington perhaps.  Play American, perhaps.

The final version of Mutant Football League is due out some time this month.  The last Beta push has rocked, can’t wait for the final version.  Still haven’t won a game by points. Have won a couple by death of the other team.  This version is much harder than the old Sega version where you run a bomb passing play and score every time.  Oh well, I get closer and closer every time I play (well, almost every time).  I will win eventually.

I found I like watching my wife while she plays World of Warcraft.  Well not watching my wife per se, watching what she makes her character do in WoW.  Brings back good and bad memories.  But I have no desire to play the new expansion, I hated it.  Everyone I know who plays WoW says it is a great expansion.  Well, I didn’t like it.  And it will probably keep me from ever playing WoW again.  Well, if Blizzard gives me a free week again, I would play.  Play one of my low level dudes and literally waste a week on Blizzard’s dime.

I made it thru September without my mood crashing.  That is a first in several years (not counting my leukemia year where nothing phased my mood).  Last year by this time I was way down, now I am still fairly happy with life.  Long term pain and depression walked side by side for a while, but when the pain went away I am Happy Hectic.

World Dance Party

I have achieved what I thought was impossible at this time.   I have actively sat in a chair for almost 3 hours (a couple short breaks) and my back is not hurting.  Miracle of miracles.  Physical Therapy has helped some, but the real credit has to go to Flexeril.  But truly, I do not care how I am sitting without pain, I just want to let the world know that I can now sit without pain.  Happy Hectic.

I ran a high fever on Thursday, the day I was supposed to go to mental therapy.  Almost high enough to contact my cancer doc and probably be admitted to the hospital.  Luckily over a lot of hours, 6 Tylenol got rid of the fever.  But I did not make it to therapy obviously.   We rescheduled for this Wednesday at 11am.  I don’t normally make morning appointments cuz I take a Flexeril in the morning and it normally knocks me out til after noon.  I am testing it today, I did not take a Flexeril this morning, gonna try not to take one until noon and then take a Flexeril nap.  So far so good, I am awake and functional.

I am thinking of buying a record player from amazon.  I have all these records and nothing to play them on.  The player I found does mp3s, cds, Bluetooth, etc… as well as plays records.  The thing is, its 120 bucks and we are supposed to be saving.  I have amazon gift card money saved up though, it has no other use as of now.   I guess I will have to run it by Teresa.

My mother and brother are at the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon in Lafayette, Indiana.  Wish I was there too.  I haven’t been for many years, but memories of it still stand in my head.  It was fun when I was a kid.  Now that I am older, it would probably be a different kind of fun.   Oh well, I how Jim and Mom have a good time.  Maybe next year I will find a way to go with you guys.

D&D games won’t be resuming next week as I had hoped.  Got too much going on next week.  The week after looks much more mellow.  Besides, I need some time to changed up what I was going to do in both the high level and low level games.  Still wish someone else would run a game I could be a player in, either online or in person.  But online everyone seems to want to use roll20 which I do not care for.  And in person is being really difficult to find.  I have to get down to Mayhem on a Wednesday night to see if any groups have an opening on a day or night that I have free.

It really sounds like we will be going to Disneyworld next February or so.  I priced out Disneyworld and Disneyland.  For EXACTLY the same trip, just the different destinations, World was like 1000 dollars cheaper.  Airfare being the HUGE difference.  Flying out of Des Moines is expensive.  And flying to Ontario, CA from Des Moines cost over double the price of flying from Des Moines to Orlando.  We could fly into LA and rent a car and drive to Anaheim, but that would be more expensive too.

Heh, my shrink put me on 2 clonazepam a day 6 months or so ago.  I can physically only take one a day if I want to be awake at all.  I haven’t seen my shrink in  all that time to tell him to cut the prescription down to 1, so we have a ton of extra klonnies.  Guess I will save them for if I get a real bad run of insomnia again.

This year I am not certain if I am going to do the Light the Night walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   I know I am not collecting funds for it.  But I am not sure I want to go walk it again this year.  They moved it later in the year cuz last year was ridiculously hot.  That is a good thing.  Right now, I just don’t feel up to it.  I am gonna get my free t-shirt though, the one that says SURVIVOR on the back.  I will contact the local LLS chapter and arrange to pick one up before the event.  They are cool people, they’ll let me.

OK, at 3 1/2 hours of sitting, I have a small little pain spot on my back.  Not even really pain, just a little ache to remind me that my back is messed up.  This spot is located right at the trigger point that started this whole mess with my back.

I think YouTube has every video (well except the NSFW ones) ever recorded on it.   I just looked up The Fools, World Dance Party.  And I’ll be damned if someone hadn’t uploaded it.  Anyhow, I enjoyed it, so now you can too.