Will I ever sleep normal again

Up at 6:30 even with a Restoril last night.  Hmmm.  At least  I did get 8 hours of sleep, and I don’t feel too groggy.  I just wish my sleep would go back to what it was a couple months ago, no meds, no problems.  Just go to bed, go to sleep, wake up 8-10 hours later.  Those were the nights.  I used to sleep like a baby, lately, as you know, I am sleeping like a cranky baby.

My knee still hurts.  Resting pain is up to a 3 and accidently kneel on is a definite 7.  I really should haul myself to the doctor, but it’s Chris’ day off and I don’t want to see any other provider there.  Not that I don’t like them, I just like Chris better.  So, I wait another day and see how bad my knee is.  If it still hurts like this tomorrow, I will go see Chris and get an X-ray.

Lunch with Drew was really nice.  We went to Hildago the relatively new Mexican Restaurant in Urbandale.  Good food, good company, cursed spot.  While I was with the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, I went to two grand openings in the same building.  DOH.  Well, here is hoping that Hildago bucks the trend and stays in business cuz they have some good fajitas.

Danny’s game is starting on the 21st instead of the 28th.  He has 5 players including me.  I know we have a Bard, a Paladin, and a Cleric.  And we are gonna have Cracked.  Yep, I decided on the Goblin Battle Master Archer.  Just seemed to fit with the group better.  Not because he is a Goblin, but because he is an archer.  Should be good.

I am thinking of not running Aravas tonight.  I feel pretty rotten actually.  Like I overdid it yesterday and today I am paying for it.  Last night I was coughing up a storm.  Today I just feel blah.  Maybe I will give it a few hours a decide.  Don’t want to leave the guys hanging, really I don’t.

I did make it up to DMACC yesterday and got everything taken care of except the parking pass issue.  The lady who knows how to remove the old pass from the system was off.  Seems they have one lady who knows what she is doing and the rest just know how to push buttons.   Anyhow, I have till fall semester to get that straightened out cuz my summer classes are in the evening and they don’t require parking passes for evening classes.

I talked to Financial Aid first and she told me I could get $5,575 dollars of financial aid for Summer.  I laughed and asked her if she was serious, she said yes.  So then I went over to admission to get my start date changed from Fall to Summer.  No problem there.  So, now I am set to start in the Summer and my financial aid is all set.

But when I went to register, it said I had to do orientation again.  BAH, I am gonna get thru DMACC without ever doing an orientation again.  The nice lady is admissions punched in the waiver saying I didn’t have to do orientation (she failed at doing just that).  So when I got home to register for Summer classes it wouldn’t let me.  So I get on the phone with Registration to see what’s up.  She says I have to do orientation, but I am already registered for Fall.  So she calls Admissions and they get it straightened out and the nice lady in Registration registers me for 2 of my 3 classes.  3rd one, Business Math, I have to take the ALEKS on Thursday or Friday to register for it.

I also got my picture taken for me ID.  At first she couldn’t find the right Jeffrey Campbell.  Seems there is more than one of me there, so I had to call Teresa to get my 900 number (student number) off my old ID.  Got that and we were set to go.  She asked if I wanted to keep my old picture or take a new one.  Old on, sloppy longer hair, new one short hair and beard.  I chose take a new one.  ID should be here in 2 weeks or so.

My first semester at college is gonna be tough.  Composition I in 5 weeks,  Business Math is 8 weeks, and Introduction to Philosophy in 10 weeks.  I chose the quick Composition I cuz I didn’t want to spend a full semester writing papers.  This way she can only make us write so much, I hope.  Business Math should be easy.  And I have no clue what to expect in Intro to Philosophy.  Oh well, into the breach I will go.  If I can do this semester, I can do the rest.

Anxiety is kind of high with school starting in exactly 5 weeks.  I can do this though.  1 step at a time.  I will not freak out from the syllabi, I will not freak out over the online class.  I got this.

Places to go, People to see, Things to do

I finally broke down and actually took a Restoril last night.  I slept from 10pm till 9am and I feel much better for it.  I really needed a good nights sleep.  I feel the tinge of the Restoril hangover, but that’s ok, I feel good.   Speaking of ways to sleep and feel better, I am going to get new masks for my CPAP machine and try it again.  I did sleep better when I used it and when I sleep better I feel better.  So it’s an idea, I have to do something to get better sleep, and I don’t want to take Restoril every night.

Whatever I did to my right knee is really painful.  I don’t know how I hurt it.  But it’s so painful to kneel on, and it’s the knee I kneel on to get into bed.  3am I wasn’t awake when I got up to alleviate some bladder pressure, I came back to bed, put that knee down, and almost screamed out.  Pain level is about a 6 or 7.  And now it’s hurting all the time, not just when I kneel on it, pain level about a 2 just hanging out.  I really should go see Chris and get an X-ray, but I got more important things to do today.

Today, I am having lunch with Drew.   As a matter of fact, I should be in the shower now and getting ready.  I am supposed to pick him up at 11am.  But it doesn’t take me long to shower and it only takes 15 minutesish to get to his office.  So I am good on time still.

Danny finally sent out the invites this morning.  I already forget the name of his campaign but somehow the day moved up to the 21st instead of the 28th.  Oh well, it’s all good, gonna play some D&D.  PLAY not DM.  Yeah, buddy.  Still haven’t decided which character I am playing, but it’s fine, I have 4 days to pick, 1 day to get him ready, and then we play..  I don’t know the other 2 players at all.  And Danny needs 1 or 2 more players too.  Oh well, he’s good and filling in players, so I won’t worry about it.

I bought my tickets to fly to my brother’s party, well fly to Chicago and take the Bus into Portage.   I am flying in on a Friday and out on a Sunday.  Heh, not a whole lot of time to visit, but if I get into school for Summer, I will have a class on Thursday evening and a final on that Monday.  So, heh, I get a less than 3 day vacation.  But that’s fine, I get to see my mom and brother and some of my friends, even if it’s just for a day.

OK, you all should know that I am a planner.  I planned out my schedule for the entire time I was to be at DMACC for all those AAS and Diplomas and Certificates.  Well, I did it with only 6 credits every summer.  Full time is 8 credits.  So, I had to redo the whole scheduled to take 9 credits every summer.   Which totally screwed up all my 12 and 15 credit Fall and Spring semesters.  So, I redid the whole thing over again with 9 credit summers.  I did it, and somehow didn’t get done any quicker.  4 years and 2 semesters.  Just 1 semester is now Summer 2019 and ends Fall 2023.  That’s ok.

I am heading up to DMACC today to get the things straightened out that I need to straighten out to get in to classes this summer.  Should be no problem, but maybe a problem with financial aid.  But I am gonna ask and see what they have to say.  I think I will start with financial aid and then move to admissions.  I also need to get a parking pass, the one I got 2 years ago has disappeared and it’s still in the system.  Also as long as I get there by 1pm I can get my picture taken for my new ID.   Yep, quite a bit to get done in one trip up to the college.

With the adding of 1 more class to my summer schedule, I have decided I am not going to do sign language at this time.  I am taking Composition I, Business Math, and Introduction to Philosophy this summer if I can get financial aid.

Gotta run, need to get ready and go

School starts in one month and one week

I slept very little last night, falling asleep sometime after 3am and waking up at 6:27am.  Should’ve popped a Temazepam like I planned on, just forgot last night before I went to bed.  So today will consist of several naps and a lot of grumpiness.  Oh joy.  See my problem stems from a late unintentional nap yesterday evening, from 6pm to 8pm and that totally screwed up sleeping last night.  All of todays napping I plan to keep before 3pm as to not mess up sleep tonight, I got things to do tomorrow.

Facebook appears to be down this morning.  I sure can’t get to it.  In all my years of using Facebook, I think I have only seen it down three times (including this time).  It’s weird, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s unnatural.  Break in my morning routine, I get up, I surf twitter, I surf Facebook, the I write my blog.  The middle step was missing today.  Well, hopefully it’ll be up by the time I finish this blog so I can post it.  Facebook works on their app, do it’s just the PC version that is messed up and not working.  —  Facebook came up as I posted the video.

I’m not checking my weight again today.  I just can’t bring myself to go see that I am over 210 now.  I can feel it.

I screwed my right knee up, I don’t know when or how, but bending it or putting pressure on it while bent hurts like mad.  Luckily I can walk on it and it doesn’t hurt more.  But climbing into bed causes pain. My knee is a little swollen too.  Things are going so well for me, something is bound to hurt.

Danny still hasn’t gotten the invites out and we are officially 2 weeks from start date of his campaign.  He says it’s almost done.  So I don’t know what the problem is.  I just want the invite so I will be forced to pick a character.  I have made so many characters all of which I would love to play.  We’ll see if Danny gets invites out today.

My mom told my brother that I am coming to his party, stealing my surprise.  It’s all good.  Plans have somewhat changed though, I will be driving in on Friday and back on Sunday (reason to follow).  A lot of driving in a short period of time.  Gonna kill my back.  But I want to go to the party.  And there is nothing stopping me from going as of now.

I have decided that I am going to try to go to school this summer.  When I go up to the school tomorrow, I will talk to financial aid and see if they can still do financial aid for me this summer, and  I will talk to admissions and see if the can bump up my admission date by 1 semester.  Financial Aid might be a problem, but Admissions won’t.  If I can’t get financial aid, I just won’t start till Fall.  Simple as that.

Going to school this summer makes a lot of changes.  Aravas, my D&D campaign will be put on 12 week hiatus, I told the guys they shouldn’t wait for me, to find another Tuesday night game.  Instead of spending a week at my mom’s for my brother’s party, I am only spending effectively a day.  And we have to get baby shots moved up at least a week from when they were scheduled.  Beyond those 3 things, I think it’s all good.

My schedule for summer will be English 105 Composition I and BUS 112 Business Math.  Knock those two out right away.  Unfortunately, being summer, its 8am or 5pm classes, and I chose the 5pm classes cuz there is no way I am going to class at 8am, especially not in the summer.  The English Comp class is only a 5 week class and the Business Math class is only a 10 week class.  So that is good.  Oh, the English Comp class is web blended, so part of it is on the computer, actually its a all on computer class, just some of it will be at home on computer.

I still have to take and get at least 14% on the ALEKS math placement test on the 18th or 19th of April.  Then I will be able to register for math this summer.  They don’t care about the English placement tests, mine are from 2013 and I got a 46 on writing and a 89 on reading.  They had screwy writing things, put these 4 sentences in the right order.  Really messed me up.  So, my writing is fine, I’m not worried about it.

So instead of August 21st as my start day.  I am looking at May 21st as my start day.  But I end by mid July instead of August 1st which would have screwed up my plans for GenCon.  So that is good too.

With taking English 105 out of my Fall schedule, it gives me 13 credit hours instead of 16 in the Fall, all good there, just have to have 12 for full time for financial aid.

I’m anxiously excited about school.  More so than I have ever been.   I feel this is the time I can do it.  I know from past attempts that Summer is not a good choice to start with but since my classes are stunted I shouldn’t have the same issues that I had before.  I should be good to go.

Didn’t have much to say today.

Today is Saturday and I was up at 6am.  Sleep is being elusive, I caught it a couple nights, but most nights it is evading me.  I don’t want to be awake at 6am on a Saturday, I would love to sleep in, the dogs would be fine till 8 or so.  Tonight I am gonna take a Restoril and sleep.  Yup, I will sleep in tomorrow.

I’m not checking my weight again today.  I assume I am over 210 now or at least really close to it.  I will check my weight tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow sounds like a good day to step back on the scale.

Danny said he hopes to get the invites out this weekend.  Life has just been getting in the way of him doing it previously.  I’m ok with that.  I understand, its just that it takes a while for me to get a character into Roll20 completely and 2 weeks might not be enough.  But 2 weeks is what we get, 2 weeks from tomorrow is when game 1 is supposed to happen.  I hope it does.  I am so looking forward to playing in a game.  Maybe this one I will play more than 1 or 2 sessions.  I’m bad like that.

My brother doesn’t know I am going to be able to come to his party yet.  Haven’t spoken to him since my news about not getting the Stem Cell Infusions.  And he was at work when I told mom, so there is a good chance that he doesn’t know.  Hopefully, I get to tell him today.  He’s back at work at 7pm, so he should be easy to catch on Messenger.

In 7 days I can take the ALEKS math placement test again.  I need to get over a 14%.  I got a big whopping 25% last time, so 14% should be fairly easy.  I need just high enough score to get into Business Math.

130 days to go before school starts (or 131 if you count today which had barely started).

When school starts I get a free gym membership.  I think I might start exercising some.  Try to lose some of this weight that I am going to be putting on over the summer.

Still planning on going up to the school on Monday to take care of some things.  Should be able to get it all done in an hour or so.  Unless I choose to do Sign Language, then it’ll probably be two hours or so.  It’s all good, not like I have anything pressing to do tomorrow afternoon.

Heh, 418 words plus this short blurb.  Shortest blog entry in a long time.  I got nothing medical to talk about, school is still 130 days away.  Gaming is down to 2 games.  Really got not much to say.  So, short and to the point.

Today is not Saturday, it feels like a Saturday.

Well, today was supposed to be a big day for me…  Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (or Stem Cell Infusion) Day.  Still processing Dr. Alkhateeb’s change of mind.  It’s all good though, I didn’t want the infusion anyway, just all the sales pitches he gave us before were basically thrown out the window.  But I am happy about it, doc said there is no right or wrong with how to do my treatment now.  He further went on to say I am an unique case.  I can handle that I guess.  He reserved the right for the DLI to be used at a later date.  I can handle that too.

Woke up at 6:47am.  Fed the dogs.  Took em out.  Got em treats.  It feels like a Saturday but it’s a Friday.  Today is gonna be a screwed up day.

Teresa doesn’t like the schedule Mayo made for May 22nd.  She is going to call them and move some stuff around.  She specifically doesn’t like when I get a bone marrow biopsy early in the morning and have to deal with the pain meds wearing off while still walking around Mayo.  So she wants to move that to the afternoon.  I am fine with that.   The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, they can schedule me in after I see the doctor.  It’s all good though, I don’t mind the early morning bone marrow biopsies.  So, if Mayo doesn’t want to change the schedule, I am fine with that too.

I’m hoping that Danny gets the invites for his game sent out today.  I understand about yesterday, I’m not heartless.  Just he’s been promising them tomorrow, tomorrow, Thursday for quite a while now and it really is time to get the invites out.

I did call my mom last night, she was very happy for me.  She is happy that I called her for a good thing for change.  Normally my medical calls are all bad news.  But I am happy to have called her with good news.

I’m definitely going to my brother’s party on June 22nd.  But the plan is to arrive on the 20th and leave on the 25th.  It will make my mom happy to see me and give me something to break up this long summer.  Cuz it’s going to be a real long summer.

I should go weight myself, but right now I don’t want to know.

Obligatory anxious school mention.

I am going to be a 49 year old Freshman.  I am going to be older than most of these kids parents.  Am I going to have anything besides school in common with anyone?  Will I be able to make friends with anyone?  Do I need to make friends with anyone?  I’ve been a loner for most of the past 20+ years, do I really need more friends?

School starts August 21st, last day to drop with a full refund is September 4th.  Important days to remember.  Not that I am planning on dropping, but it has been known to occur.

I get to take the ALEKS math placement test again after the April 18th, I think.  That is what the ALEKS site says.  I have to score 14% to get into Business Math.  I scored 25% the first time, I think I am good to do at least the same.  It’d be a shame if I have to take remedial math, I used to be really good at math, but that was then and this is now.  Firm believe in use it or lose it.

On Friday I plan to go to the school on Monday to take care of business.  On Monday I might have other ideas.  I’m flakey that way.

Everything changes

Woke up this morning at 5:15am.  We got out the door at 6:30am.  Trip was uneventful except for semi who jackknifed in front of us and fell over on it’s side.  OMG, the wind was fierce, picked the back end of the semi up like nothing and threw it around.  Luckily the driver was ok, just shaken up.  But it caused us an hour and a half delay because his truck blocked both lanes of the northbound 35 and there was no getting around him.  So while I went to check on the driver (I was trained as an EMT in California many years ago, if he was hurt I could have helped), Teresa called 911.  Being as we were in the middle of nowhere Iowa it took over a half hour before the first cop showed up.  Another 10 minutes for an Iowa Department of Transportation truck to show.  30 minutes later another cop shows up.  Then about 15 minutes later, a couple really big tow trucks show up.  A little car jockeying around and they got the truck on its wheels and one of the tow truck guys drove it to the closest town with a garage.  Only when the truck and one of the cops was kind of far down the road were we allowed to go.  We had called Mayo to let them know we’d be late.  We were 1 hour and 40 minutes late.

Got to Mayo,  got my blood drawn.  Didn’t know this for sure, but my numbers are fantastic.  Non-cancer patient normal.  Bummed out that blood type is still O Positive.  It’s supposed to change to A Positive cuz that is what my stem cells are cranking out, and it’s supposed to happen within a year.  It hasn’t quite been a year.  Next month, the 17th will be my 1 year birthday (They call it your birthday when you get a stem cell/bone marrow transplant), and for my birthday Dr. Alkhateeb is giving me a Bone Marrow Biopsy on the 22nd.  But anyhow, my stats (numbers) rock and they have since November.

So, even though we were an hour and forty minutes late from blood work, somehow we were 55 minutes early for our next appointment.  It was the pharmacy appointment, we were told it would be with Kristen and 5 minutes later Gabe walks in.   Gabe is the coolest of the pharmacists we deal with, so we teased him about making life choices and how we wouldn’t judge.  Pharmacy appointment then went like they all do.  Teresa reads off the meds and dosage, Gabe checks them off in his computer.  Then Gabe goes over anything in his computer that Teresa didn’t cover, Zyrtec, Tylenol, that sort of stuff.

Then came in Teresa (the nurse, my wife never left).  She asked the normal nurse type questions and then proceeded to tell us exactly what was supposed to happen tomorrow.  Then she went thru all the GvHD information again.  Then she called to confirm what time to be at station 94 tomorrow.

Then Dr. Alkhateeb comes in with Teresa (the nurse in tow).  First he slimes me with the hand sanitizer stuff.  He didn’t rub his hands together enough, it was a full on sliming.  After giving him a hard time about that he said we were going to do the Stem Cell Infusion right now after all.  After all the anxiety I have went thru in the last few weeks, just no.  The reasoning was valid though, my stats are so good, why mess with them?  And what happens in a few months if my p53 gene mutates again and I need the Stem Cells then?  They only had 2 bags of Stem Cells for me, so he decided it better to just not give them to me now.  I was all, “That’s great, I didn’t really want to do this anyway.”  And that is when he said a bone marrow biopsy on May 22nd.  Also he is going to get me my baby shots on that day too.

So, we had Pasquale’s for a late lunch and then head for home.  We got home at 6:55pm.  Teresa made good time getting home.  After unloading the car and getting stuff put away, I started writing this blog, it 8:06pm now.  So, anyhow, that was our day at Mayo.  A bit of excitement on the way.  Same old same old for most of it.  A big surprise from the doctor.  Then a really great Stromboli, and a long drive home.

After eating breakfast and lunch I just weighed in at 209.0.

My mother-in-law was not here to greet us when we got home, she went to church tonight.

A good man died last night, Dave Fair.  He wasn’t a close friend, but a friend none the less.  I won’t get religious or philosophical here.  Just know, Dave, you will be missed.

Well, Danny once again didn’t send out information on his Sunday game when he said he would.  It might have been because of Dave’s passing, or it might have been for a myriad of other reasons.  Just sort of getting tired of waiting.  I want to enter Cracked into roll20 and level him up to 4.  I am very much looking forward to playing.

I mentioned on the May 22nd visit to Mayo I am getting my baby shots… FINALLY.   That will allow me to go to school.  Yeah, considering I got a stem cell transplant I could get a medical waiver, but I would rather HAVE the immunizations so I have less chance of getting sick from something stupid.

School, heh.  Now that the anxiety from the stem cell infusions is no longer a pertinent issue.  School anxiety has hit and has hit pretty hard.  I am 132 days out (yes, I counted) and I am anxious as all get out.  Yup, replace one anxiety of something immanent for something over 4 months away.  UGH, this is going to be a long summer.

However, this means I WILL be able to go to my brother’s summer party on June 22nd. And that is cool cool cool.  I will drive in on like the 20th and out on the 25th or something like that.

That reminds me, I need to call my mom and tell her my good news.

I sat too much today, my back is killing me.  5 hours in the car on the way up.  3 hours at Mayo.  4 hours in the car home.  Then close to 2 hours writing this Blog on the big computer.  Too much for my poor back.  Oh well, I will find where Teresa packed my pain pills and pop one, this is what I have them for.

Oh, maybe Monday I will go up to the college and start learning sign language, since I don’t have GvHD hanging over my head.  Get there early enough to take the pic for my student ID.  Get the parking permit straightened out.  Do whatever else I need to do up there.  Yeah, depends on Monday’s weather I guess.  KCCI says 64 and partly cloudy, perfect day for a drive up to Ankeny.

Welcome back, sleep, my friend

Heh, Teresa got stuck working all night, she went to sleep around 5:30am.  She must have shut off the Alexa alarms cuz I didn’t hear the 6am or 7am alarms go off, so I slept all the way to 8am.  So I actually got 9 hours of sleep last night and it felt good.  This did, however, throw on my morning med schedule, so now my 9am meds can’t be taken till 10am.  Not a big deal, not a deal at all, just have to remember to take them is all.  In about a minute I find out if the 9am alarm goes off or if Teresa just totally shut off Alexa.  Well, the 9am alarm did go off, she just turned the volume down really low.  I probably just slept thru the earlier alarms and she didnt shut it off.  Oh well, I needed the sleep anyway.

208.8 after my bowl of cereal this morning.  I told ya I was going start putting on weight again and so it starts.  Tomorrow I will be 210 for sure.  So not happy about it, but too lazy and too set in my ways to do anything about it.  I’m sure I will balloon up to 235 again, then level out like before.  At least my pants will fit right then.  It’s like this, I wanted to stay around 205, but my body wants to be 235.  My body will win this argument because I am lazy and I like to eat things that are not good for my weight.  So you reap what you sew and big Jeff is coming back.

My mother-in-law arrived last night, but the airline lost her luggage.  DOH, I went out to bring the luggage in like a good son-in-law and there was no luggage to drag in.  The airline says it will be delivered here today.  Sure hope so, she is without her meds and her laptop.  I would be lost without those things.

So, the weather looks pretty crappy here, it’s much colder than it has been and looks like its gonna rain.  But the kicker is its supposedly SNOWING in Minnesota.  And I am talking about a lot of snow.  No biggie, we will leave tomorrow for Mayo.  Minnesota is supposed to get Freezing Rain and Ice to go with their snow.  The trip to Mayo is gonna suck.  I have to convince Teresa to leave early so if we have delays it won’t be us late.

Danny is supposed to release the code for roll20 on Thursday.   When I will either be on my way to Mayo or at Mayo.  I will get the invite tomorrow evening when we are at the transplant house.  I’ll be the healthiest patient at the transplant house. Their wifi sucks, but it should let me accept the invite, it’s just a click.

I have decided on playing Cracked, my Goblin Battlemaster Archer.  He just sounds like the most fun.  I made 27 characters for Danny’s campaign.  Just had to narrow it down to the one which I will enjoy the most.  And Cracked won.

Aravas, my campaign, had their session last night.  I personally think it went really well.  I totally hate Chris C’s character and I am supposed to be impartial.  Screw that, for the first time in all the years I have been DMing, I wish a character would die.  He is roleplaying his character well, it’s just that the personality he chose I would want to beat the living crap out of in real life.  Can’t tell him to change, that would be not right of a DM.  And I won’t do anything intentional to hurt his character, but if his character should happen to die, I won’t be heartbroken in the least bit.  Everyone else is cool and chill and working together, he is just tagging along for the ride.

I’ve decided, even if I take the Math Placement Test again after the old one expires, which I will, I won’t change my schedule form Composition I to Business Math.  I do want to get English out of the way.  And the rest of the schedule seems fairly easy (although I may be wrong about that).  I think I can do Comp I without much problem.  Yeah, in my blog I have run on sentences, and whacked paragraphs, but that is how I think.  I can think all proper Englishy, so I am not going to worry about it.

I decided I am not going to try to learn Sign Language right now.  Maybe I will start going come Fall when I am at school anyway.  I was to learn it, it’s just not a good time to be starting right before or during my stem cell infusions and GvHD.

Anxiety over school is gone again.  No sense in fretting over something that is 100+ days away (I really should count the days again, we might be less than 100).  So I just going to be chill about school.   Something to look forward to in August.

Tomorrow I will be at Mayo Clinic again.  Tomorrow is just a blood test and a bunch of talk.  A BUNCH of talk.  Friday is the day of the Stem Cell Infusion. <cue ominous music chord>  Maybe I won’t have GvHD, the stem cells going in match the stem cells that are kicking butt on the inside.  Maybe they can all get along.  Not likely, but possible.  We’ll know what the results are on Saturday, here at home, not having a good day.  Yeah, I am very much not looking forward to this in case you didn’t know.

Then after the horror of round 1, I get to look forward to 2 more rounds.  And somewhere during all this I have to get my baby shots, cuz the school won’t let me in without MMR and a few others.  Don’t want to catch those and don’t want to spread those.  I don’t want to be an anti-vaxxer.

And hopefully doc remembered to order the typing of my blood.  I got to know if I am an A or an O.  Was an O all my life, given stem cells by an A, my blood type is supposed to change to A.  Maybe we will know Thursday afternoon.