It’s all D&D talk

I went to bed at 10:10pm last night (I was tired) and woke up around 10 this morning.  I was wide awake for my 11am game.  I like staying up late, but it takes me a while to get used to it.  I stayed up til 2:20 on Friday night (Saturday morning) for Danny’s game.  It’s all good, I can function now and I feel pretty good, yesterday I was much the mess.

My game this morning went well with one exception.  Danny pulled a no call no show, so they were short a wizard.  Luckily the bard had a couple big boom spells which worked well.  Being short a wizard kept them from going into the sprawl that I designed.  The SLAAD (capitalized to stop autocorrect) they are to face next would have chewed them up without a wizard.  SLAAD are tough, and I put a lot in there.  Anyhow, a wizard with a few choice big spells and the rest of the party could make short work of them.  SO, we stopped today a half hour early cuz the next battle is a full session battle in my estimation.  If Danny shows up or I find another player to be the wizard (which I don’t want to do).

One of the Dave’s gave me a Christmas related D&D thingy from Geek and Sundry.  He doesn’t know that I don’t celebrate Christmas or Krampus or anything at this time of year.  It’s cool that he thought I’d do something Christmasy as the last game of the year, but nope, not me, I will not be doing festive, I will be doing deadly.

So, I still have a crappy hook for Tuesday night, I’ll fix it.  I got almost 2 full days to get it ready.  Plenty of time.   I actually usually figure out exactly what I am gonna do a couple hours before the game.  For all my games.  The fact that I made a map and planned it all out for todays game was anomalous.  But I might just plan out Tuesday night too.

After I get done blowing all the crap at Danny for no call no show #2.  I don’t know if I will have a Thursday and Friday night game anymore.  I made this Sunday game for Danny.  He said he wanted a Sunday game, I said I could run one, he said he wanted 10th level, I said I could run that.   Grrr, I’m disappointed and a little pissed.  Right this moment I wouldn’t care if he kicked me from Thursday and Friday.  No call No show #1, I was surprised but not upset.  #2 I am very upset.

Assuming I don’t get kicked from Thursday and Friday.  Last Thursday we whacked some hobgoblins and captured a rat priest (which took us forever).  We were about to interrogate the priest when the game was called for the night.  Which is fine.

Friday, I have no idea what is going on, but Yadd is free and in the party now.  The big choice is whether to kill the Drow prisoner or not.  I’ve thought about it.  Kill him is the most humane thing we can do.  He has been mentally mind mucked, so what choice do we have?

Cori’s game should start in like a month and a few days.  I love new DM’s.  Entirely fun to play with them.  But I plan on not abusing her in any way.  I’m gonna try to help her since she has chosen theater of the mind as her medium as well.  Us totm people have to help each other out.

Short, going back to bed

It’s early Saturday morning, wait I went to bed early Saturday morning, what in the hell am I doing up?  Well, it’s 8:35am and I went to bed around 2:30am.  I’m up, I’m awake right now, probably take a nap later.  I’m not a morning person, but hey I have some stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow’s game, so I might as well use this time to be productive.

Teresa came up with theory about her car so isn’t taking it back in.  I disagree with her decision completely.  If its mud in the wheel well, let modern motors get it out.  Oh well, it’s her car.

I literally waited 3 1/2 hours to make my entrance into Danny’s game and I didn’t get to kill anything.  Yadd broke free of his chains and that’s about it.  I was found in the last room of the night.  3 1/2 hours I waited.  But truly it was the only place he could have put me.  But damn, I think of all I could have done in that time.  It’s ok though, starting next week, Yadd will kill Ratmen and maybe Snakedudes.

So my playing of D&D this week wasn’t the most fun, it was enjoyable none the less.  Thursday night I couldn’t hit anything and Friday I waited.  I learned a bunch of stuff last night that my Thursday night self isn’t supposed to know.  This’ll work out just fine.

Sunday’s game is a go.  Everyone but me is ready.  I will be ready though.  I just have to make a map and populate said map.  I know what they are going against, most of it should be easy for them, the end shouldn’t be.  So it should be all good.

I don’t like the hook that I have for Tuesday night, I need to work on that.  This is the last game until January 8th.  I have to leave them wanting more.  So everything has to be perfect.

wow, I got hit with a wave of tiredness, maybe I am not awake yet.  I could go back to sleep, I think I shall.  Short entry today, nothing else going on worth talking about.  So, talk to ya later.

Randomness and D&D

Whereas Teresa contacted Mayo and tried to fix the appointment times.  And whereas this normally works.  This time it only sorta worked.  There were no open appointments in the afternoon, so things got shifted later.   Don’t have to be there until 11am.  That is nice.  Done by 2:30-3 o’clock, that is nice.  And somewhere in the middle they scheduled my bone marrow biopsy.  This still isn’t what we wanted, but it’s a heck of a lot better than we had.

For my chronic GvHD I got dry skin.  I have had dry skin all my life, this dry skin is just rougher than what I used to have.  I can deal with that.  Yup, dry skin, heh have had dry skin all my life, it’ll just be a different dry skin now.

Teresa is driving her car, once she gets out of town it sounds fine.  So I lost my main reason for being a homebody.  We technically have 2 cars again for a while.  Until Teresa decides to take it back to Modern Motors and get it fixed.  I would have taken it back right away, she is dilly dallying about the whole thing.  Oh well, I got my car, it’s all good.

Danny’s game last night, lol.  It turned into the longest pathetic combat in D&D history.  Nobody could hardly hit anybody, especially me.  The rat cleric cast sanctuary on himself and no one could actually hit him for 10 rounds.  But we managed to kill all the hobgoblins, I got myself a new bow.  We captured the rat cleric.  And got all the loot. Next week we will interrogate the rat cleric and investigate the sacrifice site and around the area.  But please let us actually hit things if we have to next week.

Tonight is Danny’s Friday night game,  late night 9:30pm to around 1am.  I’m going to be one tired dude when its over.   I haven’t stayed up to midnight in a long time, 1am is gonna be weird.  But if its fun its all good.  I can do it, I may be an old cancer ridden man, but staying up until 1 should be easy, well, maybe not easy but doable.

Power outage right now.  Don’t know what happened, there was a boom and then power went out.  Dogs are going nuts cuz the fire alarm is chirping that it lost power.  I hate power outages, I hope it doesn’t take long to fix.

I think I have the plan for Sunday’s game down.  I am gonna write it up tomorrow.  Some of the creatures are gonna be a bit weak, but overall I see it as a several session semi-difficult dungeon sprawl.  Yes, quite possibly the most epic sprawl I have done in years.  I may even *gasp* draw a map.

I have Monday to get ready for Tuesday’s D&D game.  I have the hook, just need to flesh out the story.  Should be easy.  Should.

Powers back on, total outage about 15 minutes.  Might have to go reset a circuit breaker of 2, the fire alarm is still chirping that it has no power.  I’ll give it a few minutes.  Maybe it’s just slow. It stopped, it’s slow.

My new Airpods pooped out after 2 1/2 hours last night.  So much for the 5 promised.  They sound great and people can hear me, but its just to short of time.  That was listen and talk time though and they say that talking shortens the battery life.  So maybe it’s right on where it’s supposed to be.  They worked great for when they worked, I’m actually thinking of buying another set so I can have 5 hours of talk time.  Just switch ear pieces when the first set dies.  Yeah, that’s an idea.  Won’t say good idea, but an idea.

We are terrible about Christmas presents.   We give most of them out shortly after getting them.  Teresa gave me a personal heater (Cuz I freeze at my desk).  It works good too, can make it too hot in the matter of minutes.  I like it.

I think there might be one more for me that I actually don’t know what it is.  Heh, Teresa knows all of hers, cuz I won’t buy anything for her without clearing it with her first.  I’d tell you what I got her, but the only 2 things I remember are the kindle oasis and the personal crock pot, make that 3, I got her the train.  But I think I got her something else and just can’t remember.  Oh well.

My mom is coming to visit on the 17th.  I think she is staying until the 20th.  Yeah, she does these really short visits.  But it’s so good to see her, even if it’s just for a few days.

And Jim is coming in January.  It’ll be good to see my brother.  Whenever we would visit there he was working.  So we really didn’t see much of him.  Him coming here is cool, don’t have to compete with his work.

Other than the SAD, I physically feel pretty good.  Got the wicked cough at night again.  SUCKS.  But Advair keeps me from coughing too much when I head to bed.  I already covered my GvHD issue.  Beyond those things, I am doing great.  I am off a few meds already and a  week or so from being off tacrolimus and 2 weeks from being off cresemba.  SWEET.

Appointment time blows Teresas car DnD and depression

Received the appointment for the bone marrow biopsy that I wanted in December, isn’t happening in January either, they have scheduled it for 8am on February 6th, which is a Wednesday.  Oh well, at least eventually it will be done.  Teresa wants to move it to like 2:30pm so we can leave right after while I am still doped up and not in pain.  I agree, it makes sense.  Lets get the doctors visits done and out of the way.  Then have the biopsy last.  Teresa said she would call and fix this.  They also put the blood draw at 7:20am, which means we would have to leave at 3 to get there on time.  UGH.  Need some fixing, that’s what that schedule needs.

Teresa’s car only makes godawful noise if you are going less than 25mph (in town) when you get up to speed it is silent.  I have no clue what she plans to do with it now.  Personally I would get it fixed to not makes noise period, but it’s her car so she gets to choose what to do.

Danny was trying to tell me how to run a theater of the mind game last night.  He’s like draw little maps and stuff and upload them to Facebook.  I am all no, its supposed to be in your head dude.  Danny hasn’t plaid totm games in a long time.  This should be good for him.

Speaking of Danny, tonight is his Thursday Night game on roll20.  My mood has improved a bit so hopefully I will be fully checked in when it comes time to play.  Indiza wants to fly.  It’s gonna be fun tracking these yuan-ti.  And then possibly fighting them.  I hope we work together as a team, cuz right now it seems like we are 3 teams and that will get us killed.

I’m looking forward to play Yadd on Friday night.  Same basic campaign as Thursday night, just further into it.  I’ll play dumb on Thursday nights when we catch up to where I am starting on Friday.  It’s all good.  I just want to play.  And getting to play Yadd should be fun.  That is if I can stay awake for it.

Yes, I am still tired from Monday and I haven’t made up the sleep, so staying up real late on Friday night is going to be hard.  I think I can do it, but it might be me snoring into the microphone.  LOL.

Stay up Friday night, sleep all Saturday, get up early on Sunday.  Yup, gotta be ready to DM at 11am.  What was I thinking?  Oh well, whats done is done and I will be online Sunday at 11am.  I am working on a series of encounters which will start this off right.  The party is level 10, so its a little more difficult to plan than level 5.  There are more monsters for level 5 to fight then for level 10.  How its always been for D&D.

Monday I have off.  I have no clue what I am gonna do with my day off.  Right now, I have Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday off.  After the new year, Wednesday will be gone with Cori’s game.  Leaving just Monday and Saturday.  Saturday is good cuz it gives me time to finalize Sundays game plan, and Monday is the same for Tuesday.  Yeah, whatever my gaming schedule is, its all good as of now.

I had to switch the time that the 10th level group (Sunday) started in the Hole.  I was gonna make it the same time as the 6th level group (Tuesday), but with the way the 6th level are climbing there might be some overlap, and I didn’t want that.  So, I think I fixed it.  We’ll see.  I should have started the 10th level in Victory/Bliss, but it’s too later now.

Gonna talk a little about being depressed. I fight this.  I really fight this.  I try really hard to not succumb to the dark feelings, the doom and gloom.  I only have to make it to March and I should be ok.  So this depression (SAD) hits me just about every year.  It sucks the life out of me for about half the year.  I am a dud during this time.  Thankfully this year it didn’t start til the end of November.  So, when you ask me how I’m doing, I will normally answer ok, but inside I am really just getting by.  That’s what I do during this seasonal crap, I just get by.

UPS loses and a lot of D&D

Do to the observance of the death of President Bush, UPS is not delivering thing right now.  Which sucks, cuz medicine I need tomorrow we were told won’t be delivered until Monday.  So, we called Caremark Specialty Pharmacy (the only place to get said medicine) and they called UPS and UPS said yes ma’am and is gonna pull my medicine off the truck or wherever it is and deliver it later today.  Nice when you are on the winning side.

The players of my game last night said it was a lot of fun.  I thought it was barely put together.  Yeah, SAD can make everything look grey.  Anyhow, I am happy they had fun, I even got  a few laughs out of it. They also got a ton of experience, which put them now at level 6, which is good.  Fun and progress.

Ready for tomorrow night’s game.  Indiza will fly while the rest of the party rides horses. We got 7 hours back to the ambush site, then however many hours to find our prey.  Thankfully that’s game time not real time.  The game itself only runs about 3 hours per session, sometimes we go over a bit.  It’s all good.

I am ready for Friday nights game.  YADD, my Mountain Half-Troll is entered in roll20.  I misspelled vicious on his character sheet and I’m not gonna fix it.  I’ve been staying up later this week to be prepared to do a midnight or later ending game.  It’s gonna be rough, latest I have made it so far is 11pm.  But I will try to nap on Friday and hopefully be able to do this.

Sunday’s game should be cool.  I think I told Danny what the party should be doing.  I was stoned on pain pills, still in a lot of pain, and very tired when I talked to him about it.  Oh well.  It’s all good.  11am Sunday morning, I will be DMing a group of level 10s.  Let me see if I can remember all the classes, Paladin, Cleric, Bard, Monk, Rogue/Ranger, and last but not least a Wizard.  That’s a fairly well balanced party.  I didn’t buff them out as much as I buffed the lower guys out.  So it’s possible for me to kill one of these characters.  Not that I want to, but it can happen.

Looking forward to Cori’s game.  Yeah, she is a new DM, but she is sharp.  I figure her game will start our slow and then pick up steam.  So it should be lots of fun.  With her game on Wednesday.  I will be DMing Sunday, recovering Monday, DMing Tuesday, Playing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and really recovering Saturday.  It’s all good, it keeps me off the hardened streets of Adel.  Besides I don’t have a car still.  Teresa says she don’t care if I play every day/night.  I need some downtime that is for sure.  I doubt I will go more than 5.

Thankful for Danny finding my 6th player for Sunday.  Dave turned out to be a really nice guy.  He is another roll20/fantasy grounds guy, so he is in for a hopefully pleasant shock when exposed to having to picture it in your head.  Chris says its more fun and he was a roll20 guy.  Danny says its just as fun, and he’s a roll20 guy.  Everybody I have played with recently was/is a roll20 guy, but they will give up the virtual tabletop in order to play in my game.  That’s cool.

Last night we decided we a taking a hiatus on Tuesday nights for Christmas and New Years.  Aren’t even gonna try to make em up.  I’m cool with that.  Gives me a chance to work out some more adventure hooks for them and for my Sunday game.

Yeah, I talk about D&D a lot.  But right now, that is basically my life, playing or DMing D&D.  So I talk about what is going on and that is about all that is going on.  Sorry if you don’t like it.

Pucky is ok SAD sucks DnD out your ears

Pucky had a vet visit early this morning, due to how he looked yesterday.  Turns out he is just getting old.  He pulled a muscle that goes from his back leg up to middle back and he has some arthritis.  Doctor Kilgore, the vet, gave us some anti-inflammatory medicine and sent Pucky home.  Mojo had shots at 2:30.  Mojo is a trooper, stands there and lets out a little growl when getting shots.  Turns out he has arthritis too.  When did our dogs get old?  Probably the same time we did.  But Mojo is home now too eat gummy bears with Teresa.

SAD has hit hard today.  I couldn’t even get up the energy to go to the vet, Teresa took a day off instead.  It’s really got me down.  The normal treatment for SAD is an anti-depressant, but anti-depressants make me manic.  Per Teresa, Manic is worse the Depressed and I agree.  So I am moping around today, hoping that tonight’s game doesn’t suck.

We play D&D tonight.  My hook is weak, but I do now have a hook thanks to Jason.  He has a divination wizard with a tarot deck and foresees the bad guys wreaking great destruction.  That should get the party moving.  Now if the DM only had the energy to get behind this.  It’s gonna be rough.  It may suck, but I warned them ahead of time.

All the characters for Sunday’s game have their magic items now.  Cori is finishing her character as I type this.  Six characters against a mad mad mad mad world.  I decided to start them in the Hole.  They are 10th level, they shouldn’t be messing around with things a 5th is doing and vice versa.   So, this way I only have to have one set of note for the city.  Lazy DM syndrome.

Danny’s game on Thursday should be interesting.  It’s the first where we go searching for trouble.   Going back to the site of the ambush and tracking those yuan-ti down.  We might get into a fight, we might not.  It all depends on how good of a tracker Indiza (my ranger) is and how itching for a fight the party is.

And the new thing (well, its not really new, just haven’t been exposed to it much) is dnd beyond.  DnD Beyond is a Wizards of the Coast way to sell you digital copies of their books.  Seriously in order to do anything you have to buy a book.  But what you can do character creation wise is impressive.  So, I know Cori just got on, Chris uses it, and Tim uses it.  It’s cool but expensive.

Now I am going to be joining Danny’s late night Friday game.   I am gonna be a Berserker/Champion of the Mountain Half-Trolls.  I am gonna kick butt and not bother to take names.  We didn’t quite min/max him and if we did, it’s Danny’s fault and he is the DM.  I am looking forward to this campaign as the party is EVIL and I haven’t played an evil game in a long time.

Yes, I will be DMing or playing 5 days a week when Cori starts her campaign.  I have to have something to keep me occupied.  As most DMs, I prefer playing.  Danny is a good DM.  I am on the fence about roll20.  But if it makes Danny a better DM then cool. Cori ran a one shot for loved ones once, so her campaign should be fun and interesting.  She is doing theater of the mind like me, but characters are gonna be made on

I have been sitting a lot more recently, and my back is paying for it.  I got pain meds, but they only work so much.  I may have to start running my games propped up in bed on my laptop cuz sitting in a chair causes so much pain.  Yesterday and today have been miserable, depressed and in pain.  Heh, nice combo.

Poor Pucky Long Day D&D and MDS

When we got up this morning (at 4am) Pucky (our older chihuahua) was in bad shape.  He was limping, jerking if you touched his back, running a fever.  He was one sick doggie. Well, we had to make the trip to Mayo today, so we left with hopes he would still be alive when we got home.  Well, good news, whereas he is still limping, and still doesnt want to be touched on his back, his fever is gone and he is being much more mobile.  Thank the gods for that.  He has an appointment at the vet in the morning.

At 4am Alexa went off to wake me up.  I got up, got a shower, got dressed, and was ready to go by 4:30.  Then we dilly dallied until 5am when we left.  We got to Mayo at 8:20, not too bad.  Did blood test, pneumonia breathing treatment thing, and saw Gabe the pharmacist all before lunch. Had 2 hours roughly to kill for lunch.  Then we saw the man, Dr. Alkhateeb.  Dr. A wouldn’t let me off tacrolimus just yet.  But I will be off it in 2 weeks.  WOOT.  And he took me off of MagOx, Vitamin C, and Folic Acid.  Plus after I am off tac I come off Cresemba in a week.  BOOM, lots of meds I won’t have to take anymore.  He even agreed to 2 months between visits.  However, the crappy thing that is happening is I won’t get my bone marrow biopsy before the end of the year.  Won’t get it until the end of January.  BLAH.  Oh well, I am doing good now, unless something horrific happens, we just assume the best.  We got home at 5:30pm

I’m dealing with SAD as best as I can.  It sucks.  Bipolar sucks, SAD might just be worse.

Sunday’s D&D game is set to go except for one player.  Last I heard she was looking for a discount code for dndbeyond before she spends 300 bucks there.  She promised me she would have her character one way or the other by tomorrow.  So, with her character done tomorrow, everyone’s character will be done and we will be ready to rock and roll.

Tomorrow’s game however is still in limbo.  I was gonna do undead, but decided against it.  Oh I think I already wrote about this.  I can’t find a good adventure hook.  DM Block.  Kinda like writers block.  I just haven’t been able to figure this out.  This one will either turn out to be great or go down as a sucky one.  I preappologize to my players if it blows.

Last week Thursday’s game was fun, no combat, that’s cool.  But roleplay I had real problems getting into.  Really not like me to not get into roleplay.  I blame it on SAD, throwing me off my game.

OK, this is for the new readers, which I have several which is cool.   I have MDS, Myelodysplastic syndromes.   Which is a disorder of the bone marrow.  Where blood is made.  MDS eventually turns into AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Which I was treated for in 2015.  Since my stem cell transplant procedure failed.  We are hoping that the new stem cells took it on their own and went and destroyed the bad stuff and rebuilt good stuff in my bone marrow.  If they did, then yay I live.   If they didn’t, then I probably die soon (within a year to 18 months, but a lot of that would be in a hospice.)  Odds are I am probably gonna die.  The bad was just too much to hope that the new stem cells could fix.

So when I say I am dying, its because that is my reality right now.  The bone marrow biopsy I have in January might (very small chance) prove me wrong.  But anyway it goes, I do not want chemo again ever.  So even if there is improvement,  I still will probably die.

OK, that’s enough depressing stuff…  Let me find some music