Not every D&D game can be fun

It is Memorial Day, a day to remember all those American soldiers who died during active service (I quote the google). This is a thought I can get behind. I don’t think I had any relatives the I know of die while on active duty, which is kind of surprising considering how many of the Campbells and the Letsons their are. But I salute all the soldiers who died while serving our country.


I want to say I had a good time playing in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game last night. But it is not the case, but part of that was just me dealing with my anxiety and then having something happen that pissed me off, bad enough that I almost rage quit. H being new to the party, Luna thought it’d be fun to have H spar with Rhyset. Yeah, fine. A little good natured one on one between the 2 fighter types, just to see how I handled myself in a fight. Well, H pounded Rhyset for a while then Luna turned Rhyset into a T-Rex, which just made him easier to hit. I didn’t squawk at that. I just kept chopping away. That is when Luna decided to start casting spells at me during the fight. 3 spells that I made the saving throws for, being a pally my saves are ridiculous. That pissed me off, I nearly killed Rhyset. And then I turned on Luna told her if she ever did something like that again, I would never hesitate to kill her. Rhyset made a feeble statement, “Don’t threaten Luna” while he was bleeding on the floor. Luna then said, “We had to see how you were in a real fight.” I was livid both as H and as Jeff. If they had wanted that then they should have said so in the first place. H stood there fuming while everyone else left, the H went for a long walk. In the mean time Jeff was still fuming. I told Jason I was legit pissed. He told me nicely to go chill out, its just a game. I knew that already, but I play to have fun, not get blindsided by another character that is on the same side. Well, this whole situation ruined the night for me. I did not have fun. Cori (Luna) and I chatted after and we are cool. But H is in his apartment mad as Hell still trying to decide if he can trust his “friends”.

In hind sight, I should have probably cancelled on playing with my anxiety level so high, but in all honesty, I figured a nice diversion was what I needed. Boy, was I wrong.


I feel a little better today anxietywise. I will be taking another Xanax here in a little bit though. Better a little dopey than dealing with anxiety. The anxiety I have is still mainly about going to Mayo, being at Mayo again. My friend Danny said to think of it as breathing you have to do it to survive. Yeah yeah. Sage advice. Doesn’t stop the anxiety. This will get worse then get better then get worse. So, its gonna be a rough 2 weeks.


I have cancelled the next two Tuesday night Dungeons and Dragons sessions due to this anxiety. I can’t run a game like this.

Adam’s game is also cancelled this week on Friday night. Because of the hole in my hip and my anxiety.


I think, but I am not sure, that mom and Jim are coming to visit in 3 weeks. This week Mayo, next week chemo, then they would come to visit. That is what I got from my brother’s post. Haven’t checked with Mom yet to see if it’ll be reality. I want to see my mom and Brother, it has been too long.


Mayo on Thursday, out the door by 4am to get their on time. 4+ hour drive, then some blood tests, gotta have blood tests, then my bone marrow biopsy. I hope I wake up better than last time, I was groggy as hell last time. Then a meeting with the pharmacist, then the nurse, then Dr. Alkhateeb. Lunch is thrown in there somewhere. then there is a 4+ hour drive home. it is supposed to rain I believe, hope its not thunderstorms or torrential rain. Gonna have a miserable time. YUP, total YUCKO.


Then there is the WAiT for results. Should have preliminary results by the 1st or 2nd but the chromosomes and TP53 mutation results (the stuff we are looking for won’t come till the 4th or 5th I hope not longer.


Anxiety and a lot of Gaming stuff

For some unknown reason I am totally freaking out about this coming Mayo visit on Thursday. I’ve been to Mayo countless times without any anxiety. I have done EXACTLY what I am going to be doing man times before without issue. So, yeah, I know there is the Corona Virus issue, but that is only causing minimal anxiety. I can directly pin this anxiety on just going to Mayo, just the thought of going is making me anxious. It’s very odd cause I do not get anxious about medical things. Well, I certainly hope that it is just in my head and not foreshadowing of something bad happening, because anything bad happening at Mayo would be tragic.


Every morning I wake up and cough for about an hour straight. This is normally sometime between 6 and 8am. During the week it is fine because Teresa is awake for work for most of the coughing, but on the weekends, I end up waking her up. Its annoying enough that she has bought earplugs to sleep in. I joke around that its all the coughing that I would have done during the night if I was awake coming out in the morning.


I am going to attempt to update AD&D 2e Spelljammer into a 5e Spelljammer. See, back in the early 90s TSR (the people that did own Dungeons and Dragons) cam up with idea of D&D characters in space. Back then I wasn’t into second edition AD&D so I didn’t get into Spelljammer. However, here is is 30 years later and its making a comeback and everyone except WotC (the company that now owns Dungeons and Dragons) are rushing to make a viable Spelljammer adaptation. Now I am interested in it, I own legal copies of all the pertinent books, I am going to tackle this adaptation too. Hey, time is something I have plenty of, if I stop sleeping quite as much, I’ll have tons of time.


Also I started reading the Chill RPG Version 3 rule book. I am about 65 pages in where it’s about character generation. Floods of memories are coming back from playing Version 1 back in the early-mid 80s. My god have I been doing this that long? Actually longer, 1978 I believe. I was young. Anyhow, it is a very well written book and I actually enjoying reading it. The plan is to finish reading the book (300+ pages) and then introduce it to the Friday Night Gang Gaming Server guys. I really think they’d get a kick out of the game. I know I said I wasn’t going to run on Friday nights, but this game is not nearly as complicated as Dungeons and Dragons. So it shouldn’t be so mentally taxing to get prepared. For me, mentally taxing becomes physically taxing. So, I should be ok to run Chill on Friday nights.


Tonight we are playing Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game. I have been looking forward to actually getting in to the meat of his game and it is finally going to happen. Yeah,we are going to do a bunch of role playing at the start of the night, then we are gonna travel to the Mournlands and start the hunt for the big bad. I forget what he is called something of swords I think. But anyhow, its gonna take us several sessions to find the big bad and probably most of a session to actually get in and kill him. At least that is what I am assuming Jason is going to do. So, Chapter 2 of his game starts tonight. I missed practically all of chapter 1 cause he started during my dark period. But I will be there for all of chapter 2 and chapter 3. it’s all good.


I did cancel my Tuesday Night Dungeons and Dragons game this week because I am mentally freaking out and its just gonna get worse. I may end up cancelling on June 2nd too because then I will be freaking out waiting for the biopsy results. I always freak out waiting for the biopsy results. They take a week and its a week from Hell for me. The other issue is that the week of waiting is a chemo week. So I get to be miserable while getting chemo. YAY, I think.


In other gaming news. I am still actively looking to play in any game on Monday or Thursday nights. Preferred game is D&D 5e, but I am willing to play anything that keeps me occupied. I just don’t want Roll20. Purely theater of the mind over Discord. I don’t care if its a new DM or an experienced old DM. I just want to play on one of those nights (actually preferably Monday night). I don’t care if we are 1st level or 20th level, I can play it all. People are just afraid of my age and that sucks. I don’t want to have to DM another night just to get my playing fix. Yeah, its crazy stupid for me to even consider another night beyond Tuesday and maybe Sunday afternoon. It would kill me mentally and wipe me out physically, so I won’t even consider it. Patience will lead me to a new game.


I found out that Teresa does have a limit to the number of nights that I am allowed to play. I can play 4 or 5 nights, but not 6 or 7. I jokingly mentioned that she would allow me to play every night, she said NO, not every night. There has to be some nights for us to be together and watch TV or whatever else she wants to do. Plus I have to have time to prepare for the games I am running and playing. So I have declared Saturday night and Monday or Thursday to be game free to gain some wife faction points. I’ll be happy and she’ll stay happy. I may be dying, but I am not stupid. Oh yeah, I forgot Wednesday, that is reserved for Cori’s games if she ever does get to running them.


Mojo is much better. He is eating real food even though he has no front teeth. Now his bark is definitely more worse than his bite. lol. Teresa is still giving him pain medicine daily, but I think today is last day of that. He is happily sleeping his day away without a mouth full of bad teeth.

Pucky goes to have his teeth done in November. His arent really bad like Mojo’s were, but he has some loose teeth so he’ll have the complete dental thing going on then.


OK, I am done for the day I think. Gonna find a video for you all and then take a Xanax and maybe a short nap before game time. You all have a wonderful Sunday afternoon/evening.

August 7 2021 planning ahead

It is Saturday, all day long. I slept in this morning till 7am when Alexa chimed it was time to take my morning pill. But it also means its time to feed the dogs and take them outside, then bring them back in and give them a treat. I did that and then I took my pill. Then I caught up with Facebook and now at 7:30am I am writing a blog entry on this crappy block editor and I hope I have enough to say.


Last night we played in jubal’s one-shot, which will be a 2 shot and at the rate we are going might be a 3 shot. Dungeons and Dragons can be like that. We totally went off jubal’s carefully laid out plan and he had to improvise about 2 hours and 45 minutes of game play. For being basically a new DM, he did a really good job. I am looking forward to resuming our journey in 2 weeks.


Tomorrow nights is Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game. We should be headed into the mournlands. But we won’t find the guy we are searching for right away. Jason will prolong the hunt over several intense session. At least that is what I would do and he is a better DM than I am. So he will do it better than I would and I LIKE IT. My paladin, H, is ready to do some damage. And to paint some religious graffiti on some walls, or maybe he is trying to draw the gods attention to the mournlands.


Today, hopefully, will be a day of serious rest. A nap is in order for after I finish this blog entry. I need to get some extra rest for tomorrow nights game since I didn’t rest on Friday night like I normally do. Fatigue is a royal pain in the butt. And that I have tons of. I’m usually good Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and totally wipe out/recovering the rest of the week. Its a semi-pathetic existence, but hey, I’m still alive. That is something.


And this was my bad week. I have 3 good weeks and 1 bad week on this chemo. The bad week I just don’t feel good during. My blood stats drop a bit. And it just bad all around. The other 3 weeks I feel good. Really I do. Those weeks, if I didn’t have cancer I’d almost swear I wasn’t sick. Yes, I feel that good.


The Corona Virus took away a lot from me. The unknown limited time I have left. Seriously being stuck in my house while I could be out doing something really sucks. And even now that things are opening, Teresa has put down the law that I am only to go out for doctor things. I don’t blame her or I am not upset at her for making me stay in, I don’t want the Corona Virus… the asthmatic cancer patient would be doomed in a likelihood. So here I sit.


I want to have my STILL NOT DEAD party on August 8th, but I doubt its going to happen. Dr. Alkhateeb will advise against it, and Teresa will just say no. Then later is the fall it will probably be the 2nd wave of the Corona Virus so I won’t be able to have it in September or October. November is Thanksgivingfest and Thanksgiving. So, in all likelihood I won’t be having a party this year. That is a bummer. That means I have to live thru 2021 so I can have the REALLY STILL NOT DEAD party then. So, mark you calendars, its August 7th, 2021, that is my REALLY STILL NOT DEAD party. I’ll be there, will you?


I probably won’t be making Thanksgivingfest again this year. Probably never again for that matter. My health is that crappy really. I would hate to have a problem while I was at a Gang members house. Then there is the whole getting there thing. I don’t think I can drive that far anymore. I could possibly fly to Indy again, but that puts me back to the problem of my health. We shall see.


Now I am bummed, so I am cutting this off. I will find a video. All will be ok.

A little bit of everything

Day 2 using the new block editor on WordPress, its not wysiwyg so things aren’t exactly how they appear on the screen (thus my ____ between thoughts yesterday were too long, at least on my 15 laptop monitor). I hate that it doesn’t have a word counter. But I guess I will just type until I run out of thoughts to type about. That is what I normally did anyway and ended up normally between 600 and 800 words, occasionally up to 1000+, depending on if I had a lot to say or not.


It is 6 days till Mayo day. 6 days till I have my (gonna call it) 18th bone marrow biopsy. What a pain in the hip. But I get to see the nice people of Mayo in their masks while I am wearing mine. Mayo requires everyone except the Vice President to wear a mask right now. I hope no one was surprised when one of his aides came down with Covid-19. Oh well, yeah, I’ve had a lot of bone marrow biopsies in the last 5+ years. I tried to find the record for most bone marrow biopsies on a living person, google failed me. I bet its 50some, get blood/marrow cancer and they really liked to drill your hip.


We play in jubal’s one (maybe 2) shot tonight. As far as I know he has only DMed a Dungeons and Dragons one shot one other time, so this might just be fun. It is my bad week and I am very fatigued today, so I am hoping I can make it thru the game. I want to support my friend. I want to play a bugbear assassin, even if it is a one shot. So, shortly I will take a nap and hope I have energy for tonight.


Mojo, after having 5 teeth removed yesterday is doing well today. Doesn’t even seem to be in much pain. He has been following Teresa around all day and is right now napping in the dog bed next to her while she works. But if she gets up, he gets up. It’s cute that he loves her so much. I am pretty sure he loves me too, but not like he loves mommy.


Speaking of mothers. My mom and brother are now unsure of when they are coming to visit. I tried to explain my weird schedule to my mom. Every other week starting the week after chemo. So, since chemo is the 1st, 2nd,and 3rd of June, the week of the 8th of June is good, as is the week of the 22nd. It’s not rocket science, but it is confusing over the phone. I hope when mom reads this it makes more sense. But then again she was thinking of flying in for Thanksgiving. Which I haven’t set down with a calendar to figure out what kinda week that is for me. Oh well, I can fake a few days for her.


Hey, we got 2400 dollars from the federal government for the stimulus thingy. That couldn’t have come at a better time. Yeah, we had an oops with the routing number of our bank (whats on the checks is wrong) so we didnt get it months ago like everyone else, but its still cool to have gotten it.


Oh, a few days ago I received the Welcome Crate from Loot Crate. In it was quite a few neat little things and then a Japanese Pacman shirt which I totally geeked out about. I wonder when my first Gamer Crate is going to show up? Anyhow, I decided to only do 3 months of the Gamer Crate cuz I don’t have anywhere to put these neat little things really. So they will clutter up somewhere in my little portion of the bedroom and Teresa will complain about them. Ah such is life. Teresa did say that the box looked cool though


I found CHILL the role playing game Version 3 on the Drive-thru.rpg site. I have such great memories of playing CHILL with my friend Dave (yet, another Dave in my life) and his friends. So, next month’s Jeff’s money is partly going to grab CHILL and reading it from cover to cover and then hopefully find people who are willing to play it. It’s a horror rpg where you play normal people who work for an anti-monster government agency. It was a lot of fun back in 1986ish. I hope Version 3 holds up in 2020. I have the feeling it will.


Today, although exceptionally tired, I don’t feel bad. So why was my mind focused on the fact the I am gonna die sooner as opposed to later? It’s not a good thing to dwell on, leads to depression and I don’t want to be depressed about this, I just want to live while I can. This Covid-19 business has made it harder to live life, I miss going out to lunch with my friend Drew. Teresa won’t let me go out except for medical things and I don’t blame her. No sense in me dying to Covid-19 when I am dying of cancer anyway. Why would we hurry up my death? BLAH, enough of that talk.


I wanted to help a kickstart campaign and get a book of 700 magic items for Dungeons and Dragons. That would be very useful, but it is out of England and won’t be shipped till December. And the book with shipping would be around 55 bucks. OUCH. I will just start making my own homebrew stuff on dndbeyond. Screw waiting till December.


I hate change and about me

WordPress has decided the change to a block editor from their old editor, it officially goes into effect June 1st, but hey, who am I to stand in the way of <cough cough> progress. The biggest change is that I will no longer be able to write my blog in the Edge Browser. Which means more work for me to get it over to Facebook. I don’t completely understand why they wanted to change things, but change happens and just because i hate change doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Mojo had 5 teeth removed today including his 2 front teeth which were broken way up in the bone. Poor poor Mojo. He just got home from the vet (around 3:15pm) he has been there since 8:20am. Long day for him. The vet office staff took turns holding him after a rough waking from anesthesia because every time they set him down he screamed. Mojo is only a little spoiled here at home an apparently at the Vet too.


I had my video appointment with Kristal, Dr. Wehbe’s nurse. She was 20 minutes late and the appointment lasted less than 10 minutes. I told you guys that those appointments don’t take long. She asked all the important questions to which all the answers were no. Except when she asked if I was losing weight, I was all nope, I have put on about 5 extra pounds. And the chronic cough question was I think I am allergic to my dogs but I’m not getting rid of them, so I will live with coughing. Next appointment with Dr. Wehbe is June 4th IF my biopsy results are in.


My mom and brother were coming to visit this weekend but changed their minds. Instead I think they are coming the Friday after my bone marrow biopsy, next week. I don’t think my mom totally realizes how much I am sleeping, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, but usually around 14 to 16 hours a day. And with the bone marrow biopsy, I won’t be too mobile for a few days. I mean, I am all for her and Jim coming to visit, but I don’t want them to feel ignored or abandoned while they are here.


Hmm, there is no word count anymore on the editor, so I won’t know when I have babbled too long. So, please bear with me while I adapt to this new editor and it’s weirdness.


I want to share a bit about me for the new readers of my blog, those of you who have followed me for a while will know most of this anyway, so feel free to skip this section ūüôā These are in no particular order.

My name is Jeff Campbell, nicknames Hectic and mother

I turn 50 in exactly 11 weeks.

I am currently living with MDS cancer, I am 2 years post transplant which puts me in 17.1% of patients who received a transplant for MDS. Yes, that means 1 our 5 but I am good at beating the odds.

I had AML cancer in 2015, 5 years later still living, that makes me a statistical anomaly. Statisticians stop tracking survivors at 5 years cuz there are too few.

I run a Dungeons and Dragons game on Tuesday nights. I play in a Dungeons and Dragons game on Sunday nights. And occasionally play on Friday nights too. I am planning on running a second game soon, not sure if its going to be on Sunday afternoons or Thursday night, right now it is in the planning stage.

I am bipolar I, but its mostly under control. I do still have hypomania from time to time and still get depressed but you try having a death sentence from cancer and not get depressed about it from time to time.

I have a wonderful wife, who is a superwoman. She has been with me through a lot of Hell and has stood by me for 28 years. She is a great cook. She is a wonderful person. She works as a Unix System Engineer for the 9th largest cable company and is headhunted constantly but not going anywhere.

I have 2 chihuahuas named Pucky and Mojo. They are officially elderly now, but chihuahuas live up to 20 years, so they will probably outlive me. They help keep me sane, I love them very much.

This blog has followed me thru me getting ready to start school several times. A DEAD dream. It has followed me thru several failed businesses. More DEAD dreams.

Ultimately I write this blog for me. Not that I don’t get a kick out of the fact that I have a set of regular readers that is growing. But I sometimes talk about some topics too often and sometime ignore things. I rarely talk Politics. I do not talk Religion. I do talk a lot about games and my health issues and thing dealing with my health.

I have 2 cancer docs and 1 PA. They are Dr. Alkhateeb @ Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Dr. Wehbe @ Mission Cancer and Blood here in the Des Moines area, and Chris, the PA here in Adel.

Oh yeah, I live in Adel, IA which is a small town a half hourish west of Des Moines. I like small town life, except for the lack of restaurant choices. I would kill for a fast food joint to open up in town. But we do have a good pizza carry out place and decent sit down mexican and sit down bar b q. So its not totally backwoods.

OK, I can’t think of anything else anyone would care to know about me or would wonder about me when reading this blog. So, I am done with this blog for today. Lets see if I can add a video.

Of medicine and dnd and Mojo

Today was lab work day.¬† This being my bad week, my hemoglobin was only 12.6 and my platelets were only 183.¬† Down from 13.2 and 265 respectively 2 weeks ago.¬† They will go back up over the next 2 weeks.¬† But its all good wherever it is, I don’t need blood or platelets so I am happy with the numbers.¬† This chemo, no matter how much I hate it, and no matter how long I am stuck on it is doing real good things for me.¬† I fully expected to be dead by now.¬† Heh, I am far from dead, and that is a damn good thing.

Tomorrow I have a video visit with Kristal, Dr. Wehbe’s nurse.¬† It’s at 2:20 and should take about 5 minutes, maybe 10.¬† I have no questions for her.¬† And she is just going to ask how I am feeling, which is good but tired all the time.¬† Same thing I have said in every appointment that I have had since chemo started.¬† But since Dr. Wehbe is being so kind as to prescribe the chemo, I will continue to once a month go thru these motions of seeing Kristal or Dr. Wehbe once a month.¬† They are nice people so it’s all good.

Today I found out that jubal is going to try his hand at DMing on the Gang Gaming Server.¬† He is planning a one, maybe two shot and that is cool.¬† So this Friday we play, then we skip a Friday, then we play on Friday if we don’t finish this Friday, which I doubt we will.¬† Anyhow, jubal said level 7 any race any class, so I made KillinTime the Bugbear Assassin.¬† He is 8 feet of sneakiness with a mean backstab/surprise attack.¬† I don’t know if jubal has ever DMed before, but more power to him, I hope he enjoys it.

Then Sunday is my first real playing of Heiliker Krieger or H for short in Jason’s Dungeons and Dragons Eberron game.¬† Have to come up with a list of stuff he wants the guild master to supply us.¬† The funny thing is all I can think of is a jar of black paint and a brush.¬† A little religious graffiti in the mournlands.¬† It’s all good.¬† I have no qualms of walking into the land of death and dealing with this guy we are supposed to kill.¬† H was 50 ft away from the line where the mourning occurred.¬† Actually he is scared to death, but he won’t admit it.

Then there is Maloon on Tuesday, my Dugeons and Dragons campaign.¬† I finally sort of introduced a big bad to the party.¬† She got away though.¬† She will be back, maybe not next week, but eventually as any good big bad does.¬† Anyhow, they are level 6 now, opened up some new abilities I think, killed a lot of Gnolls and Giant Gnolls.¬† Got a ton of xp last session, really work well together as a team.¬† ¬†And everyone seems to get along, so it’s all good there too.¬† Gonna make next week extra special (I hope to) cuz I promised more fun for the players.

Then on Thursday is the trip to Mayo that I am not looking forward to.¬† Teresa doesn’t want to drive down the night before, so we are leaving around 4am to get there at 8:20am.¬† 8:20am is when my blood tests are scheduled for.¬† Then my semi-consciousness goes and has yet another bone marrow biopsy, I think this is number 18 or so.¬† Lots of holes in my hip bone.¬† Then there is a pharmacist visit, a nurse visit, and then finally a visit with Dr. Alkhateeb his own self.¬† I have some serious questions for him, so its good that we will be seeing him and not some other doctor which happens on rare occasions.¬† Then there is the 4+ hour drive back home.¬† Teresa can somehow do it, I normally can’t sleep in a car, but these 16 hour days with a bone marrow biopsy involved I somehow manage to.¬† So hopefully I will catch some sleep going and some sleep coming back.

Oh, I almost forgot to share this, but its a big deal to me.¬† Dr. Alkhateeb took me off Penicillin and Acyclovir yesterday, today being my first day not taking them.¬† That I believe takes me off all meds from the transplant.¬† And makes my med management even easier.¬† woot.¬† Also yesterday I found out that I will be getting the MMR vaccine IF I ever come off chemo.¬† He didn’t say the directly, but said he couldn’t give me the MMR vaccine while having chemo so I took it how I took it.¬† I want the MMR vaccine because Iowa has had cases of Measles in the last couple of years.¬† So, anyhow, those were my two medical surprised yesterday that got me excited.

Oh, in other good medical news, my chemo for June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd should be back at the Clive (closer) location.  That is some really good news for me.  15-20 minute drive vs 45 minute drive.   Surface streets vs Freeway.  Yup, color me happy about this too.

Well, I got wordy again when I didn’t think I had much to say.¬† But I had a lot to share after all and I think I got everything I wanted to.¬† So, lets see if I can find a good video to share.

Oh yeah, Mojo update.  Mojo had/has a bee sting which caused all the swelling.  Turns out he is allergic to be stings too.  Benadryl and an anti-inflammatory have made him feel and look much better.

Poor Mojo

Today has been a weird day.¬† I woke up at 6:30 when Teresa woke up.¬† Had some orange and cream gummi bears (my normal routine) and then went back to bed after taking my 7am pills.¬† I woke again for my 9am pill then promptly went back to sleep till 10:30.¬† I got up for lunch, yes, I eat lunch between 10:30 and 11 usually now.¬† I decided of Apple Jacks for lunch.¬† So, I ate a bowl of cereal for lunch, something I have done hundreds of times, only to end up feeling weird and wobbly about a half hour later.¬† I googled my symptoms and came up with “reactive hypoglycemia”.¬† Where your body doesn’t process the intake of sugar and leaves you feeling like crap.¬† Yep, so I took my crappy feeling self and went back to sleep.¬† And slept from 11:30 to 1pmish.¬† I woke feeling crappy still so I ate a second lunch of leftover chili and that seems to have taken the crappy feeling and wobbliness away.¬† So lesson learned, no cereal on an totally empty stomach (at least according to the Mayo website).¬† I feel much better now.¬† They also said this can be caused by your blood pressure medicine needing to be adjusted.¬† Hmm, something to add to Dr. Alkhateeb’s list of questions next Thursday.

I remembered I had calls to make today.¬† I started with the pharmacy who was very helpful.¬† They agreed to call my Shrink and get the Nimodipine prescription transferred to him, something I am sure already happened on Dr. Eastin’s end.¬† Anyway that part of the medicine problem is fixed.¬† Now the acyclovir is a whole different issue,¬† ¬†Teresa messaged Dr. Alkhateeb asking if I still needed to be on acyclovir and penicillin.¬† Don’t want to hassle with transferring those prescriptions to Chris if I don’t have to.¬† Mayo’s response was they didn’t think I had all my vaccines and when I do I can come off those 2 meds.¬† Well, I went thru all the very painful “baby” shots, and she said I was done.¬† So, I think I got all my vaccinations.¬† Anyhow, I wrote back to Mayo stating I got those vaccinations and get my flu shot annually, is there any vaccination I missed.¬† Waiting for their response now.

Tonight we play in my Dungeons and Dragons Maloon campaign.¬† I have come up with a decent story for tonight, I think.¬† Should be fun even if the storyline is weak.¬† I used to be a better DM, chemo and cancer has taken so much from me.¬† Now I think of myself as a good DM, I used to be a great DM.¬† Since I have been steadily not being a great DM since I started back to playing after the first chemo/cancer issues in 2015, I assume that was the catalyst.¬† Now here it is 5 years later, I am still lacking that something that makes a DM great.¬† Playing in Jason’s game just makes me feel like that much lesser of a DM.¬† Jason is a great DM, has all his stuff together.¬† I will continue to run Maloon at least until the lockdown is completely lifted for all my players, when those that work have to go back to work.¬† And I will probably be running a Sunday afternoon game too come mid-June, I think I have promised a few people that this game will happen, so it has going to happen more than likely.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting on Cori to get her one shots ready.¬† Or her campaign.¬† She has such a good handle on DMing, just no confidence in her abilities.¬† It’s just a matter of time before she occupies Wednesday nights with her games.¬† I am looking forward to playing in them.

And also, while waiting for Cori, I have been trolling reddit/r/lfg and the dndbeyond forums looking for a game.¬† I’m not having much of any luck thru those.¬† I don’t interview well over text but I will keep trying.¬† Maybe I can find a Monday or Thursday game to play in.¬† Looking for a game that isnt on roll/20, that is purely theater of the mind.¬† There are quite a few of them that get listed but I am always a day late and there are 20 responses, then I blow the text interview thing.¬† Also my age is an issue as I have mentioned here before.¬† Maybe I will find a game to be in before too long has past.

Mojo has to go to the Vet today and then Thursday.  Today because he might not make it to Thursday.  He has at least 1 bad tooth, probably more than 1 actually.  And I think 1 or more have gotten abscessed.  The swelling on one side is bad enough to make his eye bulge.  It looks real bad.  Dr. Beeman, the Vet, is squeezing Mojo in around 3:30 to give him antibiotics and pain killers cuz Mojo is in bad shape.  On Thursday  is his appointment to have his teeth done.  Chihuahuas are notorious for having bad teeth, except Pucky.