Mainly, The House

I know this blog revolves mostly around me and my thoughts and actions of going to school, with a smattering of other stuff for good measures.  This blog has been great help for me in figuring out what I want to do with my future as it may be.   I have wanted to do a blog for years, started one on livejournal  years ago, but let it go by the wayside.  Started one somewhere else too, but hated the format, can’t remember where it was.  Oh well, I like WordPress and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.  Just wish I could get rid of the WGU widget on the side over =======> but I can’t replace or delete it for some reason and I am too lazy to contact WordPress support.  Oh well.

Today was a great day.  I slept in.  I spent almost all day with Teresa.  We closed on the house, so it belongs to my mother-in-law now and by default its ours, ours I say.

I got my head shaved to #2 again.  I like keeping it short now, go figure.  I totally hated short hair as a kid and now I have them using a razor to shave it.  Since I think I am gonna keep having my head shaved to #2, Teresa has decided she can do the job, so we ordered a razor from to do the shaving.

We also decided, since our first house payment isn’t due til July 1, that we are going to buy a new stove, as the old one here is dying a slow painful death.  There is an issue though, we don’t feel comfortable hooking up the electric cord which for some reason comes separate from the electric stove.  So we have a call out to my construction friend (the guy who built our cool new deck) to see if he can recommend a handyman.  Would rather use someone who is recommended than some random person on Angie’s List or online elsewhere.

The next big purchases for this house will be a new washer and new dryer.  Yep, the stacking unit that the landlord bought to replace the old stacking unit sounds like it isn’t gonna last too long either.  And now, its our responsibility.  A responsibility we happily take on.

Also on the list of things we want to do to the house is paint the master bedroom.  Turns out that neither of us likes the colors.  So, said aforementioned handyman might have more than 1 job from us.

There is actually a lot I would like to do to this house.  Hopefully we will be able to it all over time.  Nothing on my wish list is outlandish, just stuff to make it nicer and update it which it desperately needs.

OK, enough about the house.

School starts in 18 days.  Book buying is in 10 days.  I have gotten over them cancelling my refresher English class.  Just hoping nothing else gets cancelled, cuz that would truly suck.  Just getting tired of waiting.  Not anxious, not excited, just bored waiting.





I called it

I knew it.  I knew it.  DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.  I knew they were gonna cancel that stupid English class.  Only 3 people signed up for it and the school went and cancelled it.  SUCKS for me cuz 1.  I needed that class. 2. It totally screws up my schedule and 3. I already bought the book (well, rented, but still).

It’s actually ok I guess.  I will read the stupid book and teach myself what I don’t already know.  I don’t need a teacher to do this, I am a (relatively) intelligent person.  I can do this my owndamnself.

So school doesn’t start for 20 days instead of 5.  Still not anxious, just a bit pissed, still not excited.

Oh yeah, in the loss of English, I am taking Digital Marketing online.  So that is 2 marketing classes, a math class, and a student development class over the summer.  Easy peasy.

The Digital Marketing class was originally going to be taken in the Fall, so my Fall schedule got screwed up too.  Now, instead of Digital Marketing, I am taking Human Relations in Business.  Don’t know what to expect there.

A lot of shifting around of classes have occurred.  I think I have it all straightened out.  But you see, one little change causes repercussions throughout my whole schedule for the 2 1/2 years.  I guess it’s all good though, I got it all figured out again and everything is set for me to proceed with school.

Oh yeah, I was gonna not take another class this summer, but I was 1 stinking credit short of full time, thus I had to add the Digital Marketing class.  And another oh yeah, Digital Marketing was the only class I need that didn’t have prerequisites that had an open spot.  So that is how that got chosen over anything else, I wanted to stick in Accounting, but all the sections were full.

So, I am still a little pissed that my English class got cancelled.  But I think I am going to be able to make the most out of it.   Frustration was at foot when I was trying to find a class to take online, happy with the one I did find.   I knew today was gonna be one of those days when I got up.  That is why I didn’t check my email until 3 o’clock, I just knew that email was going to be in it, just knew it.  Oh well, life will go on.



This and that

Today I drove the long route to the school and back.  1 1/2 hours in the car.  Yeah, to people who drive all the time that doesn’t sound like much, but it wiped me out.  I haven’t driven more than like a half hour or so since moving to Iowa.

The reason that I drove it was to make sure I knew it for Monday morning.   The long route is the way I am gonna drive to school because the “quicker” route during rush hour will take even longer and drive my blood pressure thru the roof.  I’ve driven to Waukee at 7:15am before and there was traffic, any closer to the 80/35 entrance just becomes a total mess.  So the long route will serve me fine.  I will still leave by 6:45am to get there by 8, just in case.  If I get there ridiculously early, I will switch to 7am departure.

Lunch today was HuHot with my good friend Drew.  HuHot happens to be one of my favorite restaurants and it turned out to be one of his too.  It was good food and good company.  It was good to see him again, we don’t get together nearly often enough.

Tomorrow’s lunch is to be with my friend Abbie.  She owes me a lunch from when I worked at Iowa Realty.  It’s all good.  I wonder where we will end up going????  It’ll be good to see her too, she is a good friend as well.

The house still closing on Friday, everything is set.  Happiness will be never paying rent again.

Still not anxious or excited about school starting.  it’s just gonna happen.  I don’t understand why I am not one or the other, it’s weird.  I really should be freaking out like every other time, but nope, I am chill.  I choose to take this as a good thing though, at least I am not making myself sick with anxiety.

Teresa is still in Boston, she got a RedHat backpack from the conference.  Oo Ah at your convenience.   Better than what she normally comes home with from her travels.

She will be home late Thursday.   The dogs and I really miss her.  And her work wants her to travel even more 😦   Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to live with her going on travel a lot.

Both of our computers have cameras built in, so Skype for the win.  I get to chat with her every night while she is gone.  So I guess its not as bad as it used to be.


One week

I would be amiss of my blog if I didn’t mention that is exactly 1 week until school starts.  Today possibly I showed my first hint of anxiety in the form of not being able to concentrate on things.  I tried to chat, I tried Facebook, I tried games, I tried talking on the phone and I even this is my 3rd try to write this blog entry.  If it is not anxiety, it’s just annoying and I hope either way it goes away quickly.  Would hate to try to pay attention in class when I can’t concentrate.

I am a little concerned that they are going to cancel the English class.  Heh, either 3 or 8 people have signed up for it.  If 8, the class will run.  If 3, I am not so sure.  I hope it runs for 2 reasons, it fits my schedule so well and I already rented the book for it.  I guess there is a 3rd reason… I really need it.

We got notice today that the house is definitely going to close on Friday.  Woot Woot.

Poor Pucky and Mojo, they are missing Teresa something fierce already.  They were waiting for her at 6 o’clock, the time she normally gets home.  Now tonight as I am getting ready for bed, they are looking for her.  I think its gonna get worse the more she has to travel for work.

It’s a little after 10pm and I am heading to bed.  Yeah, I know its pathetic.  But I am taking my meds earlier so I can get to bed earlier so I can get up earlier.  6am is going to be coming in 1 week, and I plan to be ready for it.  So good night.

New glasses.

New glasses are expensive, even with good insurance.  I suppose I could’ve went to one of those really cheap places and got crappy frames that fall apart, but nope, I decided to go to Lenscrafters.

I got 2 pairs of glasses, 1 regular pair and 1 sunglasses cuz it was cheaper than getting 1 pair with the transition lenses.  I will finally be able to see again.  No more squinting or holding it way the hell out there.  I pick up the regular pair tomorrow and pick up the sunglasses in a week.

House closes in 1 week.  Glad that will be over.

New bed should be here next week too (I hope).  It will be nice to be able to sleep again.

School starts in 10 days.  I should be full of anxiety or at least excited somewhat, but honestly I am kinda ho hum about it still.  Maybe its a sign that I am ready for it, maybe its a sign that I should be running for the hills.  Who knows!?!?!?!  It’s all good, I am ready for school to start.  Summer session should be easy peasy.

Again where I do have some anxiety is thinking ahead to fall.  Yeah, I have went over this here before, Seasonal Affective Disorder blah blah blah.  Not gonna bore you with it all again.

Teresa goes on travel AGAIN next week.  And is supposed to AGAIN in June, but we have a scheduling conflict and I bought my tickets first.  It seems that now that I am healthy and all, all the travel she was supposed to do while I was sick plus all the travel that they want her to do now is happening now.  Too much travel in my opinion.  I happen to like having my wife around.

Everything is going right in my world for a nice change.


Our house, not our jeep.

12 days, but who is counting

I went to college today for the tour.  I didn’t realize it was just for me, I thought they would collect a bunch of us together and walk us around.  But no it was just me and the tour guide.  She was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions.  She even walked to the FAR building with me out in the cold without a jacket.  Dumb me didn’t even consider it was cold and windy cuz I was wearing a jacket.  Realized this after we walked back.  My bad.  We should’ve drove.

Also while at the college, I rented my English text book.  58 dollars and change.  All good.  I certainly don’t want to own it.  The rest of the books will wait until financial aid releases funds to buy books on May 15th.   Only reason I paid for the English book myself is cuz the class is starting before the fund release date.  Oh well.

Also got the parking permit for my car.  They have free parking but if your car is in the lot for more than 2 days and it gets noticed, it’s a 100 dollar fine.  OUCH.  So the little sticker will be put in my window.

And finally while at the college, I turned in my change of major from Marketing AA to Marketing AAS.  So that might be completed by now if not it will be soon.

Like I have said, my English class starts on the 8th and goes thru the 19th.  Then the rest of the classes start on the 23rd.  All the rest of the classes are online, so hopefully I won’t be making trips to the college very often during the summer.

The appraisal on the house came in, all is well there.  We are closing on the 5th.  I will be happy when this is over.  I forgot how much stress there is in buying a house and we aren’t even the ones buying it.  Heh, not yet anyway.

I have an appointment on Friday with an eye doctor.  My vision went bonkers with the chemo and has not been good since.  Cancer doc says the bonkers during chemo is normal, the not good since is just from getting older.  So, my preferred optometrist office just rang and rang and my 2nd choice ophthalmologist is booking in June.  So I went with a friend’s company to get my eye check done.  My friend is the office manager there.  The appointment is for 9:30am, give me a reason to be awake in the morning.

I cancelled my acupuncturist appointment on Friday.  I figure it would not do good to get it done while sleeping on our broken bed.  Our current bed thrashes my back every night, so I will wait till after we get our new bed before I see the acupuncturist.  Just makes sense to me.



Made 1 phone call, got transferred once, left 1 voice mail…..received 1 phone call back and my DMACC ONECARD is on the way.  I will have it in 7 to 10 days.  Before classes start, even my early class.  WOO HOO.  Don’t I wish that all bureaucracy was handled this efficiently.  Life would be so much easier.  This took maybe 5 minutes total.

The problem was that I had a card in 2015, pre-leukemia.  Almost everything pre-leukemia that wasn’t vitally important got pitched.  So the ONECARD I had was pitched along with a lot of other trash from under my desk.  My fault if not my action threw it away, and at the time my action probably would have thrown it away anyhow.

So that is one more thing taken care of for school.

I am still heading up to the school on Wednesday for a tour and to hand in my change of major form.  I most certainly hope it doesn’t trigger yet another orientation requirement.  That would be totally annoying, but easily enough resolved.



As I mentioned directly on Facebook.  Clonazepam during the day was a bad thing.  I slept and slept and slept.  I don’t need it, still not feeling much anxiety about school this time and school is imminent.  If I was going to freak out, I’d have done it already.  Any, since I am not full of anxiety, and I don’t want to sleep during the day, I have decided not to take the early morning clonazepam.  This decision might be revisited if all the sudden anxiety overcomes me.

My car is still leaking fluids and I haven’t had a chance to get it into the shop to see what is wrong.  Perhaps when I get done posting this, I will give them a call and see when they can fit my car in to be looked at again.  My 2005 Dodge Neon has to last for a minimum of 2 1/2 more years, more likely 3.

No news on the house.  Not that I expected any today.  Now its all about waiting.  I know we aren’t going to close on the 27th, no chance of that.  But I hope we close sooner as opposed to later.  The less we have to pay our current landlord, the better now.

Teresa is going out of town for work AGAIN on the 1st – 4th.  Seems like she was just out of town for work (oh wait, she was).  This time she is going to some conference in Boston.  At least this one should be more fun for her than the last one.  Vendors will be throwing stuff at her as opposed to her stressing out.  And its only 4 days this time, maybe the house can close on the 5th.

Both of the dogs have figured out the doggie door.  Puck got it right away.  Mojo was a little slower, finally figuring out how to go OUT today (the door went in Saturday).  Big WOOT to Mojo, cuz I am tired of opening the door next to the doggie door so he can go out.  Yay for a spring, summer and fall of not having to open the door whenever their highnesses wanted to go out.