Made 1 phone call, got transferred once, left 1 voice mail…..received 1 phone call back and my DMACC ONECARD is on the way.  I will have it in 7 to 10 days.  Before classes start, even my early class.  WOO HOO.  Don’t I wish that all bureaucracy was handled this efficiently.  Life would be so much easier.  This took maybe 5 minutes total.

The problem was that I had a card in 2015, pre-leukemia.  Almost everything pre-leukemia that wasn’t vitally important got pitched.  So the ONECARD I had was pitched along with a lot of other trash from under my desk.  My fault if not my action threw it away, and at the time my action probably would have thrown it away anyhow.

So that is one more thing taken care of for school.

I am still heading up to the school on Wednesday for a tour and to hand in my change of major form.  I most certainly hope it doesn’t trigger yet another orientation requirement.  That would be totally annoying, but easily enough resolved.



As I mentioned directly on Facebook.  Clonazepam during the day was a bad thing.  I slept and slept and slept.  I don’t need it, still not feeling much anxiety about school this time and school is imminent.  If I was going to freak out, I’d have done it already.  Any, since I am not full of anxiety, and I don’t want to sleep during the day, I have decided not to take the early morning clonazepam.  This decision might be revisited if all the sudden anxiety overcomes me.

My car is still leaking fluids and I haven’t had a chance to get it into the shop to see what is wrong.  Perhaps when I get done posting this, I will give them a call and see when they can fit my car in to be looked at again.  My 2005 Dodge Neon has to last for a minimum of 2 1/2 more years, more likely 3.

No news on the house.  Not that I expected any today.  Now its all about waiting.  I know we aren’t going to close on the 27th, no chance of that.  But I hope we close sooner as opposed to later.  The less we have to pay our current landlord, the better now.

Teresa is going out of town for work AGAIN on the 1st – 4th.  Seems like she was just out of town for work (oh wait, she was).  This time she is going to some conference in Boston.  At least this one should be more fun for her than the last one.  Vendors will be throwing stuff at her as opposed to her stressing out.  And its only 4 days this time, maybe the house can close on the 5th.

Both of the dogs have figured out the doggie door.  Puck got it right away.  Mojo was a little slower, finally figuring out how to go OUT today (the door went in Saturday).  Big WOOT to Mojo, cuz I am tired of opening the door next to the doggie door so he can go out.  Yay for a spring, summer and fall of not having to open the door whenever their highnesses wanted to go out.

The more things change…

Yeah, I am changing my major 1 more time, but only a tweak and not really a change.  Instead of Marketing AA, I am going for a Marketing AAS.  What this means is means is more access to Marketing class, less bs core classes, and its not transferable to a 4 year University.

More marketing classes is a good thing.  I will actually be learning what I want to learn. Yeah, there are a couple classes I don’t know what they are doing in the AAS degree, but oh well.  I went from 2 Marketing classes in the AA to 6 or 7 in the AAS.  Just makes more sense to me.

Less bs core classes rocks.  Only 1 semester of English Comp, 1 speech class, and 1 math class, that is all that is required.  This sounds great to me.  I wasn’t looking forward to the other core classes like science with a lab and a 2nd math class.

And the fact that it’s not transferable to a 4 year University is not a big deal.  We don’t live close enough to a public 4 year University for this to be an issue.  If we lived in Ankeny or something like that, it would matter.  But as it is, I am not going to be doing the 4 year thing.

I am still getting the digital marketing  certificate and the web development AAS.  I will be in school thru Fall 2019.  102 credit hours.  And I will get to do 2 of the summers online, the 3rd one it’s not going to happen.  So in Summer 2019, I won’t be around for my brother’s party.  Just how the new schedule is going to work out.

So school starts in 2 weeks and a couple days.  I still don’t have much anxiety.  I still feel pretty good about the whole thing.

My cpu cooler on my main system decided to die yesterday.  Computer crashed twice before I figured out what was wrong.  So I am on the dying laptop until the new cooler arrives tomorrow.  The laptop is actually running a lot better since I cleaned it up and replaced the dying mouse.  I think the mouse might have been sending crappy signals to the computer and making it seem like things were worse than they are.


Duck Duck Goose

Termite inspector came (was 1/2 hour early) and there are no termites on our property.  So that’s all good.  He was here for about 10 minutes like I guessed he’d be.  It was just a quick run thru the basement and garage.  Both of which are kind of a mess, but it’s done.  Now, all inspections are completed, 99% of paperwork is done, mainly just waiting on them to do something about the absent abstract.

We bought a bed today.  A Saatvamattress bed.  Let’s see if I can link here. Apparently I can , but I killed it somehow.  I’ll figure that out later.  It’s http://www.saatvamattress.com if you want to see.  They got killer reviews and are considerably cheaper than the big name brands.  Teresa did a ton of research on beds and this was her pick.  If it sucks, she is never going to live it down.  lol.  No, seriously, after reading what I found about it, I probably would have picked it myself.  Will be here in 9 to 18 days. 9 day Teresa is in Boston, 18 days I am in school.  So let’s hope for somewhere in the middle.

School starts in 17 days.  Still confused as to why I am not horribly anxious about it.  Not looking forward to getting up at 6, but its doable, and I only have to do it for 2 weeks.  So it’s all good.  2 weeks of 8am to 2:40pm class.  Then 4 days off.  Then summer session really begins, all my classes then are online, so it doesn’t matter what time I get up.

4 months and 2 days til Fall Semester starts.  Then its back to waking up at 6.  So maybe I just keep waking up early so its not a second shock to my sleep system.  Yeah, I am already looking ahead of summer semester.  Fall semester is going to be rough cuz of my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  Come end of September I start to get really depressed, October is normally a loss, as is most of November.  I am usually better once WINTER hits.  Last year was bad cuz winter was so wussy here.  I finally snapped out of the depression February.  So Fall Semester should prove interesting.

Still haven’t received my ONECARD from DMACC, so Monday I start making phone calls.  Can’t do anything at the school without the card, cant buy books, cant use the library, cant use the gym, just cant do much of anything.  I hope when I start making phone calls on Monday that it gets resolved quickly.

Biggest anxiety of the moment, is the fear that something is going to go wrong.  Things have been going right for so long, it feels like something should go to shit.  I know I have a huge Good Karma pool, but it just seems that after so much good, a bad thing always happens to me.  Here’s to hoping that whatever bad that happens to me doesn’t derail things.


more school babble

I stayed up again last night to register thinking there would be no issues.  I was wrong. So, two late nights trying to register for Fall classes only to not register for Fall classes those nights.  But it’s ok, I did finally get to register this morning, after talking to several nice ladies at DMACC.  Had it fixed and was registered before 9am and I got in all the classes I wanted in.

School supplies came today.  Teresa being home asks, “Don’t you have enough school supplies?” and I respond, “No, cuz I have used most of the old stuff for my businesses.”  Which is true, I didn’t have enough school supplies and now I should have enough for the whole 2 1/2 years.  And its better to have and not use then scrambled around trying to find if you need.

Last night did not help me in moving my sleep schedule to be up by 6am.  I didn’t get to sleep until about 12:30 and woke up at 6:30 this morning.  Now some of you might be thinking 6 hours is enough, well not for me, I need at least 7, preferably 8.  So I ended up napping today for 2 hours.  I didn’t want to nap, but was too tired to do much of anything else.  Tonight I will try to go to bed early and get up early tomorrow.

The big problem with getting up early is I have nothing to do during the day right now.  Games don’t have the pull in my head to keep me awake.  So I inevitably I end up taking a nap, right now I am taking my nap too early.  Napping is ok if its not going to be during the middle of class.  So I have to get up at 6 and not nap til 3:30-4 o’clock.  I can do it, just gonna take me a few tries to get it right.

Heh, I am 19 days from class starting and still not overly anxious.  Am I going to get really anxious or am I gonna just slide right into it?  I haven’t started taking the extra clonazepam that Doc F wrote for me.  Haven’t needed it.  This is a good thing.

I’m gonna be renting my textbook for the English class.  Yup, gone are the days of having to buy all of your books at 200 bucks a pop, 55 dollars and you get the book for 180 days.  Now 55 bucks is still a lot of money, but 1, its less than 200 and 2 I don’t have a useless book to deal with at the end of the semester.

I hope I like my English teacher this summer, because she will also be my English teacher in the Fall.  And I hope I like the teacher I have for Marketing in the Fall cuz I have him for Digital Marketing too at the same time.   And my Web teacher in the Fall will be my Web teacher in the Spring.  Yeah, small school, small departments, get a lot of overlap.  It’s all good, I haven’t met a person at DMACC that I haven’t liked yet.

I’m concerned that I haven’t gotten my ONECARD from the school yet.  It’s my school ID, debit card, super card.  I had one a couple years ago, I hope they don’t expect me to still have it.  If I don’t have it by Friday, I will call on Monday.

Right now, today, the priority of life is getting the house closed.  But there is nothing else for us to do.  It’s just sit and wait now.  The 27th is still a possibility.  But looking more like the 5th.  All because Iowa can’t/won’t catch up with the rest of the nation and switch to titles, we are probably going to close late.  Oh well, at least we don’t have to move.

Early morning Late night

I was up at 6:30 this morning.  Unheard of me in recent history, but I did it.  The appraiser was late though.  Didn’t arrive til 8:45 (the appointment was 8:30).  It happens, just hate early appointments in general.  Apparently it appraised for enough cuz we received word that the house is going to close.

Close on time is still up in the air.  They still haven’t found the abstract and still haven’t gotten a lawyer on the job to recreate it yet.  I don’t know what they are waiting for.  Grrr.  Frustration, just want the house to close.

Termite inspection is Friday (at the reasonable time of 10am), but as we do not have termites (a lot of wood in this house, we would know) its a no brainer.

So here we sit, waiting and waiting, everything on our end is done.

Going to a NAMI event on Thursday.  NAMI is the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  I agree with the cause but I am not a huge supporter of their Victim doctrine.  I am a victim of nothing, I live with it, I survive with it, but I am not a victim.  It’s ok though, lots of good contacts should be able to be made.  Not that I am in need of contacts, but it can’t hurt.  Hoping that tomorrow I hear more about what the event actually is, if its a bunch of fuddy-duddies giving speeches for 3 hours I am not interested, but if its a actual conversation, I got A LOT to say.

Yesterday, a Facebook On This Day post really tore me up.  It was Teresa’s first post on my account while I was in the hospital out of touch with reality.  For some reason it really messed me up.  Luckily I have a group of people at Edwinas Bipolar Chat room that were there for me.  I got a lot of support until I felt better in the head.  Amazing what a simple post could do to me.



20 days and counting.  Only 4 people signed up for the English class, I hope they don’t cancel it.  I will be bummed.  But if it is cancelled then add 2 1/2 weeks to that 20 days.

Feeling a little more anxiety.  But still not bad.  Do normal people feel a little anxiety before school starts?  I wonder.

Along with the touch of anxiety, is a shimmer of excitement.  Yes, I am actually a bit excited about school starting soon.  I know this, I am tired of waiting.

Gotta stay up til Midnight again tonight.  Finally get to register for classes for Fall.  At least I hope that there is nothing else holding me up.  If there is, tomorrow I will be on the phone all day til it’s fixed.  Everything was fine to register for Summer, I can’t see Fall being different.

Not so bright, but awful early

Tomorrow the appraiser comes to well appraise the house.  Another step in this seemingly endless house closing.  He is going to be here at 8:30am.  Way too early by my standards, but since we are crunched for time, I agreed to it.  Termite inspector on Friday isn’t coming til 10.  Much more reasonable in my opinion.

It is looking more and more like we will NOT be closing on time.  Which sucks big time.  I’ve mentioned this before, but somehow they lost our abstract.  Now, without getting all real estatey, the abstract is similar to the title in every other state.  But the abstract tracks every owner of a piece of real property since its creation.  So literally it could be 100s of pages long.  Luckily our home has had 2 owners prior to us.  So a special type of lawyer has to sit down and write up a new abstract.  It should be able to be done by a brain dead flatliner, but no we have to get a lawyer to do it.  Insert me bitching about more money being spent here.

I made an appointment for a tour of DMACC-Ankeny campus.  She said they would show me around the campus in general and point out the buildings I have classes in specifically.  I am cool with that.  It’s not University size (if you counted all the empty space around the campus, you might rival some Universities in size) but it is a fairly large campus.  Plus I have to go up there to buy my English book, so its all good, next week Wednesday I will be back at DMACC.  Proof that I wasn’t ready to go before, I never even considered doing the Returning to School thing, or taking the tour.

Tomorrow will be a long day.  Getting up for the appraiser and then staying up to register for classes FINALLY.  Yup, midnight is getting harder and harder to stay up for.  Today I actually was up at 8.  I am gonna be ready for those 6am wake ups that start in 21 days (doh, that is 3 weeks from today, eek but just a tiny eek).  2 weeks of 6am wake ups, I can do it.  I’ve done it before.

Anxiety is still kinda low.  My therapist says I need better anxiety coping skills.  LOL.  Better infers I have some to improve.  I don’t think I have any anxiety coping skills.  She recommended getting some “thinking clay” and playing with that.  Nah. I am good once the thing starts, its getting to the thing that causes me all the anxiety.  And really my anxiety is not much, certainly not enough to have to apply coping skills to.

The cold that Teresa brought back from New York did a number on me (and her too).  I’m not sure I am totally over it, but I can’t “be sick” any longer.  Got things to do, places to go, people to see.  Any way you look at it, I shouldn’t be contagious any more.

I put in the order for school supplies from Amazon today.  They will be here in 2 days, except for the folders, which will be here on the 26th I think.  Anyhow, plenty ahead of time.  That way if I forgot something I absolutely need, I have time to order it still.  Look at me, planning ahead.  Heh, either I am thinking smartly or I have done this too many times before, probably a bit of both.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is on the list of charities.




Staying up late for no reason

I have a cold, Teresa brought it back from New York on this last trip.  It has totally wiped me out.  I felt really rotten yesterday and marginally better today, but still nowhere near well.  This isn’t the first time she has come home with nasties, but this is the first time I got beaten up so hard.  Hopefully it’s only a 48 hour thing or maybe a 72 hour thing and tomorrow I will feel better.

Got things to take care of, places to stop by, people to see, trying to get everything to the lender to for my mother-in-law’s purchase of our house for us.  House is supposed to close on the 27th, but it’s looking like we may miss that day by a few.  Our lender informed me today that the abstract company can’t find the abstract, it might mean that they have to recreate it.  This sucks for us (more money) but at least there are only 2 recorded owners of the property so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I stayed up to midnight the other day to register for classes.  Turns out that because I switched majors I am considered a new student and have to wait til the 19th.  I have worked and worked on getting my schedule just right, if I don’t get into a class it can totally screw things up and require hours of fixing again.  And I don’t want to have to fix things again after my little screw up before.

Summer session for me starts in 26 days.  Sometime between now and then I will get up to school again to buy my English book, Sentences and Paragraphs.  Almost embarrassed to go in and ask for said book, but since I need said book, it’s all good.  Then 1/2 way thru the 2 weeks of English, I take another stroll to the bookstore to get my books for Summer semester.

I’m still looking forward to school and anxiety has been at lowish levels.  Yeah, I am getting some anxiety, but nothing compared to last time I tried this school thing.  Like I have said before, maybe I really am finally ready to do this.  Finally ready for school and all that entails.  I graduated high school 29 years ago, have tried college many time since then, but never have I felt so mellow about school starting.