All D&D, skip if you aren’t into it

Teresa actually said she would not be upset if I played D&D a few nights a week (like 4).  She said if I did it 6 nights she’d begin to feel like something was wrong with our relationship.  I think I just want my 2 nights on mumble and maybe a weekend day in 3D with in your face people.  Would do me good to get out and meet new people.  I am just afraid I am gonna find a game with a bunch of kidlings and be the token old fart who plays.  Well, I didn’t make it to the game shop tonight (I said Saturday on yesterday’s post, but then found out that D&D is on Wednesdays, oh well).   Maybe next Wednesday I will go.

Jon turned down my offer to run a game on his mumble on Wednesday night.  He said he is just totally not interested in playing D&D anymore.  I believe to the point that we will never resume his game.  That is ok, I am trying to put together a high level game on Derek’s server on Wednesday nights instead.  Adam and Cori are in definitely, waiting on Jet’s schedule before we begin playing, so we won’t start until late July, that is if Jet, Derek and Alan are up to playing 2 nights a week with me as DM.  Shannon wants to join us, but wife agro is keeping him from joining.

I have decided that I am making all the characters for the high level game.  Well, not completely making all of them.  I am gonna supply the stats and the magic items, but all the choices are gonna be made by the players.  This way I won’t or shouldn’t have arguments about X player getting more than Y player and so forth.  Not that I think I would have a lot of that anyway.  The character sheet thing I use now does a great job of supplying information.  So, I plan to use that for everyone.

I posted a metric ton of info on the Facebook group for my game today.  Lots and lots of information.  When I released this info for the low level game it was over a couple weeks, todays info came in the matter of a couple hours.  I hope I didn’t give information overload to anyone.  It wasn’t my intention to scare anyone off, just supplying info in a timely concise manner.

My gaming world (I don’t use any of the canonized worlds) is developing quite nicely.  I have the eastern and western edges mapped out and some of the middle.  It’s a huge place with long distances between city-states.  But this gives me lots of room to play with.  Realistically, with how my world is set up, I could probably run 10 to 15 different campaigns and not have people traipsing over the same ground as each other.  It is that sprawling of a place.

The Friday night game went well last Friday.  Like no time had passed since we last played 4 months ago.  That is what happens when you play with friends.  You can just pick up where you left off like nothing happened.  However, it didn’t go down like I expected it to, either I didn’t say something I should have or they misinterpreted something I did say.  One way or the other, they didn’t go the way I wanted them to go, as a matter of fact, they got a whole lot of nowhere.  It’s all good though, I think they had fun, I know I did.  Plus, now I have things in place to get them headed in the right direction.

Just trying to have some fun with my friends.  Not my fault that my friends live so far away.  I would play with them normally in person if the opportunity showed itself.  But since I live in Iowa and they are all in Indiana…  I guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Oh well, it’s all good, we have mumble and Facebook chat.


I need something else to do.

I am looking for a local D&D game to get into.  One that does not run on Friday nights, a weekend game would work perfectly.  I want to play a game as well as run the one I am running.  I have checked Mayhem comics board and no one is advertising a game with openings.  I am thinking of maybe heading down to Mayhem Comics Des Moines next Saturday and seeing if there are any D&D gamers there who might be looking for someone to join them.  It’d be good to play again.

Also, since I got nothing else to do, I am thinking of asking Jon if he wants to play on Wednesday nights over his mumble.  Jon used to run a game on Wednesday night that I played in, but life got in the way of gaming and he just couldn’t run it.  But perhaps the players from that game and Jon would want to play with me DMing.  Yeah, I would be the DM of two games a week, but I have really nothing else going on, so it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Not sure about this though, this is definitely still in the thinking about it stage.  It would be cool to have another campaign running a completely different direction than the one I am running now.

I pre-ordered my Xanath’s Guide to Everything form Amazon.  Been waiting and watching for the price to drop, it did today.  It won’t be shipped until November, but I will have it 2 day after release (2 day Prime Shipping).   It’s all good, I want it, not in a big rush for it, and will not pay full price for it.

Feeling a little restless the last few days.  I need to get out of the house, but I have nowhere to go.  Might just go for a drive tomorrow, where to though?  Or maybe just drive around, take myself out for lunch somewhere.   Yep, that might just be what I do.  Gotta get out of the house.

I cancelled my dentist appointment until AFTER I see the pain doc to get the trigger point injections.  Don’t need to exasperate my back pain.

I have complained that no current bands ever come to Des Moines.  I think I might be wrong now, The Foo Fighters are actually coming to Wells Fargo arena.  Now, I think Foo Fighters are current, if not my complaint still stands.  But they are by far the most current non-country band to come.  I am not counting the 80/35 festival or Iowa State Fair in my complaint.  Both happen outdoors in the heat of summer, so I couldn’t go to them even if I wanted to.

Downward Dog just came on.  Teresa is naturally watching it and apparently likes it.  I think I am going to focus on my D&D game cuz this is totally not my type of show.  Yup, she didn’t reach for the remote to see what else is on, I am gonna be in Downward Dog Hell for hopefully only a half hour, don’t know if I could take an hour of this.

Xanathar's Guide

My brother put a very short introduction of his character on the Facebook group page.  Glorg, Priest of Dunder the God of Thunder.  He has a whole lot more backstory than that, but this is about all he has shared so far.  It’s all good.

I look forward to playing D&D with my brother again.  I would never have gotten into it back in the 80s if not for him bringing it home.  He used to DM all the time for our collective friends.  Now I get to DM for him for the first (I can’t remember another real game I was DM for him) time.

It’s a bit different playing over mumble than in person.  People sometimes talk over other people, and you can’t see dice rolls.  But it works in its own way.  And lets us get our gaming fix with friends from all over.  As a matter of fact, the game I am running is for 6 people in 4 locations in Indiana, while I am in Iowa.  We were to have 1 from California originally, but he backed out, his loss.

Teresa still doesn’t know if she is definitely losing her Mac at work or not.  I wish they’d make up their minds and tell her one way or the other.  It has to be getting a bit frustrating for her too… is today the day she loses her laptop.  Smartly, she backed everything up.  So if she does lose her Mac laptop and get a new one, it’ll be a no brainer to get it re-setup.

My back is still hurting, if it is hurting tomorrow I will reschedule my dentist appointment on Wednesday.  The angle they will put my back at to get at the old crown would likely hurt too much.  And to be honest, I am in no rush to have this work done as its been 15+ years dentists have wanted to do it.

The dodge dealership who had my car in the shop less than 1 week ago sent me an email saying it was time for an oil change.  DOH.  Why didn’t they think of that when they had my car already.  I am like 1500 miles below when the little sticker says it needs it, so it can wait too.

Still waiting to hear back from Sam and Shel as to whether or not Pucky and Mojo can come to Thanksgivingfest this year.  I am under the assumption that the answer will be yes, but don’t know for sure.   We’ll figure something out if they say no.  Teresa just won’t want to leave them anywhere for that long.

Still missing Mom and Jim a lot.  The first few weeks after seeing them are the toughest.  I do not get to see them nearly enough.  June and November are just about it.  Mom was talking about making a trip here, but with our vacation plans next August and her having to seriously save money to pay for her part of the trip I don’t think she is coming anytime soon.  I could be wrong.


All that and a new MacBook Air too (maybe)

The Mumble D&D resumed well enough.  Only 1 character almost died.  Why?  Because the party did that thing that DMs hate and always turns out bed.  The party split up.  Luckily, the part of the party that went traipsing off could do enough damage and still get a healing spell off to save the almost dead character.  The 3 (no “Healer”) went off and randomly ran into a Wight and a few Zombies.  Not a big deal really, but for 3 instead of 6 it was a good fight.  Perhaps they learned not to split up in the future.  Perhaps not.  Time will tell.

We got a late start do to hardware failure.  And then things just never got moving so there was only the 1 fight the entire time.  But I think they might have caught on to what they are supposed to be doing.  And hopefully next week things will be smoother and we won’t have technical difficulties.  Did remember that I forgot to set my brother’s mumble up to be key activated to talk, gonna have to walk him thru setting that up.  My brother will be joining the Mumble D&D group next week.

Ibuprofen has been a godsend.  Doc said 600mg 3x day.  I was taking 600mg 4x a day and I hardly had any pain at all after the first day.  Today I went back to 3x a day and I have some pain.  So I will be going back to 4x a day regardless of what the doctor said.  I checked with Dr. Google and he said 2400mg is max daily.  So I am gonna do the 2400mg a day until the 29th and then hopefully not have to take it anymore for a few months.  I am very much looking forward to the trigger point injections and getting rid of this pain for a few months.  Back pain sucks.

Due to the back pain I still haven’t made my way over to the gym.  No surprise there.  I still plan on joining once I am able to.  And I am slowly making my way thru the frozen foods in the basement, then I will go on Weight Watchers.  I have already started working on portion sizes, and I am eating more times a day, these are things which need to be done to lose weight.  According to my doc’s scale, since I started working on portion sizes and eat more times, I have already lost some weight.  At high point I was 235 pounds, day before yesterday I was 220, now a lot of that way clothing difference.  Jeans and a thick sweatshirt vs shorts and a t-shirt.  But some of that had to be lost weight.  Gonna buy a scale for the house once I get serious about losing weight, I want to track it, and I want to lose back down to 200 pounds.  I will need to buy new clothes, but that is ok, Teresa won’t mind much.

I hope to not be in pain when I go see the dentist on Wednesday.  They are just gonna pull an old crown and get a mold for a new one and temp crown me.  Should by a no-brainer, quick in and out and then on my way.  I have 2 crowns that I got in Vegas that need to be replaced.  They, of course, are side by side.  One or both of them were misplaced, and they both gotta go according to every dentist I have seen since Vegas.  Finally 18 years or so later, I am going to get this done.  There should be no blood, and should be quick.

In 1 year and 2 months, my Mom and I will be in Seattle in a fancy hotel getting ready for a cruise on the ms Eurodam to the Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.  Yup, way cool.  So happy that Mom decided to go with me.  If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t be going at all.  I wouldn’t be planning a vacation at all.  Next summer would be the same as always.  Sit at home doing nothing.  So next August will definitely be something to remember.  I am happy about this.

We may be buying Teresa a new MacBook laptop for work.  Her work has decided they are going to take away her old one.  And she feels she needs one.  It’s all good, we can afford one for her.  I just think it’s stupid they are taking her old one away when it works and is making her job easier.  But they “don’t support macs” so all the macs have to go.  BAH.



2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad.

1 car fixed, 1 car oil change.  Out 520ish bucks, not too bad.  What is too bad is that Adel Chrysler is moving to Waukee in the nearish future.  No more 10 blocks to get the car fixed, now it’ll actually have to be planned out a bit better.  I most certainly hope they maintain their pick up/drop off service, so when I drop off my car to get fixed at night, they will come pick me up the next day and take me to my car.  Will really suck if they won’t do that still, but I am pretty sure they will.  Our 3rd car will forever remain non-functional until we can afford to get a new  title for it and donate it to charity.

Regular Doc has me on a lot of Ibuprofen to try to deal with the inflammation of my back .  Started yesterday and today I am feeling marginally less pain for the 6 hours or so that the Ibuprofen works.  I can definitely tell when it wears off.  I got a pain doc appointment for June 29th, so I got a 2 week wait to get my trigger point injections.  I don’t want pills, I want shots.  There are 3 spots of my back which I can pinpoint exactly where they are that need shots.  I hope that the doctor will do them for me.  Not sure what the policy is on multiple trigger point injections at once as I have only gotten 1 at a time before.  I guess I will know in 2 weeks.

Mumble D&D starts back up tomorrow night.  The whole plot will fall apart if the party doesn’t listen to one of the group.  That would be somewhat tragic in my opinion.  But luckily all of these people are friends in real life as well as their characters trust each other.  So it should be all good to go.

I gave all their characters magic weapons to hit things requiring magic to hit.  This opens up more undead, demons and devils and some other cool creatures for me to fairly use.  I wasn’t going to give them all magic items, as I want this to be a low magic game initially, but the need to add some undead arose and said undead would have mopped the floor with them had I not given them magic weapons.

I gave up on the 90s channel on Music Choice.  The song repetitiveness is ridiculous.  I couldn’t take another Jump Jump or Tennessee.  Never liked those songs in the 90s, not gonna like em now no matter how many times they are played.  Shame though, cuz the 90s had some really good tunes.

Now I am back to listening to the 80s channel.  They get repetitive too, but they don’t have many songs I truly hate.   This makes it where I can leave the channel on for a couple hours without having to dig out the remote and change the channel.  This is significant to me cuz I listen to a lot of Music Choice.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with anything I am actually talking about, but I really love Meat Loaf and you should too.  Plus I wanted to see if I could put videos in my blog.  Apparently the answer is yes.



Chicago Style Pepperoni Pizza

Well, they think they figured out what is wrong with my car.  A broken shifter cable.  Cost with labor much cheaper than I was expecting.  The only problem is, I have no clue when it’s gonna be fixed.   They are squeezing my car in between appointments because we are such good customers.  I appreciate that they are getting me in without an appointment, I really do, but it kinda sucks that I don’t know if it’ll be fixed today (probably not) or tomorrow or the next day.  They didn’t have a loaner available this week, so I am well and truly stranded at home.  That is ok I guess, not like I wanted to go anywhere when the feels like temp is over 100.

Teresa wants me to go to a pain doctor and get a shot in the back instead of going thru the acupuncture route.  When acupuncture works, it is a lot cheaper than the shots.  When it doesn’t it is much more expensive.  When acupuncture works, it usually lasts a lot longer than the shots.  But the last acupuncture, the one I raved about only lasted a few days before my back started tightening up again.  Right now I am in the worst pain that my back has ever been in.  I am actually almost willing to go back on pain meds, but now with the crackdown from the feds on pain meds, that might not be a viable option anyway.  So a series of shots in the back, ouch x3 or x4 times.   Or a series of acupuncture pokes, no pain except in the wallet.  I honestly think I am gonna give the shots a try again as there is one specific point where all the pain originates in my back.  Now it is all about convincing my regular doc to refer me to the pain doc.  She has been against it in the past, but I am gonna fight for the treatment that I need.

Today is the first day in Iowa that you can buy fireworks.  I think I mentioned that this day was coming earlier in this blog.  I am assuming that the Iowa Fireworks Company is gonna make a fortune today, and during the whole time they are allowed to sell.  Yeah, the legislature passed a bill that allowed for sales only during certain periods of the year, around 4th of July and around New Years.  Anyhow, since it has been so long since fireworks were legal in Iowa, I am betting that a ton of people are going to be buying lots of fireworks while they have the chance.  Lets hope there is no big fire that causes the government to change their mind back to no fireworks.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am kinda excited that Mumble D&D is resuming on Friday.   It has been about 4 months since our last session, hiatus was totally my fault.  So, we will go all summer that we can and into fall, then when my Seasonal Affective Disorder hits, I hope to be able to continue.  Maybe having something to do will help me keep from being so depressed.  Don’t want to end up taking another multi-month long hiatus.

Teresa is working late tonight, so its a Lou Malanati’s pepperoni pizza night. If you haven’t had a Chicago pizza before or you miss them.  Lou delivers them nationwide at a very reasonable price.  This is not your momma’s frozen pizza, this is a masterwork Chicago style pepperoni pizza that is flash frozen and then delivered to your door for you to pop into your oven for 45 minutes.  Then its nom nom nom.  Pizza the way the gods intended it to be.

I mentioned this one Facebook last night.  Last night, Teresa took the razor to my head for her first time shaving my head.  I don’t go bald, but I go down to a #2.  She had such a grin on her face while she did it too.  It was cute.  After about 4 times having her do my hair, the razor will pay for itself versus what I was paying at Supercuts.  She did a great job and I will happily let her do it again next month.

So, I am listening to the 90s Music Choice channel again.  A couple observations I have to make.  Too much Rap in general, but most specifically too much of Kriss Kross singing Jump Jump.  And somehow on the 90s pop station Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart made it onto the playlist.  Don’t have a problem with Billy Ray, just surprised to hear followed by Prince singing Gett Off.

Turns out this blog is google findable, and appears occasionally on the WordPress happenings page.  Heh, I meant this to mainly be for me, therapy and all that.  It’s all good.  Heya to anyone who stumble across this page from somewhere other than Facebook.


Too Hot

Yeah, since chemo I have not had the ability to control my internal body temperature.  So when it gets hot, I get really hot and when it gets cold, I freeze.  This has led to me becoming a homebody, especially while my car is in the shop.  The heat index today will be over 100 again, no way am I going outside.  Teresa says I have become a weather wimp, well duh, yeah, you have your internal body temperature system totally thrown out of whack and see how well you handle hot and cold.

No word and no idea on how long my car is going to be in the shop.  Not that I want to go anywhere, it’d just be nice to have the option to go somewhere.  This reminds me of when we were a one car household, I became a shut-in.  So easy when you don’t have anything going on and can’t go anywhere to get things going on.

Mumble D&D game starts again this Friday.  I have a multi-session storyline already in the works.  I’m pretty happy with what I have planned, but am prepared to scramble if the party goes the other way.  I had a hard time deciding how tough I was going to make it, the party had chewed thru everything I had put up against them so far, so I increased the difficulty, just a little concerned I went to high.  They is only so much fudging of rolls that I can do.  It should be fun anyway it comes out.  If I wipe the party, its all about a simple do over.  If I just kill a few, the others can drag the corpses back to civilization.  It’s all good.  I just have to remember they are only 3rd level.

I miss my mom and brother a lot.  It’s always the hardest right after I leave.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being home.  But something just feels right about being with Mom and Jim.  That is how I grew up.  The 3 of us.  Sure Dad was around, but my relationship with Dad wasn’t very good when I was young.  So, it was always the 3 of us going out to dinner, the 3 of us going here, the 3 of us going there.  It just feels comfortable.

Being home has been great too.  I missed Teresa while I was gone.  Skype is a poor substitute for human contact.  Here we are 25 years together, married over 24 of those years, and still madly, hopelessly in love.  Funny though, I hate when she goes on travel, but she loves when I do.  I get a lot of alone time, she rarely gets any.  So I can see her side.  She finally gets some just her time.  I wish I could go more often for her, but money is rarely ever cooperative.  You know how that is.

My back is worse than I can ever remember it being before.  Dimensions of pain.  Hard to get out of bed.  Hurts to sit, hurts to lay, hurts to stand.  I need to get my butt to the acupuncturist and hopefully get some relief.  But again, I am car less, so here I sit in pain.  I should never have agreed to binding arbitration from that car accident in 1999. My back has been getting progressively worse and it’s costing more and more to get it pain free or at least at lot less painful.

Fireworks become legal for sale tomorrow.  Iowa Fireworks Company is being run by an acquaintance and a friend of mine has a stake in it too.  I hope people go ape buying fireworks.  I hope that everyone involved make a tone of money.  I hope this 4th of July is full of bottle rockets and roman candles.